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Grilled Romesco-Style Pork

By Monica Reinagel

brought to you by epicurious.com and NutritionData.com

Calories 445; Total Fat 27g; Carbohydrates 13g

Roasted red peppers and baby spinach are dressed with a hot, slightly spicy dressing and topped with toasted almonds and garlic for a delicious—and extremely nutritious—way to dress up a simple grilled pork tenderloin. Red peppers and spinach contribute antioxidants, almonds are an excellent source of calcium, and studies suggest that garlic helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Have some lemon-ginger frozen yogurt for dessert.

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Nutritional Information

Amounts per serving plus the % Daily Value (DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

  • 445 Calories (22%)
  • 27g Total fat (42%)
  • 4g Saturated Fat (21%)
  • 109mg Cholesterol (36%)
  • 941mg Sodium (39%)
  • 13g Carbohydrate (4%)
  • 5g Fiber (18%)
  • 39g Protein (78%)

See the full nutritional analysis from NutritionData.com

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Grep and replace multiple strings in a file with multiple filenames in a file

By madabhg


I have a file containing list of strings like


and I have file having list of file names in a directory

j :

Where j contains of a ,b,c,d are as follows




My intention is to check all the strings in i for all the file names in j and if that strings are present in any of listed files in j those strings should be modified as new_ instead of in original files

o/p :






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installing new GFCI

By Brandon Bryant

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.


Replacing standard outlet with GFCI over kitchen countertop. I have red, white and black wires coming in from two spots. Bought a leviton gfci.

Two single whites. Two single blacks tied together with a pigtail. Red also two single tied together with pigtail. Followed the diagram that came with gfci but breaker won’t reset. I’m guess its because of the way power is being routed but unsure. Any suggestions? Questions? I can text ot email pictures.

Thanks, Brandon

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/var getting fill frequently

By solaris_1977

I have Red hat Linux server. There are 14 NFS shares which are coming from NAS. There are so many messages filling /var/log/messages, which seems like some NFS logging is enables somewhere, but I am not able to figure it out. Every few minutes, it will filll my /var (which is part of root) to 100%


Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499461120)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499465216)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499469312)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499473408)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: nfs_readpage_result: 10753, (status 32768)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: nfs_update_inode(0:11/165604 ct=1 info=0x7e7f)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499706880)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499710976)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499715072)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499719168)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499723264)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499727360)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499731456)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499735552)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read(logs/access_log, 219024@2499428879)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: nfs_readpage_result: 10754, (status 32768)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: nfs_update_inode(0:11/165604 ct=1 info=0x7e7f)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499739648)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499743744)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499747840)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499751936)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499756032)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499760128)
Jul 23 16:15:26 vmvctppd09 kernel: NFS: read done (0:11/165604 4096@2499764224)

Can somebody suggest me, where to look and stop these logging messages ?
I got the fix. Somebody has put nfs pid in /proc/sys/sunrpc/nfs_debug and that was reading that pid continuosly and throwing messages. Thanks

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Ryan Reynolds' 2 Movies Disappoint This Weekend

The weekend box office crown went to director James Wan’s The Conjuring, which debuted with $41.5 million. That’s the good news. But the bad news is that poor Ryan Reynolds has the distinction of starring in not one but two box office disappointments this weekend: Turbo and R.I.P.D.

Turbo had one of DreamWorks Animation’s lowest-grossing openings ever with a third place bow of $21.5 million, while the supernatural-themed action comedy R.I.P.D., also starring Jeff Bridges, flopped with a seventh place debut of $12.8 million. R.I.P.D reportedly cost upwards of $130 million to produce.

R.I.P.D. wasn’t the only comic book movie to have a disappointing debut this weekend. The Bruce Willis-led ensemble action comedy Red 2 had a soft fifth place opening of $18.5 million, a lower gross than the original film had.

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Today in History for 13th July 2013

Historical Events

1558 – Battle of Gravelines: In France, Spanish forces led by Count Lamoral of Egmont defeat the French forces of Marshal Paul des Thermes at Gravelines.
1935 – Richard Strauss resigns as chairman of Reichskulturkammer
1938 – Kroller-Muller museum opens in Holland
1968 – French government-Couve de Murville forms
1987 – Federal judge throws out Bette Midler’s $10 million suit against Ford Motor Co, who used a sound alike voice for their TV commercials
1991 – Bob Milacki and 3 other Balt Oriole pitchers no-hit A’s 2-0

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Famous Birthdays

1773 – Wilhelm H Wackenroder, German writer (Fantasies about Art)
1864 – John Jacob Astor IV, American entrepreneur (d. 1912)
1901 – Mickey “Toy Bulldog” Walker, welterweight boxing champ (1922-26)
1941 – Robert Forster, Rochester NY, actor (Lady in Red, Alligator)
1973 – Ariel Silvio Zárate, Argentine footballer
1974 – Deborah Cox, Canadian Randamp;B singer

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Famous Deaths

574 – John III, Italian Pope (561-74), dies
1105 – Rashi, [Rabbi Shlomo Yitzaki], Jewish intellectual, dies
1705 – Titus Oates, English Protestant conspirator (b. 1649)
1807 – Henry Benedict Stuart, Jacobite claimant to the throne of England (b. 1725)
1956 – Vladimir Grigor’yevich Zakharov, composer, dies at 54
1958 – Karl Erb, German tenor, dies on 81st birthday

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Play The Red 2 Game For The Chance to Win a TV

To celebrate the impending release of spy sequel Red 2 starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Anthony Hopkins in UK cinemas on August 2nd, eOne Entertainment has created a webgame to test your shooting skills. If you can successfully beat the bad guys, you stand the chance to win a HD TV, Surround Sound System and a PS3.

To take part, simply head over to the IGN UK Facebook page and click on the tab marked Win With Red 2. You just need to complete one level to unlock the competition where you’ll need to enter your details before August 23rd to be in with a chance of winning.

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We the People

This is a troubled time in American history.

The recent election revealed the changing face and values of the electorate, as well as stark and deep divisions among the people. Citizens everywhere are considering vital questions:

  • Should we reform/abolish the current party system? Is a new political party a viable option?We the People
  • Does the Electoral College still work for America today?
  • Would non-partisan re-districting help create better balance at election time?
  • How should we adjust our policies with regard to immigration and our borders?
  • How can we become fiscally sound and remain within budgetary restraints?
  • As America re-examines the 2nd Amendment, how can we best preserve our gun/militia rights as written and intended by our Founding Fathers? Are we capable of keeping passion and anger from deciding this issue?
  • Should America adopt term limits?
  • Are the words in our founding documents still alive and inspirational? Should we be guided by them still today, or have they become irrelevant?

Many people today fear that our rights are being eroded, and some even say our country is “broken”. Perhaps we, as caretakers of this nation, can heal the break by finding common ground amongst ourselves.

This website has one purpose: to gather the opinions and suggestions of caring citizens, and then present them to our elected officials. Write as much or as little as you wish. Come back whenever you want to contribute. Above all, speak freely, whether you are….

  • Red or Blue
  • Left or Right
  • Tea Party or Occupy
  • 99% or 1%
  • Big government or Limited government
  • Employed or out-of-work
  • Young or Old

we want your input.

4 video editors that are up to the task for both amateurs and pros

With HD-resolution cameras now standard-issue items in smartphones, 4K-resolution cameras falling into consumers’ hands and multi-core processing power standard issue on desktops and laptops, the need for video editing suites with high-end features has moved into the mainstream.

In this roundup, I explore four well-known video editing packages — Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Corel VideoStudio Pro X6, CyberLink PowerDirector 11 and Sony Vegas Pro 12 — that are suitable for the ambitious amateur or for the professional who wants to complete a quick project. These are available both as standalone items and as parts of larger suites or packages, and there’s a price range and a feature set for most every budget or need. (Note: Only Adobe offers a version for Mac users.)

What constitutes a “high-end” feature — or product, or suite — is at least as much about implementation as whether or not it’s included. For example, 4K-resolution video (3840 x 2160 pixels), used by a growing number of consumer-level devices, is supported by all the products in this roundup. However, not all of them support Redcode, the 4K video format generated by Red pro-level cameras. Not a big deal to those editing cellphone footage, but a potential deal-killer if you end up working with such high-tier technology.

To that end, I’ve looked at each of these products with an eye towards how well they handle top-of-the-line features like 4K support, general usability, value for the money and bonus features. My test system for this roundup was an Intel Core i7-3770K quad-core (eight-thread) system running at 3.5 GHz, with 16GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD system drive and a 2TB secondary drive; NVIDIA loaned me a Quadro 5000 GPU.

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Connecting NEW Ceiling fan wires to OLD light box

By rtcwell


My name is Ryan, brand new to this forum. After I read through some posts, this felt like the best place to find some good advice. Started to install a ceiling fan yesterday in the bedroom of my apartment.. Old, extremely heavy chandelier came down without too much trouble. The new ceiling fan motor and down rod attached relatively easy as well.. Then came the wiring.

I know a picture will be the most useful, and I will hopefully be able to make that happen asap. But this will be my best attempt to describe what I found.

1) the Chandelier had two wires, merged together and connected to a singular (yellow) wire hanging from the ceiling. Nothing else connected, no ground etc.

2) Also inside the light box, were two bundles of wires.
2a) one bundle has a Red wire, wrapped into 2 insulated (non-colored) wires
2b) the other bundle is 2 insulated (non-colored) wires.

3) Although the building old, it doesn’t appear to be K n B wiring. (that assessment is based off of other posts that included pics)

As I am sure you already know, a new ceiling fan (hampton bay, Glendale series with lights) comes with a black and white power, a green ground and then some additional wires to connect the light fixture..

Tried all sorts of combinations (which probably wasn’t the safest choice) out of frustration and found no solution.

and let me know what else can I describe to better assist you?

thank you

Source: DoItYourself.com

Nest 2.0 with AC, Humidifier and only 5 wires

By cpettigrew

Hi All,

I’m trying to figure out if I can wire my current system up to the latest Nest 2.0 thermostat with only 5 wires. In the current wiring configuration, the system is using a HoneyWell THM5421C thermostat which takes 3 wires from the T-Stat and controls everything from a control box mounted beside the furnace. This current configuration does not utilize the HUM terminal on the furnace board at all.

The equipment I am dealing with is as follows:
A Heil furnace, model H9MPV100J20D1
A GeneralAire, model 1042LH Legacy series flow through humidifier (with solenoid and 2 wires)
An AC unit (I don’t believe it matters what the make/model is, other than it has 2 wires on the current system – one connected to ‘C’ and one connected to ‘Y’).
Nest 2.0

My understanding from Nest is that I will likely need to repurpose wires to do the install and get rid of the common ‘C’ connection. If this is the case, I have the following:
1. rH from Nest is going to R on the furnace board.
2. G on the Nest is going to G on the furnace board.
3. W on Nest is going to W on the furnace board.
4. Y on Nest is going to both Y on the furnace board and my Red wire on the AC unit.
5. Spare wire for Humidifier

Assuming this is correct, I’m hoping to gain assistance on how to connect my 5th wire up to the humidifier.
a. I’m assuming I have to use the HUM 24VAC terminal on the furnace, but I’m not sure if I connect that to Nest or connect it to one of the solenoid wires?
b. Where do I connect the second solenoid wire given I don’t have a ‘C’ connection anymore?
c. Do I need to change anything on the furnace DIP switches in order to properly utilize the HUM 24VAC terminal?
d. Am I OK using the HUM 24VAC terminal with this humidifier (ie. is there a possibility of too much current draw?).
e. Which wire goes to the ‘*’ terminal on Nest to complete the circuit?

Thank you very much in advance for all your assistance. This is a fantastic board and I have really appreciated the advice that is passed around.


Source: DoItYourself.com

Firefall Open Beta Date Announced

Red 5 Studios has announced that Firefall’s open beta will begin on July 9th. Leading up to the launch, Red 5 will also continue to roll out updates to the closed beta, with “major milestones” planned in May and July.

“We’re incredibly excited to be nearing what we consider to be the most important stage of Firefall’s development – Open Beta,” said Red 5 VP of development James Macauley. “For us, Open Beta isn’t a traditional ‘marketing beta,’ but rather an opportunity to include many more players in our community-driven development process. We’re looking forward to welcoming these new players into the community and continuing to build an amazing game together.”

The following content is set to come to Firefall’s beta in the coming months:

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From: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/04/18/firefall-open-beta-date-announced

Air handler wet

By Mike1555

Bryant HP, 13 yrs old, comfort maker AH 3 yrs old. I keep the dial on “auto” and yesterday the cool side kicked in and seems to be doing a great job. I have a Trane electronic air filter mounted under the AH. It was flashing like a police vehicle, alternating yellow 3 times, then Red 3 times and repeating. It would not reset, so took it apart, the filters were wet, the electronic grid was wet, the course filter was wet, the control head was wet. looked under to see the “A” coil, it was pretty wet also. First thing came to mind was, the condensate drain was plugged. No, it runs fast and clean. Flushed it anyway again this morning. Dried off all the filters and plugged it back in, worked normal for about 2 cycles then the lights are flashing again, everything is wet. Had service about 2 weeks ago, where they replaced the AH fan motor, the defrost board and bypassed the VPS switch (vapor pressure switch). It works good, but don’t know why all this water is all over the filters.
P.S. the pan under the “A” coil is damp, not excessive water etc. Poured a cup of water in that pan, it ran out the condensate line about 30 seconds later.

From: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/heat-pumps-electric-home-heating/493047-air-handler-wet.html

Wiring AC to Furnace Terminals

By aharmona

Hello folks,

I have an American Standard Silver Series furnace installed and I’m trying to figure out which terminals the red and white wires from the air conditioner should connect to. I’ve tried Red with R and White with W obviously but nothing happens. My father-in-law installed the furnace and didn’t bother with the AC saying he’d get to it later but he doesn’t know anything about the wiring anyway.

The Silver Series terminals are as follows C, G, R, W,Y, TWIN. with Green, Red, Yellow and White wires connected according to their first letters.
The Hunter thermostat (model 44110) terminals are G, RC (with a jumper to) RH, Y, W with Green, Red, Yellow and White wires connected according to the letters with the Red wire connected to the RH terminal.
There is a blue wire which isn’t connected to any terminal in the thermostat or the furnace.

I had written down where the wires for the AC were connected prior but the previous furnace had a T terminal. Also I believe the Red wire was connected to the Y terminal and the White wire to the T Terminal.

If anyone can makes heads or tails of this and can tell me where the AC Red and White wires should go to, I’d be most grateful.

Thank you!

Source: DoItYourself.com

Is This New Pokémon a Mewtwo Evolution?

Nintendo has an unleashed a new trailer for Pokémon X and Y starring a new, unnamed monster that looks pretty familiar.

Though we don’t know for certain, the psychic creature you can check out in the video below certainly seems to bear a great deal of resemblance to the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo that originally appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue.

While Nintendo has confirmed that there is indeed a connection between this new ‘mon and the original target for Master Balls everywhere, the company is refusing to be any more specific just yet.

But what do you think? Are we getting our first look at Mewthree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Luke Karmali is IGN’s UK Junior Editor and can’t wait for October. You too can revel in mediocrity by following him on IGN and on Twitter.

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Sony countersues Red over seven camera patents

Sony has countersued high end digital camera maker Red Digital Cinema for patent infringement, two months after Red alleged Sony cameras infringed its patents and called for the cameras to be destroyed.

Sony accused Red of infringing seven of Sony’s patents in a suit filed with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, it announced in a news release on Friday.

“Sony believes that the Red One, Epic and Scarlet cameras, various digital still and motion camera modules, and various accessories such as the Redmote infringe our patents,” Sony said. The Japanese company is seeking monetary damages as well as an injunction to stop the continued sale of Red‘s infringing products, it added.

“Seems like someone is nervous… it just isn’t me,” said Red CEO James Jannard in a posting on Red‘s user forum discussing Sony’s litigation. “RED pays many companies royalties to use patented technology,” he said in another posting in the same discussion.

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