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standard disclaimer in a landscapers contract?

By digraph

My wife got a price on some tree removal work and was worried about the following that appeared at the bottom of the company’s proposal:


“We are not responsible for any damages to lawn, bushes, fences, gutters, shingles, roof, paint, siding, walkways, driveways, asphalt, above ground utilities or below ground utilities”.

Is this shady or standard across the industry?

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Bizarre circuit breaker issue!

By popper07

Good day,

I just recently moved into a house that is about 26-27 years old and everything seemed to work fine except that I noticed everytime I turn on the microwave, it trips one of the breakers that has garage door and outside outlets on it. The microwave itself doesn’t shut off and keeps working but everytime it’s turned on, it trips that one particular breaker. Also, the other day I had a plumber over using one of his machines in the washroom that tripped the same breaker! As with the microwave, plumbing machine kept working but the breaker tripped. I can keep resetting the breaker but it gets quite annoying and more importantly, it has me worried that one day I come home from work and the bloody place is burned down!

Does anyone know what is going on with my breaker or did anyone have similar issues? If yes, what can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

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Many Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment

By Ervin1

If you own a business and you are taking on a project of any size, you can consider the advantages of renting construction equipment before. Certain pieces of equipment you need to decide to buy the work While the team has is ideal for larger companies in the industry who need the equipment for regular use, the purchase is not for every company, especially if requires the project team is required only for a limited time. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of purchasing more equipment, should consider the benefits of hiring you never considered and the best decision for the project you supervise them.
Purchasing Equipment is main Investment
Construction is not cheap. If you buy something from a truck crane, you can spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for the purchase of equipment. The facility may require that you take a business loan, that interest accrues and an unnecessary expense. If you buy a computer, devalue the team also, so if you are ready to sell, you never get what you pay for. If you want to avoid the need for financing, leasing may be the best option. You can set the time that you need the device, you pay only for the time necessary for the machine, and you never have to depend on your credit rating over the possibility of a project to provide complete care.
Do Not be Anxious about Repairing the Equipment
Unfortunately, the construction is not invincible. If you do not receive the device or breaking due to wear parts, the cost of repairs is an expense that was not willing to pay. You need to finish the unit to your project, but the benefits of the projects are used in part to pay for repairs. This can be avoided if you choose to purchase equipment. You do not have the equipment you, so you know when the machines are not responsible for leasing troubleshooting.
If you rent a crane, a forklift truck or the excavation team, simply call the landlord and tell them that the device must be repaired or replaced. You still have to organize the transport of the product, or call to find out what repair companies guarantee the best prices, because the load on your shoulders.
Equipment rental can be the best choice for short and long term, use both. If you are about to renew a project to improve your commercial building, or you are int. Construction of a new offer of swallowing, if the rental cost of equipment instead of buying you not only save you money in the beginning, you will save money over time and ensure that your project is non-commercial focused and prices, or to compare different devices from different manufacturers.
Mico Equipment 11331 Richmond Ave Ste. N107 , Houston, TX. 281-531-1515, Fax: 713-583-0244, Email: offers USA and throughout world with affordable construction equipment and tool rental. Visit our website today for more information.

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Best wood to avoid warping, for a patio cover.

By garya505

I’m going to be building a patio cover. This will be attached to the house on one side, but the other side will have a beam, probably 6″x8″x14′. Rafters will be 4″x6″x11′. Posts will be 8″ round. I’m wondering what the best wood to use is, that would result in the least amount of warping. It will probably be Ponderosa Pine or Douglas Fir. Green or dry? I might be able to get KD Doug-Fir locally but I haven’t checked. I’d rather not use a glulam or LVL. Suggestions?

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salt generator issues (zodiac clearwater lm2-24)

By ryan243

I’m a new pool owner. The pump and salt generator are on different electrical circuits for now, and so i turned off the pump while keeping the salt generator on to ensure i would get a “no flow” error and that the salt generator would turn off. The no flow light did not come on and gases started building in the cell. I obviously turned the pump back on to prevent something bad.
I then pulled out the blue wire to see if this triggered the “no flow” light (as it is supposed to), fortunately this worked. So based on that information, what needs repairing? My thought process is that the cell flow sensor is damaged, but this is just a guess and based solely on the fact that removing the blue wire triggers the “no flow” light appropriately. Thanks for any help!

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egress window

By Pablo Vergara

Hi all

I’m in the process of finishing a basement room for my mother in law.. currently there is a very small window so very little natural light. thinking of doing something like this…%3B2160%3B1440

I live in New Brunswick Canada, so winters have lots of snow…are there any concerns regarding water, flooding, etc? in my eyes this is no different from a window with a window well.. just deeper…but maybe I’m missing something


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Help With Ground Wire

By Zodiac

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I am hoping someone on this site may be able to help me. I am not familiar with tools, screws, bolts, nuts, or wrenches. I bought a grill from Sears and they built it for me. I brought it home and, long story short, they put the ground wire under the wrong screw. The correct screw has some sort of nut or bushing or something on the back that is stopping my stronger family members from unscrewing it to put the ground wire where it belongs. Sears reps are demanding more money and even screamed over the phone at me, so I would like to do it myself.

Story version: What is this and how do I remove it?? I have pictures from different angles if necessary.

Back of the correct ground wire screw
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Slightly stripped ground screw that won’t budge
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Will Magic Jack work with X-10 autodialer alarm?

By NovicesRgood

Hi – I’m new to the forum and see there are a lot of advanced techs who can easily talk over my head! I hope some of you can answer my question so I can understand! 🙂

I want to abandon my landline because rates have gone up here. I’ve read all I can find about Magic Jack+ as not being suitable for monitored alarm systems, which I don’t have.

Instead, I have an older X-10 (from Radio Shack) autodialer alarm, which phones 3 numbers if someone breaks in. It is powered by 110V and has a 9V backup battery and just plugs into a phone outlet. Works great and is enough for my modest security wants.

Does anyone know whether it will work with Magic Jack+ ?

Many thanks for any help!

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Need help, weird fitting

By T-W-X

Hey all, apparently I can’t leave well-enough alone with new things…

I’ve pulled the copper tube off of my compressor that runs from the pump to the check-valve on the tank. On the check valve side it’s a fairly straightforward 1/2″ compression fitting with captive sleeve. On the pump side, however, it’s not something that I can identify.

It is some kind of compression fitting, but not one that I’m used to. The outer diameter of the threads themselves on the male end on the pump checked at 0.744″, basically 3/4″. The unthreaded inside part of the fitting on the pump is 0.506″.

The outside of the compression nut itself is 0.898″, which is also 22.82mm, very close to 23mm. The inside of the compression nut is 0.697″ inside of the threads. I couldn’t get a thread density measurement but I’d call them course…

I’ll try to post some pictures when I can.

Any suggestions as to what this fitting is would be much appreciated. I’m planning on running the air from the pump into a condenser coil before it goes back to the tank, and I’d like to sit the original parts aside so that if I have to put it back to original I can, so I need to find the correct fittings to make that happen.


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Dead Grass / Weed Identification

By sagosto63

I live in Northern NJ (Bergen County) and I have been battling issues with my lawn all year. I had/have several patches of missing/dead grass. I laid down 2 bags of Pennington Northeast seed (Pennington® : Northeast Mix) which filled most holes but it seems to be different than the existing grass. I also have quite a bit of dead grass which could be due to my dog but he is small and other neighbors with dogs don’t have these patches. I always use the mulch feature on my mower so could it be the dead clippings? If so, I assume it would be everywhere and not in patches. A few weeks ago I noticed weeds sprouting up EVERYWHERE. I am not sure where they came from? I use Weed-B-Gone in various areas when I notice a weed or two but this came out of no where.

1) What grass do I have?
2) Why do I have dead patches?
3) What is that weed? Crab Grass? Why is it sprouting up now everywhere?

Pics -> Image Viewer

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NX-4 Service Light

By DaveDave

Hi All
Ive just reconfigured my NX-4 and i have a pesky service light that i just can’t seem to clear. It means that i have to enter user codes twice, once to disarm and another to clear the service alarm (im guessing)

When i ‘*2’ i Zone 1 light comes on. I then go into Zone 1, then Zone 6 is lit. Which = ‘Expander Box Tamper’ according to my manual.

But i just cant seem to track down the cause of the service alarm.

I should add that my PIR sensor on Zone 4 appears to be not working correctly. It works but only when i wave my hand about 50cm away.

Can any one give me a clue where to start?

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Shallow well pump won't build pressure

By Grady

I replaced the 4.5 gallon bladder tank with a 20 gallon & adjusted the tank pressure to 28# (30-50 Pressure switch). Now the pump won’t build pressure. Flow directly out of the pump is about 5 gpm. I’m suspecting an air leak but don’t know why since nothing on the suction side was touched. Pump is a 1/2HP Goulds model J5SH. Well is aprox. 30 ft. deep & pump is only pulling 10-12″ vacuum.

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How to tell when it's time to replace HVAC vs sink more $$$ into it?

By agoldenbee

I know this is an extremely loaded question and depends on many factors, but in Googling I don’t find any direct discussions on this that I can easily walk away with some idea in my head – and I’m always weary of HVAC repair folks trying to upsell…

Our single-story 1H/1C unit was mfg in 2002 and we live in a part of California that has very warm summers, etc. We only know the history of the last couple years…and right now we don’t have to invest THAT much.

Of course this depends mostly on usage but since an HVAC doesn’t have an odometer, what does one do if you don’t know the history except the last 2 years?

Are there any rules to follow or keep in mind?

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Proper mounting for ceiling fan assy

By Tijoe

I am doing an update on an older home. The master bath has a ceiling exhaust fan that is old and noisy. Resolution is replacement with a combination exhaust fan and heater made by Panasonic. Question, I have the option of installing the box or assembly using rafters at either side of the assembly through the plaster attaching the fan housing with 4 bolts into the rafters. I will have to add a 4/4 on one side to make it happen but that will bring the rafters to the proper width on the box. That being said do I screw it through the plaster that has been cut out to allow the fan box to just slide into the hole including the plaster in the bolt path or do I cut the plaster back to the edges of the fan box allowing the flanges to rest on the rafters as an installation method? Sounds kinda complex but I do have the ability to do either at this point. Thanks

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Can you identify this missing window latch (pic)?

By joeny1980

I’ve got a horizontally sliding window in my house that has a missing latch/lock. I cant even imagine what style of latch its supposed to be. Perhaps from this photo you can tell. If turn that little nub it catches a lock of some sort and then pops out. If you can maybe show me a link of what its supposed to look like, I’ll measure out for the right fit and all but I dont even know where to start. Thank you!
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Driveway needs help :( — 3/4 ASPHALT. 1/4 CONCRETE.. what to do?

By immalex

Hi all,

Made a mistake by having my carpenter pave my driveway. It was an asphalt driveway before, because there was water, flooding into the basement, my carpenter recommended getting rid of the flowerbeds and sealing the perimeter of the house with concrete. This is the outcome of that (Please see screenshot).

My carpenter suggested using a asphalt sealer and covering the entire driveway, so there wont be any color difference. However, base on my research online it isnt such a good idea covering asphalt sealers on concrete, it just wont last.

It looks horrible now, what can i do to make the whole driveway evenly color coated? Base on what I know, concrete sealers come in gray or clear color, and asphalt sealers are black.

Or should I just pave asphalt over the concrete and then have asphalt sealers cover the entire driveway.

Would appreciate any help that you guys can give, spent quite a bit on house renovation already, and this issue is giving the family a headache.

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