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Destroying The American Dream By Destroying The Rule Of Law

By Alejandro Chafuen, Contributor

During my earlier years as an immigrant I used to have nightmares that I was back in Argentina, my native country. I had seen lives, businesses, and countless dreams destroyed from one day to the next by the arbitrary use of law, or by the lack of enforcement of good laws. Many had a blind-eye to one aspect or another of true justice. Left-wing human rights activists were blind to the attacks and abuses on businessmen, right-wing sympathizers were blind to the killings and abductions of terrorists. Instead of a blind justice, we grew up in a country with an epidemic of blindness towards the treasure of the true rule of law. …read more

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Pro-Abortionists Call For The Rape Of Legislators’ Daughters

By John Careccia

Planned Parenthood 2 SC Pro Abortionists Call For The Rape of Legislators’ Daughters

Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Hatred is the absence of love; and to many, it feels good. There is a feeling of satisfaction evident in people who exhibit hatred; according to them, it is unlike any other. However, that feeling quickly turns sour, making your stomach feel uneasy and your mind dark. That’s because hatred accomplishes nothing; hatred poisons your mind.  Hatred is not something; it is the absence of something valuable — love.

The Left commonly uses hateful tactics to intimidate their enemies.  Case in point: the Texas abortion legislature battle. Before the abortion bill was voted on in the legislature, the liberal activists acted in the following way, according to Life News:

The paid protesters opposing the late-term abortion ban in Texas are doing more than rallying outside the legislature against the pro-life bill. They’re threatening pro-life state legislators and their staffers. Death threats, harassing emails and phone calls and calls for their daughters to be raped are among the hate targeted at pro-life lawmakers from the small contingent of abortion activists upset that Texas would consider banning abortions on babies at viability.

And according to the Washington Times:

Pro-choice protesters shouted, ‘Hail Satan!’ as an attempt to drown out pro-lifers’ rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.

Those are the tactics the opponents of the abortion law used.

Let me ask you: What can be accomplished with hate mail? What can be accomplished with hoping for rape? What can be accomplished by chanting “Hail Satan?” Nothing good. However, it feels good to the people who utter those phrases. It is useless, guttural filth pouring forth from the mouths of those who have within their hearts an overabundance of hate. It constructs nothing. There is no solution offered, nor is there any thoughtful discussion being initiated with words like these. There is only the intense feeling of getting it out that makes them do it. They don’t care if they are not able to accomplish anything; they just want you to know they hate you for what you are doing.

This makes it evident that the Left cannot engage in thoughtful debate or conversation. Their minds are not built to understand anything but that which they have been programmed to believe. They have been programmed to see their opponents not as people with souls, personalities, and thoughtful opinions, but rather as evil, degenerate hate-mongers. With that mindset, true debate will never take place. There is no solution that will satisfy. The main difference between Conservatives and Liberals is:  Conservatives are willing to engage their opposition with logical arguments, and Liberals only know what they have been programmed to believe. As Sun Tzu said: “know your enemy.” The trouble with Conservatives is that they have values and conduct themselves accordingly. Over the long term, they will persevere; but in the short term, the noisy gear gets the grease.

Conservatives know their opponents. Liberals do not …read more

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Aqua Trol Chlorinator problem

By gusman123

Hi everyone. I own an Aqua Troll salt chlorinator and noticed this morning that all lights were off on the unit. Called Hayward and was told the obvious, that the board had to be replaced at the ridiculous cost of $300. I have some knowledge about electronics and know that the problem could be resolved sometimes for mere dollars at the most. That being said I found a diagnostics manual online


and measured all voltage and resistance values and everything is fine. I unplugged the unit and after about 5 minutes turned it back on and power light came on. Left it plugged over night and everything was ok this morning till I brought it outside to hook it back up to the pool. After about 5 minutes unit went off and can’t get it working any longer. I here that the transformer is working but all lights are off.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

…read more

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We the People

This is a troubled time in American history.

The recent election revealed the changing face and values of the electorate, as well as stark and deep divisions among the people. Citizens everywhere are considering vital questions:

  • Should we reform/abolish the current party system? Is a new political party a viable option?We the People
  • Does the Electoral College still work for America today?
  • Would non-partisan re-districting help create better balance at election time?
  • How should we adjust our policies with regard to immigration and our borders?
  • How can we become fiscally sound and remain within budgetary restraints?
  • As America re-examines the 2nd Amendment, how can we best preserve our gun/militia rights as written and intended by our Founding Fathers? Are we capable of keeping passion and anger from deciding this issue?
  • Should America adopt term limits?
  • Are the words in our founding documents still alive and inspirational? Should we be guided by them still today, or have they become irrelevant?

Many people today fear that our rights are being eroded, and some even say our country is “broken”. Perhaps we, as caretakers of this nation, can heal the break by finding common ground amongst ourselves.

This website has one purpose: to gather the opinions and suggestions of caring citizens, and then present them to our elected officials. Write as much or as little as you wish. Come back whenever you want to contribute. Above all, speak freely, whether you are….

  • Red or Blue
  • Left or Right
  • Tea Party or Occupy
  • 99% or 1%
  • Big government or Limited government
  • Employed or out-of-work
  • Young or Old

we want your input.

The Leftist Mind: Numbskull Nexus

By Allan Erickson

Obama Holder Liars SC The Leftist Mind: numbskull nexus


Millions of self-identified Jihadists chant “death to the west!” for decades citing the Koran: not Islamic terrorists.

Three Christian theocrats found on some bogus website: global Christian Taliban conspiracy!

Decades of developing poison gas and biological agents, along with efforts to develop nuclear weapons and actual use of gas to kill thousands upon thousands of people in Iraq and Iran: not WMD.

Pressure cookers: WMD.

War on Terror: America’s fault.

War on the West: America’s fault.

Public education: academic freedom.

Homeschooling: indoctrination.

Wringing the necks of full-term newborns: not murder.

Legally carrying out the death penalty, or defending yourself on the battlefield: murder.

Defending citizens by securing borders and enforcing immigration laws: discrimination.

Forcing people to pay for abortion against conscience and forcing support of same sex marriage against conscience: not discrimination.

Debating the Left: censorship or hate speech.

Actually silencing the Right: public service.

Taking money from one citizen to give it to another citizen or illegal alien: not stealing.

Working hard and saving your earnings to invest and retire comfortably: stealing.

Embracing the Founders’ vision and speaking out for liberty: racism.

Telling whites to ride at the back of the bus: justice.

Ignoring 1,300 years of Islamic aggression: multiculturalism.

Excluding Christians from equal protection: diversity.

Raising taxes in a recession and increasing spending and debt: economic development promoting recovery.

Cutting taxes, reducing spending and lowering debt: imperialism, colonialism, racism, exploitation of the masses by the crass bourgeoisie.

Expanding massive central government and increasing bureaucratic power to arbitrarily regulate private lives: liberty and justice for all.

Limiting government and empowering private citizens: tyranny.

Confronting enemies and supporting allies: mindless nationalism leading to war.

Surrendering to enemies and throwing allies under the bus: enlightened foreign policy.

Man-made global warming: science.

Intelligent design: religion.

Rule of law: tool of tyrants.

Political correctness: law that rules.

Constitution: outdated, inflexible, irrelevant.

Rules for Radicals: gospel.

Guns: killers.

Abortion doctors: health practitioners.

Terrorists: freedom fighters.

American soldiers: terrorists.

Israel: police state run by genocidal lunatics.

Iran: center of culture, art, learning, and spirituality.

God: fantasy.

Man: god.

Thank you for clarifying matters for us, Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama.

Allan Erickson enjoyed an 11-year career in radio, television and print journalism as a reporter, talk show host, and operations manager. He then turned to sales and marketing for a decade. Ten years ago he started his own training and recruitment company in the Pacific Northwest. Allan & wife Jodi have four children and live in California. He is also the author of “The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence,” Tate Publishing, 2012.  Available for speaking engagements.  allanlerickson@gmail.com

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Yann Danis perfect in Barons 1-0 win over Heat; Toni Rajala has only goal

OKLAHOMA CITY – Yann Danis made 24 saves as the Oklahoma City Barons shut out the Abbotsford Heat 1-0 on Friday in American Hockey League action.

Left-winger Toni Rajala was the only scorer for Oklahoma City (38-25-11), the AHL farm team of t…

From: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=666793

Genocide survivor, new citizen has message of hope

A Rwandan genocide survivor who has just become a U.S. citizen has a message of hope for other new Americans.

Immaculee Ilibagiza (ih-MAK‘-yoo-lee ee-luh-bag-EE‘-zuh) became a naturalized American with 50 other immigrants at a Manhattan ceremony on Wednesday.

She is the author of the best-seller “Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust.”

Ilibagiza told fellow immigrants how she survived the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed more than a half-million lives. She says her Tutsi father sent her to a Hutu neighbor who hid her and seven other women and girls in a tiny bathroom for three months.

The 43-year-old mother of two says her life now is about forgiving enemies who are emotionally lost.

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/national/~3/kvnd_zl01yQ/

Let The Left Keep Talking…

By Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins

Chris Matthews SC Let the Left keep talking...

The hysterical screeching has already started. The Left is drawn to blame a terrorist attack on American soil on conservatives like a moth is drawn to a flame. They’re psychopaths who only care about moving their destructive agenda forward. Liberals will say anything; they can’t do otherwise. They’re not bound by any restrictions of common human decency because they have none.

Despicable cancers such as Chris Matthews, Michael Moore, and lunatic Cynthia McKinney have already started accusing conservatives of this ugly attack.  Let them keep talking.

Either the Boston Police or the media are lying about whether or not a suspect is in custody. Betting on the media seems to be the smart move here. The Left’s problem is that it doesn’t know what lie to tell, so let them keep talking.

The police/media contradiction puts the Left in a no-win situation. If the police stick to their story, at some point the Left will lose control of the news narrative because either they will or will not have a suspect. If they do have a suspect, questions about why they denied it will come up; if they never did have one, the media branch of the Left will lose its ability to manage the story because Americans will demand to know why there is no suspect.

Justifiable cries about a “conspiracy of lies” will pop up all over.

That will give rise to questions of whether or not the establishment can actually protect us if they were even interested in trying. Let them keep talking about that in the face of what has happened.

The linkage between the cover-up of Benghazi and Boston (the alliteration won’t help the Left either) will be unavoidable.  If there is a suspect, questions about whether or not he will be treated as a common criminal or an unlawful enemy combatant will be asked. If he is “just a criminal,” will he be put on trial like the jihadist who shot up Fort Hood? Will the ACLU represent him and drag the case out forever?  The Left will try to hide behind “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation,” but that won’t help.  Because of Fort Hood, people know the plan is to have their “ongoing investigation” continue until we stop asking questions; but every indication is that Boston won’t “just go away” as they hope.

None of this will be good for Barack Obama’s dreams of making America a European country. Nor will it help the Left erase our borders and take our guns. If we just stand back and let the Left talk, we can win both fights.        

From: http://www.westernjournalism.com/let-the-left-keep-talking/

Video: Fischer On Praying For Hitler And Obama

By NewsEditor

Bryan Fischer makes a bizarre analogy between Adolf Hitler and Obama regarding the effectiveness of prayer…

From: http://www.westernjournalism.com/fischer-on-praying-for-hitler-and-obama/

The Left: A Death Cult

By Allan Erickson

Celebrating Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s passing:

  • “Thatcher did more damage to our communities that Hitler did,” declared a labor leader in Britain.
  • “Ding dong the witch is dead,”proclaimed another.
  • “What a terrible shame – that it wasn’t 87 years earlier,” sneered another celebrant.

With the news Pastor Rick Warren’s son committed suicide:

  • @BryanJFischer well after all the dead gay kids Rick Warren is responsible for, I guess one of his is a small price to pay.
  • @BlazePhoenix_ I would’ve committed suicide if my dad was Rick Warren too.
  • @cnnbrk http://evilbible.com rick warren is a gay basher, rape, misogyny, slavery, incest & pedophelia condoner! #atheists

Let’s be fair. Not all Leftists celebrate death, at least not directly. Perhaps 50% do it vicariously. So let’s be fair.

Let’s also take a sober look at people who get drunk on blood, either swilling it themselves or gleefully watching others guzzle.

Let’s also be clear. Rick Warren has never bashed anyone. He is obviously not responsible for the choices others make. He shares the truth as he understands it, in love, and has contributed more assistance to AIDS suffers and the poor than most anyone in history.

Let’s be honest. Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest of Britain’s leaders, the first woman prime minister, a commoner, and a tireless champion of freedom and fair play is widely praised as one of the most useful and productive world leaders ever to take the stage.

But never expect the death cult to take healthy notice of fact-driven reality or the champions of purposeful lives. The blood orgy takes precedence. Demoniacs are insatiable.

For example, dismembering, poisoning, or stabbing babies to death in the womb is bad enough. Murdering little ones who miraculously survive abortion only adds evil to evil. Obama supports, endorses, and promotes all of it, in the name of ‘women’s health,’ privacy, and ‘reproductive rights.’

Any thinking person knows that people kill babies because they view babies inconvenient, because they look upon unplanned pregnancies as “punishment,”as Obama stated flat out. Murder is murder. You cannot justify the bloodbath by hiding behind lofty words and false testimony. It’s not about the health of women. They are routinely damaged severely or killed by abortion. Rather, it’s about control, the centerpiece of the death cult.

Ever wonder why you never hear Leftists decry Jihadist atrocities? It is strange, isn’t it? The crowd that claims to care about life and justice more than anyone routinely ignores the slaughter of innocents worldwide, the sodomizing of boys, the mutilation of little girls, and the horrific abuse and murder of women.

More than 100 million innocent people were obliterated by various communist and socialist dictators in the last century; and not a word from American Leftists, stewards of the death cult.

Millions more were tortured and disfigured and psychologically disabled by those dictators; and not a word from the global king of the Left and his operatives in this day. You don’t finger friends, an oath taken to join the death cult.

Hundreds of thousands were starved, tortured, and murdered over the course of decades in North Korea; and

From: http://www.westernjournalism.com/the-left-a-death-cult/

German Neo-Nazi Network Uncovered In Nation’s Prisons

By The Huffington Post News Editors

By Madeline Chambers
BERLIN, April 10 (Reuters) – German authorities said on Wednesday they had uncovered a network of far-right activists in prisons communicating by secret code.
Among the names on the network’s address list was that of a woman who goes on trial next week accused of a series of racially motivated murders.
Wednesday’s revelations are embarrassing for Germany, which has been shaken by charges that for decades its intelligence services bungled the monitoring of far-right groups.
The justice minister in the state of Hesse, Joerg-Uwe Hahn, demanded a thorough investigation and confirmed inmates’ cells had been searched and letters checked in the last few weeks.
“We don’t want to repeat the mistakes made by security authorities in relation to the crimes of the (neo-Nazi cell) the National Socialist Underground (NSU),” Hahn told Bild daily.
“We know that far-right criminals are trying to build up networks and new organisational structures from prisons. We will stop this,” he added.
A spokesman for prosecutors in Frankfurt confirmed they had opened an investigation but declined to give further details. It was unclear how far the network stretched across Germany.
The aim of the new network is to offer financial support to inmates and their families and to allow individuals to exchange political views, German media said.
Members communicated via code and hidden messages in letters and small advertisements in magazines.
“Prisons must not become a recruiting ground for neo-Nazis,” said lawmaker Ulla Jelpke of the small opposition Left party. “Nazis remain dangerous even when they are behind bars. That has now been made all too clear.”

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich praised the work of the Hesse government and said its justice minister was

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Huffington Post

Weekend Box Office (04/07/13): Evil Dead tops with $26 million, Jurassic Park 3D earns $18 million.

By Scott Mendelson, Contributor

Just under ten years after the somewhat shocking $28 million debut of the much-hyped (and surprisingly not terrible) Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, which jump-started the modern horror remake trend and solidified the return of grind house horror, the $26 million debut of a much-hyped Evil Dead remake this weekend is not so much a surprise as a formality.  The Sony Pictures revamp more than made back its budget of $17 million in the first three days, also snagging $4.5 million overseas in the process.  The Sony/Film District/Ghost House production is produced by series-helmer Sam Raimi and given the official blessing of series lead Bruce Campbell (also a producer), but otherwise is its own thing. Not that such a seal of approval always matters…  Wes Craven‘s approved remakes of his 70’s “classics” (Last House on the Left with $32 million and The Hills Have Eyes with $41 million) made noticeably less than the Nightmare on Elm Street remake ($32 million on opening weekend, $63 million total), which he strongly opposed, but it was indeed a boost in terms of fan credibility for a remake of a very much beloved cult property.  The film pulled a weekend multiplier of 2.26x off a $11.9 million Friday, which would be pretty lousy for anything that isn’t a horror film or an insanely anticipated sequel.  But horror films are generally cheap and their business is generally brisk and brief.  But heck, even if it does just double its weekend number for the rest of its domestic run, that’s $54 million. The only open question is whether the word of mouth swearing its the most gruesome and stomach-churning R-rated horror film in recent memory helps or hinders word of mouth. …read more

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Video: Fischer Tells Caller To Leave Gay-Friendly Church

By NewsEditor

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association instructed a caller to leave the gay-friendly church she had been attending and find one that (rightfully) teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

…read more

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Video: Fischer: O’Reilly A ‘”Pompous, Arrogant Windbag”

By NewsEditor

Bryan Fischer rips into Bill O’Reilly for saying that anti-gay marriage actvists do nothing but “thump the Bible.”

…read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Western Journalism

Video: Fischer: Bill O’Reilly Is An ‘”Pompous, Arrogant Windbag”

By NewsEditor

Bryan Fischer rips into Bill O’Reilly for saying that anti-gay marriage actvists do nothing but “thump the Bible.”

…read more

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Warframe Review

When you hear the words “free-to-play third-person shooter,” you probably envision yet another PvP killfest with a frightening potential for pay-to-win microtransactions. Warframe, then, is a pleasant surprise: it’s a four-player co-op shooter in the vein of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, with fast-paced action and plenty of customizable options, except without the story context. Like all too many recently launched free-to-play games, at the moment (technically open beta, but declared reviewable) it feels somewhat buggy and unfinished, but it holds the promise of what might be a great game after a few more content patches.

Being a co-op game doesn’t mean that you have to ignore a competent storyline (see Left 4 Dead), but Warframe seems content to establish its universe at a basic level: players are acrobatic robot-suited warriors fighting an alien invasion. Then it simply throws us into a long series of very samey-feeling missions. Whether you’re asked to rescue a hostage or retrieve an alien artifact or destroy a reactor, rest assured that your primary goal is to shoot nigh-endless waves of enemies.

Continue reading…

…read more
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