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7 Sexiest Abstinence PSAs to Jerk It To

‘The Situation’ and Bristol Palin for The Candie’s Foundation

Acting so bad, it might as well be porn. 


Alaskan Feather Dance

It’s getting hot in here, so fan with all your clothes.



Trendy Living Room Nightclub

Make your marriage bed a true VIP section. 


Kendra G and Ray J for Abstinence is Kool

He would know. Self control could have kept both him and Kim Kardashian from having careers. 


Unpaid for Stock Photos and Text

Sometimes theft can really spice things up. Yes, like in Fun with Dick and Jane.  


A Love Story Between a Boy and a Girl and Lifehouse

When it comes to songs to pleasure yourself to, if it doesn’t rock hard, you’re wasting your time. 


The Wedding Night (Gratuitous Bible Shots)

If the word of God doesn’t get you going, nothing will. 



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Caveat Emptor: Terms Business Owners Should Question

By Steve Parrish, Contributor At a conference, I heard an economist tell a self-deprecating joke that most economists know by heart.  His version went something like this: A physicist, a chemist and an economist are stranded on an island, with nothing to eat. A can of soup washes ashore. The physicist says, “Let’s smash the can open with a rock.” The chemist says, “Let’s build a fire and heat the can first.” The economist says, “Let’s assume we have a can opener…” …read more

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The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decisions Reverberate Through The States

By David Davenport, Contributor

The U.S. Supreme Court dropped a rock in the same sex marriage pond, and the ripple effect has spread rapidly to state and local governments across the land.  After the Supreme Court held that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional, but declined to find a federal right of same sex marriage, Justice Scalia said that a second state-law shoe seemed likely to drop in the Court next year.  He might have been wrong on both the timing and location—state law shoes are already dropping from Pennsylvania to Ohio to California and beyond.  In fact, the muddled Supreme Court reasoning in the two same sex marriage decisions invited the unsettled and confusing reaction we now see. …read more

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'What On Earth!' documentary shows how cars might look to aliens

By Sebastian Blanco

what on earth screen grab

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There’s a classic The Far Side comic where two aliens, cleverly disguised as traffic lights, discuss eliminating the Earth’s population slowly, one at a time. The joke, of course, is that things aren’t always what they seem.

Apparently, filmmakers Les Drew and Kaj Pindal had a similar idea back in 1966, when they made the animated short called What on Earth! The nine-minute movie is a satirical look at Earth from outer space. Specifically, when Martians arrive on our blue rock, they assume, based on the observable conditions, the automobile is the dominant species. It’s a warm and funny little video, especially the part about how getting crushed and heading to the junk yard is an individual’s final contribution to society. The Film Board says, “This animated short proposes what many earthlings have long feared – that the automobile has inherited the planet. When life on Earth is portrayed as one long, unending conga-line of cars, a crew of extra-terrestrial visitors understandably assume they are the dominant race. While humans, on the other hand, are merely parasites.”

What On Earth! was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 1967, but lost to something called The Box. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, the movie was shown in theaters and on ABC television in the US in the 1960s. Now, it is available for your viewing pleasure simply by clicking below.

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Review: Peazip 5 decompresses everything

Peazip is one of the most versatile file compression and archiving utilities out there—possibly the most versatile—and it’s free. It’s also quite easy to use and offers the same features found in programs such as WinZip and WinRAR such as context menu integration, passwords, command line usage, etc.

Peazip supports every compressed archive format I’m aware of: 7Zip, ARC, GZ, TAR, ACE, RAR, etc. There’s also support for both ISO and UDF disc images and Linux package formats such as DEB, RPM, PET/PUP, and SLP. As a bonus, you can open Mac HFS DMG files. There are more, but the point is that there’s little out there in the way of compressed file you can’t browse and extract from.

As you can tell from the file type associations dialog, Peazip supports a lot of formats.

While I’ve always appreciated the effort that goes into this piece of free software, I’ve also installed, then uninstalled Peazip several times over the years because of operational and performance issues. This has left me using WinRAR, which while a bit old-school looking, is rock-solid and fast. Version 5 of Peazip seems quite a bit more stable, but it still has a tendency to not close and launch 100% smoothly when you’re dealing with multiple instances. Also, the progress bar is still inaccurate, claiming far less progress than as actually been made. Several times, it was only 25% across when the task completed.

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The 7 Brand Advocate Types You Need To Know (Infographic)

By Mark Fidelman, Contributor

When I remodeled my first house I started with the bathrooms. Everything in the bathrooms needed to go except the sink and the toilets. They had stood the test of time because they were made by Kohler. But in one of the bathrooms a Kohler toilet had cracked because the floor of my house (original built in the 19th century) was uneven. So I decided to call Kohler to ask them if they stood by their products and to ask for a new toilet. The toilet was 12 years old but they bought me a new one anyway. So whenever anyone asks me about what kitchen or bathroom products to buy – I always say Kohler. In fact, I won’t buy any product from any competitor of Kohler’s. I’m that sold on the company. I guess that makes me an advocate of the brand although they probably don’t know me. And that’s a common problem for most organizations. I am what Social Chorus, an advocate marketing software company, calls a Passionate Pilgrim. But there are at least 6 more advocate types. I figured other companies should learn how to identify their advocates and why connecting with them is important. Because any company that is not actively grouping and engaging advocates to perform targeted sales activities is wasting money and losing business. There are at least 7 customer advocate archetypes – let’s examine each: 1. The Titanic Tweeter The Titanic Tweeters are eager to share anything and everything. They often steer a ship chock-full of eager passengers. The trick is to supply them with interesting, entertaining and digestible content. Remember, the Titanic Tweeter has seen it all—the good, the bad and the ugly—but they may post first and ask questions later. Do not let them hit a social iceberg. Keep them in the know, keep them afloat with great content and keep them in safe waters. 2. The Passionate Pilgrim This advocate is in love with your brand—not in a crusader way, but in a loyal and committed way. This advocate has used your product or service for years and believes that the world would be a model ‘city upon a hill’ if the rest of humanity would only catch on. So, the Pilgrims will gladly spread the gospel of your brand. The only risk is that they may annoy their network with too much branded content. Therefore, give the pilgrim an advocate map that helps them share great messaging with regular but not overwhelming frequency. 3. The Heroic Hipster The Heroic Hipster spotted your brand first and wants the world to know it. He or she searches far and wide for products and services that rock and will help them stand out from the crowd. The Heroic Hipsters want to be first in line to lead the charge for your brand. They want to know about new releases, upcoming events and brand exclusives before the rest of the world. Otherwise, Heroic Hipsters feel less compelled to advocate for your …read more

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How Can CMOs and CIOs Develop a "Power Partnership"?

By Kimberly Whitler, Contributor As the second article (click here for the first article) in a series investigating how firms can create a stronger CMO-CIO partnership, I interviewed two CMO-CIO pairs to get different perspectives on the topic. The first pair interviewed was Dan Pingree and Michael Moore, the head of marketing and IT respectively, from Moosejaw Mountaineering, an online and brick and mortar retailer specializing in outdoor recreation apparel and gear for snowboarding, rock-climbing, hiking, and camping. The second pair interviewed was Nancy Costopulos and Bob Panger, the CMO and CIO from the American Marketing Association, one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with more than 30,000 global members who work, teach, and study in the field of marketing. …read more

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Musician Franti tries hand at broadcasting

By Alyson Footer Michael Franti, the creator and lead vocalist of Michael Franti & Spearhead, leads a band that blends a little hip hop with funk, reggae, jazz, folk and rock. He also is a native of the Bay Area and a big-time San Francisco Giants fan, which helped lead him into the booth for a round of Express Written Consent, sponsored by Klondike. …read more


Need help with Sub Panel design

By dfry302L

Hi all, looking to understand the basics I guess of sub panel design and requirements. Have been doing homework for some time now and after reading numerous posts regarding this topic, I don’t get the feeling it is an easy process.

Here is my situation:

We had this home built 3.5 years ago…
200 Amp service to the main panel in finished garage
Want 100 Amp (future proofing) in basement, about 100′ away from panel in garage
Looked at sheet rock demo to expose walls to run that way however I think I want to run 3 – #2 CU THHN, with a #6 THHN ground in conduit on the outside of home. Run would be 15′ to 20′ of conduit before punching through sill plate to basement. Understand with THHN wire, it would have to remain in conduit all the way to the sub panel location. Want to use an Eaton type CH 100 amp 22 space panel for the sub panel, with 90 amp double pole breaker at main panel.

Have a decent load planned for the basement and I want to ensure that any future “honey do” projects will be accounted for by what appears to be a over-designed project.

Anyway, I am a rookie at best. I have attempted to do some homework on this, but after reading some spirited discussions, I am questioning my approach.

Any responses would be greatly apprieciated!!

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How to Keep a Suburban from Running over sprinklers and keep snooty people away

By dnspade

One of my lines of sprinklers runt to the side and parallel to a driveway which is on a fairly steep incline. Lot’s not quite square, so rock walls, driveways, buildings all seem to distort like a Dali painting. It gets people confused. They reun into the rock wall (oh well), and others, particularly when its snowing, don’t quite find the driveway and run their prized chevy over a specific sprinkler.

Like the coverage and layout, so am thinking just a couple of bricks or concrete bricks adjacent that would take the brunt of the force of the tires. It’s going to have that great white trash look, so I fully expect to get a letter from the shadowy fringe of the HOA.

Anybody have a better idea on how to keep me from breaking the sprinkler?

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‘Orphan Black’ Season 2: Producers Spill On What’s Next For Tatiana Maslany And Friends

By The Huffington Post News Editors

It’s not often that a recent Supreme Court ruling comes up during a discussion of a cult TV show, let alone at a Comic-Con panel that, for the most part, feels like a raucous rock concert.

But such is the short, weird, extraordinary life of BBC America’s “Orphan Black,” one of the most well-received dramas in recent memory. In a few short months, it’s gone from obscure newcomer to buzzworthy pop-culture favorite, with critics, high-profile fans and a loyal audience keeping the show in the public eye long after its June 1 season finale.

(This post assumes you’ve seen the first season of “Orphan Black.” If you haven’t, get on that and come on back when you’re done.)

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More on Reality-Free

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At Lynda.com Content Is Queen, But The Contributor Model Could Be In Jeopardy

By Meghan Casserly, Forbes Staff

Sometimes being first to market makes you feel old. At the recent Education Innovation Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz. Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin, the husband-and-wife team of the online video-tutorial site Lynda.com, were the aging rock stars among startups. “We’re an 18-year-old overnight sensation,” laughs Weinman, who is 58, tall, quietly intense and never without her trademark glasses. “And we’ve got a huge target on our back.” …read more

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How are Developers Using Xbox One's Kinect?

In a recent blog post, Microsoft has revealed a couple of interesting new tidbits on the way its developers are using the Xbox One Kinect sensor, which Rare. Ltd’s Nick Burton claims has “ten times the power of its predecessor.”

“It can register a fingertip from three meters away, a feat that was impossible last generation, and its wider field of tracking means it can register more players and at closer distances.”

Burton, Rare’s New Technology Development Lead, is currently working on Kinect Sports Rivals, a game that will place great emphasis on subtlety of movement. A hard or gentle twist of the wrist while revving a jet ski will affect its acceleration, for example, and specific hand placement during rock climbing will actually be reflected onscreen.

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A scientific experiment is able to create a wave that is frozen in time

“A wave is a deformation in the surface of a liquid that moves at a speed that is independent of that liquid,” the researchers explain. For example: in the waves that are formed when a rock is thrown into a pond, the water remains still while the waves move away from the center at their own speed. “In our case, what occurs is actually the opposite: the water moves very rapidly (at several meters per second), but the wave moves at a speed of zero. That is, it remains still, “frozen” in time for any observer who sees it from outside of the water,” explains one of the authors of the research report, Javier Rodríguez, of UC3M’s Fluids and Thermal Engineering Department. …read more

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