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'Heaven Is For Real' Goes to Big Screen; Driven by 'Braveheart' Writer, T.D. Jakes

Production has begun in Canada for the screen adaptation of Todd Burpo’s best-selling book Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, which chronicles the near death experience that reportedly brought a 3-year-old boy face-to-face with Jesus Christ. …read more

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Official: Suzuki bringing compact iV-4 to Frankfurt

By Damon Lowney

Suzuki will debut the iV-4 at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Even though American Suzuki Motor Corporation filed for bankruptcy last year and stopped selling cars in the US and Canada as part of its reorganization, there are still plenty of countries around the world where Suzuki continues to sell autos. For those markets, the automaker is working on a compact sport-utility vehicle, called the iV-4, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Suzuki says the iV-4 “embodies the basic ruggedness of an SUV,” and that its styling is modern and innovative. We’ll have to take Suzuki’s word on that one, though the teaser above certainly looks the part, with the grille reminding us of the one found on the Jeep Grand Cherokee (minus a few slats, of course).

Scroll down for the short-and-sweet press release, and expect the full brace of information to be revealed in September.

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Kevin Smith Readies Walrus Movie

We’re a bit late to the party on this one, but as it’s such an intriguing story, we thought we’d post…

Following the climax of Comic-Con last week, writer-director Kevin Smith took to Facebook to explain that his next film – Tusk – is set to shoot in Los Angeles and on location in Canada in September, in the hope that it will be finished in time for the Sundance Film Festival.

The crazy comes from the fact that the film’s premise comes from a by-now infamous Gumtree advert in which a Brighton resident sought a lodger to dress up as a walrus.

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'What On Earth!' documentary shows how cars might look to aliens

By Sebastian Blanco

what on earth screen grab

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There’s a classic The Far Side comic where two aliens, cleverly disguised as traffic lights, discuss eliminating the Earth’s population slowly, one at a time. The joke, of course, is that things aren’t always what they seem.

Apparently, filmmakers Les Drew and Kaj Pindal had a similar idea back in 1966, when they made the animated short called What on Earth! The nine-minute movie is a satirical look at Earth from outer space. Specifically, when Martians arrive on our blue rock, they assume, based on the observable conditions, the automobile is the dominant species. It’s a warm and funny little video, especially the part about how getting crushed and heading to the junk yard is an individual’s final contribution to society. The Film Board says, “This animated short proposes what many earthlings have long feared – that the automobile has inherited the planet. When life on Earth is portrayed as one long, unending conga-line of cars, a crew of extra-terrestrial visitors understandably assume they are the dominant race. While humans, on the other hand, are merely parasites.”

What On Earth! was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 1967, but lost to something called The Box. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, the movie was shown in theaters and on ABC television in the US in the 1960s. Now, it is available for your viewing pleasure simply by clicking below.

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Everything We Know About Soccer Is Wrong

By Zach Slaton, Contributor

It has been nearly two months since The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong was published in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, meaning that soccer quants in North America have had to pay for international shipping if they wanted to get their hands on the book.  The need for such expensive shipping ends on July 30th, 2013 when the book is published in both the United States and Canada.  While the authors of the book, Chris Anderson and David Sally, have been very pleased with the book’s reception in Europe they are looking forward to what they hope is a slightly different reaction in North America.  David Sally explained, “I think we are really glad with the reaction in the UK and The Netherlands where the book launched a few weeks ago.  I think we’re hoping the reaction is going to be even stronger in the US because there is more of an appetite for statistics in sports.  It’s a more natural audience.  I think there is also the coolness and hipness factor to soccer.  A lot of people are trying to understand the game more deeply, and we hope the books serves as a way to get even deeper into the game.” Chris Anderson believes North Americans’ appetite for numbers combined with soccer being a less popular sport than it is in Europe makes the book perfect learning material about a game that is rising in popularity. “[Dave and I] are Americans, and we love American soccer.  We’d love to see the game grow in the US, so in whatever small way the book can tell them something about soccer they didn’t know but they wanted to know and will help them understand and make sense of what’s going on on the field when they’re watching or their kids are playing.  If we can contribute to helping grow soccer in the US in whatever small way I’d personally be really excited about that.” The way Anderson and Sally approach learning about the game is by asking repeated, intelligent questions, answering them with the best available data, and then asking the next logical question that comes from the answer to the previous question.  In laymen’s terms, they end up pealing back the layers of the soccer onion.  The duo divides their examination of the game into three parts: Before the Match, which examines the larger patterns within the game that seem largely immutable: luck accounts for 50% of the outcome of a match, frequency of scorelines are relatively consistent between top leagues, and the rarity of goal scoring makes the game somewhat unpredictable and the value of goal scorers dependent upon when they score their goals versus the scoreline of the match. On the Pitch, which explains how the game is a balance of strategies.  Preventing a goal is more important to earning points than scoring one, the game is about managing turnovers, and the game can be controlled by both tiki taka as well …read more

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How To Prep Your PC For SHIELD, NVIDIA's Handheld Game Console

By Jason Evangelho, Contributor

SHIELD, the dedicated Android gaming handheld from NVIDIA, launches tomorrow in the United States and Canada, and it packs some sophisticated streaming features inside its Tegra 4-powered shell. If the concept of enjoying controller-friendly Android games and your library of Steam Big Picture games while lounging on the couch or in bed sounds appealing, read on. …read more

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Protest Shots: Gay Bars Boycott Stolichnaya Over Russian Anti-LGBT Policies

By Kathryn Dill, Forbes Staff

Those who ordered Stoli-based cocktails over the weekend were likely to receive a surprising response from bartenders across the country, as an increasing number of LGBT watering holes in the U.S. and Canada announced a boycott of Russian liquors—particularly Stolichnaya, the country’s flagship alcoholic export. …read more

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Get Ready, Canada: Saks Fifth Avenue Is Coming Your Way

By Justin Fenner

Saks Fifth Avenue announced Monday that it has agreed to let Hudson’s Bay Company – the Toronto-based firm that owns Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay – buy the company for $2.4 billion. This means one of America’s most famous department-store chains is now owned by a Canadian business, and it also means Saks will soon expand into the Great White North.

The chain’s new owners plan to build Saks Fifth Avenue locations and its Off Fifth outlet stores throughout Canada, according to Dealbook. These stores will join Saks’s other international outposts in Mexico, Dubai, Bahrain, and Kazakhstan.

“We are excited about what this opportunity and being part of a much larger enterprise can mean for the future of the Saks Fifth Avenue brand,” said Saks CEO Steven Sadove in a statement.

Technically, Saks still has a 40-day “go-shop” period, during which it can still entertain other offers before officially becoming part of Hudson’s Bay. Earlier bidders for the retailer included Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, a private equity firm that might have merged Saks with Neiman Marcus, and the Qatar Investment Authority, which owns stakes in Tiffany & Co. and LVMH, among other holdings.

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Researchers find young angelfish grow fake eyes to ward off predators

(Phys.org) —Researchers Oona Lönnstedt and Mark McCormick of James Cook University in Australia, along with Douglas Chivers of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, have found that young angelfish are able to grow false eyes on demand when exposed to predators. In their paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, the group describes experiments they conducted with angelfish and their predators in their lab. …read more

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Video: Audi Canada surprises out-of-warranty owners in a good way

By Jeffrey N. Ross

2014 Audi R8 dealer courtesy car - video screencap

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One of the worst parts about going to a dealership is sitting around waiting for the courtesy shuttle to show up and transport a group of strangers to their places of work or homes. Well, Audi of Canada found a nice way to surprise customers who brought their out-of-warranty vehicles in for a scheduled Health Check by replacing dealer’s normal shuttle with a 2014 Audi R8 V10.

The R8, painted to resemble a safety car or police car, gave the customers a ride home – even stopping at a coffee shop along the way. Needless to say, the stunt got plenty of attention from passers-by and was quite a hit with the Audi customers, too. Scroll down to watch video of the customers getting the ride of a lifetime, which we’re sure left some of the in-warranty customers at least a little jealous as they drove off in dealer loaner cars.

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