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Tim Hudson Injury: Mets’ Eric Young Jr. Steps On Braves Pitcher (VIDEO)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson suffered a brutal injury on Wednesday night in a game against the New York Mets and needed to be carted off the field.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Mets left fielder Eric Young Jr. hit a sharp ground ball to Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman. Young tried to beat the throw from Freeman and ended up stepping on Hudson’s ankle during his last stride. Hudson caught the ball for the out but fell to the ground and started writhing in pain.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Warning – May Be Difficult To Watch

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Poll: 34 Percent Of Americans Believe That The First Amendment Goes Too Far

By Breaking News

constitution 2 SC Poll: 34 Percent Of Americans Believe That the First Amendment Goes Too Far

According to a survey released by the Newseum Institute on July 16, 34 percent of Americans believe that the First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees.

The jump from 13 percent in 2012 might be attributable to the fact that the survey was conducted shortly after the Boston Bombings, which has led to citizens being more willing to sacrifice rights for safety. A comparable but even larger jump in percentage happened after September 11.

Young people are more willing to agree that the First Amendment goes too far; 47 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 30 think so — a percentage which steadily decreases as the age bracket increases. Only 23 percent of people 60+ agree. Minorities are also more likely to agree that the First Amendment goes too far.

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You Swore It Wasn't True, Ryan!!

By Leigh Steinberg, Contributor The agreement by Milwaukee Brewer former National League Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun to agree to a negotiated penalty of a 65 game suspension for violation of the steroid policy is discouraging at many levels. It seemed only yesterday that Braun stood in front of cameras and promised the public and his fans that he was completely innocent of such charges and it was all a miscarriage of justice. He followed in the footsteps of such iconic figures as Tour de’France Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong and Olympic sprinter Marion Jones who vehemently denied repeatedly that they had used performance enhancing substances. This continues the pattern of shattering public trust in the credibility of athletes. Young people look to them as role models and they have been exposed as liars. …read more

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Burning Detriot To The Ground

By Coach Kevin Collins

detroit ruins 300x232 Burning Detriot to the Ground

Sifting Through the Ruins of Detroit

Liberals should be ashamed of themselves for the misery and destruction they have forced on Detroit.  Because of liberal policies Detroit, an American city that once was the very epitome of the benefits of capitalism, was once able to boast of the highest standard of living of any city in the world is now little more than a garbage heap people want to run from.

Today Detroit has roughly 700,000 people.  In 1960 Detroit had 1.6 million people. They were auto workers and auto manufacturing executives. They manufactured things and traded an honest day’s work for a decent middle class salary. Then you took over, liberals. In 1962 the last Republican mayor left office. Your greedy unions swamped Detroit and all of a sudden every demand from every group was met. The debt you caused and the criminals you elected to run Detroit sacked the town like the Vandals who picked Ancient Rome clean.

Detroit’s takers have finally overwhelmed its dwindling number of makers and it has forced the Motor City into bankruptcy. Detroit’s problems are directly your fault. You liberals got everything you wanted. You got an all Democrat city government that meant crooked mayors, crooked police, a crooked city council and the worst school system in America actually run by a former Detroit special education student.

At first as long as a politician was a Democrat you backed him. You inflicted Coleman Young on an unsuspecting city that still believed it could be saved by the music industry even as auto manufacturers ran away from your greedy unions. Young was an unabashed Black racist whose administration was purposely designed to make White Detroiters run away as fast as they could; and they did. Thereafter just being a Democrat was no longer enough and the new standard meant only Black Democrats could run your city and together both of you destroyed Detroit.

Next your paternalist attitude inflicted Kwame Kilpatrick, an out and out street thug, on what was left of Detroit. He is now in prison for corruption and tax evasion but he should have been tried for ordering the execution style murder of a stripper named Tamara Green. You liberals covered for him and made the investigation of her death “disappear.”

Now you liberals will wring your hands and make up excuses for your city’s incompetent administration because “after all Detroit is run by Blacks so it cannot be criticized.”

Shame on you liberals; you inflicted every one of your stupid dreams on a middle class city, destroyed it and ran away. Detroit is as good a reason as any to pledge to defeat you at every opportunity. The “good” you do lasts until other people’s money runs out; the damage you do is forever. 

Young doctor is new Apprentice

Irish doctor Leah Totton bagged a ??250,000 cash boost for her cosmetic procedures business after winning the ninth series of BBC hit show The Apprentice.

Lord Alan Sugar, the programme’s supremo, put aside previous misgivings about the enterprise’s morality to utter the fabled words “you’re hired” to the 25-year-old, who beat off competition from friend Luisa Zissman and her cake-shop business.

Totton called the victory “completely overwhelming” and said it gave her business a “good platform”.

“I was more prepared for losing,” she claimed.

Past winners have not always found immediate success, and it is often the runner-up whose business ended up thriving.

Last year’s loser Tom Gearing said that second-place offered more scope for success.

“One of the biggest bonuses is that you have the profile but you still have complete freedom,” he said.

“The winners are tied in with Lord Sugar’s PR company which decides what you can and cannot do. They want you to knuckle down. Whereas I could make the most of the opportunity.”

Totton, 25, hopes to develop anti-ageing skin treatments at a chain of clinics but will continue with her masters degree and plans a low-key celebration.

“I’m not really a big partier,” she said. “My colleagues are coming round tonight, I’m going to cook and we’ll watch the show together. I’m going to go back to Ireland and be around my family.”

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We the People

This is a troubled time in American history.

The recent election revealed the changing face and values of the electorate, as well as stark and deep divisions among the people. Citizens everywhere are considering vital questions:

  • Should we reform/abolish the current party system? Is a new political party a viable option?We the People
  • Does the Electoral College still work for America today?
  • Would non-partisan re-districting help create better balance at election time?
  • How should we adjust our policies with regard to immigration and our borders?
  • How can we become fiscally sound and remain within budgetary restraints?
  • As America re-examines the 2nd Amendment, how can we best preserve our gun/militia rights as written and intended by our Founding Fathers? Are we capable of keeping passion and anger from deciding this issue?
  • Should America adopt term limits?
  • Are the words in our founding documents still alive and inspirational? Should we be guided by them still today, or have they become irrelevant?

Many people today fear that our rights are being eroded, and some even say our country is “broken”. Perhaps we, as caretakers of this nation, can heal the break by finding common ground amongst ourselves.

This website has one purpose: to gather the opinions and suggestions of caring citizens, and then present them to our elected officials. Write as much or as little as you wish. Come back whenever you want to contribute. Above all, speak freely, whether you are….

  • Red or Blue
  • Left or Right
  • Tea Party or Occupy
  • 99% or 1%
  • Big government or Limited government
  • Employed or out-of-work
  • Young or Old

we want your input.

New Mexico umpire allegedly threatens to eject teen baseball players from game for speaking Spanish

Baseball coaches from a New Mexico high school say they will file a formal complaint against an umpire who allegedly told a Latino player to stop speaking Spanish during a game.

Emmanuel Burciaga, an assistant coach at Gadsden High School, told the Albuquerque Journal that umpire Corey Jones told the Gadsden first baseman to speak only English or face ejection during a game in Alamogordo on Tuesday.

After Burciaga asked Jones, the first-base umpire, about the admonishment, Jones said, “Anyone who speaks Spanish — coaches or players — will be ejected,” according to Gadsden High School baseball coaches.

Burciaga said he told Jones, “Our players will not stop speaking Spanish, and they will not be ejected.” Burciaga said Jones then “came walking toward me and said, `Another word from you, Coach, and you will be ejected.”‘

The home plate umpire, who is bilingual, intervened in the mid-game conflict and told Jones there was no rule prohibiting players from speaking Spanish on the field, Burciaga said. The other umpire assured Jones that he understood Spanish and would put a stop to any foul language, Burciaga said.

The school said it plans to file a complaint with the New Mexico Activities Association, the governing body of the state’s high school sports.

“I’m not trying to get him (Jones) fired,” Burciaga said. “My goal is to educate the person.”

Burciaga also said that after the second umpire backed up the Gadsden High coaches’ position that no rule prohibited their players from speaking Spanish on the diamond, Jones appeared furious.

Jones declined to comment to the Albuquerque Journal. No phone number was listed for him.

Dusty Young, associate director of the NMAA, said the organization will investigate the dispute if a complaint is received. The NMAA executive director would have the final say on disciplinary action if any is deemed warranted, Young said.

The Gadsden Independent School District bumps up against the Mexican border and has a student body that is 97 percent Latino.

Gadsden eventually lost to Alamogordo, 10-0.

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/national/~3/-fbDjB5PceM/

Tomas Young Explains Decision To End His Life: ‘I Was No Longer Going To Watch Myself Deteriorate’

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Just over nine years ago, a sniper’s bullet turned Tomas Young‘s life upside down .

It was 2004, and Young, who had enlisted in the Army after Sept. 11 out of a sense of duty, was serving on a tour in Iraq. He wasn’t sure why his service had brought him there and not to Afghanistan, where the Sept. 11 plotters had been harbored. But his skepticism made little difference when his convoy came under attack, ultimately leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.

His recovery, chronicled in the documentary “Body of War” and by Chris Hedges in a recent Truth Dig article, has since been marked by a series of ups and downs. But lately, Young, now 33, says it’s been mostly downs. The pain and decline of his health and bodily function have led Young to decide that he’ll stop receiving treatment later this year, a move that will eventually allow him to, as he put it in February according to the Ridgefield Press, “one day go away.”

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Curian Capital® Appoints Gabriel Burstein, Ph.D. as Head of Investment Strategy

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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Curian Capital ® Appoints Gabriel Burstein, Ph.D. as Head of Investment Strategy

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Curian Capital, LLC (www.Curian.com), an asset management company that manufactures and distributes a comprehensive suite of investment strategies and asset management solutions to institutions, financial advisors and their clients, today announced the addition of Gabriel Burstein, Ph.D., as head of the Investment Strategy group.

In his new role, Burstein will lead the newly formed group responsible for alternative investments, asset allocation, market strategy and manager research. He will also oversee the expansion of the group’s portfolio and product construction capability. Burstein will be based in Denver and report to Steve Young, senior vice president and chief investment officer.

Prior to joining Curian, Burstein worked for Lipper in New York, where he was global head of Investment Research as well as Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund Research. Burstein’s previous roles also included head global macro investment strategist and head of the Relative Value Strategy Research Group for HSBC Securities and Bank USA, head of Specialized Research for Hedge Fund Strategies at Daiwa Securities and he held global macro and quantitative proprietary trading and strategy positions at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.

“Gabriel has an impressive background in directing investment research and strategy at a number of highly-respected financial services companies and is a renowned investment specialist in the industry,” said Young. “We look forward to his expert insights and leadership in traditional and alternative portfolio investment strategy so Curian can continue to provide unique actively managed solutions that meet the needs of financial professionals. Gabriel will also help to manage the tremendous expansion of Curian’s investment responsibilities, while promoting the aggressive growth objectives of our firm.”

Burstein has written numerous academic research papers and also authored an alternative investment strategy book published in the U.S. and Japan. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has appeared on various financial television networks. Burstein has a doctorate from London University, Imperial College in stochastic optimization, the mathematics used in portfolio construction, an area in which he published several research papers as a U.S. Army research fellow.

For more information about Curian, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and financial institutions can visit www.curian.com or contact the Curian Sales Desk at (877) 847-4192.

About Curian Capital

Curian Capital, LLC (www.Curian.com) is an asset management company that manufactures and distributes a comprehensive suite of investment strategies and asset management solutions to institutions, …read more

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In Mexico, A Dartmouth Grad Fights Poverty Through Capitalism

By Maura Pennington, Contributor

Fernando Orta had remarkable drive and ingenuity even when I first met him as a freshman at Dartmouth.  It’s no surprise that five years after graduation, he is making things happen.  Upon receiving degrees in both Economics and Electronic Engineering, he returned to his hometown of Mexico City and in 2010 founded a financial services company called Podemos Progresar.  Its name means “We can move forward,” its symbol is a seedling, and its philosophy is one of growth and empowerment.  In an effort to solve the multi-dimensional problem of poverty in Mexico, Podemos has a mission to create products and services that change people’s lives. Orta is trying a different approach with his business, one which measures success by the level of impact in a community.  He hopes to be a model for other corporations and for young people who are frustrated by the lack of job opportunities.  “There is a big disconnect,” Orta says.  “Young people are not finding the jobs they want.  We can challenge what’s being offered to us, reject the paths being given to us, and start our own with new philosophies of how business should be done.”  His experience sets an example. When he started the company, Orta admits he had a naïve view of poverty and that it has been a journey in understanding what life is like for the poorest segments of society.  There are an estimated 45 million Mexicans living on less than four dollars a day.  Microfinancing has grown in the last few years to reach many of these people, but Orta believes it can be expanded further. “As the company has evolved, the idea has evolved because of the needs we see in the community.  Microcredit is not enough,” he explains.  Orta’s vision is to create an organization that betters people’s lives across the board.  By establishing an economic and social center for the most marginalized classes, Podemos makes a connection with its clients that goes beyond microfinancing. The goal is to liberate people from the cycle of poverty.  To do this, Podemos aims to increase interaction between businesses and what Orta calls “the bottom of the pyramid” and to provide the poor with access to what they most need.  Through its community centers and coordinators, Podemos offers social services, such as assistance navigating Mexico’s healthcare system.  On the economic side, in addition to solidarity loans, the company has set up a microfranchise program that allows members to buy wholesale products to distribute in their communities. Orta explains, “Microcredit is not just about giving people money.  It’s about giving people a chance to pursue opportunities. We want to become the platform that provides the products and services that allow people to make rewarding transactions.”  When people are thus brought into the formal economy, they are free to be much more productive.  To help others achieve this, the company itself has to reflect the value of purposeful employment.  When Orta founded Podemos it was with the question in mind: “Why do …read more
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