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21st Century Music-Making Maestro

By Karsten Strauss, Forbes Staff

Sleek, seemingly simple, musical and groundbreaking. That’s Keith McMillen’s world. The man has been walking the line between artist and inventor since 1979. With his new company, Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI), he’s looking to revolutionize the way people control their music through technology and his products seem to be attracting a following. Right now the company’s two best known products are its QuNeo – a touch-sensitive controller that allows players to makes beats, launch sound clips, remixes and generally control their electronically-stored sounds – and the QuNexus, a portable, pressure-sensitive keyboard that alters notes you play depending on how hard you strike the keys and whether you vibrate your fingers while playing a note. The company also has a Bluetooth enabled violin bow called K-Bow. “I’ve been building instruments for a while,” McMillen told me over the phone. “If you make something that allows expression in a natural way, an exciting way, provides feedback to the artist and gives an advantage, people will come to love these instruments.” People have come to love these instruments, he says, claiming that KMI is enjoying seven figure sales and growing between at least 250% per year since it began building products four years ago. The products were sold in 60 stores nationwide before Guitar Center picked them up. Now KMI products sell in 540. McMillen sold his last company, an internet audio signal processing company called Octiv, to Plantronics in 2005, took the money and played music for a couple of years on tour. That time on the road convinced him that the cumbersome instruments he and his band were dragging around from show to show needed to be smaller, lighter and more efficient—essentially upgraded and dragged into the future. He set about building those instruments, which led to his current venture, KMI, in 2007, and he’s since released ten products. “I hear sounds in my head and I have to figure out how to perform them and that’s driven me for the last 30 plus years in making new instruments,” he said. “If it’s a complicated project I‘ll start a company around it.” McMillen’s founded his first company, Zeta Music, in 1979 and created the first MIDI-capable electric violin, essentially heralding a new instrument market, as well as the first programmable mixer. He sold the company to Gibson in 1989 and stayed on with the music instrument firm, heading up one of its R&D labs called G-WIZ.  He went on to work with UC Berkeley’s CNMAT and created a new technology group focusing on audio networking, synthesizers and string instruments before taking a job as director of engineering at Harman Kardon. To fund its QuNexus project, the company raised $45,000 on Kickstarter this past winter, and, a year prior, had raised $166,000 on the crowdfunding platform to fund QuNeo. KMI raised $1.6 million in a series A this spring and could look to raise more in the future, though McMillen said he’s not seeking additional capital just yet. Follow me on Twitter …read more

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Sunday 7/28/13 Pastor Michael sermon Left Behind: What Happens to No

Sunday 7/28/13 Pastor Michael sermon Left Behind: What Happens to Non-Believers during the Tribulation Revelation 6:9-11

We are living in a time that there are things happening in our world that have never happened before. The killing of thousands and weather that causes mass destruction is happening all over the world. Jesus said these things would be happening in the end times. For believers we have no worry. We are protected from ALL of the destructions that happen in the end times. We, the believer, escape. The world wants us to be fearful but we will not fear. The Bible prophesized of the things that are happening. The love of many will wax cold. Today people kill each other with no problem and without a second thought. Men become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God!

We must celebrate our Faith because our Faith is our ticket out of the terrible times to come. Our Faith will protect us from disaster! Christ died for us and snatched us back from near destruction. In the text, John sees the things that are to happen. He sees the seven seals opened by the Lamb, Jesus Christ, the Resurrected one. John sees the raptured, the believing ones that are caught up. The dead in Christ shall rise first and we who remain shall be caught up to meet Jesus in the sky. These are the born again believers that are taken up and don’t have to go thru the tribulation period.

Right now there are approx. 7 billion people living on earth today. Approximately 1.6 billion of them are saved. Almost 6 billion people will be left behind if the Rapture would happen today. Those people left behind fall into three categories:

1) The Person Who is Uncertain:

This is a non-believer that doesn’t want to make a commitment. He is seeking some religious experience but will stay neutral. He doesn’t commit to anything. An Agnostic=denying God’s personal existence. They don’t believe God is a personal God. Nicodemus was an agnostic. He came to see Jesus at night when no one would see him.

We know Jesus is Real, God is Real! And we know that He has picked us up, woke us up this morning and brought us to church today! We have a relationship with God and He comes and rescues us from our mess! We cannot see it but we know that it is real. We know it thru our heart and not our intellect. We are born again believers and we have FAITH!! We know it’s REAL!!

2) The Unwilling People:

They are skeptical to any beliefs concerning a God and don’t want to investigate anything. An Antagonist=they ask …read more

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KDE 4.11 releases are around the corner. Let's cellebrate!

At KDE España we have started the ball rolling to cellebrate the release for 4.11 by starting the organization of the Barcelona event. Right now it feels pretty lonely at http://community.kde.org/Promo/Events/Release_Parties/4.11.

If you are interested in attending the Barcelona event don’t hesitate voting at the doodle to decide the day! …read more

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Is this a load-bearing wall?

By TK421

I’m remodeling and moving some things around. Since I’ve already removed the drywall from the ceiling, I was thinking of removing the wall between the stairs and the living room to open up the space.

So, what I’m wondering is whether I need to:

  1. Reinforce the joists above, so I can take out the current wall and have a nice railing and newel post.
  2. Leave the double king at the end of the wall to support the joist above, remove drywall and studs between.

Here are some preliminary pics of what the stairwell looks like now.

This is the all I’d like to partially remove. Right now it’s got a double stud at the end, then the standard 18″ on center along the wall with a double top plate.

Looking up the staircase. I removed a patch of drywall to pull some wires and to confirm the wall ends with a double stud.

Here’s the cut out for the wire I was removing. Not a great shot, but it’s definitely a double stud.

Clear pic of the double top plate.

And here are some pics of what I’d like to do.

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First Drive: 2014 Buick LaCrosse

By Seyth Miersma

2014 Buick LaCrosse - front three-quarter view

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A Nice, New Buick Aims For Middle Of The Road

Any time someone describes some portion of a car or a driving experience as being “nice,” I want to either A) throttle them or B) run as fast and as far as I can from that vehicle. “Nice” is among the most insidious words in the English language – at best it’s vague, and at worst, it conveys the exact opposite of its literal meaning. Yet it seems to be used with damnable frequency when it comes to verbally illustrating vehicles. “It looks really nice,” or “These seats feel nice,” or, heaven forefend, “It’s got a nice ride,” are all windy signifiers of absolutely nothing resembling a concrete opinion. “Nice” is the adjectival equivalent of meekly smiling and nodding your head.

Of course, I’m as guilty as the next person of having thrown English’s least powerful descriptor around. There’s even a chance that, rant aside, you’ll catch me making nice in reviews to come. That’s fine, but you should know that when you stumble upon such usage, past or future, that you’ve found a sentence in which I’m simply applying a bare minimum of effort to the task.

Right, let’s talk about the newly updated 2014 Buick LaCrosse.

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No Coulson in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon suggests that Clark Gregg’s beloved character Agent Phil Coulson probably won’t be in the sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In an interview with WPRI at San Diego Comic-Con, Whedon was asked if Coulson will return for Avengers 2: “He could. Right now it’s not something I’m pursuing because I have so much going on in Avengers 2. Finding out that Coulson is alive would be an entire B story. And I already have too much movie. That’s better than the other thing.”

Fear not, though, fanboys. Coulson’s back from the dead (if he even was to begin with) as the star of the upcoming TV series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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The new Redbox app for Windows 8 isn't perfect, but it sure is handy

You can’t shop anywhere without running into a legion of Redboxes. Now it looks like the cardinal-colored entertainment kiosks are keen to transfer their physical omnipresence over to the digital world.

After shoring up its presence on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android (including the forked Kindle Fire tablet), an official Redbox app has just touched down in the Windows Store.

Redbox lovers will find a lot to like, though there’s nothing groundbreaking here. In addition to the Most Popular, Coming Soon, and Newly Released lists of movies you’d expect to find in an app like this, the Redbox app can tap into your device’s location to pinpoint kiosks near you, using Windows 8’s baked-in Bing Maps as a backbone. Not sure where a particular kiosk is located relative to you? The app can even provide directions.

That’s a lot of Redboxes!

Once you select a specific Redbox location, you’re able to search the games and movies available in that particular kiosk. (Pro tip: Right-click on the main screen to bring up a bar with Movies, Games, and Featured tabs at the top of the screen.)

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Upgrading to 200 amp meter/main and 125 sub.

By jeffmikl

I have an electrician coming to do the final connections but I want to install the 200 amp meter main and the 125 sub, but I have some questions. Right now I have a 100 amp meter main, which is too small, on the house which needs to be moved, as it is no longer within proper code. I decided to move the new 200 amp meter/main to the side of our detached garage. We have an apartment above the garage so I think that 75 amps will be enough to dedicate to the building. I trenched from the 200 amp main to the house where I will put a 125 amp sub panel. My first question is this –

Are the three #2 wires that will run from the 200 amp main to the 125 sub, running from a 125 amp breaker housed in the 200 amp main?

If I am 24 inches deep for the underground in a 1 1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc, can I lay another 1 1/2 inch line next to it for cable, phone etc?

Are bonding bushing just for metal conduit? You don’t use them for pvc entry into the panel right?

Thx for any knowledge.


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Chicago Politician: “Police Are Killing Some Of These Kids.”

By Chris Agee

Black on Black 300x270 Chicago Politician:  Police are killing some of these kids.

It is abundantly obvious Chicagoans have no qualms about electing radical leftists. A ridiculous notion advanced by one state representative from the crime-ridden city, however, illustrates the depravity of area politics.

Monique Davis, addressing the Windy City’s prevailing murder epidemic, shared a particularly deranged conspiracy theory.

“I’m going to tell you what some suspicions have been,” she told listeners of a local radio station, explaining “people have whispered” to her that “they’re not sure that black people are shooting all of these children.”

As if such willful ignorance was not discouraging enough, she suggested the brave men and women in law enforcement might actually be behind the widespread violence.

“I don’t want to spread this, but I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been hearing,” she said, in a transparent ploy to avoid responsibility for the absurd comment. “They suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids.”

The representative demonstrated a quintessential leftist tactic by making tacit allegations without any tangible evidence. Once such misinformation reaches the public, they know at least a portion of the population will eagerly believe it to confirm their own prejudices.

The left has tried — often successfully — to foment hate toward the majority race in the aftermath of a case involving two minorities. Davis and her ideological comrades take the idiocy to another level by exonerating real murderers in favor of condemning those tasked with keeping citizens safe.

Garry McCarthy, superintendent of the Chicago police force, called Davis’ statements “absurd,” “inflammatory” and “insulting.” In response, the elected official doubled down by standing with the anonymous conspiracy theorists to whom she previously alluded.

Clearing up any confusion, Davis prefaced her statements on a local radio station with this disclaimer: “I’m not a detective; I’m not an investigator.”

She then repeated her previous contention that “many people in my community … believe it is possible that some of these murders are committed by our finest. Now, we can’t say that doesn’t happen.”

Disingenuous arguments often involve promulgating vicious rumors and calling on the accused to prove them wrong. Even in the notoriously corrupt culture of Chicago politics, such crass behavior should be considered beyond the pale.

Click here to get B. Christopher Agee’s brand new book, “Publik Skoolz Is Grate Edyukashun,” for just $3.99! Like his Facebook page for engaging, relevant conservative content daily.

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Bill McBride Is, As Usual, Right: Janet Yellen Would Be A Better Pick For Fed Chair Than Larry Summers

By Richard Green, Contributor

In his blog Calculated Risk, he writes: I’ve been an admirer of Dr. Janet Yellen for a number of years (In 2009 I suggested her as an alternative to reappointing Ben Bernanke). I’ve linked to a couple of articles below and they suggest the choice is between Janet Yellen and Larry Summers – and the key difference is “leadership style”.  However another key difference is that Yellen has a much better track record of correctly analyzing the economic situation, while Summers has frequently been wrong (but never in doubt). As an example, in 2005 Yellen was expressing concerns about housing: …read more

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Need ideas – how to enclose patio with patio door screens?

By sofasurfer

I have a concrete patio. It has an aluminum awning above it. I want to enclose the sides with patio door screens. I need ideas on how to accomplish this. Right off the top of my head I am thinking that I would buy patio door top and bottom rails and mount them. Looking for other suggestions.

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Bryan Quigley: Survey Results


Results from my survey on 64 bit vs 32 bit usage on Unity.    The raw survey results are also available.  Feel free to do your own analysis.

Format:  # of machines – information about them..

Out of the 32 bit only machines:

4 – that are likely 32 bit only, but didn’t provide enough information to confirm
1 – doesn’t work so well, old savage card, 700 MB of RAM, Ubuntu 12.04 (so 2d only)

*Remaining 14 32 bit only machines:
5 – with 1 GB of ram
9 – with 1.5 GB of ram or more

Ubuntu Version:
6 – 13.04
1 – 12.10
7 – 12.04

7 – Intel Atom

From comments, 3 of these 32 bit only users find Unity slow, but usable. (All three are Atom N270/N280)

64 bit capable but:

2 – that should be 64 capable (and the users know this), but it doesn’t work..  If this is you, please file a bug!
2 – have 64 bit capable machines (and 2GB of ram) and don’t actually know it.
5 – have 64 bit capable machines, but run 32 bit Ubuntu (1 with 1 GB of RAM who mentions that the dash is slow)

Other scenarios:

1 – machine stuck at 12.04 because 12.10 requires PAE (is this true?)
1 – Parallels VM that has better performance on 32 bit from user
2 – that actually use other desktop environments cause they find Unity unusable (“Unity is unuseable because i only have 1 GIG Ram”)

Not particularly relevant:

1 – let’s not discuss this again…
1  – armv7
9 – users who have 64 bit machines that work fine and responded anyway..
1 – running Unity on servers…


For some reason whenever I do a survey I expect that the results will clearly paint the way to go forward.   They almost never do, but they can be used to start discussions.  I’m particularly concerned about the 2 users with 64 bit capable machines which they can’t get to run 64 bit.

Some people have 64 bit machines with low RAM and would also be better served with a lighter option.  Others have quite beefy 32 bit machines with 4GB of RAM and a nice video card that can rock Unity.   Also some motherboard manufacturers disabled 64 bit support even though the processor supported it…  awesome.

To default to 32 or 64 bit when downloading Ubuntu?

Given the data, I think we can make a better exception case for 32 bit now..  Right now,  it says:
“If you have a PC with the Windows 8 logo or UEFI firmware, choose the 64-bit download. Read more “ 
I think it’s easier for most people to see and understand:
“If you have a 5+ year old PC,  a 3+ year old netbook, or 1 GB of ram choose the 32 bit version.” *


* Theoretically we could even provide instructions for our users to figure this out.  Add a “Not sure?” in that case.

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Thermostat Management

By deweyman

My daughter lives in Las Vegas. They have a large house (4,200 sq. ft.) with three levels. The top floor is just a loft. There are five A/C units. Two for downstairs, two for upstairs, and one for the loft. They have been getting $600 electric bills, and are taking drastic, but perhaps not wise actions in an attempt to cut the cost.

They think that turning the A/C on and off when they leave the house during the day will save money. I keep telling them it won’t because when they turn it back on it has to cool down everything in the room that heated up while they were gone. So far they haven’t listened to me. Right now, they have stopped using the master bedroom on the second floor, and moved into the guest bedroom on the first floor and only run the one A/C for that area when they are home. It doesn’t make a lot sense to me. In my opinion they should set the programmable thermostat for the temperatures they want and leave it alone!

How does one analyze the situation to determine the best course of action between comfort and cost? They leave often for several days at a time. I think they should read the meter when they leave, and again when they get back to see how much the house is using with the A/C off. They do have a pool which no doubt contributes to the high energy cost.

Any thoughts I can pass on to them to get this under control?

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Gulf CEO says oil prices could halve by end of year, cause global instability [w/video]

By Danny King

Joseph Petrowski, Gulf Oil CEO on CNBC - video screencap

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It’s just one in a laundry list of factors, but more fuel-efficient cars could make a difference in lowering oil prices dramatically to half their present levels, plunging to $50 a barrel by the end of the year. That’s what Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski is predicting in a new interview on CNBC‘s Squawk Box, though he is quick to point out that a halving of oil prices doesn’t necessarily translate to a halving of fuel prices. And, as CNN reports, lower oil prices could mean protests in oil-producing OPEC nations.

Petrowski highlights the fact that North America is “producing record amounts of oil and natural gas,” adding that OPEC suppliers are up as well. Additionally, demand from countries like China has ebbed, while the utilities sector has also cut its use of oil. Petrowski estimates that a shortage of pipelines and the need to transport fuel via rail and truck adds about 40 cents a gallon to gas prices. CNN explains that more domestic energy production (and, again, dropping demand in China) means that “demand for OPEC oil may fall by a million barrels a day over the next three years.” Given that Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations rely on high oil prices to fund domestic spending, lower crude prices could cause instability around the world, from Iran to Venezuela to Russia.

Lower oil prices don’t influence gas prices directly, but, they will have an impact on gas prices – and thus the car market in the US. Right now, the price of regular gas in the States has climbed about 15 cents in the past week to $3.66 a gallon, according to AAA. Prices are about even with a month ago, but have risen about seven percent in the past year. For more, check out a video of Petrowski’s interview on CNBC by scrolling below.

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AC Voltage (How high is too high?)

By CircuitBreaker

I have an AC voltage question. I know the “normal” (Under perfect conditions) is 120/240 VAC but how high is too high?
Right now my computers UPS system says 128V (My Auto-ranging DMM says 127.55) I live in an all electric apartment (Hot Water/Range/Heat/AC) – Which is on almost full blast (As full blast as two* small 5K ones can get)

I also tried turning on the range (Small 24″ unit) and it only dropped by 1/2 a volt

I can’t test the 240V at this time without unplugging the stove or removing the panel cover which is no-no for me as I don’t feel comfortable doing that plus it is painted over.

*= I have two cheap 5000 BTU AC units in a 310 SQFT 1BR apartment both running at the same time on different breakers. The bedroom is separated from the living area by half a wall and no door.

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Time Your Back-to-School Shopping for Maximum Savings

By Matt Brownell

Save on back-to-school supplies

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Shopping around at various stores and websites is a great way to make sure you get the best price on everything on your back-to-school shopping list. But just as important as where you shop is when.

Different classes of products rise and fall in price at different points of the year. And since your shopping list might include everything from laptops to pencils to jeans, it’s unlikely that everything on it will be at its cheapest at the same time. So instead of trying get it all done in one weekend, we recommend shopping over the course of the summer as your target items hit their lowest price of the season.

To find out the best way to time your back-to-school shopping, we turned to deal site Dealnews, which pored through its historical data to determine when different merchandise tends to see the biggest discounts. Here’s how the site’s experts recommend you time your shopping.

What to Buy Now:

o. Laptops: Louis Ramirez, who covers technology items for Dealnews, says that the current standard for laptops is a 15-inch screen, a dual-core processor, a 500 GB hard drive and at least 4 GB of RAM. Based on that standard, he says now is a great time to buy: Right now, we’re seeing deals that put those laptops at all-time low prices. For AMD processor laptops, you’re looking at prices at $225 and up; Intel processor computers are starting around $299.

o. Tablets: Tablets are less essential for most college students, but Ramirez says that we’re also in the midst of some great Android tablet deals right now; they can be found at places like Walmart, Best Buy and Staples.

o. Clothing (Especially Jeans): Dealnews staff writer Marcy Bonebright says that sales on clothing have started appearing earlier than usual. “Most back-to-school sales and discounts pop up in August, but last year they began in mid-July and kept appearing until the second week of September,” she says. That’s especially true of jeans: She says the best jeans sales are happening this month, so get moving if you want some fresh denim when school starts this fall.

What to Buy in August:

o. Dorm Furniture: While markdowns on individual furniture items can be found year-round, your best bet is to shop in August. According to Dealnews, last summer’s first big dorm furniture sale took place at Target (TGT) in mid-July — but it was followed by a better sale at the beginning of August. There were also good sales on dorm furniture at OfficeMax (OMX) and Walmart (WMT) in early- to mid-August, so it might be best to wait a few weeks to make the most of your shopping around.

Once you’ve got your futon, here are some tips on <a target=_blank href="http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/09/17/from-drab-to-fab-dorm-decorating-on-a-budget/" …read more

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weather resistant switch?

By catfritter

For outdoor wiring, I see “weather-resistant” outlets, including GFCI outlets, but no weather resistant toggle switches. Are there such switches, or what does one install? My house had a 2 gang box on a block wall outside with duplex outlets and a toggle light switch for flood lights. The outlets had a weather cover as did the switch. I replaced the outlets with a GFCI duplex outlet, and replaced the switch,and installed a big honking in-use weather cover. But now I think the GFCI and the switch should be rated weather resistant. Right?

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Homeowner backed into the garage door.

By Bill Meyer

Many years ago, the homeowner of the residence I now rent from backed into the garage door. Instead of fixing it, she let it sit broken, blown by the wind, and uncared for. this behavior seems pretty typical throughout the rest of this house, so you’ll see me around various forums. I’m no maintenance professional, but I do have a pretty decen amount of technical and mechanical knowledge.

The initial garage door repair wasn’t all too difficult, I just installed an I-beam across the crushed in section. After ensuring all he nuts and bolts were tight on he garage door support beams, as well as the tracks and motor mounts, and I lubricated the chain and roller wheels. Before I began the project (which is still underway), the garage door entire assembly looked like a very, very amateur person who must have had no mechanical knowledge or a decent understanding of physics did the install. Nor does the landlord wish to pay for parts or a professional. I’m on a tight budget already, so I’m doing what I can for the least amount of money. No doubt about it, this is hard, tricky labor that requires some pre-planning. Make sure you have a power drill and metal drills it bits (to pre-drill bolt holes). Get bolts specifically for threading as they are screwed in. It’s good to use bolts that can be removed and replaced with a socket wrench, because you will need a significant amount of torque to assemble some pieces, such as cross beams and the supports which hold he motor mount and track assembly.

Last night it got very windy. So windy in fact, that the top of the door began to buckle, pulling the wheels off the track and nearly crushing my vehicle. Since I didn’t have an extra I-beam handy, I used metal piping and put it through the cur ulnar holes on the vertical support beams near the top, where it buckled. The piping was steel and 1″ diameter, so I’m not worried about it buckling. It also goes all the way across the length of the door. Problem solved, or so I thought. Because the tracks were cheaply installed, they also buckled and bent. Right now I’m in the process of hammering them straight, and ensuring a proper track re-installation. The one question I have is, how much initial torque does the garage motor need to have with the extra weight of the steel piping supporting the cracked door? How much torque is too much torque? What are the best ways to hang track from the garage roof support beams? Should I be doing t that way anyway? (because this is how it was installed initially..)

Any feedback would be great, and thanks in advance.

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Advice for New Kitchen Faucets

By Pilot Dane

I will be updating our kitchen in the coming weeks and am looking for some advice about the faucets. I need two. One is for a food prep sink about the size of a bar sink and the other for a large dish washing sink.

Right now we’re leaning toward single hole style with a pull out wand but are flexible to other ideas. We are on a well and our pressure goes from 30 to 50 psi so I am concerned about the flow rate from a single hole mount since the hot, cold and retractable wand hose all must go through the same hole.

What are considered better brand names or which tend to be lower quality?

One of my beefs against our current faucets are the buttons that switch between spray and stream. They are not reliable and sometimes difficult to get to operate. I’d prefer a nice positive valve to switch between the two.

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Watch ‘Damages’ Online — For Free!

By The Huffington Post News Editors

“Damages” has made its way online for free viewing.

The drama starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne has landed on Crackle. Right now, just Seasons 1-4 are available. Season 5, the show’s last, came out on DVD on Tuesday, July 16.

“Damages” ended its run last summer after five seasons on the air. Originally an FX drama, “Damages” moved to DirecTV for Seasons 4 and 5. Close won two Emmys and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the ruthless attorney Patty Hewes.

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More on Reality-Free

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