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After Board Nixes Michael Dell's Deal, Carl Icahn Says 'Let The Desperate Dell Debacle Die'

By Connie Guglielmo, Forbes Staff Billionaire investor and activist Carl Icahn called on a special committee of Dell’s board, which earlier today rejected a $26.6 billion buyout plan proposed by Michael Dell, to let a shareholder vote on the issue take place this Friday and put an end to the “Dell debacle.” Icahn , in an open letter to the PC makers board, said he’s “pleased” that Michael Dell’s $13.75 a share offer has been turned down, but noted that “the Special Committee has proposed to change the record date for the special meeting of stockholders, which would further delay the stockholder vote that was first scheduled for July 18.  To that proposal, we say:  Enough!  The stockholders have spoken – and they do not want to be frozen out by Michael Dell/Silver Lake.  Let the vote happen on Friday.  Michael Dell has said he is “at peace either way”.  We are glad to hear it! It is time to let the proposed freeze-out merger die.” Here’s the text of the letter by Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management, one of Dell’s top shareholders and a vocal opponent of Michael Dell’s plan to take the company private with partner Silver Lake. LET THE DESPERATE DELL DEBACLE DIE Dear Fellow Dell Stockholders and Dell Special Committee: Today we read that the Dell Special Committee will not accept Michael Dell/Silver Lake’s request to amend the stockholder approval requirement previously agreed to by Dell, Michael Dell and Silver Lake. We are pleased to see that the Special Committee heeded our advice. But now, the Special Committee has proposed to change the record date for the special meeting of stockholders, which would further delay the stockholder vote that was first scheduled for July 18. To that proposal, we say: Enough! The stockholders have spoken – and they do not want to be frozen out by Michael Dell/Silver Lake. Let the vote happen on Friday. Michael Dell has said he is “at peace either way”. We are glad to hear it! It is time to let the proposed freeze-out merger die.  If the Special Committee fails to heed our advice to hold the Special Meeting on Friday and let the stockholders finally vote after six months of uncertainty, and instead, they decide to reset the record date and schedule the Special Meeting for the fourth time, it is imperative, AS WE HAVE REQUESTED FOR MONTHS, that Dell also hold the Annual Meeting on that same day and at the same time. LET’S MOVE FORWARD TO END THIS UNCERTAINTY The Dell Board needs to immediately set a record date for the Annual Meeting and announce the date for the Annual Meeting. The current Dell directors have been sitting for over a year. We believe that the Dell Board has a fiduciary obligation to ensure stockholders have the opportunity to make their choice: Do stockholders want to continue with the incumbent directors who have supported what we believe is an undervalued merger with the company’s founder, largest stockholder and CEO?  OR Do stockholders want to …read more

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Top Buys by Top Brass: CEO Siering's $103.1K Bet on TWO

By DividendChannel.com

A company’s own top management tend to have the best inside view into the business, so when company officers make major buys, investors are wise to take notice. Presumably the only reason an insider would take their hard-earned cash and use it to buy stock of their company in the open market, is that they expect to make money ? maybe they find the stock very undervalued, or maybe they see exciting progress within the company, or maybe both. So in this series we look at the largest insider buys by the ”top brass” over the trailing six month period, one of which was a total of $103.1K by Thomas Siering, CEO at Two Harbors Investment Corp (NYSE: TWO). …read more

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Nominal Food Stamp Cuts Elicit Leftist Outrage

By B. Christopher Agee

Food Stamps Card Self Respect Loss SC Nominal food stamp cuts elicit leftist outrage

As hard-working Americans across economic lines are forced to survive on less and less during Obama’s all-out assault on prosperity, leftist are up in arms over extremely modest cuts in welfare checks.

According to reports, the unsustainably dense population of food stamp recipients will see an average drop of between $20 and $25 per month in their so-called benefits.

Celia Cole, the hyperbolic CEO of the Texas Food Bank Network, explained that the organization is counting down the days until each government dependent in the nation “gets a little hungrier.”

A family of four, receiving the maximum monthly payout of $668, will now get $643, which Cole apparently sees as one of our greatest injustices.

“This cut will be the equivalent of taking away 14 meals per month for a family of four, or 11 meals for a family of three,” she said, contending that legislators responsible should feel “the shame that they’re doing something wrong.”

Cole joins a chorus of leftists engaging in the false argument that fiscal conservatives are evil for suggesting we make desperately needed cuts to our runaway spending. If anything, these cuts are far too insignificant to offset the rampant waste for which the federal government has become known.

No one is advocating the starvation of America’s poor; however, the political left has long encouraged families to rely on a monthly government check instead of their own resourcefulness and skill. Since welfare has become a way of life for a large percentage of the population, fewer producers exist to support more consumers.

These real economic considerations have no bearing on the utopian worldview of those who favor a nanny state and unfettered social program spending. Likewise, these vacuous talking heads rarely address the reduced standard of living among those not feeding at the government trough.

As Americans continue to see their hours cut in advance of the looming Obamacare fiasco, and increasing taxes take a bigger bite out of their paychecks, it becomes difficult to muster sympathy for a 3.7 percent decrease in “free” money.

A nation as historically blessed and prosperous as America should absolutely have a safety net in place for those unable to provide for themselves; unfortunately, too many in today’s culture treat it like a hammock.

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Report: Mercedes pondering Google Glass navi

By Brandon Turkus

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Engadget is reporting that Mercedes-Benz might be tinkering with Google Glass for its future navigation systems. The first, big-name wearable tech item of the 21st century, Google Glass has a huge degree of potential in a number of fields, not the least of which is the auto industry.

Citing the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Engadget mentions that Mercedes is focusing on producing genuine, door-to-door directions that combine the pedestrian and automotive applications that Google Maps has become known for. President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, Johann Jungwirth, mentioned this seamless integration of directions is the division’s ultimate goal.

The idea is intriguing, but we’re probably going to be waiting on it for some time. Google Glass is still quite expensive and is far from being available at the local Best Buy. Until that day comes, it looks like we’ll just have to make do with going from our car’s navigation to a smartphone.

Mercedes pondering Google Glass navi originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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4 Reasons Being Happily Married Could Make You A Better CEO

By Steve Cooper, Contributor

As the editor of a marriage publication I’m buried in research and statistics about the good, bad and ugly regarding our unions. One thing that has been consistent over the years, however, is how beneficial a happy marriage is to a person’s health—including mental, physical, financial and other ways. If you really want to excel in the boardroom, take care of your needs and responsibilities in your own living room first. Here are four reasons that being happily married could make you a better CEO. …read more

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Bailed-Out Chrysler Thriving and Ready for IPO by Year End

By David Kiley

Chrysler 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

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Chrysler Group, pumped up by the strong demand for its Jeep vehicles and Ram pickup truck, reported healthy second quarter earnings. Its CEO said the solid performance had the company poised for an initial public offering by the end of this year.

Chrysler reported net income of $507 million for the second quarter, up 16 percent from the same period a year earlier. The company said modifications it needs to make to the Jeep Cherokee and Liberty models to prevent fires will take a bite out of earnings for 2013.

CEO Sergio Marchionne, who also serves as CEO of Italian automaker Fiat, which has a controlling stake in Chrysler, said the company is preparing paperwork for its long-awaited IPO. “November or December would be the ideal time” for the Chrysler listing, said Marchionne.

Will there be demand for Chrysler stock? Auto stocks have underperformed the market the last two years except for Tesla Motors. And General Motors, which along with Chrysler was the beneficiary of taxpayer-assisted bankruptcy in 2009, has not enjoyed great demand for its shares until recently.

For more on Chrysler’s fortunes, get the rest of the story at AOL Autos.

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5th Planet Games Talks Facebook Partnership And User Engagement

By Daniel Tack, Contributor

Is Facebook the next frontier for pushing mobile titles?  We had a chance to chat with Rob Winkler, CEO of 5th Planet Games (Dawn of the Dragons), as he took a few moments away from the busy atmosphere of the Casual Connect conference.  Rob will also be presenting tomorrow at Casual Connect during the Community Building in F2P Games: Beyond Whale Hunting panel. …read more

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Fairness and Fair-share

Talking to a friend who is a little bit of a socialist who felt that large corporations were greedy and taking advantage of the poor classes. She stated that the family breakdown was due to the economy and the economy enforces bad morals. She stated that the corporations might not make the same profit but could still stay afloat if they provided larger minimum wages, healthcare and other necessities without increasing the cost of their products. The loss or morality for her was with the CEOs and heads of large corporations who make billions and could chance to lose to increase minimum wage for workers without increasing the cost of their products. I suggested that the corporations will just raise the prices of their products and she believes that laws should be in place to restrict the raise of products.

Part of me thought this was a good idea and that those CEO’s should give up their share for their workers but the other was not so sure. I think I am becoming more jaded with how I see certain things but for one thing I notice the 7 deadly sins which are in play for workers and their bosses and also the problem with contentment. Call me jaded or pessimistic but I don’t think we were all meant for the same level of income and while the CEOs might have greed the workers could be envious. It does suck that a person might have to work two jobs but their life could definitely be better in terms of family and true love that overcomes the necessity of wants. I also just don’t think a fast food worker should have the same income level as a doctor.

This is a confusing topic to me because I don’t think CEO’s are greedy bad people while the workers are innocent bystanders of the capitalistic rule. I just see that both the CEO and workers can encompass greed and both can be envious. And I also don’t see something horribly wrong with different levels of income. At first thought it might be nice to be a wealthy CEO or even that we all could just have the same income level but we were not all made to be the same. And our lives were not made to be the same. And the time of “fair-share” economy has happened before and it never really works out.

I guess the bottom line for me is that income equality will probably never be alleviated because of humanity’s instinct to be greedy, envious, lustful, gluttonous, slothful etc. And I don’t think humanity was meant for fairness since if we were our societies would be equal in everything but they are not.

So this might be a weird question but what do you guys think about capitalism? Taxing the rich for fair-share of the economy? And CEO’s/ Business owners decreasing the gap between profit and worker’s compensation (i.e wages, healthcare)?

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Next for Weiner's Sexting Pal: Porn Star?

By Evann Gastaldo

Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting partner: coming to a sex tape near you? TMZ spotted Sydney Leathers getting into the car of porn honcho Steve Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, after leaving the company’s LA headquarters Saturday. And Gawker notes that she has been on a bit of a media blitz… …read more

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Your Help Is Hurting: How Church Foreign Aid Programs Make Things Worse

By Jerry Bowyer, Contributor

Recently I interviewed Peter Greer via skype to talk about philanthropy, and why it often makes things worse. Peter is the President and CEO of Hope International, which is a microfinance organization. If you don’t know what microfinance is, then this is your opportunity to learn about it. I think it is probably the most important phenomenon in international philanthropy right now, and in economic development. Peter Greer and the work that he’s doing with Hope International is I think taking this idea of microfinance to a new level, so it was an honor to spend time with him. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here. …read more

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Why Saks May Be a Big Problem for Hudson Bay

By Walter Loeb, Contributor On Monday, July 29, 2013 the announcement was made that Richard Baker Chairman, Governor and CEO of Hudson Bay made a bid to acquire Saks Fifth Avenue for $16 a share in an all-cash transaction valued approximately $2.9 Billion including debt.  Shareholders must approve the deal.  In 2012, Hudson Bay recorded sales of $4.1 billion while Saks reached $3.2 billion.  We expected an announcement that Saks Fifth Avenue would be bought and the most likely bidder would be Richard Baker—but, to me, the question is will it work?   I have my doubts. …read more

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How To Handle Q And A Successfully

By Nick Morgan, Contributor

Ben Decker is the CEO of Decker Communications, a fellow communications company on the West Coast.  We crossed paths years back when Decker started putting out their list of 10 best and worst communicators at the end of each year.  I loved their lists, argued with them, commented on them, and started a conversation with Decker which has now extended to a podcast.  Our chat will give you the chance to hear from Ben on the right and wrong ways to handle Q n A, current trends in communications and Paula Deen’s legendary communication skills.  It’s a fun conversation, and Ben has a great perspective on the world of public speaking.  Thanks, Ben, and enjoy! …read more

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What's Up With The Legend of Conan?

Producer Fredrik Malmberg, President and CEO of Paradox Entertainment which controls the rights to author Robert E. Howard’s characters, says the script is underway for The Legend of Conan, but that Arnold Schwarzenegger will likely make Maggie and Terminator 5 beforehand.

In a recent chat with TheArnoldFans (via AICN), Malmberg said, “The idea is that this takes place AFTER Conan has been king. But this is the legend of Conan where he has been gone and people say, ‘do you remember the good ol’ days when Conan was around?’ And now it’s time for him to come back. In the stories and you can also see it when he’s sitting on the thrown and the narration on that last scene of the movie… ‘with a troubled brow’ …you can tell he’s not really happy being king. So, it’s time for him to go out and do battle.”

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Crowdsourcing And Fashion: An Interview With Loni Edwards, Founder And CEO Of Stitch Collective

By Kate Brodock, Contributor

Loni Edwards is Founder and CEO of Stitch Collective Inc, Co-Chair of the Harvard Law Entrepreneurs Network, and Mentor at Andover Thought in Action. Formerly an attorney at Quinn Emanuel LLP.  Graduate of Harvard Law School, Cornell University, and Phillips Academy Andover. …read more

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Ad Groups Scramble After Publicis-Omnicom Merger

By The Huffington Post News Editors

* Shares in WPP, Interpublic, Havas leap on deal news
* Competing agencies will seek to poach big advertisers
* Conflicts possible in tech, telecom, autos
* Publicis, Omnicom say can manage conflict risks (Recasts)
By Kate Holton and Leila Abboud
LONDON/PARIS, July 29 (Reuters) – A plan to merge Publicis and Omnicom into the world’s biggest advertising group has begun a scramble by rivals to poach their blue-chip clients worried the new agency might face conflicts of interest.
Without any defections, the Franco-U.S. giant would bring the accounts of major competitors in a number of industries such as Apple and Samsung, or Coca Cola and PepsiCo, under one roof.
Publicis boss Maurice Levy and Omnicom’s John Wren spoke to some of their biggest clients before the $35.1 billion deal was announced on Sunday, and made further calls on Monday to reassure them they will be better served by the new group.
But rival chief executives from London to Paris and New York, including WPP boss Martin Sorrell, were already scouting on Monday for accounts to poach from the soon to be formed group, industries sources said.
Under the planned deal, the French and U.S. groups will form a giant that will have the necessary scale and investment firepower to cope with rapid changes brought by technology on the advertising business.
Rival ad groups have a rare opportunity to swoop as contracts between major advertisers and agencies often include clauses that say they can be renegotiated in the case of agencies being bought or sold.
“It’s good for us and other independents,” said David Kershaw, CEO of ad group M&C Saatchi. “It shakes out more people that want great creative and global capability but they don’t want to be involved with one of these behemoths, and also who feel uncomfortable having their competitors within the same group,” …read more

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California Redistribution Sees $4 Billion In Redevelopment Revenue

By The Huffington Post News Editors

More than $1 billion is pouring into the coffers of cities, school districts and other public entities across Los Angeles County, as the state redistributes $4 billion formerly used to battle blight.

Money that for decades was earmarked for use by redevelopment agencies is now being funneled to local governments, which can spend the money as their regions warrant without strings attached. A report released last week by the California Department of Finance details how much has been redistributed over the last two years to cities, counties, K-12 and community college districts and county education offices.

“This is money that otherwise would not have been coming to all of these taxing entities in this way,” said Ryan Alsop, L.A. County’s assistant CEO for intergovernmental and external affairs. “This was all part of the governor’s grand plan — freeing up money for state, local governments.”

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