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Mugabe Rival Calls Shenanigans in Zimbabwe Election

By Kevin Spak

Results haven’t been officially announced yet in Zimbabwe’s just-completed presidential election, but President Robert Mugabe’s main challenger is already decrying the entire affair as a “huge farce” and declaring the outcome “null and void,” the BBC reports. “It’s a sham election that does not reflect the will of the people,… …read more

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Will This Be Germany's First Black Lawmaker?

By John Johnson

It’s tough to figure out what’s more interesting: that Karamba Diaby hopes to become Germany’s first black member of parliament, or the very fact that Germany has never had a black member of parliament. Either way, the 51-year-old immigrant from Senegal wants to make history in September’s general election, reports… …read more

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For Cambodian leader unused to setbacks, election results pose tough choice

After nearly three decades of autocratic rule, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen may be facing his biggest political dilemma in years, with his party’s parliamentary majority vastly eroded in weekend elections by a burgeoning opposition that could block his forming a government. …read more

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How A Social Entrepreneur Created A Sustainable Business In Keeping Politicians Accountable

By Ashoka, Contributor

BONN, Germany – With the federal election season in full swing in Germany, social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow Gregor Hackmack is busy preparing his online portal, ParliamentWatch, to host a variety of special online forums with German media partners and to connect citizen’s questions to candidates. …read more

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Business travel expenses plummet, but SBOs are picking up more of the bill

In its 2013 Expense IQ Report, Concur, a developer of expense report software, has found that business travel expenses fell off dramatically at the end of 2012.

The average travel and entertainment expense report fell 4.5 percent from 2011 to 2012. The decline dramatically accelerated in the last quarter of the year, when a huge 21 percent drop in T&E expenses was measured.

The report notes that, “While 2012 was overall a year of tighter budgets for U.S. travelers, the sudden and extreme decline in Q4 T&E spend in particular is a bit of an outlier. The dip is likely due to a set of exogenous macro-economic events, such as the impact of Hurricane Sandy, uncertainty about the U.S. presidential election in November, and the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations that extended into the first days of 2013.”


Curiously, Concur notes that small businesses are spending considerably more on travel than their large-company counterparts. On a quarterly, per traveler basis, SMBs pay more for airfare (13.6%), lodging (21.0%), car rentals (56.7%), and even dining out (17.8%). Partly this is because small-business employees are traveling more than large ones, but also because they are often subject to higher rates. In explaining this, Concur notes that private rate agreements with hotel chains, for example, are responsible for offsetting many of the costs that large businesses pay.

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