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9/11/2012 — One Year Later, Still No Answers

By David Howe

Obama Hillary Benghazi SC 9/11/2012    One Year Later, Still No Answers

Just over one year ago, an organized mob of terrorists attacked a US diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya; and four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The Ambassador had previously asked for increased security, and it was denied. The attack lasted for about six hours. The Ambassador and Sean Smith were killed in the “safe room” soon after the attack began; security operatives Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the compound by enemy mortar fire several hours later, near the end of the attack.

Almost immediately, the Obama Administration’s official position was that the attack grew out of a demonstration against the existence of an internet-based video that appeared to demean the prophet Mohammed. The maker of the video was arrested and jailed in Los Angeles, ostensibly for a parole violation. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton pointedly promised to bring the actual killers to justice. Some days or weeks later, the Administration announced that the video was not to blame, but that a terrorist attack was. More than thirty other American State Department employees and American operatives were present during the attack, and they escaped with injuries of varying severity. The video maker was recently released from jail.

These are almost the only aspects of the incident that everyone agrees on, even though there have been several Congressional hearings attempting to learn more about what happened; and an Accountability Review Board investigation was commissioned by the Administration to look into the matter as well.

Doesn’t the fact that all these investigations can’t fill in the rest of the picture tell us that something is very wrong?

The unanswered questions boil down to these:

Who refused to provide more security when the Ambassador insisted it was needed? Why was his request denied?

Who carried out the attack? What was the reason behind it?

Who was tracking the incident in the White House?

Who was making decisions and giving orders throughout the night? And who was carrying them out?

Why was there no significant attempt to make any kind of response to the attack when it began?

Where was the President during the attack? What was he doing?

Why did he not think an attack on a diplomatic post required some of his personal attention?

Who decided to blame the attack on the video, when the evidence is that everybody involved knew that wasn’t the case? And why?

Who ordered that the survivors be kept away from the Congressional investigators (even keeping their names secret), and why?

These questions have all been asked by various people in various venues, some of them many times, but none of them have been answered credibly by those who know the answers.

And three questions unasked by the traditional media:

Why was the Ambassador put in that position in the first place?

How can anyone look at this list of unanswered questions and not conclude that the Obama Administration is executing a cover-up of something by stonewall?

What is being covered up?

The primary question in every case starts with “Who?” Until that’s answered, the rest remain speculation. “Who” can tell us “why,” and nobody else.

President Obama has called this a “phony scandal.” His surrogates appear on television regularly to repeat that claim; and if they want to engage at all on the subject, they fall back to the law-enforcement approach–”We are working every day to identify who the killers are and to bring them to justice”–as if that were the only fact and action yet to be known and taken and as if the only reason to ask questions is to “make sure it never happens again.” But in the greater scheme of things, the much more important questions all have to do with actions in Washington, not in Libya. And because of that, the next favorite statement from those surrogates is “Republicans are just on a witch hunt to get dirt on the President.”

But wasn’t that exactly the motivation behind the 1973 Watergate hearings? Certainly they weren’t held just to make sure another hotel room break-in would never happen. Even if placing blame is the motive this time, the best response is to show that the dirt is not to be found at the President’s door.

The President has told us that he wants to get to the bottom of things; but today, we still have most of the same questions we had a year ago. And supporting the suspicion of a stonewall cover-up is the fact that almost all of those questions could be answered easily with three short sentences from the President to his immediate subordinates–”Answer the committee’s questions and tell the truth. If you don’t know the answers, find them. If you can’t do that, please find another line of work.”

I wonder why he hasn’t spoken to them.

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Groups oppose proposed change to Internet content 'safe harbor'

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Section 230 of the law broadly protects Internet publishers and service providers from responsibility for user-generated content on their sites. But in June, a group of state attorneys general proposed a change to the law that would allow prosecution of publishers in cases where user-posted content violates state law.

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Video: Watch one man drive a KTM X-Bow at the track, then get the girl

By Brandon Turkus

KTM X-Bow race track

Filed under:

C’etait un Rendezvous is a legendary film with a very simple premise – a man drives very quickly to be with the woman he loves, careening through the streets of Paris with a blatant disregard for things like road signs, speed limits and pigeons. This film, from South African director Seagram Pearce, has a similar but much more law-abiding plot.

An unnamed racer arrives a track, gets his safety gear on, and zips around at the wheel of a KTM X-Bow. All the while, a beautiful woman watches on, with the driver finishing the film alongside his leading lady.

Take a look below for the stylized, beautifully filmed piece.

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Ed Note: This is a cross post from The Huffington Post. You can find the original post here.

My 92-year-old father first ran for public office after he finished his military service in World War II. He served on the city council, and later was elected to Congress. In 1965, he helped write and voted for Medicare and Medicaid, which celebrate their 48th anniversary today.

Since then, Medicare has been a guaranteed benefit earned after a lifetime of hard work for millions of America's seniors. Medicaid has provided affordable health coverage for millions of low-income working Americans and families. Both programs have helped keep people from falling into poverty. Both have been lifelines to better health and sources of peace of mind and security.

That's why President Obama has made it a top priority to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid so that our seniors and future generations can get the health care they need and peace of mind they deserve.

Because of the health law, seniors are seeing more dollars saved in their wallets and better benefits to their health.

More than 6.6 million people on Medicare have saved an average of more than $1,000 on prescription drugs since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. That's money that has been used for groceries, utilities, and visits with grandchildren instead of being sent to drug companies — and that's how the Affordable Care Act is closing the “donut hole” that too many seniors fall into.

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