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Ryobi EX26 won't start

By Home wrecker

Should have mentioned this has a 26cc Power Head
The instructions are:
Slowly press the prime bulb 10X
Set the choke to full choke, squeeze throttle trigger fully and pull the starter grip (cord) sharply until engine attempts to run. Do NOT pull starter more than 4X.
Set the choke to half and pull starter until engine runs. Do Not pull starter more than 6X.
If it doesn’t start return to full choke and repeat steps.

I’ve done that until I’m blue in the face. Brand new plug gapped correctly. Remixed my gas to specs. Checked all lines and filter. Primer bulb fills but gas doesn’t seem to be getting to the plug???
Not that that matters, I took and eye dropper and put a small squirt into the plug hole. Still won’t start. Doesn’t even try to fire. I have good spark, checked plug with tester.:wall:
So, I go to the troubleshooting page. Did everything there, nothing. I’ve about pulled my arm off.
It ran fine about 3 weeks ago. No gas sat in it because I ran the dumb thing dry and quit versus run home and mix a whole new batch of gas. It was 90 out and I was hot and tired and just wanted a cold beer.:o
So, anybody got any ideas? I’ve got about 1/4 acre of grass and weeds to trim.

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Food News Round-Up: Buzz Kill

By Michael Y. Park No, You’re Not Experiencing Beer Goggles: A web artist turns his the labels on his favorite beers into motion pictures. My favorites: Bitter American, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin, and the Edmund Fitzgerald. What are yours? Man, I’d Kill (Myself) for a Cup of Coffee: That cuppajoe may save your life. A Harvard study finds that people who drink two to four cups of coffee a day have about half the suicide risk of those who drink decaffeinated or no coffee. But don’t go downing the espressos because you’re feeling a little blue–researchers believe most adults naturally drink the correct amount of caffeine each day to maximize the benefits they’d receive. McManna From Heaven: The New York Post poses the question: Is the McDonald’s McDouble great food, or the greatest food? Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Autistic kid opens lemonade stand. Neighbor calls cops on autistic kid. Local restaurant lets kid open up lemonade stand inside for its customers, with proceeds going to a children’s hospital. Which begs the question: How much are kids in Ontario charging for lemonade, exactly? (I paid 50 cents in Brooklyn recently, and also got a bag of chips for an extra quarter.) Hipster Junk Food: Bushwick restaurant features entrees such as Dorito kimchi carbonara and Spam fried rice. Man, hipsters had to go and ruin Doritos and Spam too? More motion-picture beer labels after the jump …

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Quinoa Evolution

By Regina Schrambling I lived through the whole era of oat bran in everything from potato chips to beer. So I guess I should not be surprised to see the latest super-food popping up in odd places. And that would be quinoa, the grain of the moment. The other day we spotted it on the label of a bar of chocolate and had to try it, only to learn it added nothing of interest, not even a Rice Krispies-like crunch. For the price, we could have had two healthful Lindt bars with sea salt. The second sighting/tasting was actually quite good. An editor took me to lunch last week and, being a powerful regular, was comped a side order of quinoa hush puppies by the chef. The grain was a slightly nubblier alternative to the usual cornmeal. I’m always a sucker for lowercase hush puppies, so I do approve the concept. But there was something amusing about a deep-fried health food designed to be dunked in spicy mayonnaise. Then again, the menu also had a “French fry salad.” Salty potatoes always make the best greens.

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Beer Can House, Houston’s Bizarre Attraction (PHOTOS)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

HOUSTON — A child of the Great Depression, John Milkovisch didn’t throw anything away – not even the empty cans of beer he enjoyed each afternoon with his wife.

So, in the early 1970s when aluminum siding on houses was all the rage, he lugged down the cans he had stored in his attic for years, painstakingly cut open and flattened each one and began to wallpaper his home.

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Pro-Marijuana Ad Pulled At Weekend NASCAR Race To Avoid Upsetting ‘Family’ Atmosphere

By The Huffington Post News Editors

A commercial touting marijuana as an alternative to beer was pulled from displays outside a weekend NASCAR race after just a few airings.

The ad, seen above, was purchased by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) — the nation’s largest pro-marijuana legalization advocacy group — and was celebrated by the organization as the first time a pro-pot campaign would be seen at a major sporting event. Organizers for the Brickyard 400 race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway disputed that claim, noting that the boards set to display the commercial were not technically on stadium grounds. When officials with the company that had allowed MPP to purchase air time caught wind of its pro-marijuana message, they scrambled to take it down.

“We decided to pull ultimately because it’s not obviously a great fit for the NASCAR audience, for the family kind of oriented audience, that’s why we decided to pull the ad,” Grazie Media CEO Vanessa Wojtala told WISH.

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Mercedes-Benz Creates Ultra-Luxurious, Ultra-Cool Golf Cart Concept

By Alexander Stoklosa

Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart Concept

It’s not entirely clear why, but Mercedes-Benz—“the official patron of the PGA tour” and sponsor of pro golfer Adam Scott’s right breast—recently held a global contest that involved its fans submitting ideas for the ultimate golf cart. The results came in, were compiled, and apparently the overwhelming consensus among the entries was that Mercedes-leaning golfers yearn for a cart that rivals their car in terms of luxury. The three-pointed star guys presented the criteria to its designers in Carlsbad, California, who churned out the Vision Golf Cart concept you see here. It debuted it at this year’s British Open championship.

Loaded to the gills with luxury features, the Vision cart is less “the Mercedes-Benz of golf carts” and more a Benz car that happens to look like a golf cart from Tron. As Gordon Wagoner, Benz’s VP of design, puts it, “Why not [treat] a golf cart like a car, and [make] it a ‘golf car?’ ” Well, for starters, Volkswagen already makes a ‘Golf car,’ but we suppose that integrating carlike attributes into the ultimate golf cart makes some sense. Still, we’re struggling to see why Benz needed to design the Vision at all when a GLK-class can hold some clubs and seems capable of tackling a grass field.

Silly design brief aside, the all-electric Vision Golf Cart is an impressive bit of fantasy. Users can plug the Vision in to charge it, or it can be juiced up via the roof-mounted solar array—likely at a much slower, cloud-dependent pace. Electric hub motors mounted provide power. Inside, you won’t find a steering wheel or pedals; instead, a central joystick controls the vehicle. This is both bad and good, because it allows either front passenger to control the Vision. A series of touch-screen displays controls the air-conditioning and infotainment systems—for staying cool while streaming Caddyshack, natch—and the vehicle also packs heated and ventilated seats and Benz’s Airscarf neck-warmer technology. A head-up display is integrated into the windshield and can show golf course layouts, scores, and weather info.

A USB iPod/iPad dock lets occupants use their devices to play music through the Vision’s speakers, while a Bluetooth connection ensures captains of industry can still bark orders at their subordinates while away from the office. Golf-specific touches include a cooler—the beer is up to you—as well as cooled or heated cup holders. For golfers who aren’t so good at golfing, there’s an emergency “fore” button that, when pressed, sends a warning signal “to golf carts within the danger zone.” It isn’t clear how that zone is determined, or how Mercedes expects folks to override their instinctual pride and dignity to press that button. Since sometimes it rains on golf courses, rain-sensing automatic windshield wipers are included, as is a retractable lightning rod that is intended to be better at attracting electricity than nearby golfers’ clubs. Snap-on, lightweight doors can be deployed to further battle the elements.

Scientists design Facebook-like networks that could speed the development of new drugs

Social media has expanded to reach an unlikely new target: molecules. Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have created networks of molecular data similar to Facebook’s recently debuted graph search feature. While graph search would allow Facebook users to find all their New York-living, beer-drinking buddies in one quick search, the NIST-designed networks could help scientists rapidly sift through enormous chemical and biological data sets to find substances with specific properties, for example all 5-ring chemicals with an affinity for enzyme A. The search approach could help speed up the development of new drugs and designer materials. …read more

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Victim speaks out after bat and knife attack by NYC cab driver

A killer cabby didn’t utter a word as he viciously beat a would-be passenger with a baseball bat and then fatally stabbed the man’s pal on a Queens street, the survivor of the horrific attack told The Post yesterday.

“He didn’t say anything. He just got out of the car and started fighting,” victim Carlos Perez said from his bed at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where he is recovering from a broken arm and stab wounds received in the predawn Saturday ambush in Woodside.

Cops yesterday were still hunting the driver who killed Perez’s longtime pal, deejay Isaac Martinez, 26, before speeding off, leaving the men bleeding on Roosevelt Avenue.

Perez and Martinez were both boozed up and had just left their local bar, El Perlita, bought more beer at a bodega and were making their way home around 5 a.m. when the bloody scene unfolded, according to law-enforcement sources and witnesses.

“I said, ‘Let’s go to my house.’ My friend wanted to get beer at the store. I told him I would get a cab,” Perez, 33, recounted.

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Join the IGN AU Pubcast Crew for Drinks During PAX!


Going to PAX Australia? Not going to PAX Australia but live in Melbourne? Visiting Melbourne during 18th-19th of July for whatever reason?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join the IGN AU Pubcast crew for a casual beer or three this Thursday and/or Friday nights!

Cam, T-Balls, Baker, Luce, Luke and Jem in HD RL.

This Thursday 18th of July, Cam Shea, Luke Reilly, Tristan Ogilvie, Lucy O’Brien, Jem Gold and Ben Baker will be at Sentido Funf (243-245 Gertrude St, Melbourne VIC 3065) from 6:30PM.

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NYC cab driver on the loose after killing drunk man, police and witnesses say

A New York City cab driver is on the loose after he stabbed and killed an intoxicated man who was looking for a late night ride home, police and witnesses say.

Sources told the New York Post that two men, ages 33 and 26, were drinking at a bar near 68th street in Queens before they went into a bodega to buy a few six-packs.

They hailed the cab driver around 5 a.m. local time Saturday, but he refused to give them a ride because he noticed both men were drunk.

An argument ensued, and then the driver got out of his car and smashed its rear window with a baseball bat before going after the passengers, who defended themselves with beer bottles, police sources told the New York Post.

The cab driver stabbed the 33-year-old in the torso, police said, and the 26-year-old in the chest when he tried to help out his friend. Both were left bleeding in the street as the cabbie sped away.

The 26-year-old was later pronounced dead at a local hospital, while the 33-year-old is in stable condition.

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Sydney drinks to 'small bar' movement

When Martin O’Sullivan opened his small Grasshopper bar in Sydney’s awkwardly-named Temperance Lane three years ago, his friends thought it was madness.

What would entice drinkers down a tiny lane into a basement last inhabited by a printing business when there were plenty of lively pubs and beer barns nearby?

“Everyone thought I was a nut case,” he says.

But in the ever-thirsty city the Grasshopper has flourished, at the vanguard of an explosion in small bars after a change in liquor licensing laws allowed a move away from the traditional large pub to intimate drinking holes.

“It’s about the cultural change, because pubs have had a good run for some 180 years,” says O’Sullivan, whose restaurant bar serves drinks in glass jars and decants wines into glass laboratory flasks.

When the idea of amending liquor licensing laws to help bring smaller, boutique bars to Sydney was first floated it was scoffed at by then-president of the New South Wales Australian Hotel Association, John Thorpe.

“We aren’t barbarians, but we don’t want to sit in a hole and drink chardonnay and read a book,” the publican told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007.

O’Sullivan said the comment struck a chord.

“There couldn’t have been a better quote. A lot of men were like ‘I don’t mind a beer, but the idea of sitting in a pub that smells like cigarettes with pokies (slot machines) in the background and the TAB (betting agency) isn’t particularly my idea of a lovely drinking establishment’.”

He says one of the drivers of the growth in small bars has been their appeal to women, who up until the 1960s were banned from entering the public bar in many Australian pubs, instead being ushered into the ladies’ lounge.

“When these small bars started, there was a huge influx of women. And they weren’t coming in and getting drunk,” says O’Sullivan, who heads the Small Bar Association of New South Wales.

“We don’t have TVs, we don’t have the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship),” he says, adding that small bars tend to focus on quality wines, artisan products, cocktails and great service.

In 2008, the New South Wales state government agreed to change laws which cut the costs for some liquor licences.

The move allowed small, boutique bars to flourish, with more than 70 opening within the city precinct, and many more across Sydney in the years since.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore was instrumental in helping push through the law, believing the change would not only broaden options for drinkers, but bring other benefits.

“Not everyone wants to drink in a large pub or a noisy club, and small bars offer an intimate, boutique alternative,” a council spokesman said.

“They are a key component of the city’s efforts to revitalise Sydney and bring life and variety back to our laneways and small streets.”

It means that a rash of distinctive bars have popped up in basements and other hidden niches in the city, including Stitch with its old-fashioned sewing-machines, the Baxter Inn whisky den, and Absinthe Salon which specialises in the wormwood spirit.

“It’s not so …read more

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What Makes You Tasty to Mosquitoes?

By Polly Davis Doig

Whether you’re one of those people who gets eaten alive by mosquitoes depends on some pretty tangible factors, and Smithsonian Magazine runs down the reasons that make an estimated 20% of us especially delectable to those buzzing little bloodsuckers. Without ado: How much booze you drink: Turns out beer goggles… …read more

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In the night, train brings grief to Quebec town

It was surely the most festive spot in town as a Friday night turned into a Saturday morning at the Musi-Cafe — a full house, live music, plenty of beer and nachos to animate long-time friends.

Among the dozens enjoying themselves in the pub was a sizable contingent of the Lafontaine clan, celebrating the 40th birthday of a daughter of prominent local businessman Raymond Lafontaine.

Four days later — having lost a son and two daughters-in-law who were among the revelers — Lafontaine stood near a throng of reporters on a street near the town center, watching them pepper an American railroad executive with questions.

“I wanted to see my children’s killer,” Lafontaine said. “And I wanted to see the killer of other people from here who didn’t ask to die.”

Any possible culpability on the part of the railway remains to be determined; police say their criminal investigation will proceed slowly and carefully. But it is fact that an unmanned Montreal, Maine and Atlantic freight train with 72 cars carrying shale oil turned into a runaway death machine — rolling away from its overnight parking spot, barreling for miles down an incline in the dark of night, derailing in the heart of Lac-Megantic at 1:14 a.m. on July 6, and snuffing out 50 lives when a series of explosions set off a ferocious fire.

For some, it became known as “the train of death.” For others in the close-knit, French-speaking town, it was “le train d’enfer” — or “the train from hell.”

Gilles Fluet, a 65-year-old retiree who used to work at a door-making factory, left the Musi-Cafe just moments before the first explosion and saw the train go by.

“It was moving at a hellish speed … no lights, no signals, nothing at all,” he said. “There was no warning. It was a black blob that came out of nowhere.”

“I realized they were oil tankers and they were going to blow up, so I yelled that to my friends and I got out of there,” he said. “If we had stayed where we were, we would have been roasted.”

Those who were still in the pub, he said, “had no chance.”

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Bhutan officials count votes in 2nd-ever elections

Hundreds of thousands of people in the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan went to the polls Saturday to elect a government in the country’s second parliamentary elections.

Officials began counting the votes after polls closed, and the results were expected to be made public on Sunday, Chief Election Commissioner Kunzang Wangdi said. Nearly 382,000 people were eligible to cast their vote to elect a 47-member National Assembly.

“Preliminary estimates indicate that more than 80 percent of the electorate has voted,” Wangdi said.

Primaries held in May had eliminated three of five political parties, leaving Bhutan’s ruling Peace and Prosperity Party and the main opposition People’s Democratic Party in the fray.

The remote nation of about 738,000 held its first election in 2008 after King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk voluntarily reduced the monarchy’s role in running the country.

Prior to Saturday’s voting, election authorities had set up 850 polling stations, including in hard-to-reach mountain villages.

Long lines snaked out from polling stations throughout the day, with people coming out in droves to choose their representatives.

Authorities sealed off Bhutan’s borders with neighboring India, and the Bhutanese army assisted the country’s small police force to ensure that the elections passed peacefully, Wangdi said.

International poll observers from Britain, India and the European Union were in Bhutan, Wangdi said.

“The international observers are free to travel to any polling station to see the poll being conducted,” he said.

In the May primaries, the governing Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, or Peace and Prosperity Party, headed by outgoing Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley, secured 45 percent of the vote compared to the opposition PDP’s 35 percent.

Campaigning ahead of Saturday’s elections was largely subdued, with the 94 candidates holding small public meetings and rallies and participating in debates on state-run television.

In a bid to keep the elections free, the election commission prohibited candidates from offering food, including the customary cheese and beer, to people attending the rallies.

“No freebies. This was our directive to the political …read more

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Leading politician knocked out in Belfast riots

A leading Northern Irish politician was knocked unconscious by a thrown missile as sectarian tensions spilled over into rioting in Belfast at the climax of the Protestant marching season.

Nigel Dodds, the deputy leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) — the province’s pro-British, Protestant, conservative largest party — was rushed to hospital Friday after being hit in the clashes between Protestant loyalists and riot police.

It followed a day of what had been peaceful Twelfth of July parades across Northern Ireland, the pinnacle of Orange Order loyalists’ marching season.

Rioting Protestants, some wielding swords, attacked police at a roadblock across the loyalist marchers’ preferred route through north Belfast.

Petrol bombs, sticks, fireworks, bricks, bottles, beer cans, drain pipes, and part of a wall were hurled at police, with teenagers among the rioters.

Shirtless men, and others in football tops, attacked police vehicles and officers in riot gear.

Loyalist bandsmen played sectarian tunes.

Around 20 plastic bullets were fired and water cannon used by police. Seven officers were injured, at least three of them knocked unconscious.

Dodds has represented North Belfast in the British parliament since 2001. He had been urging people to desist from violence at the roadblock.

The BBC reported a man who treated Dodds at the scene as saying: “He grasped his head as he went down. He was knocked out cold. I put him in the recovery position and checked his airway.

“He was unlucky because he was also hit by water cannon as I was trying to administer first aid and he got soaked.”

The July 12 parade is the culmination of the Orange Order’s marching season, and is usually accompanied by violence. The day is a public holiday in Northern Ireland.

The march marks the Protestant king William III’s victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 over the deposed Catholic king James II.

The marchers like to stick to traditional routes but there are often clashes as they sometimes pass through what have now become Catholic areas.

The violence broke out following a decision to bar loyalists from walking through a contested flashpoint area where Catholic republicans have gathered in the past to attack police.

Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson, the DUP leader, appealed for “cool heads”.

“Violence and attacks on the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the wider community are wrong, can never be justified and must stop,” he said.

“Those who are using the cover of protest to attack the police are massively damaging the cause they support.”

Around 3,500 people died in the three decades of sectarian violence between Northern Ireland’s Catholics and Protestants that largely ended with a 1998 peace agreement, though sporadic unrest and bomb threats continue.

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