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Parks and Rec Star Wars Rant Explained

Recently, renowned geek, stand-up comedian and actor Patton Oswalt waxed nerdic in a lengthy filibuster scene on NBS’s Parks and Rec. His rant discussed a mixed Star Wars/Avengers universe, during 8 minutes of heightened improv that covered a lot of nerdy territory. At his C2E2 panel, he explained how the scene came about: “If you listen, Amy Poehler Is mic’d and so is Jon Glaser. They told me that they just needed me to talk for a minute in the background while Amy Poehler and John Glaser had this quick discussion.  What I didn’t know is that Amy and Aziz and the writers went, ‘Don’t yell cut and let’s see how long he’ll talk.

“I’m a huge fan of Parks and Rec and I was very excited to get booked, so I was very much like, ‘I really want to do a good job so badly,’ and I think they sort of sensed that and went, ‘Let’s see what he does!’ So that’s what I did. I just kept going, and in my mind I was… going to use The Fountain as a way to pull in Patrick McGoohan from The Prisoner somehow, but my mouth literally dried up.

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Adam Scott, Amy Poehler Teaming Up For Next ‘Greatest Television Event In History’ (VIDEO)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Adam Scott stopped by “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday to talk many things, including his Adult Swim side project “The Greatest Television Event In History”. If you missed episode one featuring he and Jon Hamm recreating the opening of “Simon & Simon”, you should do yourself a favor and check it out.

After rolling a clip from the Hamm episode, Scott announced that there are three more episodes coming and the next one will feature none other than his “Parks and Rec” co-star Amy Poehler, as well as “SNL” alum Horatio Sanz.

Scott would not, however, reveal which TV show they’ll be spoofing. Watch the clip from “Late Night” above and let us know your best guess on which show he and Amy are taking on in the comments. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for “The Greatest American Hero”, which seems apt.

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Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls At The Party’ With Inspiring Storyteller Ellaraino (VIDEO)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

There is pretty much nothing more wonderful on all of YouTube than Amy Poehler‘s web series “Smart Girls At The Party,” and yesterday they finally posted a new video. Rejoice!

This episode (watch above) is all about a woman named Ellaraino, who is famous for being an inspirational storyteller and public speaker.

In an interview with Poehler, Ellaraino talks about her great-grandmother’s incredible journey to freedom after being a slave in America for most of her life. At 86-years-old, she learned how to read and write, despite being told by everyone around her that she shouldn’t bother.

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Chelsea Handler Mocks Taylor Swift: Talk Show Host Jokes Singer Is A Virgin On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Chelsea Handler is never one to hide her feelings, and she didn’t start when asked about Taylor Swift’s recent comments about how she deals with Hollywood’s “mean girls,” including Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who poked fun at her at the Golden Globe awards.

During her appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Handler said it was pretty brazen for Swift to relay that Katie Couric (who was actually quoting Madeleine Albright) once told her, “there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.”

“I think that was a bold statement, but I’m not on anyone’s side because I just don’t care enough,” the 38-year-old talk show host told Andy Cohen. “I like that she’s being that vociferous about something that she thinks they were out to get her. They were clearly making a joke just about her demeanor, which is embarrassing. I mean, she’s just dated so many men.”

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Four Ways to Deal With Mean Girls (and Guys)

By Dina Gachman, Contributor

If you’ve been on your laptop or checked you iPhone over the last twenty-four hours, you know that Taylor Swift has declared Tina Fey and Amy Poehler her mortal enemies. The crime?  Fey and Poehler’s Golden Globes quip about Swift staying away from Michael J. Fox’s son. A simple awards show joke has suddenly become the cause of a serious beef – a beef that’s no doubt been exaggerated due to the endless online chatter it has inspired. …read more
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Indie Spirit Awards 2013: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ vs. ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ (PHOTOS)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

The Independent Spirit Awards are stereotyped as a drunken, casual, beachside soiree that takes place the day before the classy people step out for the Academy Awards. Hosted this year by ‘SNL‘ funnyman Andy Samberg, who described the event as “the only show watched by more people in the room than on TV,” the Spirit Awards lived up to its raunchy reputation.

Amy Poehler was on camera drinking directly from a large bottle of wine at her table, while John Hawkes stood up and threatened to drop his pants to the floor. Samberg worked his way through a plethora of penis jokes -– most notably observing that there has been a “real lack of on-screen d*ck in films this year. Everyone got d*ck shy.”

Samberg went on to roast Hollywood in general with the catchphrase of the day: “F*ck you, Hollywood.” He continued dryly, “you can take your ‘Hangovers’ and ‘Hunger Games‘ and shove it up your ass. You know what I’m talking about, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence,” he joked.

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Independent Spirit Awards 2013 Red Carpet Was Such A Breath Of Fresh Air (PHOTOS)

By The Huffington Post News Editors

With stylists, hair dressers, makeup artists and the actors themselves feverishly prepping for the Oscars on Sunday, several Hollywood stars took a much-needed breather on Saturday afternoon for the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards.

The awards show, held at Santa Monica Beach, was a largely casual affair, with big names like Salma Hayek, Kerry Washington and Amy Poehler wearing casual day dressed in bright, cheery colors. Rashida Jones and Nina Dobrev even wore shorts (with high heels, but still).

The exception was Jennifer Lawrence, who showed up wearing a daringly sexy black ensemble by Lanvin that bared more skin than she’s shown at all the previous awards shows combined. Way to be, J-Law.

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Be Our Next I'm a Huge Fan! Enter For the Chance to Meet Tina Fey!

By Molly Goodson

Between hosting the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler and celebrating a triumphant finale to 30 Rock, Tina Fey has already had a huge year, and it’s only February. Next up for Tina is her new film, Admission, costarring Paul Rudd, and to celebrate, Tina is the next star of our I’m a Huge Fan series!

Head over to the contest page and enter for the chance for you and a guest to fly to New York and get the A-list treatment with surprises along the way, all before meeting – and interviewing – Tina in person as part of our I’m a Huge Fan series! Enter now and catch Admission in theaters March 22.

Click here for official rules.

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Globes Were Actually Pretty Awesome

By Matt Cantor Critics agree: With top-notch hosting , memorable speeches , and an appearance by Bill Clinton, last night’s Golden Globes were a big success—a feat all the more impressive given the awards-show track record. Here’s what reviewers are saying: “Lovely, brilliant, and utterly fearless,” hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler “made awards-show…
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The Golden Globe Movie Winners

The 70th Golden Globe Awards were held today with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the telecast. The complete list of film nominees are below; the list will be updated throughout the ceremony with the winners marked in red.

Click here for the Golden Globe TV winners!

Here’s the full list of film nominees and winners:


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    This Dress Was Not Amy's Best Look

    This Dress Was Not Amy’s Best Look

    Amy Poehler

    Getty Images

    These days, Amy Poehler usually looks amazing. But it wasn’t always that way — like when she wore this odd outfit in 2002.Plus, how she and Tina Fey looked in ’06

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    Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Share Globes Drinking Game

    By Evann Gastaldo Golden Globes co-hosts and real life BFFs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler give a highly entertaining cover interview to the Hollywood Reporter , in which they offer up an idea for a Globes drinking game you can play when the awards show airs Sunday: Fey : “Anytime an actress cries in a…
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