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Andy Edmonds – Farmers Insurance Representative

Andy Edmonds Agency
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Hey Neighbors!
My name is Andy Edmonds and I am proud to announce that I am the FIRST Farmers Insurance Agent
in York County! Farmers Insurance has been in Pennsylvania since 2011 but has experience as a
nationwide agency for over 80 years!
Farmers Insurance offers the best in Home, Auto, Life, and Commercial Insurance lines and offers
more discounts than any other agencies!
Personally, I am a military veteran, an Eagle Scout, a member of the VFW, an active member of my
local political community, a volunteer firefighter, an EMT, a husband, and a father. I have devoted my
life to helping people and my mantra is “What man is a man who has not made the world a better
place?”. I have years of experience in the insurance world, and where Farmers strives to bring you the
best in insurance products I strive to bring you the best in customer service!
Allow me the opportunity to provide you with a free quote, call today!
Thank you for your time!
Andy Edmonds
Farmers Insurance
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Pennsylvania police chief suspended after video profanities


A small-town police chief who appears in online videos using profanity and shooting automatic weapons has been suspended for 30 days without pay.

The borough council of Gilberton voted 5-1 at a meeting Wednesday night to suspend Chief Mark Kessler, saying he misused borough property. It said he used the weapons without permission.

Kessler has said he made the videos to draw attention to the erosion of the constitutional rights of free speech and to bear arms and he increasingly fears a government out of control.

He said after the meeting that he wouldn’t apologize for making the videos and didn’t regret having done so. He said he looked forward to getting back to work after the suspension.

Gun rights activists descended on the community of about 800 people, in Schuylkill County in eastern Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal country, to show support for Kessler, some carrying flags and displaying weapons.

In one video, Kessler criticizes U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s support of a United Nations treaty aimed at controlling the international arms trade, which some gun rights advocates fear could lead to restrictions on domestic weapons. Kessler then fires a weapon and screams, “Come and get it!”

Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon has said she found the language in the videos offensive and she understood that others did as well.

“I think it’s blackened our eye a little, but we are a strong community,” Hannon said after the meeting. “We will go on from here.”

Officials have said that Kessler bought the weapons with his own money and donated them to the police department, an action approved by the council. Kessler told PennLive.com on Wednesday that he also donated the ammunition used in the videos.

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox US News

The Best Financial Services Companies to Work For

By Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes Staff

The recession proved to be grueling for most businesses, but the financial services industry took an especially brutal hit. Massive layoffs, government bailouts, negative headlines and countless scandals damaged the public’s perception of some of the biggest finance firms. Today, while several companies and chief executives are still struggling to rebuild a reputation and recover the prestige they once had, many have recuperated well. In fact, employees at some of the top financial services corporations are once again highly satisfied with their workplaces and their leadership. Glassdoor.com, a jobs and career website where people share information and opinions about the places where they work, just unveiled its list of The Top 10 Highest Rated Financial Services Companies, which charts how firms in this industry have fared over the past year, based on employee sentiment. In Pictures: The Best Financial Services Companies to Work For Right Now Glassdoor’s data analysis team leafed through thousands of employee reviews on more than 100 companies in the financial industry to determine how the top accounting firms, asset management companies, banks, brokerages, credit card companies, mutual fund managers, as well as transaction, credit and collections companies performed this year.  To be included in the evaluation, companies had to have at least 30 reviews submitted by employees to Glassdoor between July 24, 2012, and July 23, 2013. “The report asks employees how satisfied they are with their employer as a place to work, and to what extent they approve of the way their chief executive officer is leading the company,” says Glassdoor spokesperson Samantha Zupan. Respondents are asked to rate their company on a 5-point scale (1 = very dissatisfied, 5 = very satisfied). “The Glassdoor report highlights the companies in the financial services industry that are performing well when it comes to employee satisfaction,” Zupan adds. “For those looking for a job in this industry, this report can point to some of the companies a job seeker may want to try researching first to identify if one of these companies may be a good fit for them.” Susquehanna International Group, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania-based global investment and trading company, holds the top spot with a company rating of 4.1. Last year the firm, which services securities markets worldwide, earned a 3.7 rating. “Employees at Susquehanna speak to the opportunities to learn and grow, the manageable work weeks in terms of hours on the job and the entrepreneurial environments that allow for relative freedom and flexibility,” says Zupan. “They also speak favorably about the great benefits, the sense of autonomy at work, and the access to great technology.” A Pennsylvania-based worker said SIG is filled with smart people. “They [also] invest heavily in technology. There’s a lot of opportunity to learn new things and be surrounded be intellectual people. Benefits and pay and fairly decent, and there’s many perks – free breakfast/lunch, onsite car service, pharmacy, doctor, etc. If you take care of SIG, they will take care of you. My team had zero micromanagement, and I …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decisions Reverberate Through The States

By David Davenport, Contributor

The U.S. Supreme Court dropped a rock in the same sex marriage pond, and the ripple effect has spread rapidly to state and local governments across the land.  After the Supreme Court held that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional, but declined to find a federal right of same sex marriage, Justice Scalia said that a second state-law shoe seemed likely to drop in the Court next year.  He might have been wrong on both the timing and location—state law shoes are already dropping from Pennsylvania to Ohio to California and beyond.  In fact, the muddled Supreme Court reasoning in the two same sex marriage decisions invited the unsettled and confusing reaction we now see. …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

The Millennial Method of Publishing? Do-It-Yourself!

By Sherene Joseph, Forbes Staff

There are many stereotypes out there on millennials – they are the eternally unsatisfied generation that prides itself on thinking outside of the box. They often want to change the world, but they also take a do-it-yourself perspective while doing so. Being a millennial herself, author Rohini Venkatraman found a way to achieve her dream of publishing her own novella – using Amazon’s self-publishing platform and a start-up influenced method. “Descending the Corporate Ladder” tells a familiar story of Sabena Rao, a millennial unsatisfied in a corporate environment, and despite the many factors that are pitted against her, who realizes that her dream is to write for a living. Though not fully autobiographical, Venkatraman admits that many of the details are pulled from her own life. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in psychology, she began her career in the tech industry and is currently a project manager. …read more

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William Scranton Dead: Former Governor, U.N. Ambassador Dies At 96

By The Huffington Post News Editors

HARRISBURG, Pa. — William Scranton, a former Pennsylvania governor, presidential candidate and ambassador to the United Nations, has died. He was 96.

Family spokesman Mike DeVanney says Scranton died Sunday night of a cerebral hemorrhage at a retirement community in Montecito, Calif.

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Research helps make advance in "programmable matter" using nanocrystals

When University of Pennsylvania nanoscientists created beautiful, tiled patterns with flat nanocrystals, they were left with a mystery: why did some sets of crystals arrange themselves in an alternating, herringbone style, even though it wasn’t the simplest pattern? To find out, they turned to experts in computer simulation at the University of Michigan and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Phys.org

Prison Psych Boss Promoted Despite Federal Findings About Mentally Ill Prisoners Brutalized Under His Watch

By Matt Stroud, Contributor

At the end of May, the U.S. Department of Justice released a scathing report (PDF) confirming allegations of severe abuse against mentally ill prisoners in a solitary confinement ward at a central Pennsylvania state prison. After nearly two-years of investigations, DOJ came to the same conclusions I did in a report for The Nation last May: that the conditions at the State Correctional Institution at Cresson (SCI Cresson) about 90 miles east of Pittsburgh were inhumane on a level that was “mentally torturous” to the prisoners, routinely leading “to psychosis and a serious worsening” of prisoners’ mental health. The focus of DOJ’s (and my) investigation was a prison ward known as the Secure Special Needs Unit or SSNU. The SSNU houses mentally ill prisoners who have been deemed by administrators to be unruly or dangerous. Staffed by correctional officers as well as psychology staff, the SSNU is designed to oversee mentally ill prisoners and usher them carefully through a therapeutic, five-step mental health program toward re-entering the prison’s general population. Instead, the SSNU devolved into “chaotic conditions”; instead of providing therapy, the SSNU warehoused the mentally ill in solitary confinement for indefinite periods of time, in brutal, often unbelievable circumstances. One section describes a circumstance in which “three of Cresson’s psychology staff …  witnessed a senior member of the staff telling SSNU prisoners with intellectual disabilities that they had to sing, ‘I’m a little teapot’ if they wanted to improve their living conditions and obtain more mental health treatment.” Though that description may sound like fiction, it soon became very real. That prisoner, who had an IQ of 70, devolved into near insanity due to his treatment at SCI Cresson. During five months in the SSNU, this prisoner fell into a “downward spiral,” the report describes. At no time was he offered group therapy or one-on-one therapy. He was mocked and taunted by correctional officers, called a “retard” repeatedly, forced to wear a thin, paper like smock in a solitary confinement cell while temperatures dropped to near freezing temperatures. COs spit in his food, declined to provide him with toilet paper, took away his mattress so he was forced to sleep on cold concrete. The report, which references the prisoner as “LL,” indicates “he was smearing feces on the wall of his cell” by May 2011. Two months later, he was threatening self-harm. The report continues: …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

The Tyranny Of Prison Phone Charges: 'Inmates Charged Five Times Usual Rate'

By Matt Stroud, Contributor

Sobering piece in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, headlined, ‘Talk is anything but cheap for phone calls from Pennsylvania’s prison.’ From the article: Phone calls from the outside do more than keep prisoners entertained, researchers say. They’ve actually been shown to keep them from re-offending, maintaining family connections that prove vital when inmates leave prison. …read more

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DOE Study: Fracking Chemicals Didn’t Taint Water

By Breaking News

Fracking SC DOE study: Fracking chemicals didn’t taint water

PITTSBURGH — A landmark federal study on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, shows no evidence that chemicals from the natural gas drilling process moved up to contaminate drinking water aquifers at a western Pennsylvania drilling site, the Department of Energy told The Associated Press.

After a year of monitoring, the researchers found that the chemical-laced fluids used to free gas trapped deep below the surface stayed thousands of feet below the shallower areas that supply drinking water, geologist Richard Hammack said.

Although the results are preliminary — the study is still ongoing — they are the first independent look at whether the potentially toxic chemicals pose a threat to people during normal drilling operations. But DOE researchers view the study as just one part of ongoing efforts to examine the impacts of a recent boom in oil and gas exploration, not a final answer about the risks.

Drilling fluids tagged with unique markers were injected more than 8,000 feet below the surface at the gas well bore but weren’t detected in a monitoring zone at a depth of 5,000 feet. The researchers also tracked the maximum extent of the man-made fractures, and all were at least 6,000 feet below the surface.

That means the potentially dangerous substances stayed about a mile away from surface drinking water supplies, which are usually at depths of less than 500 feet.

Read more at Official Wire. By Kevin Begos.

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PA Attorney General Refuses To Defend Marriage Law

By Breaking News

Marriage SC1 PA Attorney General Refuses to Defend Marriage Law

Editor’s note: Last week, the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit to overturn Pennsylvania’s marriage law. In response, in a stunning move, Pennsylvania’s attorney general refused to defend the law. The Center for Vision & Values contacted Pennsylvania Family Institute President Michael Geer for a battlefront view.

V&V: You had a busy week last week on the legal front. What happened?

Geer: The week began with a phone call from a major national newspaper reporter, from whom I learned that the ACLU was about to file a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Pennsylvania’s marriage law, and redefine this ageless institution. The week ended with Pennsylvania’s attorney general announcing that she would refuse to fulfill the obligation of her office and defend our state law in court. In between were numerous national, state, and local media interviews, followed by time spent at the capitol organizing a response and crafting legal and cultural strategies to protect and strengthen marriage.

V&V: You’ve been running PFI in Harrisburg for more than 20 years now. Are you surprised by the AG’s refusal to defend Pennsylvania’s marriage law? Do you recall anything similar happening?

Geer: There really is no precedent that matches the blatantly political move by Attorney General [Kathleen] Kane. Even the lead counsel in the ACLU’s lawsuit against our marriage law called her decision “an earthquake moment.” In a television interview during last year’s primary campaign for attorney general, then-candidate Kane stated, “The attorney general does not have the right to pick and choose which laws he or she enforces.” She said doing so injects politics into the job and, “That’s a dangerous proposition.” Even so, I was not surprised at Kane’s action – she is following precedents set by AG’s and other top elected officials in California, Illinois, and elsewhere, and by those in the U.S. Department of Justice on this issue. It really is a dangerous proposition, one that’s very damaging to our political system and the rule of law. I hoped for better from Kathleen Kane, but was not surprised when she did not deliver on her promise

V&V: Is this issue pertinent to people in other states around the nation?

Geer: It is in many ways – most notably because ultimately the ACLU is seeking to not only overturn marriage laws in Pennsylvania, but to impose a redefinition of marriage on the entire country. Such a Roe v.Wade-type sweeping decision would certainly not end the debate on the issue, but would usher in significant restrictions on religious liberty and free speech, not to mention the impact on marriage itself and the well-being of children.

V&V: Is the ACLU filing similar suits in other states. If so, why? Do you detect a political agenda beyond the legal implications of these cases?

Geer: Yes and yes. In addition to the lawsuit in Pennsylvania, the ACLU announced that it was also planning to file constitutional challenges in Virginia and North Carolina. Quite clearly, they are hoping to bring one or all of these cases to the U.S. Supreme Court to have “same-sex …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Western Journalism

Study: Fracking Doesn't Mess With Drinking Water

By Kevin Spak

If you live near a fracking site, go pour yourself a nice, clean glass of water, because the Department of Energy is pretty sure it’s safe. In a landmark study, federal researchers tagged fracking fluids with special markers at a Pennsylvania drilling site before injecting those fluids into the ground… …read more

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