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KDAB at Qt Contributor Summit

Transport in Bilbao

On the 15th and 16th July this year, KDAB attended the Qt Contributor Summit, which was co-located with the KDE Akademy conference in Bilbao, Spain.

Transport in Bilbao

The program of the Qt Contributor Summit was mostly determined by who was attending and what the important topics at the time were. KDAB attended the summit with strength, and participated in many relevant discussions.

Some pre-scheduled talks were held, including a ‘State of the Union’ from Lars Knoll, where he talked about recent additions and developments in Qt and the focus of Digia for the coming releases. The focus on advancing the mobile platform support in the next releases is well known. Challenges resulting from that focus and other known standing challenges were also listed and were part of the discussions at the summit. These included the ICU Problem, Evolution of the QML language and Bug management discussion, all relevant issues for the community and for the ongoing adoption of Qt.

The QtCore session included some future-looking considerations of how Qt will deal with C++14 and C++17 – what does Qt need from those standards, and what can Qt provide to them in terms of feedback and use-cases. Some of the recent work on the QVariant/QMetaType by Stephen Kelly of KDAB relates to type-erasure, which is a growing topic in C++ standardization discussions. The command line parser, a long requested part of Qt, has been worked on by David Faure, and there were updates about what remains to get it into the next release, and porting existing Qt tools to the new API.

C++11 lambda syntax is gaining adoption

QML and QtQuick were obviously also large topics for the entire summit, with many sessions relating to the technologies. Among the sessions were one dedicated to the Model-View APIs in QtQuick. A new design could be utilized to increase the flexibility and re-use of components for creating new views. Some discussions were had on how to represent hierarchical or tree structures in QML.

Recent developments in the Linux kernel for adding generic multicast local socket support are gathering momentum, and the implications of that for the QtDBus module were discussed. This could reduce the dependency of QtDBus on an external libdbus-1 on Linux. QNX also has a native message passing system which may also be usable to bypass the libdbus-1 dependency on that platform.

Both QBS and CMake were represented with sessions at the Qt Contributor Summit. The QBS session was an introduction to qbs for those who have not worked with it before, and a tour through its capabilities. The CMake session included a summary of recent and future developments in CMake which benefit Qt users, and plans for better CMake integration in QtCreator.

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Use of Amazon's cloud approved for Dutch banks

The Netherlands banking regulator has approved Amazon Web Services (AWS) for use by financial organizations, Amazon said on Monday.

This clears AWS cloud services for use across all areas of Dutch financial operations including websites, mobile applications, retail banking and credit risk analysis solutions, Amazon said. With the approval, Dutch banks join other financial organizations using AWS including Bankinter in Spain, Unicedit in Italy and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Amazon noted.

All levels of data storage and management on the AWS Cloud, as well as the use of technology that runs on top of AWS and is provided by third party vendors, are also included in the approval, Amazon added.

Financial organizations planning to use cloud computing need to first inform banking regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and provide it with an opportunity to review a risk analysis, said DNB spokesman Remko Vellenga.

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Spain Train Driver Charged With Homicide

By Rob Quinn

As Sunday church services were held throughout Spain in memory of the country’s worst train crashes in decades, the driver involved was formally charged with homicide. Francisco Jose Garzon Amo—who had previously boasted about speeding —is accused of 79 counts of homi cide committed through “professional recklessness,” Reuters reports…. …read more

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Awesome days during Akademy 2013

Joola Phone demo

Awesome days during Akademy 2013

Hi all,

Being a part of KDE Akademy is one of the most awesome experiences ever. This was my second Akademy after the one in 2012 . Akademy 2013 was held in the beautiful city of Bilbao in Spain. Held from 13th July to 19 July, it had 2 days conference followed by 5 days of workshop, Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs), lots of hacking, and of course lots of fun!

Day 0

I reached Bilbao on 12th July and went for pre-registration where I also met many KDE folks (some of them I already met during last Akademy and some new people). It was great to meet everyone again, we all had a fun time together with greeting each other, drinks and lovely music.

Day 1

The first day of the conference started with a keynote by Eva Galperin . A member of EFF, she talked about the NSA surveillance and how it affects people outside the US.

After keynote, Kevin Krammer gave talk on Declarative widgets where he explained and showed demo on how to create widgets based UI in QML. This approach enables non-C++ programmers to participate in UI development for traditional desktop applications.

Till Adam talked about KDE on Blackberry where he explained about Blackberry …read more

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