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Huma Abedin: The Latest “Good Wife”

By Judy B. Lloyd

Huma Abedin Huma Abedin: The Latest “Good Wife”

We’ve seen it all before in real political life. Hilary Clinton stands by her man after he has engaged in oral sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. Huma Mahmood Abedin, now the latest victim, stands by her sexting-addicted husband Anthony Weiner.

It’s like a season of CBS’s epic drama, The Good WifeThe show examines the twists and turns of a political wife who stood by her husband after torrid affairs and a corruption scandal landed him in jail. The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick, is left to pick up the pieces for her family. She re-enters the workforce as a junior associate with a prominent Chicago law firm. Four seasons later, she’s granted partnership in the firm.

The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick remains by her husband’s side. Last season, her law firm defended husband Peter Florrick and his campaign as they dealt with charges of voter fraud after he is elected Governor of Illinois. Alicia defends him along with the senior partners. Its’s ironic under the circumstances. It’s why we keep watching.

This early interview with Julianna Margulies, who plays Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife, paints the picture of the modern day political spouse –

A reporter asked why political women don’t tend to get caught in sex scandals. “Women do not have the time,” Margulies answered. “Dear Lord! Between the kids and the job and the cleaning and the cooking, we just don’t have the time!”

Margulies admits that she, too, tended to look askance at the political wives who stood by their wayward men — until she took the role. “[The part] gave tremendous respect for them — so quick to judge until I stood in Alicia’s shoes,” Margulies said. “It’s not like these are silly little women waiting for their husbands to come home. A lot of them have two degrees and are incredibly accomplished.” Read more here.

Enter Huma Abedin, wife of the Weiner (a.k.a. “Carlos Danger”). She shows a striking resemblance to The Good Wife.

In the real life saga, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned due to a “sexting” scandal in 2012, appears to be rebuilding trust in his marital relationship after the birth of the couple’s first child. After the bitterness, blame, denial, lying and cheating, Weiner decides to run for Mayor of New York; his fully supportive wife at his side. She is once again betrayed; her husband once again caught again “sexting” under the alias “Carlos Danger”.

More people are watching the Weiner-Abedin union now with greater scrutiny. What most people don’t know is this: The saga gets even juicier.

The man who asked America to define what the meaning of the word “is” is regarding sexual relationships presided over the Weiner-Abedin wedding as officiant. Weiner (a Jew) marries Abedin (a Muslim). And Bill Clinton officiates.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

If the true life episode with Weiner and Abedin wasn’t an episode of The Good Wife before, it is most likely going to play a role now.

The question …read more

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Times Warner Pulls CBS— for 30 Minutes

By Ruth Brown

Bad news for fans of procedural crime dramas: Negotiations between CBS and Time Warner Cable turned so sour last night that the cable network stopped airing CBS and Showtime in major cities. It pulled the plug at midnight Eastern time, following a day of discussions over the retransmission fee Time… …read more

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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 7 Premiere Gets Supersized, ‘The Millers’ Delayed

By The Huffington Post News Editors

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 7 premiere is getting supersized.

The hit comedy’s season premiere will now be an hour-long, and is set to air Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The change pushes “The Millers” series premiere back to Thursday, Oct. 3 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Two original episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” will lead-in to the series premiere of “The Crazy Ones.”

“The Millers” stars Will Arnett, Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges. Arnett plays a local news reporter whose parents split up. His mom, played by Martindale, comes to live with him. His father, played by Bridges, moves in with Arnett’s TV sister played by Jayma Mays.

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Qing Chen, Pharmacy Worker And Dad, Rescues Baby From Awning (VIDEO)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Qing Chen may insist that anyone would have done what he did to save a baby girl on Friday — but it’s clear a father’s instinct played some role in the New Yorker’s heroic act.

The dad says he was alarmed to notice an 18-month old crawling around on an awning across the street from Pure Health Pharmacy in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where he works, according to local station PIX11. The baby appeared to have escaped a second-story apartment through a vent meant for an air conditioning unit.

“I was shaking. I started screaming, and the baby was crying and screaming — everybody was like, ‘Oh my god, what are we gonna do?’” witness Amy Vaccaro told local CBS affiliate CBS 2.

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The Media: From Horace Greeley to Helen Thomas

By Nathan Raab, Contributor

Last weekend, journalist Helen Thomas passed away, ending a remarkably long and historic career in journalism.   When she began working at United Press International (UPI), Edward R. Murrow was reporting for CBS, Walter Cronkite had yet to start his career at the same network, and William Randolph Hearst, founder of the great newspaper empire where Mrs. Thomas would eventually work, was still alive.  When Hearst was born, in 1863, Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune ruled the world of newspapers from New York.  He battled it out for readership and influence with James Gordon Bennett of the Herald, among others.  William Lloyd Garrison was still writing The Liberator, an anti-slavery publication he founded in the 1830s.  Frederick Douglass had ceased publishing his paper, The North Star, only a decade earlier. …read more

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Damn Fine Twin Peaks Blu-ray Set On the Way

According to Digital Bits, CBS is not only in the process of creating a Twin Peaks: The Complete Series Blu-ray set, but the package could also possibly include David Lynch’s prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

It will be the first time the complete Twin Peaks universe is available all together, as well as on Blu. It’s being said the set is due out at the end of this year or early next year.

Why Twin Peaks Ruled

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‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Pilot Isn’t Moving To A New Network

By The Huffington Post News Editors

The “Beverly Hills Cop” TV spin-off planned for CBS seemed to be a foregone conclusion, with a star in place (Brandon T. Jackson), a TV vet as the new police chief (Christine Lahti), and even the promise of occasional visits from original star Eddie Murphy as Detective Axel Foley. But in May, it was announced that CBS had passed on the hour-long drama, leaving the pilot’s future up in the air.

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Tyra Banks And Ashton Kutcher Help Launch Social Shopping Platform

By Karsten Strauss, Forbes Staff

Adding yet another layer to the enterprise that is Tyra Banks, the former model turned television personality is taking to the startup game with an investment in a new social shopping platform. Ashton Kutcher, who has made a name for himself as a tech-centric venture investor through his own firm, A-Grade Investments, has also laid down cash. Called The Hunt, Banks and Kutcher’s latest venture helps people track down things they want to buy using Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr or any website with a photo of a product. While surfing the web, when you find something that appeals to you – a gadget, a piece of furniture, a pair of shoes you saw a celebrity wear –  you can upload the URL or just post a picture of it, which lets everyone else browsing the site know that you’re trying to find out where to get that product. As you browse what items other users are seeking, you can “follow” their searches so that when they find out where to get their coveted handbag, dress or pair of shoes, you will be notified as well. If you see a product that you recognize and know where it can be purchased, you can let the seeker (or ‘hunter’) know all about it. The San Francisco-based company was founded by Tim Weingarten, who’d previously headed Visage Mobile. Other investors in the company include A-Grade Investments’ Guy Oseary, Coca-Cola executive Rohan Oza, DesiHits! CEO Anjula Acharia-Bath, and Luminari Capital director Michael Banks. I tried it myself, setting up a profile and posting a “hunt” for a hooded blazer I’d briefly mentioned in a previous article about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s penchant for hoodies. As I browsed it became clear that its early days for the new venture, as the categories for which people search are limited to mostly women’s fashion. We can probably expect more categories for men’s products in the future, as well as electronic gadgets and maybe even apps or games that people have seen pictures of but haven’t been able to identify. That said, it may well be that women are the focus users for The Hunt, as a Pinterest-style of platform has been known to really connect with female users. The Hunt is the first investment Ms. Banks has made through the newest arm of her Tyra Banks Company enterprise, Fierce Capital LLC. The fund will focus on early-stage companies, including women-led startups, according to the company. Ms. Banks first came to public attention as a model, sauntering down the runway wearing hip and sexy outfits from top international fashion designers. A career in television followed, with Banks at the helm of “The Tyra Banks Show” and “America’s Next Top Model.” She’s even written a children’s book called Modelland. Kutcher, a former male model turned TV and film actor, is currently starring alongside Jon Cryer in the hit CBS show Two and a Half Men. His venture investments have included Spotify, Uber, Foursquare, Getaround and YPlan, among others. He also …read more

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Bruce Willis Has A Clip Of His Upcoming Appearance On ‘Under the Dome’ (VIDEO)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

According to Bruce Willis, he’s finally returning to the medium that made him famous. The movie star got his start on “Moonlighting” before transitioning into a bona fide movie star with the “Die Hard” series of films. He dropped by “Late Show with David Letterman” to talk about his return to the small screen as a guest star on the CBS summer hit “Under the Dome.”

He even brought a clip of his appearance. But, unlike most of the characters, Willis isn’t under the dome. The narrator explains: “Special appearance by Bruce Willis as the guy who lives right next door to the dome.”

“I’m not in the dome! This is the line, right here, by my house! …My watermelons!” Willis exclaims in the clip. Okay, it was just a joke, but it was a pretty funny one. His poor watermelons sliced in half like that cow!

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Act of kindness spurs 'pay-it-forward' at Mass. donut shop

One customer’s random act of kindness spurred a heartfelt chain reaction at a local donut shop – appropriately named Heav’nly Donuts – in Amesbury, Mass.

When Eileen Taylor had gone through the drive-thru at the shop on Friday, she was surprised as she drove up to pay for her order.

“There was a woman ahead of me and she paid for my drinks, and I thought that was really cool. I thought it was really nice, it was unexpected,” Taylor told CBS affiliate WBZ.

When she came back on Saturday, she did the same and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

“After that, it was like, oh we’re three cars deep, four cars deep, and after about the 15th car I started letting the customers know, ‘Hey, we’re 17 cars in, you can either keep it going or you can take your coffee and go. Either way, it’s your choice,'” the clerk told WBZ.

The shop’s employees, used to seeing this act of kindness once in a while, were shocked at customers’ willingness to pay for each other’s orders. Prices ranged anywhere from $5 to $20.

Taylor, admitting that she had recently lost her job and money was tight, never expected that response.

“Fifty-five cars consecutively — it just kept going. And I thought that was just really something,” Taylor told the local CBS affiliate. “It was wild, crazy! Crazy at Heav’nly Donuts.”

Customers and employees alike hope that this chain of good deeds happens again. The 55-car chain was finally broken – only when the customer had no cars to pay for.

“I hope it happens every single weekend because it just put everybody in a good mood,” said Wendy Clement, the shop’s manager, told WBZ.

Taylor will no longer hesitate to pay it forward.

“This was really nice. It was worth it,” she told the station. “It was the best $12 I ever spent.”

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Israeli leader vows to keep weapons from Hezbollah

Israel’s prime minister insists he will not allow “dangerous weapons” to reach Lebanon’s Hezbollah militants.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the comment Sunday following reports that Israel carried out an airstrike in northern Syria last week. The airstrike reportedly targeted a shipment of Russian anti-ship missiles.

Asked about the reports on the CBS-TV show “Face the Nation,” Netanyahu refused to confirm or deny Israeli involvement. He said Israel’s policy “is to prevent the transfer of dangerous weapons to Hezbollah and other terror groups,” according to a transcript of the interview provided by CBS.

Syrian President Bashar Assad, a key Hezbollah ally, has previously threatened to retaliate if Israel carries out more attacks on his territory. Israel was reported to have hit a weapons shipment near Damascus earlier this year.

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Today in History for 29th April 2013

Historical Events

1940 – 1st radio broadcast of “Young Dr Malone” on CBS
1969 – “Trumpets of the Lord” opens at Brooks Atkinson NYC for 7 perfs
1982 – Nordiques 2-Isles 5-Semifinals-Isles hold 2-0 lead
1984 – Betsy King wins LPGA Freedom/Orlando Golf Classic
1985 – 17th space shuttle mission (51-B)-Challenger 7 launched
2012 – International Chemical Weapons Convention deadline for chemical weapon stockpiles comes into effect

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Famous Birthdays

1871 – Louis William Stern, German/US philosopher (Intelligence of Children)
1925 – Ned Austin, American character actor (d. 2007)
1929 – Vaclav Kucera, composer
1930 – Jean Rochefort, French actor
1932 – King Hu, film director
1957 – Mark Kendall, American guitarist

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Famous Deaths

1698 – Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Baron Cornwallis, First Lord of the British Admiralty (b. 1655)
1793 – John Michell, English scientist (b. 1724)
1943 – Sidney A K Keyes, English poet (Foreign Gate), dies at 20
1966 – Eugene O’Brien, actor (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), dies at 85
2002 – Lor Tok, Thai comedian and actor (b. 1914)
2005 – Mariana Levy, Mexican actress, singer, and television show host (b. 1966)

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CBS affiliates see Twitter accounts hijacked; Password security in focus

Two-factor authentication is in the spotlight again after the Twitter accounts for three CBS brands — 60 Minutes, 48 Hours and a Denver news affiliate — were hijacked and later suspended this weekend.

The episodes add to a long list of media outlets and big companies that have been compromised in recent months.

So why don’t more people use two-factor authentication, a more demanding method of accessing an account than a password-only process? The answer: Laziness or friction, depending on how you want to think of it.

In enterprises, two-factor relies on hardware tokens that generate passcodes that are valid for just moments and must be entered along with the usual password. Consumer Web services such as Google or Facebook will send a one-time unique passcode to a user’s mobile device, either as a text message or in Apple’s case, to an iPhone or iPad via the Find My iPhone app’s notification feature. Without that code, you can’t login.

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From: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2036041/cbs-affiliates-see-twitter-accounts-hijacked-password-security-in-focus.html#tk.rss_all