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Israel: PA dropped preconditions; Palestinians say talks based on pre-67 lines | The Times of Israel

By Dave Robbins

Amid conflicting accounts of the basis on which Israel and the Palestinians are set to renew negotiations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night hailed the resumption of the talks, announced Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry, as fulfilling Israel’s “vital strategic interests.” Read More: Israel: PA dropped preconditions; Palestinians say talks based on […]

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Israeli premier phones European leaders after ban

Israel’s prime minister has talked with a series of European leaders a day after the announcement of a decision on a European funding ban to Israeli institutions operating in occupied territories.

Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, would not disclose the content of Wednesday’s phone calls. Israeli media reported Netanyahu urged his counterparts to delay the measure.

The European Union said the ban applies to “grants, prizes and financial instruments.” The new funding guidelines go into effect in 2014.

The EU decision marked a new international show of displeasure with Israeli settlements built on lands captured in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians claim some of those territories — the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem — for their hoped-for state.

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Israel will not tolerate external edicts on our borders

By Dave Robbins

After a hasty and urgent meeting at his bureau on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement blasting the European Union over its decision to condition future agreements with Israel on the latter’s recognition of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as occupied territories. Read More: Netanyahu responds to EU: Israel […]

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Israeli leader vows to keep weapons from Hezbollah

Israel’s prime minister insists he will not allow “dangerous weapons” to reach Lebanon’s Hezbollah militants.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the comment Sunday following reports that Israel carried out an airstrike in northern Syria last week. The airstrike reportedly targeted a shipment of Russian anti-ship missiles.

Asked about the reports on the CBS-TV show “Face the Nation,” Netanyahu refused to confirm or deny Israeli involvement. He said Israel’s policy “is to prevent the transfer of dangerous weapons to Hezbollah and other terror groups,” according to a transcript of the interview provided by CBS.

Syrian President Bashar Assad, a key Hezbollah ally, has previously threatened to retaliate if Israel carries out more attacks on his territory. Israel was reported to have hit a weapons shipment near Damascus earlier this year.

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Israel at 65: Success still plagued by uncertainty

In 65 years, Israel has surpassed the dreams of its founders, emerging as the Middle East‘s strongest military force, a global high-tech powerhouse and a prosperous homeland for the Jewish people.

Yet it remains a divided society, and its most intractable problem — peace with its Arab neighbors — has yet to be resolved.

On the eve of the 65th anniversary of its creation, the Jewish renaissance in the Holy Land remains a work in progress.

Dominating the short term is Iran‘s nuclear program, which Israel believes is aimed at developing an atomic weapon that could be used against the Jewish state, despite Iranian denials. Unrest along Israel‘s borders is equally worrisome.

Over the longer term, reaching peace with the Palestinians remains elusive, with the sides unable to agree even on how to restart negotiations. Palestinians consider creation of Israel a catastrophe that caused a stubborn refugee problem.

The 46-year occupation of Palestinian territories also ignites domestic and international tensions. Without a partition, Arabs could one day outnumber Jews, threatening Israel‘s democratic nature.

Israel began observing its annual Memorial Day on Sunday evening, honoring fallen soldiers and victims of militant attacks. At 8 p.m., air raid sirens sounded nationwide to mark a minute of silence. A two-minute siren was set for Monday morning.

At sundown Monday, the country abruptly shifts its mood to mark its 65th Independence Day with fireworks, military processions and picnics. The transformation from grief to joy is an annual ritual meant to show the link between the sacrifices and the accomplishments.

“Today there are also those who rise up against us and threaten to destroy us. They did not succeed in the past, and they will never succeed,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Memorial Day ceremony Sunday. Netanyahu’s older brother, Yonatan, was killed in a military operation in 1976.

Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948, marking the date each year on the Hebrew calendar. Since then, it has been in a constant state of conflict with its neighbors, most recently eight days of exchanges last November with Palestinian militants firing rockets from the Gaza Strip. It has signed peace treaties with just two Arab nations, Egypt and Jordan.

Yet the country

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Support grows for liberal area at Israel holy site

The rabbi of Judaism’s holiest prayer site on Wednesday endorsed a proposal to establish a section where men and women can worship together, a groundbreaking motion that could end a decades-old fight against an Orthodox monopoly of the area.

The fight over the Western Wall has reached a fever pitch in recent months, after police arrested female worshippers who prayed at the site wearing religious garments and leading prayers — acts that Orthodox Judaism permits for men only.

The arrests caused an uproar in Israel and among liberal Jewish leaders in the United States, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to instruct the semi-governmental Jewish Agency to devise a plan that would permit non-Orthodox forms of worship at the holy site.

The Western Wall‘s rabbi, Shmuel Rabinovich, told Army Radio Wednesday that while he dislikes non-Orthodox prayer, he would tolerate it in a separate section in order to end intra-Jewish fighting at the site.

“I want everyone to pray according to Orthodox Jewish religious law, but I don’t interfere,” said Rabinovich, who is Orthodox. “If these things can be done at the Western Wall without hurting others, and this can bring about compromise and serenity, I don’t object.”

The Western Wall is Judaism’s most revered prayer site because it is a remnant of the biblical Jewish temple compound. Worship at the site is administered according to Orthodox Jewish religious custom: the men’s section and smaller women’s section are separated by a divider, and women are not allowed to lead prayer groups or wear prayer shawls, skullcaps or phylacteries — small boxes strapped to the head and arms during prayer.

The pluralistic Reform and Conservative movements, which allow mixed prayer and female rabbis, have long campaigned for recognition in Israel. The two groups however are largely marginalized in the Jewish state despite being popular overseas, especially in the United States. The emerging plan could represent a significant accomplishment by these liberal streams of Judaism.

Under the plan, unveiled by the Jewish Agency announced on Tuesday, Israel would create a permanent area for mixed-gender and women-led prayer next to a section of the Western Wall that mainly serves as an archaeological site. Currently, liberal Jewish worship is permitted in the area only during limited hours. Under the proposed plan, a platform would be erected to expand the area and allow liberal prayer there 24 hours a day, like the Orthodox section of the site.

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Rabbi of holy site supports liberal prayer section

The rabbi of Judaism’s holiest prayer site has backed a proposal to establish a prayer section for mixed-gender worship, a groundbreaking motion that could end a decades-old fight against Orthodox monopoly of the area.

Western Wall rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich told Army Radio Wednesday that he does not like non-Orthodox prayer, but would tolerate it in a separate section to end intra-Jewish fighting at the site. Orthodox prayers ban men and women from worshipping together.

The semi-governmental Jewish Agency said Tuesday it drafted a plan to expand the Western Wall plaza to create a permanent area for mixed-gender and women-led prayer. The plan will be presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu asked the agency to draft a solution after an uproar over the arrests of liberal female worshippers.

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Weekly Wrap Up: “We Stand Together”

By Christopher Sponn

Watch the West Wing Week here.

Middle East Trip: On Wednesday, President Obama embarked on a five day journey to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. The President began his visit with an arrival ceremony at the Ben Gurion airport followed by a visit to an Iron Dome defense battery in Tel Aviv. In the evening, President Obama flew to Jerusalem to talk with Israeli leaders and joined Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a working dinner.

On Thursday, the President visited the West Bank, where he held meetings in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority President Abbas and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayyad, and attended a cultural event at Al-Bireh Youth Center. The day also included a tour of the Israel Museum and a speech from the Jerusalem International Convention Center.

The President wrapped up his busy day at the residence of President Peres for a dinner in Jerusalem. Check back this weekend for coverage on the rest of President Obama’s Middle East Trip.

Watch some of the President’s Trip Now:

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Israel Apologizes To Turkey Over Flotilla Deaths

By The Huffington Post News Editors

JERUSALEM — Israel‘s leader has announced the restoration of normal diplomatic relations with Turkey after apologizing for the deaths of nine Turkish activists in a 2009 Israeli naval raid on a Gaza-bound international flotilla.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday that he had expressed regret during a phone call with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. President Barack Obama helped arrange the call shortly before leaving Israel.

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President Obama Tells Israeli People: The U.S Is Proud to Be "Your Strongest Ally and Your Greatest Friend"

By <a href="/author-detail/475">Colleen Curtis</a>

President Obama and Israeli President Peres inspect an honor guard in Tel Aviv, Israel, March 20, 2013

President Barack Obama and Israeli President Shimon Peres inspect an honor guard during the official arrival ceremony at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, March 20, 2013.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

On the first day of his visit to the Middle East, the first foreign trip of his second term, President Obama was in Israel, where he met with President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The visit is historic, marking the first time the President has visited Israel since taking office, and comes as its citizens celebrate the 65th anniversary of a free and independent State of Israel.

President Obama's visit began with an arrival ceremony at the Ben Gurion airport, followed by an inspection of the Iron Dome Battery defense system in Tel Aviv. The Iron Dome is a short range rocket and mortar defense system, which was developed by Israel and produced with U.S. assistance and is part of a multi-tier missile defense developed to counter the rocket threat against Israel’s civilian population. From there, the President flew on to Jerusalem, where he met with Israeli leaders and attended a working dinner with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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Israel welcomes new pope as friend of the Jews

Israeli leaders are welcoming the selection of Pope Francis and calling him a friend of the Jewish people.

President Shimon Peres invited the new pope to follow the lead of his two predecessors and visit Israel. In a meeting with Roman Catholic Church leaders in Poland Thursday, Peres called Francis “a man of inspiration that can add to the attempt to bring peace in a stormy area.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is sure the “excellent relations” between Jews and Christians as well as between Israel and the Vatican will continue.

Israel‘s chief rabbinate also welcomed the appointment, saying Pope Francis‘ “good relations with the Jewish People are well known.”

The former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, has been chosen as the 266th pope.

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Spokeswoman: Israeli parties strike coalition deal

A spokeswoman for a major Israeli political party says a deal has been reached with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next government.

A Yesh Atid spokeswoman says the three main coalition partners will meet later on Thursday to sign the agreement, which comes after weeks of negotiations. She spoke on condition of anonymity pending a formal announcement.

Netanyahu’s bloc has now joined up with the centrist “Yesh Atid” and the pro-settler “Jewish Home” parties. Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who leads a small party, joined last month.

The talks had stalled over the division of Cabinet portfolios and planned reforms in the country’s military draft law.

Netanyahu, whose block won 31 seats in the 120-member assembly, has struggled to form a coalition since the Jan. 22 parliamentary election.

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Israel's ultra-Orthodox suddenly are outsiders

As Israel‘s new government takes shape, the country’s powerful ultra-Orthodox Jewish political parties seem poised to find themselves in unfamiliar territory — the parliamentary opposition — instead of their traditional seats around the Cabinet table.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s two new potential partners pledge to end a system in which the ultra-Orthodox have used political clout to win generous government subsidies, evade compulsory military service and attempt to impose their conservative social mores.

Nothing is certain yet. Netanyahu is still negotiating, and he has not yet signed coalition agreements with the two main parties — the centrist Yesh Atid and hawkish Jewish Home.

If his new government excludes the ultra-Orthodox parties, it could reshape the face of Israel, which has experienced growing strife in recent years between the fast-growing ultra-Orthodox community and the general public.

Ultra-Orthodox party leaders are vowing to put up a fight.

“This is a passing trend,” Meshulam Nahari, an outgoing Cabinet minister from the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, told The Associated Press. “People understand the value of studying the Torah and we will not be abandoned. Those who will cut funding have no right to be a part of the Jewish state.”

The ultra-Orthodox make up about 10 percent of Israel‘s 8 million citizens. Because of Israel‘s coalition government system, they have traditionally wielded influence well beyond their numbers by ensuring a parliamentary majority for a string of prime ministers.

In recent decades, ultra-Orthodox parties have used this kingmaker status to secure vast budgets for their religious schools and seminaries that teach students about Judaism but very little math, English or science. Tens of thousands of young ultra-Orthodox males are granted exemptions from military service in order to pursue their religious studies, and older men collect welfare stipends while continuing to study full time.

The system has led to high rates of unemployment and poverty in the ultra-Orthodox community. It also has bred widespread resentment among the secular and modern Orthodox publics, and it became the central issue in January parliamentary elections.

Yesh Atid and the modern Orthodox Jewish Home surged in popularity by promising to change the system and “ease the burden” on middle class Israelis who serve in the military, work and pay taxes. Yesh Atid won 19 seats, making it the second-largest …read more
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Netanyahu Gets Coalition Extension, Has 2 More Weeks To Form Government In Israel

By The Huffington Post News Editors

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli President Shimon Peres on Saturday granted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu another two weeks to form a governing coalition, after Netanyahu failed to build a broad coalition including ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties.

In a televised address, Netanyahu told Peres that he has yet to build a coalition because some parties wish to “boycott” an entire Israeli demographic. It was a reference to the nationalist Jewish Home and centrist Yesh Atid parties, which have refused to join his coalition if it includes the ultra-Orthodox.

If Netanyahu fails to reach a government in two weeks, political newcomer Yair Lapid who heads Yesh Atid, Israel‘s second largest party, could be offered the chance to form the coalition, or new elections could be held.

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Netanyahu gets 2 more weeks to form coalition

Israeli President Shimon Peres has granted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu another two weeks to form a governing coalition.

Netanyahu indicated in a televised address on Saturday that he has not been able to build a coalition because two major parties are refusing to join his coalition if it includes ultra-Orthodox parties. Jewish Home and Yesh Atid are unwilling to align with ultra-Orthodox parties that oppose ending military draft exemptions for ultra-Orthodox seminary students.

Netanyahu has been struggling to form a coalition since January elections. His bloc won the most parliament seats, but fell short of the majority he needs. Netanyahu met with Peres Saturday after failing to meet the initial deadline.

If Netanyahu can’t form a coalition in two weeks, Yesh Atid could be offered the chance to form one.

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Iran studying offer for sanctions relief during nuclear program talks

Seeking even a small step forward in a yearslong dispute, negotiators from Iran and six world powers mulled options Tuesday for preserving Tehran’s nuclear program while still trying to keep it from becoming an atomic arsenal.

It was the latest meeting in excruciatingly technical diplomatic discussions. Iran spent the day studying a new offer from the West to curb some tough international sanctions that have ravaged its economy in exchange for limiting its uranium enrichment and other activities that could be used to make weapons.

Talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, were due to continue for a second day Wednesday, but diplomats at the negotiations warned that a major breakthrough was unlikely.

Western negotiators say they have brought small, if significant, proposals that should prove tempting to Tehran, although they have declined to divulge any details.

“The Iranians went away to consider our proposal during the course of the afternoon and the evening,” said Michael Mann, spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who is leading the negotiations. “There was a useful discussion on that proposal.”

He said Iran is “in breach of their international obligations, therefore the onus is on them to begin the process of building confidence.”

Mehdi Mohammadi, a member of the Iranian delegation, said Tehran will make an offer of its own to end the deadlock but is resisting some of the West’s core demands.

The Obama administration is pushing for diplomacy to solve the impasse but has not ruled out the possibility of military intervention in Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“Our proposal includes reciprocal measures that encourage Iran to make concrete steps,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in Berlin. “My hope is Iran will make its choice to move down the path to a diplomatic solution.”

Israel has threatened it will use all means to stop Iran from being able to build a bomb, potentially as soon as this summer, raising the specter of a possible Mideast war. In Jerusalem, former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called Tuesday on the international community to take more “significant” steps to dislodge Iran from its nuclear program. Lieberman, who is acting head of the influential Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Israeli’s parliament, did not elaborate, but Israeli officials often hint at a possible military strike on Iran‘s nuclear facilities.

“Sanctions alone will not be enough to rein in those same extremists from their goal to achieve nuclear capabilities and the time has come to move toward steps that are much more significant than the talks and sanctions that we’ve seen to date,” said Lieberman.

Lieberman resigned from his post as foreign minister in December amid legal troubles but remains a top political ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Off-and-on talks between Iran and the world powers — the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany — began after the six offered Tehran a series of incentives in 2006 exchange for a commitment from Tehran to stop enrichment and other activities that could be used to make weapons.

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Obama’s Planned Trip To Israel: Good Idea Or Not?

By Gabor Zolna

Obama Negotiating Strategy Israel SC Obamas Planned Trip To Israel: Good Idea Or Not?

WND has an interesting article that they just posted, titled “Iran Terror Threat To Obama’s Israel Trip.” It starts off stating that there is information that the Iran-backed “Islamic Jihad” terrorist organization may attempt to disrupt Obama’s visit there next month. The article goes on to state that there is no known threat against Obama himself or any U.S. targets. Really? I find that impossible to believe.

I care to differ for a whole lot of reasons. First of all, al-Qaeda documents that were gathered at the home of Osama bin-Laden (when Seal Team Six killed him) revealed that bin-Laden had ordered that Obama be killed while flying in Air Force One, along with General Petraeus.

The plan that bin-Laden ordered was to wait to shoot Air Force One down with a ground to surface weapon when both Obama and Petraeus were aboard at the same time. The al-Qaeda leader theorized that with Obama dead (and Joe Biden being as inept as he is), America would disintegrate and no longer be a world power. General Petraeus was to be killed since he lead the insurgency in Afghanistan.

The entire world knows that Obama, being a Muslim, has a strong dislike (more of a hatred, I believe) for Jews, as well as Israel. That became apparent numerous times when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House and Obama disrespected him (such as when he got up from the meeting and said that he was going to have dinner with his family.)

The world also knows that Obama wants Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders and to give up the land that they won in that war and return it to the Palestinians. I do not see that ever happening, since it would literally cut Israel in half and they would not be able to defend their borders. One only had to see Obama’s body language to know that there was little love between himself and Netanyahu.

Allowing Palestinians to create a state is one thing; expecting Israel to return land that was won with the loss of its blood is quite another. Obama wants the Muslim world to be dominated by Sunnis and to be in full and complete control of the Muslim Brotherhood. He armed the Libyan rebels to overthrow Gaddafi, which they did; and Libya is now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama was instrumental in allowing Egypt to be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is anxiously waiting for Syria to fall under the Brotherhood as well. I have little doubt that when Syria falls, Jordan will be the next target of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s drone war, killing al-Qaeda’s leaders along with innocent Muslims who got caught up as collateral damage, will not go unpunished. And I have little doubt that is something that al-Qaeda will attempt to obtain revenge for. What better than to take their revenge on Obama (and his drone war along with the killing of their leader bin-Laden) by shooting down Air …read more
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Israel: Ex-foreign minister on trial for fraud

Former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman went on trial Sunday on fraud and breach of trust charges, pleading innocent in a case that could have deep implications for the makeup of Israel‘s next government.

Lieberman, the leader of the ultranationalist Yisrael Beitenu Party and a key ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is accused of trying to advance the career of a former diplomat who relayed information to him about a separate criminal investigation into Lieberman’s business dealings.

The outcome of the trial will determine whether the hardline Lieberman will be able to return to the Israeli Cabinet or whether his fast-rising political career will come to a premature end.

Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu ran on a joint list with Netanyahu’s Likud Party in a parliamentary election last month. Their combined bloc emerged as the largest faction in the legislature and is expected to be the dominant member of the next ruling coalition. Netanyahu is still negotiating with potential coalition partners.

Lieberman has made clear that he wants to return to the Foreign Ministry, but he is barred from serving in the Cabinet while he is on trial. He has said that if he’s convicted, he will resign from parliament. Depending on the severity of the conviction, Lieberman could be barred from seeking office again for years to come. In the meantime, he is allowed to serve in parliament.

The situation has put Netanyahu in a delicate position. With the trial expected to last well into the spring, it is not clear whether Netanyahu is willing or able to hold open the important foreign minister’s job for his political ally. If he offers the post to another party, however, his alliance with Lieberman could become strained.

Lieberman and his Yisrael Beitenu faction have accumulated tremendous political power, and he is a key player in the governing coalition Netanyahu is now trying to form. Many speculate he is preparing for a run as prime minister in future elections.

Netanyahu has been serving as acting foreign minister while he puts together a new coalition. He has until mid-March to form the government.

Lieberman showed little emotion as he arrived at the Jerusalem courthouse on Sunday. His lawyers said they would seek a quick resolution to the case. The trial is scheduled to last until May at the least.

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