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NSA Official: Phone-Snooping Foiled Single Plot

By Rob Quinn

Skeptical senators from both parties quizzed top intelligence officials about the NSA’s sweeping domestic call surveillance at a testy Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Ahead of the hearing, the Obama administration declassified and released documents outlining the rules for accessing information from the surveillance program and listing multiple violations of those… …read more

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Moral Grounds

Before I get started, I want to give out a friendly hello and I am new here. I believe our moral obligations comes from the spirit of Jesus within us and it is there the reason why I am humbly here at your doorstep today.

NSA leaker, Mr Snowden, appears to have taken data that suggests the Spy network NSA invaded the privacy of their own American citizens. NSA claims it is Snowden who is a thief and so gave away precious info that NSA held high value to. What I find unique is the dilemma that both parties claim that the other performed an immoral act. That said, I wanted to examine the moral obligations both parties hold and to which side Jesus teachings would weigh heavily on.

Any thoughts?

For love…

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Avatar 2: When Terminator Creators Collide


Terminator creators will collide — OK, collaborate — on the upcoming Avatar 2.

According to TheWrap, Avatar and Terminator director James Cameron has hired Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles showrunner Josh Friedman to script Avatar 2 for him. None of the parties involved, including distributor 20th Century Fox, would comment on the report for TheWrap.

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John McCain On Sequestration: ‘The Worst Vote I Have Cast In Many Years’

By The Huffington Post News Editors

When the Obama administration and congressional Republican leadership crafted the policy of sequestration in the summer of 2011, the idea was relatively simple: Onerous budget cuts that affected the top priorities of each political party would never take place because it was in the interest of both parties to avert them.

A so-called super committee tasked with coming up with a large deficit and debt reduction proposal was supposed to dispatch with sequestration quickly. They failed. The House GOP conference passed its own bill, but it was too one-sided to pass. The end of 2012, the deadline at which sequestration would go into effect, was supposed to be another galvanizing event. But that too failed to spark action, save a short-term delay to continue talks. And eventually, this spring, sequestration was implemented.

Now, in retrospect, even the authors of sequestration concede that they oversold the willingness and ability of lawmakers to come together on a replacement. And in an interview with The New Republic, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) placed it among the biggest legislative regrets of his career.

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More on Budget Cuts

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In India, Star Economists War

By Saritha Rai, Contributor

What started out earlier this month as a mild tiff between two eloquent and high-profile Indian-origin economists over India’s economic future has now turned into a full-blown public row that has acquired political shades. Nobel prize-winner Amartya Sen and his equally illustrious peer Jagdish Bhagwati have backed contrarian models for India’s growth. It is a fascinating debate already, and whipping them up further are India’s prominent political parties, the Congress and the BJP. …read more

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A Plan to Simplify the Tax Code for Businesses and Give Working Families a Better Deal

By <a href="/author-detail/3699933">Megan Slack</a>

President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the economy at the Amazon Chattanooga Fulfillment Center

President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the economy at the Amazon Chattanooga Fulfillment Center in Chattnooga, Tenn., July 30, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

Today President Obama traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee today to talk about the first and most important cornerstone of middle class security: a good job in a durable, growing industry.

“We should be doing everything we can as a country to create more good jobs that pay good wages,” President Obama said. And plenty of independent economists, business owners, and people from both parties are already in agreement on some of the ingredients that we need for creating good jobs, he explained:

Putting people back to work rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Equipping our kids and our workers with the best skills. Leading the world in scientific research that helps to pave the way for new jobs in new industries. Accelerating our clean energy and natural gas revolutions. Fixing a broken immigration system so that American workers aren’t undercut, undermined because some businesses are unscrupulous and hiring folks and not paying them decent wages.

“We're not lacking for ideas, we're just lacking action, especially out of Washington,” he said.

“So I’m going to try offering something that serious people in both parties should be able to support: a deal that simplifies the tax code for our businesses and creates good jobs with good wages for middle-class folks who work at those businesses.”

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Congress’ Plan To Exterminate Every Last Tea Partier

By Floyd Brown

Congress Congress Plan to Exterminate Every Last Tea Partier

I love the Tea Party members of Congress. They’re courageous, principled, and, at times, innovative in their use of legislative rules to make major statements about policy. It’s too bad they face a wily foe who poses as their friend. You see, the GOP leadership in Congress is committed to Tea Party failure, especially concerning Obamacare.

The latest Tea Party initiative is Senator Mike Lee’s plan to kill the continuing resolution (the bill that funds the government) unless Obamacare is stripped of funding. Lee’s plan is a good one; but sadly, I’m going to predict its failure.

In the end, Republicans who claim to be against Obamacare will scurry like scared children to protect Obamacare’s funding — just as they’ve done at the passage of each continuing resolution since they captured Congress in 2010.

Lee described his plan this way to WBAL Radio:

“I’ll utilize every procedural mechanism at my disposal to do it.” He continued, “I generally don’t signal in advance what procedural maneuvers exactly I’ll use because it’s usually not good strategy. But what I am saying is I will not vote for a continuing resolution that contains funding for further Obamacare implantation and enforcement. So far I have got, I don’t know, 13 or 14 Senate Republicans who have joined me. I think a corresponding effort is starting to be kicked off in the House. And I expect these numbers to grow steadily as Americans realize the president has said he’s not going to implement the law as written. If he’s not going to implement the law, we shouldn’t be forced to fund it.”

The Lee plan is based on sound logic. If Obama won’t follow the law as passed, why should Congress continue to fund his autocratic and capricious manipulation of the program?

The problem Senator Lee and other principled members of Congress don’t seem to grasp is that their plan disrupts the business-as-usual consensus that governs Washington. Their bold plan endangers the power of the established elite and the Republicans who enjoy being part of that elite.

In reality, here’s how the situation will unfold.

Mike Lee will announce the Tea Party plan to great fanfare. Many Republicans in the Senate and in the House will embrace the plan. But the elite in both parties will come together and congeal to protect the status quo. They’ll work to get other conservatives to attack the plan and muddy the waters. They won’t attack the substance of the plan; they’ll  just knock it for being unrealistic or unobtainable.

In fact, a conservative senator -Tom Coburn- has already gotten the ball rolling. He blasted the plan right on cue.

Coburn explained his opposition to the Lee plan to the Washington Examiner: “I’d be leading the charge if I thought this would work. But it will not work.”

And he charged Senator Lee and others of being dishonest: “The worst thing is being dishonest with your base about what you can accomplish, ginning everybody up and then creating disappointment… It’s a terribly dangerous and not successful strategy… You’re …read more

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Style Set: The Week's Best Dressed

By Randy Miller

Who wasn’t in the Hamptons this weekend? Rag & Bone brought Hilary Rhoda and Cameron Diaz out for dinner with Baby Buggy, while a dramatic crowd – including Lindsey Wixson, Rick Owens, and Polina Proshkina – gathered at the Watermill Center’s annual Summer benefit.

Those who weren’t beaching on the East Coast went glam with Natalia Vodianova in Monaco. At the annual Love Ball, which was made a royal affair with attendees including Princess Charlene of Monaco and Princess Caroline of Hanover, guests donned fittingly romantic gowns for The Naked Heart Foundation. A look at all the stylish parties attended, here in the gallery.

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Press Briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, 7/29/2013

By The White House

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

See below for a correction to a typo in the transcript (marked with an asterisk).

1:00 P.M. EDT

MR. EARNEST: Good afternoon, everybody. I apologize for the delay in getting started. Mr. Carney —

Q We’re accustomed —

MR. EARNEST: I’m sorry?

Q We’re accustomed to it.

MR. EARNEST: Okay, good. I want to keep you in the rhythm here.

Mr. Carney is taking his son to camp today, so I’ll be minding the store. So, Julie, I’ll ring you up first.

Q Thank you. A couple questions on the Mideast peace talks that are starting in Washington tonight. We know that the President apparently is going to be meeting with Secretary Kerry later today to discuss those talks, but does he have any plans to meet with the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators while they’re in town?

MR. EARNEST: Julie, I don’t have any details about the President’s schedule over the next couple of days to read out to you. There’s no current plan for that, but I wouldn’t preclude anything from getting added in the future.

As you know, the Middle East peace process is something that — or at least these conversations that are ongoing, or that are slated for this evening, was part of a process that was kicked off by the President’s trip to the Middle East earlier this year. Many of you traveled there for that visit. And the President had the opportunity to visit with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Abbas, and King Hussein of Jordan, where they had some conversations about how it’s in the best interest of both the Israeli and Palestinian people to engage in final status negotiations.

Since that time, Secretary Kerry has been traveling frequently to the region. I think every couple of weeks it seems like he’s taking a trip out there to talk to the parties and to talk to others in the region who have an important stake in this conflict being resolved.

So we’re certainly encouraged that the two parties are coming to Washington and beginning their conversations this evening, but we’re also cognizant of the hard work that remains over the next nine months. There are some very serious issues that have to be resolved, and it’s not going to be easy. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and we’ll take that first step tonight.

Q Now that this first round of talks is underway, how does the President see his direct role? Is this something where he’s going to still continue to sort of seed the frontrunner status for the U.S. to Secretary Kerry and maybe only get involved if these talks continue and get to a real final status moment?

MR. EARNEST: Well, I’ll say a couple things about that. The first is this is a process that got kick-started with the President’s trip …read more

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Pink vs. Pink: Round One

By Randy Miller

Its logo may be a heart, but there’s one brand that’s not feeling the love for Victoria’s Secret Pink: Thomas Pink. Not to be confused with the intimate apparel’s youthful line of pajamas and underthings, the London-based shirtmaker filed an infringement case against Victoria’s Secret after the retailer launched stand-alone stores in London last year.

In response – and in efforts to stop the case, which would potentially place US Pink boutiques in jeopardy – Victoria’s Secret submitted a declaratory judgement lawsuit in America to establish “the rights of the parties, allowing them to continue the peaceful coexistence that has been in place for many years.”

In a statement, the Thomas Pink spokesperson told Vogue UK, “Thomas Pink is determined to protect the considerable investment that has been made into building the world’s luxury leading shirt brand.”

Working in team VS’s favor, we already know its models – like Elsa Hosk (above) – are handy with boxing gloves, should the case get unwieldy.

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Statement by the President on the Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

By The White House

I am pleased that Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas have accepted Secretary Kerry's invitation to formally resume direct final status negotiations and have sent senior negotiating teams to Washington for the first round of meetings. This is a promising step forward, though hard work and hard choices remain ahead.

During my March visit to the region, I experienced first-hand the profound desire for peace among both Israelis and Palestinians, which reinforced my belief that peace is both possible and necessary. I deeply appreciate Secretary Kerry's tireless work with the parties to develop a common basis for resuming direct talks, and commend both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas for their leadership in coming to the table.

The most difficult work of these negotiations is ahead, and I am hopeful that both the Israelis and Palestinians will approach these talks in good faith and with sustained focus and determination. The United States stands ready to support them throughout these negotiations, with the goal of achieving two states, living side by side in peace and security.

I am pleased that Ambassador Martin Indyk will lead the U.S. negotiating team as U.S. Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations. Ambassador Indyk brings unique experience and insight to this role, which will allow him to contribute immediately as the parties begin down the tough, but necessary, path of negotiations.

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Icahn criticizes Dell for vote rule change on proposed deal

The takeover bout for Dell resumed on Monday, with investor Carl Icahn sounding off on the proposal from Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners to change rules governing the shareholder vote for a revised bid to take the PC maker private.

Company founder Michael Dell and his buyout partner, Silver Lake, last week offered shareholders US$13.75 per share for the company, an increase from the $13.65 proposed in February. As part of the revised offered, the parties proposed a change in the shareholder vote in which only “yes” or “no” votes will be counted, and non-votes or abstentions will not count.

Icahn on Monday urged Dell’s board not to support the proposed shareholder vote change as it could disenfranchise voters.

“The plain and simple fact is that Michael Dell and Silver Lake have underestimated the extent of stockholder opposition to the Michael Dell/Silver Lake transaction and are unwilling to pay fair value to obtain approval of their interested-party freeze-out transaction,” Icahn wrote in a statement.

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Chris Harrison, ‘The Bachelor’ Host, Might Just Be The World’s Worst Wingman

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Ahh, what would “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” be without Chris Harrison?

Hmm, maybe they would produce relationships that actually last …

The ABC shows’ host keeps the emotions flowing as he breaks up cocktail parties and announces the final rose of the evening, but he also awkwardly oversteps his boundaries. C’mon man, do you have to call Desiree Hartstock and reveal that one of her male suitors is a lying cheater? Or do you have to make Andy Baldwin look like an idiot as he forgets to put his car in park? Well yes, we guess you do.

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In India's Polarizing Election Of 2014, Twitter and Facebook Already Winners

By Saritha Rai, Contributor

Earlier this month, Gujarat chief minister and BJP’s prime ministerial contender Narendra Modi ousted Congress minister Shashi Tharoor as the Indian politician with the most followers on Twitter. Modi is closing in on 2 million followers while Tharoor, who had long-reigned as the most popular, trails just behind. Modi’s presumed rival for the prime ministerial post, the Congress’ Rahul Gandhi is conspicuous by his nonexistence on Twitter. Modi and Gandhi are going head-to-head on Facebook where their fan pages are garnering a multitude of “likes”. As India’s general election nears, the colorful political rallies and raucous sloganeering is yet to begin. But the digital face-off between political parties and their leaders has already reached a shrill extreme. The main Congress and BJP have set up what are dubbed ‘digital war rooms’ and mandated that leaders get active on Twitter. Each party is mobilizing thousands of impassioned supporters on social networks. Even the newly-launched Aam Admi Party (Hindi for common man’s political party) of anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal is vociferous on social media. With even more frenetic social media activity forecast in the coming months, India’s upcoming general election is giving an inadvertent, huge boost for Twitter and Facebook. “Politics, and indeed democracy, is moving from the old model of one-way political rhetoric sans any real participation to an increasingly voluble, energetic, fractious, interactive engagement on social media,” said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, an independent member of the Indian parliament, who formerly founded and then sold telecom operator BPL Mobile. “On social networks, politicians cannot hide from scrutiny and interactivity.” India has the third-largest base, after the United States and China, of internet users. In reality, the reach of the internet, and consequently social media, is limited, as its nearly 150 million users represent a fraction of the total population. Of these, however, two out of three users are said to access social networks daily. India is shaping up to be an important market for online advertising. Google currently leads in online revenues in India, followed by Facebook. India’s Twitter base, about 20 million users as per a study by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, is growing rapidly. Meanwhile Facebook said in a recent SEC filing that India and Brazil represent key growth regions in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the period a year ago. It reported 78 million monthly active users (MAUs) in India in the March quarter of 2013. India could boast of the world’s largest base of 277 million Facebook users by 2017. While social networks’ growth is slacking off in the West, populous countries such as Brazil, India and Russia offer plenty of growth room. Social media’s new relevance in Indian electoral politics is highlighted by the fact that the small population active on these networks is influential in urban constituencies. One study says that Facebook and Twitter could help decisively swing votes in 160 of India’s 543 parliamentary constituencies. That could be the change. In the past, India’s urban, educated voters have largely shied …read more

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Statement by the President on Student Loans

By The White House

A better bargain for the middle class means making a college education available to every single American willing to work for it. That’s why I applaud the wide bipartisan majority of Senators who passed a bill to cut rates on nearly all new federal student loans, rolling back a July 1st rate hike and saving undergraduates an average of more than $1,500 on loans they take out this year.

This compromise is a major victory for our nation’s students. It meets the key principles I laid out from the start: it locks in low rates next year, and it doesn’t overcharge students to pay down the deficit. I urge the House to pass this bill so that I can sign it into law right away, and I hope both parties build on this progress by taking even more steps to bring down soaring costs and keep a good education – a cornerstone of what it means to be middle class – within reach for working families.


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Icahn in control after Dell ups offer to take company private

Michael Dell and Silver Lake’s decision to raise the offer to take Dell private is a concession that rival Carl Icahn and affiliate parties may have an upper hand in the wrangling to take over the company, observers of the deal said.

Founder Dell and Silver Lake on Wednesday offered shareholders US$13.75, an increase from the original offer of $13.65 proposed in February, which was met with opposition from Icahn and other institutional investors, who believed the company was being undervalued.

Icahn has led the fight against Dell, playing a major role in getting the company founder and CEO to increase his offer, observers said. Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management made several counteroffers to the Dell-Silver Lake proposal, and Icahn claimed the most recent counteroffer could be potentially worth $15.50 to $18 a share for current shareholders.

A vote to approve the new Dell-Silver Lake proposal is scheduled for Aug. 2. Dell on Wednesday delayed the second shareholder vote on the Dell-Silver Lake proposal. Dell perhaps failed to gain enough shareholder backing to approve the deal, observers said.

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Three Companies Innovating For Diabetics

By Joshua Steimle

Imagine you?re looking for a new hot job, something you can brag about at parties. Working to build online communities and social networks? Not bad. Developing new smartphone apps backed by Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek? Even better. Making gourmet chocolate? Ooh, baby. Developing products and services to help those suffering from diabetes? Umm, well, maybe. Probably not something you would come up with on your own.
As reported by the American Diabetes Association, almost 26 million people suffer from diabetes, and that?s just in the United States alone. Worldwide the figured is estimated to be as high as 347 million. It is estimated that approximately 80 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled the situation an epidemic. It?s a problem that isn?t going away anytime soon.
What if you could get a job building the foremost social network for diabetics to help them access valuable information and find comfort and support? What if you could work on a new smartphone app that assists children manage their condition? What if you were involved in manufacturing gourmet chocolates that not only tasted good enough for anyone to eat, but were completely safe for diabetics to eat as well? You?d not only be working with something interesting and perhaps cutting edge, you?d be changing lives and doing good in the world. That?s something to brag about. Here are three companies that are doing just these things.
Online Community, Diabetic Connect
The online community Diabetic Connect is a social network built for persons diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The website is an initiative of Alliance Health and receives over 1.8 million visitors per month. By providing a forum where diabetics can communicate and share their experiences, it offers comfort to those who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes and may be in something of a state of shock. Often a newly diagnosed patient will leave the doctor?s office, drive home, and jump on the Internet to do research. They?ll find the information they need and want at Diabetic Connect, but they also find support and comfort, which can be just as important.
Visitors on the Diabetic Connect site share recipes, experiences, and treatments. Diabetic Connect allows patients to interact anonymously or they can communicate openly, depending on their level of comfort. Diabetic Connect also provides expert level content and provides a Q&A with clinicians from the Joslin Diabetes Center to answer questions that require medical expertise. Site visitors can also access the Diabetic Connect community through Android and iOS apps.
Smartphone Apps, MySugr
Tim Ferriss sits on the advisory board of MySugr, a startup that has created two apps; MySugr Companion on iOS for adults, and and Android app MySugr Junior for kids. The apps introduce elements of gamification to a process that is normally dreaded by children and adults alike. The data from the Junior app can be automatically shared with parents, prompting more accountability and responsibility on the part of the child, and more peace of mind for the …read more

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