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Tell Me More About This Language You Call "Mexican"

In “Twidiots”, we collect the choicest thoughts on a particular topic from Twitter’s millions of users.

What’s the second most used language in the United States? If you said Spanish, you’re right; if you said Mexican, you are so, so wrong.



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7 Sexiest Abstinence PSAs to Jerk It To

‘The Situation’ and Bristol Palin for The Candie’s Foundation

Acting so bad, it might as well be porn. 


Alaskan Feather Dance

It’s getting hot in here, so fan with all your clothes.



Trendy Living Room Nightclub

Make your marriage bed a true VIP section. 


Kendra G and Ray J for Abstinence is Kool

He would know. Self control could have kept both him and Kim Kardashian from having careers. 


Unpaid for Stock Photos and Text

Sometimes theft can really spice things up. Yes, like in Fun with Dick and Jane.  


A Love Story Between a Boy and a Girl and Lifehouse

When it comes to songs to pleasure yourself to, if it doesn’t rock hard, you’re wasting your time. 


The Wedding Night (Gratuitous Bible Shots)

If the word of God doesn’t get you going, nothing will. 



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The 7 Worst Conversations We've All Had

The 7 Worst Conversations Weve All Had

  1. Them

    Oh, man, I had the weirdest dream last night.

  2. You

    All dreams are weird.

  3. Them

    But mine was PARTICULARLY weird.

  4. You

    Cool, probably not. Hey, what do you think about anything else? That's probably a fun thing to talk about.

  5. Them

    No, but, you see, in this dream we bought a Winnebago for some reason, and we were driving around the moon I guess? But it wasn't, like, our moon, just some weird moon. And I kept calling you “Dad.”

  6. You

    Yep, weird. Predictably weird.

  7. Them


  8. You

    Except none of this happened. You are just describing a series of weird things you thought up that have no effect on anything. Are you going to that party tomorrow?

  9. Them

    Totally! So weird! Then Mila Kunis showed up, but her head was a football?

  10. You

    Why are you so intent on talking about this?

  11. Them

    I don't know! I'm more excited about this dream than I've ever been about anything!

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