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Doctor claims that dead patients will someday be revived


What are your opinions on this?


Bringing the dead back to life may soon be a medical reality, with claims people may be able to be resuscitated up to 24 hours after their death.

Critical care physician Sam Parnia makes the claim in his book Erasing Death, saying resuscitation research is on the cusp of a major breakthrough within the next 20 years.

“With today’s medicine, we can bring people back to life up to one, maybe two hours, sometimes even longer, after their heart stopped beating and they have thus died by circulatory failure. In the future, we will likely get better at reversing death,” he told Germany’s Spiegel magazine. “It is possible that in 20 years, we may be able to restore people to life 12 hours or maybe even 24 hours after they have died. You could call that resurrection, if you will. But I still call it resuscitation science.”

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Analyst Favorites With Strong Buyback Activity: Macy's Ranks As a Top Pick

By DividendChannel.com

A study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages shows that Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE: M) is the #51 broker analyst pick among those stocks screened by The Online Investor for strong stock buyback activity. To make that list, a stock must have repurchased at least 5% of its outstanding shares over the trailing twelve month period. In forming the rank, the analyst opinions from the major brokerage houses were tallied, and averaged; then, the list of stocks with strong buyback activity was ranked according to those averages. …read more

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Analyst Favorites With Strong Buyback Activity: Dice Holdings Ranks As a Top Pick

By DividendChannel.com

A study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages shows that Dice Holdings Inc (NYSE: DHX) is the #115 broker analyst pick among those stocks screened by The Online Investor for strong stock buyback activity. To make that list, a stock must have repurchased at least 5% of its outstanding shares over the trailing twelve month period. In forming the rank, the analyst opinions from the major brokerage houses were tallied, and averaged; then, the list of stocks with strong buyback activity was ranked according to those averages. …read more

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The Best Financial Services Companies to Work For

By Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes Staff

The recession proved to be grueling for most businesses, but the financial services industry took an especially brutal hit. Massive layoffs, government bailouts, negative headlines and countless scandals damaged the public’s perception of some of the biggest finance firms. Today, while several companies and chief executives are still struggling to rebuild a reputation and recover the prestige they once had, many have recuperated well. In fact, employees at some of the top financial services corporations are once again highly satisfied with their workplaces and their leadership. Glassdoor.com, a jobs and career website where people share information and opinions about the places where they work, just unveiled its list of The Top 10 Highest Rated Financial Services Companies, which charts how firms in this industry have fared over the past year, based on employee sentiment. In Pictures: The Best Financial Services Companies to Work For Right Now Glassdoor’s data analysis team leafed through thousands of employee reviews on more than 100 companies in the financial industry to determine how the top accounting firms, asset management companies, banks, brokerages, credit card companies, mutual fund managers, as well as transaction, credit and collections companies performed this year.  To be included in the evaluation, companies had to have at least 30 reviews submitted by employees to Glassdoor between July 24, 2012, and July 23, 2013. “The report asks employees how satisfied they are with their employer as a place to work, and to what extent they approve of the way their chief executive officer is leading the company,” says Glassdoor spokesperson Samantha Zupan. Respondents are asked to rate their company on a 5-point scale (1 = very dissatisfied, 5 = very satisfied). “The Glassdoor report highlights the companies in the financial services industry that are performing well when it comes to employee satisfaction,” Zupan adds. “For those looking for a job in this industry, this report can point to some of the companies a job seeker may want to try researching first to identify if one of these companies may be a good fit for them.” Susquehanna International Group, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania-based global investment and trading company, holds the top spot with a company rating of 4.1. Last year the firm, which services securities markets worldwide, earned a 3.7 rating. “Employees at Susquehanna speak to the opportunities to learn and grow, the manageable work weeks in terms of hours on the job and the entrepreneurial environments that allow for relative freedom and flexibility,” says Zupan. “They also speak favorably about the great benefits, the sense of autonomy at work, and the access to great technology.” A Pennsylvania-based worker said SIG is filled with smart people. “They [also] invest heavily in technology. There’s a lot of opportunity to learn new things and be surrounded be intellectual people. Benefits and pay and fairly decent, and there’s many perks – free breakfast/lunch, onsite car service, pharmacy, doctor, etc. If you take care of SIG, they will take care of you. My team had zero micromanagement, and I …read more

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Physicists can use their tools to help understand how, in real life, opinions form and change

Social phenomena fascinate with their complexity, but are not easily understood. Pawel Sobkowicz, an independent researcher based in Warsaw, Poland, has developed a model to study the dynamics of normal people, called ‘agents’, and their response to a given piece of information, depending on their emotional state. In a study about to be published in the European Physical Journal B, the author shows that opinion dynamics differ depending on whether the agent is agitated or not. …read more

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Podcast Beyond: How to Work at IGN

PlayStation. Does the word send a chill down your spine? Does it caress your senses with wave upon wave of irresistible pleasure? No? Do you like PlayStation? Then you’re certainly in the right place. Welcome to Podcast Beyond, your link to the IGN crew that pushes news, opinions and utter hilarity straight to your ears (and subsequently, your brain).

The question we get more than any other? How can I work at IGN one day? Today — at  the 51:10 mark — the Internet’s No. 1 PlayStation podcast gives you the inside scoop. They also talk about The Last of Us DLC, Internet haters, and bands. Then, Kris from Life in 24 Frames plays a live tune!

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Audi Cutting Distracting Apps from 4G LTE Service, Only Available for 2015 A3

By Clifford Atiyeh

Because Audi drivers are important, they need to access information immediately. As they’re riding your backside in the right lane, they’re checking stocks and grabbing Google searches with their fingers, all thanks to an embedded 3G data modem. Now that Audi is increasing data speeds for its vaunted MMI system by nearly tenfold, we can expect their drivers to exhibit even less patience.

In Europe, Audi has just launched the industry’s first in-car 4G LTE service on the 2014 S3 Sportback. By November, 4G LTE will be introduced across all European A3 models; we won’t see it until the 2015 A3 sedan launches next spring. Just like cell phones, the switch to 4G requires a hardware upgrade, which means it’ll trickle up the Audi lineup when each model receives its scheduled refresh. For the R8 and TT—the only two models on sale without Audi connect internet services—4G won’t roll out until they see a new generation.

The announcement comes months after General Motors said it would install 4G LTE connections in most 2015 models. While Audi expects to be first to market, GM is adding the feature on several models next year, not just one.

With speed comes the ability to multitask, and that means some of Audi’s most noteworthy features—the reading of emails and ability to dictate text messages—won’t be offered in the U.S. because of distraction concerns. Audi said it’s currently talking with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—our take on NHTSA’s distracted-driving guidelines can be found here—to decide which features it can offer without incurring the wrath of government regulators. That means you’ll have to stop first to read about your buddy’s late-night hookup and your aunt’s expert political opinions.

Currently, Audi offers unlimited 3G service through T-Mobile that’s free for the first six months and then $15 per month thereafter. Audi said it was negotiating among carriers (GM has selected AT&T) and would announce pricing closer to the L.A. auto show in November. We wouldn’t be surprised if the rates doubled to $30 per month, which is what most wireless carriers charge for a single smartphone.

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6 Secrets From A Shameless Self-Promoter

By Geri Stengel, Contributor

We all need a little faith — Faith Hope Consolo, that is. Consolo is now Chair of Douglas Elliman’s retail real estate division and she’s made it on Crain’s New York’s 100 Most Influential Women list. Many women have a hard time touting their accomplishments and promoting themselves. I know I’m one of them and, believe it or not, so was Consolo. But she got past that roadblock. Consolo shared six ways for pushing past your comfort zone and stepping into the limelight. 1.)  Be motivated. For Consolo, it was a matter of survival. She lost her parents when she was young and was raised by her grandmother. Attending NYU, she had wealthy friends and she wanted their lifestyle, which included travel and exquisite clothes. Since she wasn’t  born into money, she would have to earn it. 2.)  Step outside yourself. Don’t personalize what you’re doing. “Pretend it’s a game,” said Consolo. Perhaps because Consolo initially wanted to be an actress, pretending was easy for her to do. Being self-promotional is just part of the role she is playing. 3.) Put on blinders. Not everyone is going to like you. Consolo doesn’t let what other people say about her get in the way. She’s dogged in the pursuit of what she wants and if one person doesn’t like her, there are plenty of people who do — and I do mean plenty. 4.) Offer assistance. Consolo never stops pushing her agenda, but while she’s pushing her own, she is continually offering assistance. She now has the goods to make things happen for others, but even when she didn’t, there were ways she could help. She volunteered and offered help to the causes she cared about and the industry she is a part of. Consolo never met a committee she didn’t like. There’s a lesson in being a joiner. 5.) Polish your ‘Executive Presence.’ Recently I wrote an article citing tips on building Executive Presence from Rosina Racioppi, WOMEN Unlimited, which trains women to develop skills and  mindset-shifts to become leaders. Consolo has Executive Presence down pat in the way she looks, speaks, and acts. She ties it up in a beautiful pink ribbon, which I mean figuratively and literally. She knows how to brand herself including developing Faithisms such as “You need Faith” and after the market tanked “You need Faith now more than ever.” 6.) Build a bully pulpit. Consolo’s bully pulpit is  a newsletter called The Faith Report and a column in The Huffington Post called The Faithful Shopper. She frequently interviews people in the industry.  It’s a chance to get other people’s viewpoints and a way for her to share her opinions and latest successes. Consolo never misses a chance to lecture at a university and to mentor. Both build relationships with the next generation. It’s also a way to keep track of up-and-coming trends. So the next time you feel uncomfortable touting your successes, get a little Faith. If you enjoyed the article vote for Geri Stengel as a Small …read more

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Podcast Beyond: Walking Dead: Season 2 & Clem

PlayStation. Does the word send a chill down your spine? Does it caress your senses with wave upon wave of irresistible pleasure? No? Do you like PlayStation? Then you’re certainly in the right place. Welcome to Podcast Beyond, your link to the IGN crew that pushes news, opinions and utter hilarity straight to your ears (and subsequently, your brain).

We now know that Clementine will have a role in The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2, but is that a good or bad thing? Greg, Colin, Goldie, and Altano discuss this and what the most important PlayStation franchise is. They also reminisce about jingles for far too long.

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Fears Rise That Larry Summers Is Likely To Be Named Fed Chairman

By The Huffington Post News Editors

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is leaning towards former White House Economic Adviser Larry Summers as his choice to replace Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve, according to people who have been briefed on the administration’s thinking. Liberal critics of Summers’ economic record, along with those who continue to question his ability to work with women, are waging a last-minute campaign to persuade the president to change his mind and instead choose the other frontrunner for the job, Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen.

Chatter increased Tuesday among Summers’ opponents when Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin’s name was floated as a possible deputy to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Raskin, who has been harshly critical of the Fed, is broadly popular with progressives. Liberal Fed watchers suspected the move was aimed at people pressing Obama to name a woman to the Fed, and they worried selecting Raskin for Treasury would give the president cover to name Summers Fed chairman.

“We are concerned by rumors that Larry Summers, a man known for his offensive and callous opinions on women, is currently being considered to head the Federal Reserve. Women will not soon forget if President Obama picks Mr. Summers for such an important post, a man who believes women are somehow inherently less capable than men,” Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of feminist group UltraViolet, said in a statement. “It is high time to shatter the glass ceiling at the Fed and appoint a woman to a post that impacts so many women, and Janet Yellen would be a much celebrated pick.”

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More on Ben Bernanke

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Pro-Abortionists Call For The Rape Of Legislators’ Daughters

By John Careccia

Planned Parenthood 2 SC Pro Abortionists Call For The Rape of Legislators’ Daughters

Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Hatred is the absence of love; and to many, it feels good. There is a feeling of satisfaction evident in people who exhibit hatred; according to them, it is unlike any other. However, that feeling quickly turns sour, making your stomach feel uneasy and your mind dark. That’s because hatred accomplishes nothing; hatred poisons your mind.  Hatred is not something; it is the absence of something valuable — love.

The Left commonly uses hateful tactics to intimidate their enemies.  Case in point: the Texas abortion legislature battle. Before the abortion bill was voted on in the legislature, the liberal activists acted in the following way, according to Life News:

The paid protesters opposing the late-term abortion ban in Texas are doing more than rallying outside the legislature against the pro-life bill. They’re threatening pro-life state legislators and their staffers. Death threats, harassing emails and phone calls and calls for their daughters to be raped are among the hate targeted at pro-life lawmakers from the small contingent of abortion activists upset that Texas would consider banning abortions on babies at viability.

And according to the Washington Times:

Pro-choice protesters shouted, ‘Hail Satan!’ as an attempt to drown out pro-lifers’ rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.

Those are the tactics the opponents of the abortion law used.

Let me ask you: What can be accomplished with hate mail? What can be accomplished with hoping for rape? What can be accomplished by chanting “Hail Satan?” Nothing good. However, it feels good to the people who utter those phrases. It is useless, guttural filth pouring forth from the mouths of those who have within their hearts an overabundance of hate. It constructs nothing. There is no solution offered, nor is there any thoughtful discussion being initiated with words like these. There is only the intense feeling of getting it out that makes them do it. They don’t care if they are not able to accomplish anything; they just want you to know they hate you for what you are doing.

This makes it evident that the Left cannot engage in thoughtful debate or conversation. Their minds are not built to understand anything but that which they have been programmed to believe. They have been programmed to see their opponents not as people with souls, personalities, and thoughtful opinions, but rather as evil, degenerate hate-mongers. With that mindset, true debate will never take place. There is no solution that will satisfy. The main difference between Conservatives and Liberals is:  Conservatives are willing to engage their opposition with logical arguments, and Liberals only know what they have been programmed to believe. As Sun Tzu said: “know your enemy.” The trouble with Conservatives is that they have values and conduct themselves accordingly. Over the long term, they will persevere; but in the short term, the noisy gear gets the grease.

Conservatives know their opponents. Liberals do not …read more

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Former Eidos Montreal Boss Resigns

The former head and founder of Eidos Montreal has resigned his position and lashed out at Square Enix’s leadership in the process.

In a statement provided to Develop, Stephane D’Astous lamented the “lack of courage and lack of communication” from higher-ups, and explained he left due to irreconcilable differences.

“Since last year’s financial short-coming performance of Square Enix Europe, we (HQ London and GM Eidos-Montreal) have had growing and divergent opinions on what needed to be done to correct the situation,” he said.

“The lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication were so evident, that I wasn’t able to conduct my job correctly. I realised that our differences were irreconcilable, and that the best decision was unfortunately to part ways.”

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Players: Braun suspension ultimately good for game

By Doug Miller The news that Brewers star outfielder and 2011 National League Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun had been suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2013 season and that he admitted to violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program brought about intense and varied opinions and reactions from baseball’s players, managers and front office executives. …read more


Can you recommend sources where I can learn more about the Hebrew root


I was wondering if you could recommend some good books or other resources to teach me more about the Hebrew roots of our faith and more about the Jewish culture and traditions during the time of Jesus and the Apostles?

Ever since coming back to God, I’ve had a strong desire to study and understand the OT so I can better understand the NT. At first I really struggled and couldn’t understand much of the OT and prayed often to God to help me learn. That is when it suddenly dawned on me that Jesus was Jewish and scriptures were written my Hebrews and I started having a strong desire to learn about the Hebrew roots of our faith.

I’ve been doing the lessons from Torahclass.com and have finished Genesis, Exodus, and most of Leviticus. Understanding more about the tabernacle, sacrifice system, feasts and priestly duties and requirements has really helped me in my understanding and I can better understand how Jesus came not to abolish but to fill to the fullest the Torah. I’m not completely comfortable with the way Torah class interprets and teaches being Torah observant but I’m learning how to be a sieve and not a sponge. I wish I could get the historical and cultural teaching without the opinions on being required to follow the 613 mitzvah etc.

I’m also half way through the book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg which is helping me have a deeper understanding of scripture but I wish it went into greater detail.

I would really appreciate any recommendations. I hope I didn’t ramble too much. I said all of that to try to give an idea of where I am in all of this. I love to study and learn more about God and I’m fortunate to be able to study a couple of hours each day. My family thinks I’m odd but Bible study is truly my favorite thing to do. At this point in my learning it isn’t always easy for me to find trustworthy sources so I’m thankful for any help.

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Eight converts sentenced in Iran for 'National Security' violations

By George Whitten

iran flag

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

TEHRAN, IRAN (Worthy News)– Eight Iranian Christians received long sentences Tuesday after being convicted of “action against the national security,” a bogus charge often used against Muslim converts to Christianity, according to Morning Star News.

However, Iranian Christian leaders denied that they or their church had any involvement in subversive activity.

“While individual Christians are entitled to hold political opinions, the church does not. These charges are entirely without foundation … However, as loyal citizens we will continue to pray for our leaders and for peace and reconciliation in our nation,” said the National Council of the Church of Iran in a recently released statement.

All eight members of the Church of Iran were sentenced in Shiraz: Mohammad Roghangir was sentenced to six years; Massoud Rezaie, five years; Mehdi Ameruni and Bijan Farokhpour Haghighi, three years each; Shahin Lahooti and Suroush Saraie, two-and-half years each and Eskandar Rezaie and Roxana Forughi to one year each in prison.

Most of the converts were arrested during a raid of an evening prayer service last October and all were detained at Plaque 100, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry’s detention center; they were only released after paying exorbitant bail amounts — between $80,000 and $200,000 (USD) — that caused financial hardships to their families and fellow congregants.

As Iran is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that protects the freedom of belief for all religious minorities, Christian Solidarity Worldwide Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas called for the unconditional release of the eight converts.

“It is both disappointing and deplorable that the Iranian regime persists in detaining religious minorities on political charges, as has occurred once again in this case,” Thomas said in a press release. “These Christians in no way constitute a threat to the state.”

CSW Press Officer Kiri Kankhwende told Morning Star News that it was not uncommon for theocratic states to subject religious minorities to political charges since their beliefs are considered a threat to its status quo.

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Is Your Boss In Trouble? 15 Ways To Tell

By Jeff Schmitt, Contributor

We nicknamed him “Dead man walking.” It was no secret: Our manager’s time was running out. Years ago, he was something to behold. He had a vision and a plan. He made things happen. So we jumped when he called. And why not: He came around, asked for our opinions, and learned what made us tick. Back then, we were a team. We cared. We shared the same burdens…and celebrated our triumphs together. …read more

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Marriage Advice On How To Maintain An Equal Partnership

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Every happy couple has a secret formula that makes their relationship work. For many modern couples, the key is establishing an equal partnership — which is not to say that everything from chores, to emotional support to finances is split straight down the middle. Rather, both parties contribute something meaningful to the relationship and respect each other’s contributions.

On Thursday, we turned to our readers, asking them to reveal how they maintain an equal partnership in their marriages. Scroll down for five interesting perspectives and then tell us what works for you and your spouse in the comments.

“I’ve only been married just under two years, so I get a lot of fluff about how I’m in the ‘honeymoon phase.’ While this may be true, it wasn’t always easy for me to communicate with my husband because we do so in very different ways; I have always been expressive and he more subdued. I would have to say that prolonging a healthy and equal partnership stems from mastering the art of listening — I know that seems like the obvious answer and perhaps not so profound, but I think there is an acute distinction between ‘hearing’ and actually ‘listening.’ In order to really listen to your partner and appreciate what they have to say, you must first wholeheartedly acknowledge that you are allowed to be separate individuals with differing attitudes and opinions about anything and everything. If you can accept that and still look at each other with hearts in your eyes, you possess an equal partnership.” – Radyah, 29, of Toronto.

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College Students Say Abortion Support Translates To More Sex

By B. Christopher Agee

Planned Parenthood 2 SC College students say abortion support translates to more sex

While some recent research has shown a general decrease in support for abortion, a troubling trend seems to be gaining steam on the nation’s college campuses.

Conservative journalist Caleb Bonham released recorded interviews featuring a number of University of Colorado at Boulder students who expressed a disturbing reason for supporting a woman’s right to kill her child. Many male students referred to a “bro-choice” movement, which they claimed aids in the pursuit of indiscriminate sex.

One budding scholar opined “college is about” wanting “to get laid,” adding that like-minded students “better go with the bro-choice.”

A fellow thinker asked, “What’s wrong with getting laid a little more?” He responded to his own question by declaring himself “bro-choice all the way.”

Their stale rhetoric might hint that they’ve been reading the same talking points, but female students expressed similarly disgusting apathy concerning the murderous act of abortion. Many young women affirmed the contention that a man’s far-left stance on the issue makes him more likely to get lucky.

Describing his own video, Bonham said it is obvious many students embrace a “self-centered mindset … that views abortion as a means to ensure materialistic, responsiblilty-free sex.”

When the government, media, and even the colleges these students attend deny the sanctity of life in pursuit of sexual convenience, it is hardly surprising they express similarly offensive opinions in turn. One can scarcely imagine the incalculable contribution millions of aborted humans would have made to our society if only afforded the most basic of rights.

For the shallow, brainwashed supporters of abortion-on-demand, though, there is no room for such peripheral considerations. The argument has conspicuously shifted away from the well-being of a pregnant woman to the utterly prurient desire for sexual conquests.

As distressing as our nation’s cultural decline has been in recent years, these young adults offer absolutely frightening prospects for the future.
Click here to get B. Christopher Agee’s latest book for less than $5! Like his Facebook page for engaging, relevant conservative content daily.

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Extend floor joists?

By frozensneakwe


New to the forum. I am in the process of planning a kitchen remodel.

There is a wall that extends out in our eat-in kitchen that I am looking to eliminate.

In order to add the header that would make the ceiling flush from front to back, I would be cutting the floor/ceiling joists and pocketing in a 3.5″ x 9.5″ header in the ceiling using joist hangers. The span would be ~ 4 feet. I have done this in the past to achieve a smooth ceiling front to back.

The problem is, the joists on the back side of the house are ~6 inches too short.

The joists are 16″ on center 2 x 10.

The area above these floor joists doesn’t seem to be carrying a lot of weight. Mostly just upstairs floor. No tubs, walls, etc. The area that would require the extending is approx 3 feet. Only 3 joists. If I needed to add 2 or 3 feet on, I would never think to do this, but since I only need 6″ total added length, I wanted to ask opinions.

In order to properly extend these joists to the header, can I scab two 2 x 10’s overlapping ~4 feet on both sides of each joist, through bolt, and use construction adhesive to reach the hangers? I was thinking of buying the triple hangers. 4.5 inch wide to accept triple joist. I put a picture of one below.

I would fill in the gap in between the 2 boards on each side with a 6″ scrap so that a solid, triple joist goes into each hanger.

I could pull down all 11.5 feet of the ceiling and set a new joist on top of the wall, but this would add a ton of work with soffits, bridging and plumbing, etc.

I was also considering adding in bridging in between the extended joists, out onto the un-cut, longer joists on either side for more strength.

In the pic, it you look closely at the top, you can see the overlapped joists and the wall. I want to make that over lapped joist reach the wall.

Any help and advice is very appreciated.



Attached Images

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