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Was Diane Kruger Having an Off Year?

By Randy Miller

Was 2013 not Diane Kruger‘s year? Vanity Fair may think so. Among the shocking omissions and additions to the annual International Best-Dressed List, the ultrastylish dresser was excluded after having ranked in 2012.

Which isn’t to say there weren’t some stellar dressers on the list, which happily includes Kerry Washington, Jenna Lyons, Dree Hemingway, Caroline Issa, Lara Stone, Charlize Theron, Stella Tennant, and Tabitha Simmons. Snubs (or decisions construed as such) aren’t uncommon when compiling a list – everyone’s got an opinion, after all – but a few names that appeared (or didn’t) made us sit up and take notice. …read more

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First Drive: 2014 Hyundai Equus

By Seyth Miersma

2014 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

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A Lesson In How To Out-Lexus The LS

I think that the new BMW 4 Series is an attractive coupe. The design is a little bit on the wrong side of “fussy” I’ll grant you, and I don’t particularly care for the look of the scalloped, black-bordered vents on the fender sides – functional though they may be. But for the most part, I find the coupe to be pretty pleasing to look at.

You all, by and large, do not care for the 4 Series. (For the sake of constructing my intellectual argument, I’m going to make the ridiculous statistical assumption that the 140 or so comments on our 4 Series First Drive provide a representative opinion of our readership as a whole.) In the first 24 hours after we published our review of the car, you felt moved to comment that it was “ugly,” “REALLY ugly” and “a disappointment” among other, less reprintable statements of ardor.

So clearly we see things a little differently in terms of styling, but what does any of this have to do with the 2014 Hyundai Equus?

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Physicists can use their tools to help understand how, in real life, opinions form and change

Social phenomena fascinate with their complexity, but are not easily understood. Pawel Sobkowicz, an independent researcher based in Warsaw, Poland, has developed a model to study the dynamics of normal people, called ‘agents’, and their response to a given piece of information, depending on their emotional state. In a study about to be published in the European Physical Journal B, the author shows that opinion dynamics differ depending on whether the agent is agitated or not. …read more

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Saints Row IV Refused Classification in Australia. Again.

A three-member panel of the Australian Classification Review Board has unanimously agreed Saints Row IV, in its original form, will remain classified Refused Classification.

In the Review Board’s opinion, Saints Row IV does not meet the R18+ classification guidelines as proscribed drug use related to incentives and rewards is forbidden.

For now, Saints Row IV cannot be sold, hired, demonstrated or advertised in Australia.

The Review Board met on Monday July 29, 2013 in response to an application from Koch Media to review the original decision made by the Classification Board on June 19, 2013 to classify Saints Row IV Refused Classification. An alien anal probe weapon and a side-mission that featured the use of “alien narcotics” related to in-game superpowers were the reasons the Classification Board cited for the ban.

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First Drive: 2014 Buick LaCrosse

By Seyth Miersma

2014 Buick LaCrosse - front three-quarter view

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A Nice, New Buick Aims For Middle Of The Road

Any time someone describes some portion of a car or a driving experience as being “nice,” I want to either A) throttle them or B) run as fast and as far as I can from that vehicle. “Nice” is among the most insidious words in the English language – at best it’s vague, and at worst, it conveys the exact opposite of its literal meaning. Yet it seems to be used with damnable frequency when it comes to verbally illustrating vehicles. “It looks really nice,” or “These seats feel nice,” or, heaven forefend, “It’s got a nice ride,” are all windy signifiers of absolutely nothing resembling a concrete opinion. “Nice” is the adjectival equivalent of meekly smiling and nodding your head.

Of course, I’m as guilty as the next person of having thrown English’s least powerful descriptor around. There’s even a chance that, rant aside, you’ll catch me making nice in reviews to come. That’s fine, but you should know that when you stumble upon such usage, past or future, that you’ve found a sentence in which I’m simply applying a bare minimum of effort to the task.

Right, let’s talk about the newly updated 2014 Buick LaCrosse.

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Thoughts On Vacation, Fishing And Summer Reading

By Karl Shmavonian, Forbes Staff

It’s that time of year, when anybody and everybody heads to all points of the world to enjoy vacation. One item on the menu for many vacationers: What to read while on roads, airplanes, lakes or oceans. Earnest readers spend a lot of time strategizing their vacation reading lists. Therefore, it seems appropriate that all of our quotes this time are from literary folk. Writer Ben Dolnick sums up the summer reading menu: There are good books, even great books, that you read happily but with a faint feeling of duty. Then there are the books, often less pedigreed, that you read in a haze of compulsion, as if their pages emitted a drug. Summer is the season for the latter.” Colum McCann takes a disdainful view of this sort of reading: Whenever summer rolls around I begin to realize that I’m a complete and utter book snob. In relation to reading, I have absolutely no guilty pleasures at all. No graphic novels. No murder mysteries. My summer read is really no different from my winter read. I know many bookshops and magazines would have me believe that our summer forays are different, but literature is literature, and unfortunately snobbery is snobbery.” Humorist Bill Bryson is of the opinion that you might as well sit at home and do your reading: What an odd thing tourism is. You fly off to a strange land, eagerly abandoning all the comforts of home, and then expend vast quantities of time and money in a largely futile attempt to recapture the comforts that you wouldn’t have lost if you hadn’t left home in the first place.” Aldous Huxley echoes Bryson’s sentiments: To travel is to discover that everybody is wrong. The philosophies, the civilizations which seem, at a distance, so superior to those current at home, all prove on a close inspection to be in their own way just as hopelessly imperfect.” Christopher Hitchens speaks for those of us who have never understood fishing as a vacation activity: For me, the life of the angler is an almost flawless example of how not to have a good time.” Stephen Leacock takes an opposing view: ‘Angling’ is the name given to fishing by people who can’t fish. Clive James sums up another aquatic vacation activity that often ends up badly: A luxury liner is just a bad play surrounded by water.” P.J. O’Rourke gives this historical twist on vacations: Everybody in 15th century Spain was wrong about where China was and as a result, Columbus discovered Caribbean vacations.” Finally, FORBES magazine founder B.C. Forbes has this eminently sensible prescription: Temporary release from work, through vacations, becomes more welcome, more pleasurable, even more necessary, as we grow older.”   …read more

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Wiring in an 1840s house

By Roger2561

My apologies for hijacking this thread but I’m glad Adam brought this up. I too have the same problem as he does. One of my older brothers thought is the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. Thus, I have a ceiling with wiring like Adam’s. But the construction of this house is 1840’s vintage so the floor joists are not your typical 2X12’s. The sills are hand hewn 12X12 beams and the floor joists (supports) are 6″ to 8″ diameter logs spaced 3 and 1/2 feet apart. Due to the size of the supports the ceiling is low (it’s an unfinished basement) maybe 7 feet high. Is it okay, in your opinion, to drill through those beams, supports, etc… to get the cable, Jboxes, etc… off the surface of the supports and up out of the way? How much larger (percentage) should the hole be drilled compared to the size of the cable? Thanks. Roger

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Official: Seat Leon ST longroof revealed

By Damon Lowney

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Seat has officially unveiled the Leon ST – the first estate/wagon version of the Leon ever offered – which expands the third-generation Leon and Leon SC lineup that went on sale last year.

With the introduction of the ST (Sport Touring) comes driver-assistance technology new to the Leon range, including adaptive cruise control, adaptive chassis control and progressive steering. But the main reason you’d opt for the estate is probably for its cargo capacity, which starts at 20.7 cubic feet with the rear seats in place and stretches to 51.9 cubic feet when they’re folded down. Seat did a good job keeping the Leon’s identity after revising it into wagon form, but despite the ST’s clean lines, it comes very close to looking like a small minivan to our eyes. Perhaps that opinion will change after we view the new wagon in person.

Volkswagen-owned Seat uses the Golf’s chassis for the Leon series, as well as VW engines. Seat claims the ST was designed with fuel efficiency in mind, and its light weight (for a wagon, at least) of 2,718 pounds for the base model and range of small, direct-injected, turbocharged petrol and diesel engines support that claim. Engines range from 1.2 to 2.0 liters in size and have between 104 and 182 horsepower. All told, Seat claims the Leon ST with the worst fuel efficiency will still net drivers a stellar 53.3 miles per gallon on average, using the European cycle.

Since Seat doesn’t sell cars in the US, you’ll have to wait for the next VW Jetta SportWagen if you want something like this Leon ST package. For more details, check out Seat’s press release below.

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Obama’s Support Tumbling In “Blue” California

By Breaking News

Californiamap SC  Obama’s Support Tumbling in “Blue” California

A new statewide poll by the respected Field organization reveals that President Barack Obama’s support in California, one of the Democrats’ “bluest” states, has dropped 10 points since February, from a near high of 62%, to 52% job approval, one of the steepest drops in popularity during his Presidency.  Obama’s biggest percentage loss in approval came from women, whose approval rating of him dropped a whopping 15 points, from 68% to 53 percent, over the last five months.  Of those polled, 35% disapprove of Obama’s performance as President and 13% report no opinion.

Read More at CA Political Review . By James V. Lacy.

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You Wish Your Brand's Reputation Was As Bad as Wall Street's

By Jonathan Salem Baskin, Contributor

Financial services firms are suffering a “reputation crisis” according to one PR firm poll. Another global survey of public opinion says that 86% of comments shared on social media about banks was negative. A former chairperson of the FDIC sees “a sea change” of attitude toward banks going against them. A somewhat incessant stream of scandals, lawsuits, and the lingering detritus from the economic collapse late last decade qualifies financial services and banking as “the least trusted industries” (according to another poll), and one insider says Wall Street’s reputation is all but doomed to stay “in the doghouse.” …read more

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Sebastian Kügler: The next Kubuntu Graphics Stack

One of the things that we have been discussing at length in the past few months is the graphics stack in Kubuntu, and how we’re working towards having Plasma Workspaces 2 running on top of Kubuntu-next and Kubuntu-next-next(-next). In this article, I will explain the strategy we have laid out for a smooth transition.

2013: 4.11 atop XOrg

For Kubuntu-next (13.10), the answer is pretty easy: We’ll be relying on plain old Xorg. End of story. Alternatives do not provide us any benefits, so instead of jumping onto an unproven and at the time of writing buggy new technology stack, 13.10 will present you a stable and proven solution as to the display server, and on top of that provide a KDE SC 4.11 with all the performance improvements that we have worked on in the past months. They will, on many systems be quite impressive. The port to XCB provides a whole slew of advantages, and we have reduced memory consumption significantly in many components, Kontact for example.

Later this year, we’ll make the first test packages of Plasma Workspaces 2 available, which is the upcoming version of Plasma, based on Qt5 and an entirely hardware-accelerated graphics stack. Do not expect them to be much useful at that point, however, as Plasma 2 (and the underlying Frameworks 5 is still a fast-moving target. The packages are mainly useful to catch integration problems early on, such as co-installability of KDE SC 4 and Frameworks 5 packages, so you’ll later on be able to run a KDE SC 4 application atop a Plasma Workspaces 2 — mixing and matching whatever is stable and mature enough for you. This eases the transition for our users and makes it a lot easier for us to dogfood ported apps.

2014: Offering Wayland

Fast-forward to 2014. The stable release of 14.04 will be relatively boring (a.k.a. stable :D). Regarding Plasma, it will be based on 4.11 with all the bugfixes we have accumulated until then. Maybe not the most exciting release, but stability and continuity aren’t the worst thing in the world. Also, as 4.11 will get extended support from the upstream Plasma team, this offers quite a nice choice for those that don’t want to upgrade too often.

At the same time, the brave among us will be able to test early versions of Plasma Workspaces 2, which are being constantly updated through Project Neon, a sort of rolling testing releases.

In the first half of 2014, we will start the transition process to the Wayland display server, not for 4.11, mind you, but on top of KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma Workspaces 2. Project Neon, by that time will get support for Wayland, which likely means that we are going to package a Wayland-based graphicsstack, and maintain that. Not exactly what we’d like to do, but a little more integration work is, in my opinion preferable to rely on a technology which doesn’t provide a stable protocol and is focused solely on another desktop shell. The …read more

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Official: Mini shows how to camp in style

By Damon Lowney

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If you’re the type of person who loves spontaneous road trips and camping, and Volkswagen’s Camper Vans aren’t your style (or you can’t find one for sale in the US), then Mini has what you’re looking for: the Clubvan Camper, Cowley caravan or Countryman ALL4 Camp. Unfortunately, Mini says there are no plans to offer any of them for sale. And no, this doesn’t seem to be a recycled April fools joke, in which Mini touted the Swindon Roof Top Tent and Cowley.

Let’s start with the Clubvan camper, a curious prototype that has a sleeping area for one and an extendable kitchenette featuring a stove and chest fridge. And we say curious because, in addition to not being offered for sale anywhere at this point, the Camper is based on the Clubvan, which was just pulled from US dealerships due to low sales volume. This thing definitely isn’t coming to the US.

The Cowley caravan, named after Mini’s historic factory in England (known today as Plant Oxford), can be towed behind a Mini vehicle and features a sleeping area for two, a twin-burner gas stove and a water tank complete with pump and sink facility. It looks quite comfortable in there. The Cowley uses a solar panel to charge its onboard battery, and it has a 230-volt connection to power the fridge and entertainment equipment.

In this writer’s opinion, the coolest thing here is the Countryman ALL4 Camper, which is a Countryman with a specialized tent mounted on top. The tent’s upper portion unfolds from its box and becomes a second-story mobile living area whenever it’s needed. And, a Countryman isn’t needed to mount it to the top of a Mini; the tent can be mounted to any Mini model and wouldn’t take much effort to produce and sell as an accessory at a dealership.

Be sure to check out the photo galleries to see some staged fun, Mini-style, and scroll down for the press release.

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Alien Power Plant Found On Moon, Apollo 16 Mission Archives, July 2013.

By ScottCWaring

Date of discovery: July 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Image Name: AS16-P-4095
Date of photo: April 21, 1972
Center Coordinates: 8.91°,178.31°
Near: Stein Crater, West of
Mission: Apollo 16
Extraordinary picture from the Apollo 16 archive. Image clearly shows, in detail, a structure that in my opinion looks like a power plant of some kind. Whatever the object is, it seems to be generating or attracting a plume of pure energy.

It could of course be an Alien ship of some kind re-fueling, drawing energy from the platform.

Note the crooked cable type objects which seem to be growing out of the base, these could possibly be supplying the platform with energy, it would follow then, that an alien ship could come along, and draw energy directly from the energized platform. Incredible image whatever it is.

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Not covering Arch but…

By asugarmom

My kitchen sink window is 45 x 34 plus an arch. I’m not covering the arch, but I am getting wood blinds to cover the 45 x 34 opening. My problem is the inside casement (might not be the right term) begins the window arch about 4 inches below the arch bottom. Meaning if I install my blinds so the bracket is attached to a strictly vertical part of the casement wall it will be about 4 inches below the cross bar. This is unsightly in my opinion. How can I install the blinds securely so they are even with the bottom of the arch and not too narrow for the opening which is also unsightly?

I’m new here so if I need to provide a photo I can, as soon as I figure out how.

Thanks for any help!

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