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The Embarrassing Failure Of Our Politics-Of-Religion Industry

By James Poulos, Contributor

Over at BuzzFeed, Andrew Kaczynski has done the world a favor by pointing out that Reza Aslan, a person who’s good at staying dignified in an abusively dumb interview, turned right around and did unto others on Twitter what was done to him — and more — sometimes toward trolls, sometimes not. Ironically, Kaczynski did much to help Aslan’s cause out of the gate, taking the opportunity to mock Fox News for interviewing him so poorly. To be sure, mocking a bad interview is much different than worshipfully praising the victim. But these things are virtually identical in the business world where people compete for attention and money by getting involved in the politics of religion. One particularly broad region of that world can be especially unenlightening. It’s actually quite rare to see controversy swirl around a figure like Aslan, who speaks relatively calmly about religion but spews vitriol on more straightforwardly political matters. For many smart people on the internet, a more popular form of hatertainment is reading a secular writer SLAM a person who takes religion seriously from a political perspective. Encouraged by all the high-fives and fist bumps that result, polemicists of religion have gotten theatrically obnoxious. Like football players after a sack, they pause on the playing field to do dumb dances and talk trash in the faces of their flattened opponents. Things have gotten so bad in this regard that atheists are now doing it to other atheists. George Will, for instance, is a writer who doesn’t believe in God, but thinks that religion helps keep a free society from degenerating into the kind of playful environment of tyrannical derp that rules the world in Idiocracy. So he took to the pages of National Affairs to make a secularist’s case for the importance of religion to freedom in America. Mild-mannered as he is, Will adds some pretty deep caveats — like, he doesn’t believe religion is “necessary for good citizenship.” He modestly concludes that believing in God and stuff “is helpful and important but not quite essential” to the future of an America that upstanding people won’t ditch like Detroit. For his trouble, Will received a cackling diatribe from the Economist’s Will Wilkinson. Why? Well, Will’s insight into the general political significance of spiritual attitudes veered over the course of his essay into the kind of convoluted history of political thought familiar to anyone who has read the argued-to-death work of ogre figures like Leo Strauss. For decades, neoconservative theorists have been mocked for thinking, and practically saying, things like “I’m not religious — that’s for idiots — but I’m glad the idiots who surround me are religious, because they won’t try to rape my wife and kids, or take away my comfortable position in society.” For atheist conservatives like Will, liberals and progressives pose a huge threat to America because, by beating religion out of public life, they’ll ensure that people think — to quote Will — that “life should be filled to overflowing …read more

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Katy Perry: 'The Smurfs' Were Taboo in My House While I Was Growing Up

Katy Perry’s very strict Pentecostal upbringing meant that exposure to secular music and certain television shows, including “The Smurfs,” were banned from her house, the award-winning singer, who is the voice of Smurfette in the new “The Smurfs 2” movie, shared in an interview. …read more

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Blame Snowden Leaks on … Sequester?

By John Johnson

Edward Snowden might not be dropping any bombshells like this one had it not been for the sequester. That intriguing theory is bubbling up this afternoon thanks to an interview that Snowden’s father, Lon, gave to the Washington Post . The key paragraph from interviewer Jerry Markon: “Edward has said he… …read more

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"The Kindle Singles Interview" with President Obama

By <a href="/blog/author/Kori Schulman" class="author-name">Kori Schulman</a>

Yesterday, President Obama visited the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee to discuss his plan to create jobs and grow the economy from the middle out, not the top down. Just before speaking to a crowd of Amazon employees, the President sat down for a “Kindle Singles Interview,” a new long-form interview series for Amazon's e-reader.

During the conversation with Kindle Singles editor David Blum, the President explained how his past has informed his policies as President, and discussed his plans to spur growth for middle-class families and create more ladders of opportunity. You can download the interview now at www.amazon.com/kindlesingles.

The Kindle Singles Interview with President Obama is available on Kindle devices and free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC and Mac. Get the reading apps at www.amazon.com/kindleapps.

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McCain: Hillary Vs. Rand Paul Would Be 'Tough Choice'

By Ruth Brown

Who’s John McCain voting for in 2016? If it comes down to Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul, “It’s gonna be a tough choice,” he jokes in a sizable new interview with the New Republic . Though Paul and McCain have famously butted heads before , McCain was quick to qualify his lighthearted… …read more

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From The Vaults: Ken Levine Interviewed Before BioShock: Infinite

By Daniel Nye Griffiths, Contributor

(Note: this interview took place before the release of BioShock Infinite. With the announcement of Clash in the Clouds, the first BioShock Infinite DLC, yesterday, and Take Two Interactive’s earnings call, where Infinite was identified as the biggest-selling multiplatform release of the year at 4 million units, this seemed like a good time to share it, for those interested in the historical path to BioShock Infinite. …read more

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Kristen Bell: I'm OK With 'Post-Baby Body'

By Evann Gastaldo

Kristen Bell is on a magazine cover, 15 pounds heavier than she was before she had her baby daughter, and she’s OK with that, People reports. In a new interview with Redbook , the actress explains: “I refused to worry about something I could not change, and I still refuse. … I… …read more

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The Biggest Mistakes 20-Something Job Seekers Make

By Susan Adams, Forbes Staff

There was the young job seeker who showed up at his interview 15 minutes late, failed to apologize, and then asked if the interviewer had a garbage can so he could throw away his gum. There was also the 20-something applicant whose call to the hiring manager went dead in the middle of the conversation. The young woman didn’t call back for two hours, only to explain, without apology, that she had dropped her phone in a tub of water while she was getting a manicure. Then there was the mother who called her son’s boss when he wasn’t hired at the end of his internship, and demanded to know why. …read more

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John McCain On Sequestration: ‘The Worst Vote I Have Cast In Many Years’

By The Huffington Post News Editors

When the Obama administration and congressional Republican leadership crafted the policy of sequestration in the summer of 2011, the idea was relatively simple: Onerous budget cuts that affected the top priorities of each political party would never take place because it was in the interest of both parties to avert them.

A so-called super committee tasked with coming up with a large deficit and debt reduction proposal was supposed to dispatch with sequestration quickly. They failed. The House GOP conference passed its own bill, but it was too one-sided to pass. The end of 2012, the deadline at which sequestration would go into effect, was supposed to be another galvanizing event. But that too failed to spark action, save a short-term delay to continue talks. And eventually, this spring, sequestration was implemented.

Now, in retrospect, even the authors of sequestration concede that they oversold the willingness and ability of lawmakers to come together on a replacement. And in an interview with The New Republic, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) placed it among the biggest legislative regrets of his career.

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More on Budget Cuts

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Nicola Formichetti Officially "Too Busy" For Lady Gaga

By Justin Fenner

Nicola Formichetti’s list of jobs in fashion used to be long – and we do mean long. But in a recent interview, the designer, stylist, and fashion executive said he’s cut one big commitment from his life: Lady Gaga.

“She’s going to be my BFF forever, but my ex-assistant Brandon is heading that project,” he told WWD in an interview about his work as the creative fashion director at Uniqlo. (He’s also currently the artistic director of Diesel and the fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan, for those keeping track.) “I’m too busy with [other commitments]. I’ve done two albums with her, it’s been like five years, and you know, I’m always going to be involved somehow, but I cannot do it every day. She changes 12 times a day; it’s insane.”

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Jamie Foxx Wants to Play Spawn


Oscar winner Jamie Foxx may be poised to make his big screen comic book movie debut as Electro in next year’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there is one other comic book role he desperately wants to play.

During an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Foxx told Movies.com about his as yet unrealized dream movies: “Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them.”

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Nikita: When Will We See the Final Episodes?

While Nikita is returning for a fourth and final season on The CW, it hasn’t been clear when we’ll see it, with the show only listed as returning midseason. In addition, with the limited six-episode season, there has been the question of how it will air. Last week at Comic-Con, Maggie Q told us (check out the interview below) there was some talk of airing the six episodes in three installments, as two-hour TV movies.

However, asked about Nikita today at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed, “The game plan for Nikita is not for three ‘two-hour movies.’ It is individual episodes.” He added, “We may end up doing a two-hour finale after we wrap the first four episodes.”

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Virginia's McDonnell Returning the Rolex

By John Johnson

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell still says he did nothing wrong in accepting gifts and loans from a state businessman, but everything is going back anyway. McDonnell said during a radio interview today that he will return all the gifts that Jonnie Williams gave him, including a $6,500 Rolex, reports… …read more

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Huma Abedin: The Latest “Good Wife”

By Judy B. Lloyd

Huma Abedin Huma Abedin: The Latest “Good Wife”

We’ve seen it all before in real political life. Hilary Clinton stands by her man after he has engaged in oral sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. Huma Mahmood Abedin, now the latest victim, stands by her sexting-addicted husband Anthony Weiner.

It’s like a season of CBS’s epic drama, The Good WifeThe show examines the twists and turns of a political wife who stood by her husband after torrid affairs and a corruption scandal landed him in jail. The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick, is left to pick up the pieces for her family. She re-enters the workforce as a junior associate with a prominent Chicago law firm. Four seasons later, she’s granted partnership in the firm.

The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick remains by her husband’s side. Last season, her law firm defended husband Peter Florrick and his campaign as they dealt with charges of voter fraud after he is elected Governor of Illinois. Alicia defends him along with the senior partners. Its’s ironic under the circumstances. It’s why we keep watching.

This early interview with Julianna Margulies, who plays Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife, paints the picture of the modern day political spouse –

A reporter asked why political women don’t tend to get caught in sex scandals. “Women do not have the time,” Margulies answered. “Dear Lord! Between the kids and the job and the cleaning and the cooking, we just don’t have the time!”

Margulies admits that she, too, tended to look askance at the political wives who stood by their wayward men — until she took the role. “[The part] gave tremendous respect for them — so quick to judge until I stood in Alicia’s shoes,” Margulies said. “It’s not like these are silly little women waiting for their husbands to come home. A lot of them have two degrees and are incredibly accomplished.” Read more here.

Enter Huma Abedin, wife of the Weiner (a.k.a. “Carlos Danger”). She shows a striking resemblance to The Good Wife.

In the real life saga, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned due to a “sexting” scandal in 2012, appears to be rebuilding trust in his marital relationship after the birth of the couple’s first child. After the bitterness, blame, denial, lying and cheating, Weiner decides to run for Mayor of New York; his fully supportive wife at his side. She is once again betrayed; her husband once again caught again “sexting” under the alias “Carlos Danger”.

More people are watching the Weiner-Abedin union now with greater scrutiny. What most people don’t know is this: The saga gets even juicier.

The man who asked America to define what the meaning of the word “is” is regarding sexual relationships presided over the Weiner-Abedin wedding as officiant. Weiner (a Jew) marries Abedin (a Muslim). And Bill Clinton officiates.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

If the true life episode with Weiner and Abedin wasn’t an episode of The Good Wife before, it is most likely going to play a role now.

The question …read more

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Video: Black Pastor: Zimmerman Delivered Justice For Trayvon

By NewsEditor

Rev. Dr. James David Manning uses a story from his past to help illustrate why Zimmerman “delivered justice to Trayvon and America.”

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Asus slowly backs away from Windows RT tablets

Mere days after Microsoft was forced to slash the price of the Surface RT by $150 in an attempt to move more of the moribund tablets, Windows RT has received yet another no-confidence vote: Asus, whose VivoTab RT (pictured above) was one of the first Windows RT slates out the door, plans to pull back from the mobile-focused platform.

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih hinted at the possibility in an interview with PCWorld last week, saying that “Our direction is more toward x86 plus the [Windows] 8.1 approach.”

But Tuesday, AllThingsD reported that Asus plans to slam the brakes on its Windows RT support. The company could decide to release another Windows RT slate in the future, but for now, Shih says the company’s entire focus is on Windows 8 and Intel chips.

“The result is not very promising,” Shih said of Asus’ Windows RT endeavors.

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Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Me

By Vick Vaishnavi, Contributor

In a 1996 interview with Wired magazine, Steve Jobs, upset with Microsoft’s domination of the personal PC market, said, “The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That’s over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages.”  From that quote it appears he’s waving the proverbial white Power Mac, but Jobs would go on to overhaul Apple, ultimately taking the floundering tech company from near-bankruptcy to one of the most profitable corporations in U.S. history. Although not quite the size of the California-based giant, and despite a near-decade of competing in a mercurial IT Security landscape, Aveksa has maintained its position as a leader in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) marketplace since its inception in 2004. …read more

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