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The Embarrassing Failure Of Our Politics-Of-Religion Industry

By James Poulos, Contributor

Over at BuzzFeed, Andrew Kaczynski has done the world a favor by pointing out that Reza Aslan, a person who’s good at staying dignified in an abusively dumb interview, turned right around and did unto others on Twitter what was done to him — and more — sometimes toward trolls, sometimes not. Ironically, Kaczynski did much to help Aslan’s cause out of the gate, taking the opportunity to mock Fox News for interviewing him so poorly. To be sure, mocking a bad interview is much different than worshipfully praising the victim. But these things are virtually identical in the business world where people compete for attention and money by getting involved in the politics of religion. One particularly broad region of that world can be especially unenlightening. It’s actually quite rare to see controversy swirl around a figure like Aslan, who speaks relatively calmly about religion but spews vitriol on more straightforwardly political matters. For many smart people on the internet, a more popular form of hatertainment is reading a secular writer SLAM a person who takes religion seriously from a political perspective. Encouraged by all the high-fives and fist bumps that result, polemicists of religion have gotten theatrically obnoxious. Like football players after a sack, they pause on the playing field to do dumb dances and talk trash in the faces of their flattened opponents. Things have gotten so bad in this regard that atheists are now doing it to other atheists. George Will, for instance, is a writer who doesn’t believe in God, but thinks that religion helps keep a free society from degenerating into the kind of playful environment of tyrannical derp that rules the world in Idiocracy. So he took to the pages of National Affairs to make a secularist’s case for the importance of religion to freedom in America. Mild-mannered as he is, Will adds some pretty deep caveats — like, he doesn’t believe religion is “necessary for good citizenship.” He modestly concludes that believing in God and stuff “is helpful and important but not quite essential” to the future of an America that upstanding people won’t ditch like Detroit. For his trouble, Will received a cackling diatribe from the Economist’s Will Wilkinson. Why? Well, Will’s insight into the general political significance of spiritual attitudes veered over the course of his essay into the kind of convoluted history of political thought familiar to anyone who has read the argued-to-death work of ogre figures like Leo Strauss. For decades, neoconservative theorists have been mocked for thinking, and practically saying, things like “I’m not religious — that’s for idiots — but I’m glad the idiots who surround me are religious, because they won’t try to rape my wife and kids, or take away my comfortable position in society.” For atheist conservatives like Will, liberals and progressives pose a huge threat to America because, by beating religion out of public life, they’ll ensure that people think — to quote Will — that “life should be filled to overflowing …read more

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Obama’s “Phony” Scandals

By Rock Peters

Democrat Donkey Scandals Train SC Obamas Phony Scandals

“With an endless parade of distractions, political posturing, and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball,” Barack Obama said in a speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. on July 24, 2013.

“If four Americans get killed, it’s not OPTIMAL.”–Obama’s calloused, abnormally detached, and incredibly narcissistic response to Comedy Central’s John Stewart’s question about the changing story of the Benghazi attack.

Does Obama think that the Muslim terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya on 9/11/2012 didn’t really happen and that four Americans (Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glenn Doherty, Sean Smith, and Ty Woods) weren’t actually murdered?

The Obama Laundry List of Phony Scandals


1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative and pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election. Questions are being raised about why this occurred, who ordered it, whether there was any White House involvement, and whether there was an initial effort to hide who knew about the targeting and when.

2. Benghazi: This is actually three treasonous scandals into one:

a) The failure of the administration to protect the Benghazi mission.

b) The Obama administration changed the talking points in order to suggest the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video.

c) The intense stonewalling, complete shutdown, and absolute refusal of the White House to say what President Obama did the night of the attack.

d) Breaking 200 plus years of honorable American military tradition to never leave any solider behind.

3. Spying on the the AP: The Justice Department stole a plethora of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation.

4. James Rosengate: The Justice Department suggested that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and subsequently monitored his phones and emails.

5. The Holder perjury I: Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress that he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when, in fact, he personally signed the affidavit that alleged Fox News reporter James Rosen was a potential criminal.

6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” debacle: Allowed weapons from the U.S. to “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. The ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which were used in crimes (including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.)

7. Holder Perjury II: During congressional hearings held on May 3, 2011, Congressman Darrell Issa asked AG Eric Holder when he first knew about the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scheme. Eric Holder replied under oath: “I am not sure about the exact date but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” Holder flat out lied to Congress under oath;”Project Gun Runner” (Fast and Furious) was launched by Obama with Holder’s full knowledge on March 24, 2009. Holder is guilty of perjury and should be arrested.

8. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius runs an extortion racket: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate. The money would be used to help her sign up uninsured Americans for ObamaCare.

9. The Pigford scandal: A U.S. Agriculture Department effort that began as an …read more

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Delay of ObamaCare employer mandate to cost government $10 billion, report says

US-POLITICS-JOB-OBAMAAs a result of the employer delay and other last-minute changes, the CBO said Tuesday that cost of expanding coverage for the uninsured will rise to $1.375 billion from 2014-2023, an increase of less than 1 percent from its previous estimate in May.

…read more

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What Pope Francis really said about gays

By avandagriff

Pope Francis doesn’t do interviews. Or at least that’s what we thought. He said that about himself just one week ago on the way to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day. Read More: What Pope Francis really said about gays — and no, it’s not new | Fox News.

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Kerry names former Israeli ambassador as envoy as Mideast peace talks resume

By avandagriff

Secretary of State John Kerry named a former U.S. ambassador to Israel as the U.S. point man for newly resumed peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, which are set to begin Monday evening in Washington. Read More: Kerry names former Israeli ambassador as envoy as Mideast peace talks resume | Fox News.

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Video: Obama And His Administration Wrong Again!

By Gabor Zolna

Major Nadal Hasan sent a six-page report to Fox News; if anyone has any doubt that what Hasan did was not a terrorist act, they might reconsider after reading what Hasan wrote.

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Fox News poll: Summer of discontent with Obama, Congress continues

Most voters are unhappy with the way things are going in the country, and over half say they don’t see signs the economy has turned the corner, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. Those are two of the reasons why President Obama’s job approval remains below 50 percent — and hits a new low among independents.

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How Obama Truly Was Like Trayvon Martin

By Cliff Kincaid

Trayvon Martin SC How Obama Truly Was Like Trayvon Martin

The Huffington Post has perfected the smear technique of expressing shock and anger at things that conservatives say which make complete sense and are factually based. “Hannity’s Awful Reaction To Obama’s Trayvon Martin Comments” was the headline over Fox News host Sean Hannity’s reaction to President Obama comparing himself to Trayvon Martin. Hannity said he wasn’t sure how to interpret Obama’s remarks because “he was part of the Choom Gang and he smoked pot and he did a little blow” and “we know that Trayvon had been smoking pot that night.”

Obama, of course, was not deliberately comparing himself to Martin because of their common interest in smoking dope. But the comparison by Hannity was not unreasonable, since Obama was in fact a heavy dope smoker, a member of what his biographer David Maraniss called the Choom Gang; and Martin was smoking dope before he was killed by George Zimmerman following a violent confrontation. Obama had also admitted doing cocaine, or “blow.”

It was an opportunity for Obama to say something important, such as that young blacks should avoid the drugs that got Martin into trouble, and that black parents should strive to keep their children out of trouble. Instead, Obama harped on racism.

The alleged “awful reaction” of Hannity would only be awful if Hannity had said something about Obama and Martin that was not true. But it is true and worthy of comment because of the effect that marijuana may have had on Martin the night he was killed. The subject came up during the Zimmerman trial.

The influence of marijuana in the Martin-Zimmerman confrontation has taken on more significance in the wake of the exchange that CNN’s Piers Morgan had with Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel:

Morgan: What about drugs?

Jeantel: Drugs. OK, weed, marijuana. In my area, we say weed. My area, we—for Trayvon, I can explain one thing, weed don’t do make him go crazy, it just make him go hungry.

Morgan: But he did—


Jeantel: Like it’s the best thing I can say. It made him hungry.

Morgan: Did he take a lot of weed?

Jeantel: No.

Morgan: How much would you say?

Jeantel: Like twice a week.

Morgan: Twice a week?

Jeantel: Yes.

Morgan: Is that normal for teenagers in your community?

Jeantel: Yes. Real normal.

Writing in The New York Times on July 11 under the headline “Reefer Madness, an Unfortunate Redux,” a professor named Carl L. Hart ridiculed the idea that Trayvon Martin was aggressive and paranoid from smoking marijuana, and that his marijuana use led him to attack George Zimmerman. Hart, an associate professor of psychology at Columbia University, claimed there wasn’t enough dope in Martin’s system to affect his behavior.

But marijuana can have lasting effects on the brain, depending on how much he had been smoking and for how long. During the trial, Shiping Bao, the medical examiner who autopsied Trayvon Martin, testified that marijuana “could have” altered Martin’s mind and body the night he died.

A pro-marijuana website, “The Weedblog,” also ridiculed “the pot made him do it” line of attack on Martin. …read more

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“Brother Roger” And The Racial Agitators

By Cliff Kincaid

Roger Ailes Fox News “Brother Roger” and the Racial Agitators

When conservatives complain about Al Sharpton, they usually note his relationship to NBC news or his hosting a show on MSNBC. But a new book says the racial agitator and Democratic Party politician has considerable clout with Fox News, and in fact played a role in getting conservative Glenn Beck fired from the channel.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says “people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do not deserve to be called civil rights leaders. They are not. They are hustlers and pimps who make a living off inflaming racial tensions.”

However, The Zev Chafets book, Roger Ailes: Off Camera, has some revealing passages about the clout that Sharpton and Jackson have with the chairman and CEO of Fox News. It says Ailes took a phone call from Sharpton after Beck, then a Fox News host, staged a rally at the Lincoln Memorial 47 years to the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I have a dream” speech at the same location. Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, designed to pay tribute to America’s military personnel and restore traditional values, was strongly attacked by figures such as Sharpton and George Soros-funded groups like Media Matters, then campaigning to have Beck fired from Fox News.

Chafets says Reverend Alveda King, a national pro-life leader, delivered a conservative “I have a dream” message of her own at the Beck-sponsored rally that was “infuriating to many viewers” and Ailes as well. “Ailes didn’t like it much, either,” he reports. However, the book doesn’t explain why Ailes took issue with the rally or the speech.

The book adds, “When Al Sharpton called him [Ailes] to complain, Sharpton was surprised to hear Ailes say he would ‘take care’ of it.” The passage is included in the context of Ailes making a decision that “he would have to get rid of Glenn Beck” and telling Howard Kurtz, then a media reporter with The Daily Beast, that “he was turning down the partisan heat at the network” and was pursuing “a more moderate tone” in programming.

Kurtz, who was recently hired by Fox News, is described by Michael Clemente, Fox’s executive vice president of news, as “the most accomplished media reporter in the country,” despite a series of embarrassments over erroneous and controversial columns and media appearances that resulted in his firing from The Daily Beast.

While the Chafets book is considered sympathetic to the chief of the Fox News Channel, it notes that Beck’s firing followed his strong criticism of billionaire George Soros and a vigorous campaign by various left-wing groups against him.

Chafets also points out that then-Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), another liberal recently hired as a Fox News commentator, is a member of the “roster of Friends of Roger” and an old “buddy” of Ailes.

Accuracy in Media chairman Don Irvine noted that Kucinich was “one of the most liberal members of Congress until he lost his seat after redistricting in 2012,” and that he was “the latest in a string of liberals at Fox, including former Sen. …read more

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Comic-Con: RoboCop Returns

Sony Pictures gave fans at today’s San Diego Comic-Con their first look at their upcoming RoboCop reboot. Stars Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and director Jose Padilha were all on hand to screen some footage from the 2014 release.

The first sequence shown was a TV news set-piece following OmniCorp’s deployment of battle droids and ED-209s during the American occupation of Iran during “Operation Freedom.” The TV reporter embedded with the robot military unit is touting their success at keeping the peace — which we see is the pure intimidation of unarmed citizens — when an explosion rocks the street and the OmniCorp droids turn lethal. This entire TV news segment is hosted by Pat Novak, a firebrand pundit on a Fox News-style network. (Jackson described his character as “Rush Sharpton” in a nod to the outspoken duo of Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton.)

Continue reading…

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Thousands of Egyptians march to protest

By avandagriff

Thousands of protesters are holding rallies across Egypt to demand the reinstatement of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Read More: Thousands of Egyptians march to protest military ouster of Islamist president | Fox News.

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Will The IRS Scandal Finally Lead To The White House?

By Breaking News

Darrell Issa SC Will the IRS Scandal Finally Lead to the White House?

House Oversight Committee hearings on IRS targeting of Barack Obama’s political enemies resume on Thursday. Fox News reporter Carl Cameron strongly hinted on Wednesday evening that Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has uncovered testimony that will bring the scandal right up to the White House door. (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.)

The Daily Caller has a preview of what’s on tap in the new hearings. It looks like the star of the show will be IRS lawyer Carter Hull:

Retiring IRS lawyer Carter C. Hull implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office, headed by Obama appointee William J. Wilkins, and Lois Lerner, the embattled head of the IRS’ exempt organizations office, in the IRS targeting scandal and made clear that the targeting started in Washington, according to leaked interviews that Hull granted to the Oversight Committee in advance of Thursday’s hearing.

Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George will return to Republican chairman Darrell Issa’s committee Thursday along with two central characters in the IRS saga: Hull and Cincinnati-based IRS employee Elizabeth Hofacre, who previously gave Hull’s name to congressional investigators, fingering him as her Washington-based supervisor.

Read More at Human Events . By John Hayward.

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DOJ Wants Your Help in Zimmerman Case

By Arden Dier

The Justice Department is asking for the public’s help in its investigation into George Zimmerman, Fox News reports. A public email address (Sanford.Florida@usdoj.gov) is up and running, and ready to collect any tips you may have on him; Eric Holderpreviously said the DOJ will “consider all available information.” Officials tell the Washington Post the email was set up “because of interest in this matter,” and the paper calls the move an “unusual” one. But Fox News reports it’s pretty much standard procedure when it comes to highly publicized cases like Zimmerman’s.

Still, don’t expect a response if you write in. “Unfortunately, the Department will not be able to respond to all messages received,” the DOJ said in a statement. But police are still responding to those angered by the case: The Los Angeles Times reports that 17 people were arrested last night after a Victorville rally unraveled. And this morning, Trayvon Martin’s parents spoke out in their first post-verdict interview. Mom Sybrina Fulton tells CBS This Morning she was “stunned” Zimmerman wasn’t found guilty of second-degree murder. To President Obama: “make sure all the Ts were crossed and the Is were dotted,” requests Fulton.

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