Opinions • Freedom to Marry

By Gary Triplett Liberals... that means LIBERTY. Freedom from government... not more government. If you want to marry a goat... do it!! Government isn't involved.. just do it!!! Just don't ask me to pay for it... that's where government becomes involved again!
I won't help you unless you respect our Constitution and my freedom to live my life and raise my family without paying for your's.

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What’s On Your Mind • Upset with government? Examine your own home first!

By Gary Triplett
We are often so quick to condemn or critique others, especially those articles we see on TV or read in the news. Seldom do we correlate what we condemn of others to ourselves or what happens in our own homes or communities.

We work hard each day to earn a living. Earn a living; what does that mean? We use our-self, our knowledge, experiences, efforts, time and emotions in exchange for cash. Cash represents all of the above. A second entity, we call our government (local, state and federal), that we empower to do so, takes nearly 80% of that cash through taxes, fees and etc., directly or the most, indirectly.

Yet, in many homes today, the youth live within our homes, indefinitely playing video games, talking with girl or boy friends on our phones, use the car, eat the food and live freely. Some love this idea while others accept it as something of love and a necessity and feel no need but to support their child of 20 or 50 years. Some call it "unconditional love". The child, having built no pride in accomplishments, future, experience, education, retirement or assets, what will our country be in 40 years when we die? Will our government step in as savior to pay rent, mortgages, taxes and provide food and etc. when there have been no basis developed?

Some couples separate with priorities misplaced, exchanging privacy, resources and efforts to their live-in adult children rather than to each other... in the name of love. Some couples separate from giving their time, resources and efforts to other family, friends or things in priority of their partner, buts that's another topic.

Most of us have difficulty separating "unconditional love" from "true love". Is a bluebird unloving when it pushes it's fledglings from the nest, or is it loving to push it to it's future? Would a bluebird be loving to it's mate or to it's child to not wish to discuss or deal with the issue of a child wishing to stay in the comfort and security of the nest? Should we hear the unhappy squawks from the child and back away to their wants without a knowledge or ability to confront them (in the name of unconditional love) or our own inability to deal? Is this love we continue to provide, or are we just going down the path of least resistance?

To enable children in our own homes or allow government to decide it for us to our neighbors, we are asking for no good end. Nothing good comes from enabling those that are viable and fully able, in our own homes or in society.

The next time you hear someone complain about society or something in the news, give a try to eliminate your pride and to correlate and consider your own life and home first. We have no right to complain about anything in society if we are unable to truly manage what goes on in our own homes!!!

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What’s On Your Mind • Is America Rome Falling?

By zooidal Some have said during the past decade or so that America is on the verge of a collapse similar to that of the late Roman Empire. A simplistic and alarmist notion in my view.

Regardless of obvious time span dissimilarities, our current circumstances do not resemble those surrounding the prolonged and fitful Fall of the Roman Empire. The US has never exercised anything close to Rome's influence. There was no entity analogous to today's China during the Roman fall, just ankle-biting barbarians and Rome's own degeneracy. Degeneracy and ankle-biters we have. We also have sovereign allies with worldwide interests and influence – unlike Rome, which had a habit of subjugating their competitors. Certainly some believe we do that under the table, subtly.

We possess an unparalleled military, the greatest ever assembled. Rome's wasn't as effective or under firm central control during the Fall years. Our military is not a mercenary force prone to install and terminate domestic political leaders. Maybe foreign leaders, but not ours... I guess.

China's prosperity depends on our own, though they do have interests within a geopolitical sphere not extending much beyond the South China Sea - a few business interests in Africa and South America being exceptions. Their acquisition of Smithfield isn't the same as Alaric in Rome. The taking of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee would be a different story. Well, OK - I see it's already taken. Unbeknownst to me, ConAgra changed the name to 'Boyardee'. Why they didn't go all the way and use 'Boiardi' is beyond me. They're fine ones to construct names, as 'ConAgra' properly should be 'ConAgri'.

Comparing us to the Romans and their fall seems to stem from two things, at least.
First is the notion we lack a certain social cohesion existing 50 or more years ago. I agree, with qualifications. Back then, if you didn't at least superficially adhere to certain common assumptions or conventions (like taking your hat off when going indoors if you were a man) you'd be labeled a Commie. Today, nobody's a Commie, not even the Chinese. Backwater irritants Cuba and N. Korea don't count, unless you're Florida or S. Korea. Screw them. Today, it's hard to find a man, unless they're Chinese. Small appendages aside, they do build Big Stuff, and they're sure to get to the Moon before James Cameron.

Secondly, it appears those who say we're on a long slide to oblivion are simply observing chickens coming home to roost regarding the sustainability of funding a world-police style military, and means-tested welfare schemes in practice since 1964. These enormous, self-imposed liabilities have helped generate reductions in science funding, especially NASA and its late manned space program.

Government science funding in general has long been skeptically viewed and strangled by short-sighted purse stringers in the US. They disregard the historical funding of research and exploration by tribes, kingdoms, and representative democracies to their long-term benefit. No government ever went bankrupt pursuing knowledge accumulation; bankruptcy and ruin have resulted from maintaining mismanaged colonies and supplicant foreign governments. The Moon has no indigenous insurgents. What it does contain is the opportunity to expand human capability in all spheres. That said, I don't believe purse-string tightening necessarily represents a national ‘slide to oblivion'; it may be a slide to irrelevance.

Marginally reminiscent of Rome's fall is the insurgent support for unskilled immigrants gaining legal status in our country, and the welcoming of more to come. Why this is so in a time of relatively high unemployment and concern over means-tested welfare spending continuing at today's levels stumps me.

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Opinions • Re: Freedom to Marry

By zooidal I've been saying the government should get out of the marriage business. Unfortunately, 'government' applies to 50 separate states, and invalidating 50 separate marriage laws is a tall order.

I believe people should be free to 'marry' inanimate objects, goats, or their dad's sister's niece or nephew. I've advocated domestic or household incorporation for purposes of accomplishing the various financial, insurance and inheritance statuses currently earned by married people. These hypothetical domestic or household corporations would have nothing to to do with sexual relations or the absence thereof. They could be valid for a limited number of members, perhaps 10. They would cover biologically related people, polygamous marriages or just friends. These people wouldn't be required to live with one another.

Marriage is a historically religious arrangement. Get the government's fingers out of it.

Statistics: Posted by zooidal — Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:23 pm

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What’s On Your Mind • Prism Schism

By zooidal The DHS was created to eliminate intelligence silos deemed responsible in part for 9/11. Though this solution is constitutionally appropriate regarding foreign intelligence, when applied to American citizens on American soil it is not. There's not one argument in favor of the NSA's Prism program, as deployed within an environment of DOJ and NSA information-sharing, which does not imply a de facto suspension of habeas corpus. Since a notorious advertisement of 4th Amendment suspension has not occurred, Prism as implemented is patently unconstitutional.

Assurances of the "proper handling" of mass communications using secretly developed protocols and secret courts are not only undermined by that secrecy, they're beside the point. Gathering personal conversations and messages traceable to individuals is not merely recording crowd noise. Saying 'Google does it' is also beside the point. Google doesn't tax you at gunpoint. Google is not the US government. The mass-gathering of domestic communications by the US government, even if left unexamined, is a 4th Amendment violation; secret warrants or not, it turns the entire US population into un-indicted criminal suspects.

99.99% of Americans are not involved in plots to destroy the US. The same cannot be said regarding common misdemeanors. Potential DOJ and IRS access to NSA-gathered data is one result of the creation of the DHS. We're effectively having the contents of our mailboxes and intimate conversations piped directly to people claiming to wear blind-folds and ear-plugs, but are somehow able to categorize these communications anyway. The government agent and apologist explanation that computer algorithm-based searches are hands-free, and therefore inappropriate personal searches are not happening en mass, does not explain away the initial material acquisition absent an explicit warrant. The 4th Amendment refers to search AND seizure. Logical hoops provide intellectual exercise and political cover for those wishing away the Constitution in their zeal to go after the "bad guys". The fact is there's not one among us who's not a 'bad guy' from time to time. It's been said that we all commit at least one crime serious enough to risk possible arrest each day.

If you've been politically active and happen to disagree with the current administration, you may have noticed what can happen when the IRS gets involved. Imagine it's the FBI or ATF. For a while now they've rained negative consequences down on those living near or having a street address similar to that of a targeted drug dealer. Innocent people have frequently been assaulted and had their pets killed by overzealous drug warriors. Prism makes it possible for those living nowhere near crack houses to be assaulted by paramilitary-style cops with zero tolerance towards the general population. In the meantime, others with their own beefs against society are constructing bombs in basements without the help of Facebook or cell phones. The Boston bombing, the Underwear and Times Square bombers, and Nidal Hassan were all dealt with by the police or self-interested bystanders. It's hard to see how the NSA could've stopped these guys or the next ones, but it's easy to see false alarms happening down the road.

Is this really how we want to live in the US - constantly looking over our collective shoulder, not for terrorist attacks less likely than death by lightning - but for government snoopers? I know I don't.

It's a hell of a thing when China starts looking like attractive option for relocation. They have nowhere to go but up, while we're going down. This is true concerning issues apart from civil liberties. They're shooting for the Moon while our government's using us for target practice.

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What’s On Your Mind • 150th US Civil War in Gettysburg PA

By Gary Triplett

What a wonderful experience to witness the recreation of the battles of 150 years ago in Gettysburg, PA of the US Civil War. People willing to sacrifice their gold, land and life to have power for states and a central government more in tune with the limited purpose of a central government to unite the states.

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