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Will superpower survive in a new world order? | Russia Beyond The Headlines

By Dave Robbins

On July 15 former UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kofi Annan presented his memoirs, “Interventions: A Life in War and Peace,” at RIA Novosti’s Multimedia Press Center. Read More: Will superpower survive in a new world order? | Russia Beyond The Headlines.

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Myanmar opposition leader starts Japan visit

Dozens of flag-waving well-wishers, including people from Myanmar, welcomed Nobel Peace Prize laureate and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who arrived Saturday for a weeklong visit to Japan.

She is scheduled to meet with Myanmar residents later in the day, and is expected to drum up aid for Myanmar in meetings with Japanese government officials.

Widely respected in Japan, Suu Kyi will go to Kyoto in central Japan, where she studied at a university nearly three decades ago. Her father also spent some time in Japan in the 1940s.

She is set to give speeches at prestigious universities in Kyoto and Tokyo.

She had expressed an interest in visiting during cherry-blossom season, but because of unusually warm weather the petals are mostly gone. She leaves Friday.

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/world/~3/Vh7-WF15Gnc/

Troubled South Africa debates impact of white rule

Few South Africans have the moral stature of retired archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who campaigned against apartheid and now laments the crime and inequality that plague the nation two decades after it cast off racist white rule.

“We can’t pretend we have remained at the same heights and that’s why I say please, for goodness’ sake, recover the spirit that made us great,” Tutu said. “Very simply, we are aware we’ve become one of the most violent societies. It’s not what we were, even under apartheid.”

This month, South Africa reopened a conversation over the extent to which the legacy of apartheid drives persistent imbalances in services and opportunities. Some argue that current leaders lean on the past to justify squandered chances to improve South Africa and even invoke the specter of apartheid for political gain.

The fresh discussion began with reported comments by National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel that South African officials should assume full responsibility for the nation’s problems and resist the temptation to continually blame apartheid.

Those include a faltering education system, an uneven record on providing basic services and allegations of corruption and cronyism that drain public faith in the government. The African National Congress, in power since the first all-race elections in 1994, has improved housing for many poor people and presides over a society that is immeasurably more tolerant than its predecessor. But the gulf between the wealthier white minority and the millions of blacks who can’t find work and live in shacks remains wide.

“While wanting to see change happening fast in every corner of the country, we are under no illusion that South Africa will automatically and comprehensively change in only 20 years. That is impossible,” President Jacob Zuma said this week. “The legacy of apartheid runs too deep and too far back for the democratic administration to reverse it in so short a period.”

Zuma has pointed to old inequities, noting white South Africans earn far more than blacks even if political power is now in the hands of elected leaders. Yet South Africa is in “a much better place” than it was under apartheid, and is working toward real unity, devoid of racism and other forms of discrimination, said Zuma, who turned 71 on Friday.

But the grim reference point of apartheid is fading among younger voters. The general elections in 2014 will mark the first time that the leading edge of the generation born

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/world/~3/fk01vm3cPuo/

Suu Kyi visit highlights Japan's Myanmar push

Japan‘s long-deferred aspirations for a larger role in Myanmar are getting a boost this coming week with a visit by Nobel Peace Prize laureate and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The visit by Suu Kyi, in Japan for the first time in 27 years, is highlighting Japan‘s interest in helping to craft a blueprint for Myanmar’s economy and tapping its growth potential.

Japan‘s investments and involvement in Myanmar lag far behind those of China and India. But that is fast changing, after Tokyo forgave about half of Myanmar’s more than $6 billion dollars in debt, clearing the way for renewed international lending to the impoverished Southeast Asian country.

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/world/~3/HPgExa9HiEw/

South Africans give thanks for Mandela improvement

Some South Africans have given thanks in Sunday prayers for the improvement in the health of Nelson Mandela, the former president who was discharged from a hospital after treatment for pneumonia.

Members of an outdoor congregation in Johannesburg say 94-year-old Mandela was in their thoughts often during his most recent hospitalization. The anti-apartheid leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate was admitted to a hospital in the South African capital of Pretoria on the night of March 27 and was discharged on Saturday.

Knowledge Modisa, a South African advertising manager, says she and other worshippers have been putting Mandela “first” in their prayers.

Mandela spent 27 years in prison during the period of white racist rule that ended with his election to the presidency in a democratic vote in 1994.

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Martin Luther King Assassination Anniversary Honored With ‘The 50 Days of Nonviolence’ Campaign

By The Huffington Post News Editors

By David Beasley
ATLANTA, April 4 (Reuters) – The 45th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. will be marked on Thursday with the launch of a campaign against youth violence in his hometown of Atlanta and a labor union rally in the city where he was killed.
The King Center in Atlanta said it would honor its namesake by kicking off “The 50 Days of Nonviolence,” a challenge for youth to abstain from violence for the rest of the current school year.
“As my father said, ‘The choice is no longer between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence,'” said Bernice King, the civil rights leader’s daughter and chief executive officer of the King Center.
“We believe young people have a leadership role to play in creating a nonviolent society,” she said.
Bernice King will speak outside the center on Thursday at 7:01 p.m. EST, the exact time her father was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee.
A wreath will be placed on the front of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where King had preached, in the same spot where one was placed the day after his death.
King, who advocated nonviolence, racial brotherhood and equal rights, rose to international prominence after leading the Montgomery bus boycott, which began in December 1955. He went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.
In 1968, he traveled to Memphis to support sanitation workers who were striking against unfair working conditions and low pay. King was shot and killed while standing on a balcony outside his room at the Lorraine Hotel. He was 39.
James Earl Ray, a segregationist, confessed to the assassination but recanted shortly afterward and tried for years to get a new trial. He died in prison in 1998 while serving a 99-year sentence.
The hotel is now home to the National Civil Rights Museum, which on Thursday will commemorate King’s death with …read more

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Desmond Tutu wins $1.7M Templeton Prize

The John Templeton Foundation says it has awarded South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu one of the world’s leading religion prizes.

The organization says Tutu, 81, is the winner of the 2013 Templeton Prize for his “lifelong work in advancing spiritual principles.” The honor comes with a 1.1 million-pound ($1.7 million) award.

The foundation said Thursday that Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, will receive the prize at a ceremony at the Guildhall in London on May 21.

Responding to the announcement, Tutu thanked supporters and said that he accepted the prize “in a representative capacity.”

The Templeton Prize was established in 1972 by the investor and philanthropist John Templeton. Last year’s winner was the Dalai Lama.

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Thieves in UK steal 1934 Nobel Peace Prize

Police in northern England say thieves have stolen a gold Nobel Peace Prize awarded in the 1930s.

Northumbria Police say burglars broke into the cellar of the Newcastle Lord Mayor‘s house overnight between April 1 and April 2 and stole “a number” of very uncommon items valued at around 150,000 pounds ($226,700).

Police say the thieves made off with a large amount of antique silverware in addition to the Nobel, which was awarded in 1934 to former foreign secretary Arthur Henderson for his work on international disarmament.

They appealed for help tracking down the items Wednesday, saying the stolen prize is “extremely rare, recognizable and historically important.”

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Obama Just Doesn’t Get It

By Michael Oberndorf

President Obama face WH photo SC Obama Just Doesnt Get It

The latest waste of taxpayer money, following close on the heels of the over-hyped sequester, has been Obama’s so-called Charm Tour. It just hasn’t gotten through his thick skull and massive, disorder-driven ego that the American people are not buying his lies like they used to. They’re starting to connect the man to his mindless Marxism and their economic and social pain to his policies. They are finally realizing that the Fraud-in-the-White House is just that.

B. Hussein, however, insulated from the nastiness of reality as he is by the Ministry of Propaganda, tried to take the tour overseas. The result, as with all his incredibly inept and incompetent attempts at diplomacy, statesmanship, and foreign policy, has been another embarrassing failure. This one, though, has been worse than most.

In spite of his pandering to Muslims (especially those with radical, fundamentalist views), it’s coming out very publicly that they hate him even more than they did George Bush. He’s been trying to play both sides against the middle, straddling the fence; and it apparently has PO’d a whole lot of Muslims all over the globe. The demonstrations by “Palestinians” against him were far worse than the Israeli ones, and the Israelis left no doubt of their dislike for him and his duplicity. The “peaceful Palestinians” who B. Hussein, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party of Latter Day Marxism constantly kiss up to showed their respect for Obozo and his pandering by violating the phony ceasefire and showering Israel with rockets while the Messiah was only a few miles away.

Iran, too, has stepped up its saber-rattling; and it appears that it’s just a matter of time – and not much of that – before a major confrontation occurs. Four years of dithering by Obama and the State of Disarray Department under Hillary – and now the criminal/traitor John Kerry – have fueled the delusions of Iran’s leaders that they are all-powerful, unstoppable, and the rightful rulers of the coming global Caliphate. Obama’s brilliant, ever-so-well-crafted answer to the threat of the start of World War III is “Oh, well, if someone wants to actually take action to stop them, wink, wink, nod, nod, we won’t interfere.” Amazing what an education at Columbia and Harvard will do for you.

Meanwhile, in the Far Out Far East, North Korea, led by the second runner-up in a Pillsbury Dough Boy look-alike contest, has called off the ceasefire that ended the Korean War sixty years ago. Kim Jong Un, a second generation wacko, feels threatened by our Nobel Peace Prize “winning” Commander-in-Chief and has mobilized his army and is threatening to launch nukes at us. This motivated our Department of Surrender to make plans to move missile defenses that were originally intended to protect NATO allies Poland and Czechoslovakia from attacks from Iran to Alaska, to add to our protection against attacks from Asia. Asia, for those educated in government schools, is also where China is. Will the Chinese feel threatened, too?

The Smartest Man in the Room just can’t …read more
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AP NewsBreak: China jails Nobel winner's relative

The brother-in-law of China‘s jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is under arrest on fraud charges in an apparent effort to put more pressure on the family.

A lawyer for the Liu family said this week that police detained Liu Hui in late January, just before the Lunar New Year, and he was indicted two weeks ago. The lawyer, Mo Shaoping, says the charges stem from a disputed real estate deal and are unwarranted.

The jailing of Liu Hui is the latest blow to the family and especially his sister, Liu Xia. She has been separated from her husband, democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo, since his arrest in 2008, and she has lived under house arrest since he was awarded the Nobel prize two-and-a-half years ago.

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Myanmar military to continue political role

Myanmar’s commander in chief says the military will continue to play a political role as it supports the country’s transition to democracy.

Speaking to thousands of troops at the annual Armed Forces Day celebration, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said Wednesday that the military must strengthen its capabilities with modern weaponry and training. He also said the country would like to deepen military engagement with other countries, particularly within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and will abide by international human rights conventions.

Opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi sat in the front row at Wednesday’s event. Despite objections from some in her party, Suu Kyi has reached out to the military, which was known for its brutality during its half-century of absolute rule.

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The ‘World’s Poorest President’ Could Be Nominated For A Nobel Prize

By The Huffington Post News Editors

A Dutch NGO called the Drug Peace Institute recently made a bold proposal to Uruguayan President José Mujica.

The organization is pushing for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for the 76-year-old head of state, on account of his efforts to legalize marijuana in the South American country.

“We have come to Uruguay to ask for [Mujica’s] permission to campaign on his behalf,” said Frans Bronkhorst of the Drug Peace Institute.

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More on Latino Icons

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Walesa avoids hate crime charge for anti-gay words

Polish prosecutors say they will not charge former President Lech Walesa with hate crimes for recent remarks deemed offensive to gays.

Walesa, a communist-era fighter for democracy and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, sparked outrage among liberal Poles by saying March 1 that gays have no right to a prominent role in politics. He said gay lawmakers should sit in the back of Parliament, or “even behind the wall.”

That prompted Ryszard Nowak, director of the National Committee for the Defense Against Sects and Violence, to file a complaint with prosecutors in Gdansk, Walesa’s hometown. He said Walesa was promoting the hatred of a sexual minority.

But Renata Klonowska, head of the regional prosecutor’s office in Gdansk, said Wednesday that investigators found Walesa did not commit a crime under Polish law.

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Record 259 nominations for 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee says a record 259 nominations have been received for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, with publicly disclosed candidates including a Pakistani teenager shot by Taliban militants and a U.S. soldier accused of leaking classified material to WikiLeaks.

The secretive committee doesn’t reveal who has been nominated, but those with nomination rights sometimes announce their picks. This year those include Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private who has admitted sending classified documents to WikiLeaks and 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by Taliban militants while on her way home from school in Pakistan.

Fifty of the nominations were for organizations, the committee said Monday. The previous record of 241 nominations was in 2011.

The winner of this year’s prize will be announced in October.

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And The Oscar Goes To…President And Mrs. Obama!!

By Jeff Crouere

Obamas SC And The Oscar Goes To...President And Mrs. Obama!!

President Barack Obama is accustomed to receiving awards he does not deserve. In fact, the President received the ultimate prize in November of 2008. He was elected President of the United States despite scant credentials for the world’s most important position. He benefited from very inadequate vetting by the liberal news media, former political watchdogs turned lapdogs in the age of Obama.

Right after his inauguration, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. This ludicrous decision was not based on the President’s few accomplishments, but rather on the hope that he would successfully pursue peace during his term. Of course, no other U.S. President would have ever received such an award without any qualifications.

So, what do you get for the man who has everything? How about an Oscar? It makes sense; for Barack Obama is a glorified actor portraying a President. He is impersonating a leader, without showing leadership. He has never managed any organizations and has no executive experience; yet he is the Chief Executive Officer of our nation. He clearly does not know how to govern; so instead, he continues to engage in his favorite activity: campaigning.

He is not the Commander-in-chief, but the Campaigner-in chief. In the process, he plays the role of President perfectly, fooling more than half of the American people, approximately 51% in the last election and in recent approval ratings.

Barack Obama appears presidential, sounds presidential, lives in the White House, and uses Air Force One. Everyone calls him “Mr. President,” and he even welcomes world leaders to our nation’s capital.

It is clear that he is an excellent actor; he knows enough to look and act the part of President. But, just like in the movies, it is make believe. In reality, behind the facade, Barack Obama is a truly clueless and ineffectual President. For example, his lack of leadership in the sequester debate has been astounding. Instead of cobbling together a sensible deal, he has demonized Republicans and threatened our national security.

While he plays a role, our nation’s problems are only getting worse, our country is becoming further divided, and there is no bipartisan compromise–only bitter confrontation in Washington D.C. This situation is exacerbated because Barack Obama is only acting in a role that he has no idea how to actually embody in the real world.

This persuasive acting performance has certainly convinced one group of supporters, the liberal elite who control the entertainment industry. They know a good actor when they see one.

This community treats the President and his family as virtual monarchs. So, when Queen Michelle wants to appear on television programs, it happens. The First Lady has been on a whirlwind media tour in recent weeks, appearing on practically every television show that will give her air time.

She reached the apex of exposure Sunday night when the top brass of Hollywood gave her the unprecedented and highly inappropriate honor of announcing the Oscar for Best Picture. She appeared via satellite as a reigning monarch, in a glittering dress, surrounded by military personnel. It was a completely …read more
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Today in History for 24th February 2013

Historical Events

1597 – Flemish painter Frederick of Valckenborch becomes porter of Frankfurt-on-Main
1803 – Supreme Court 1st rules a law unconstitutional (Marbury v Madison)
1940 – Frances Langford records “When You Wish Upon a Star”
1980 – Rangers score 5 power-play goals against Islanders
1988 – Supreme Ct votes 8-0 Jerry Falwell cannot collect for Hustler parody
1998 – Elton John knighted

More Historical Events »

Famous Birthdays

1874 – Honus Wagner, HOF shortstop (Pittsburgh Pirates, 1900-17)
1911 – Konrad Lechner, composer
1913 – Richard Murphey Goodwin, economist
1921 – Ingvar Lidholm, composer
1961 – Janice Gibson, Tulsa OK, LPGA golfer (1994 Youngstown-Warren-15th)
1968 – Mitch Hedberg, American comedian (d. 2005)

More Famous Birthdays »

Famous Deaths

1810 – Henry Cavendish, physicist/chemist, dies
1876 – Joseph Jenkins Roberts, first President of Liberia (b. 1809)
1925 – Hjalmar Branting, Prime Minister of Sweden, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1860)
1976 – Charles Wilfred Orr, composer, dies at 82
1991 – George Gobel, Chicago, comedian (George Gobel Show), dies at 71
2006 – Denis Twitchett, Cambridge scholar, and Chinese historian (b. 1925)

More Famous Deaths »

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The Audacity Of Drones: Keeping Americans Uninformed (Part 4)

By David Fiorazo

Drone SC The Audacity Of Drones: Keeping Americans Uninformed (Part 4)

After four years of the Obama administration’s increasing use of remote-controlled, unmanned drones to kill our enemies, there are suddenly a few more in the media feeling obligated to report on the policy.

A new set of ethical issues is being discussed. The FAA is looking into how to regulate what some call ‘the drone age.’ When liberals say things like ‘Bush would have been impeached if he did what Obama is doing,” rest assured it’s newsworthy and conservatives should jump on the story.

Tina Brown, editor for the Daily Beast/Newsweek basically admitted to media hypocrisy saying:

“He’d be impeached by now for drones if he was George W. Bush… a Republican president; the outcry about drones would be far greater.”

Recently, memos on the president’s drone-use policy were released, perhaps to make Obama look stronger in fighting terror. Ironically, when first elected, Obama used the word “terror” only once in his 2009 inaugural address. Times have changed. The Obama administration has openly carried out more than six times the drone attacks approved by the Bush White House; and the main reason most Americans are unaware is the media looks the other way.

Obama made closing the Guantanamo Bay prison a campaign issue and has been unable to follow up on his promise. Instead, he now seems to favor a policy of killing to avoid prisoner detention. With few exceptions, the media has apparently been fine with openly using drones – that have killed many innocent bystanders – when they feverishly protested the use of enhanced interrogation techniques under Bush. They and Obama considered waterboarding prisoners to be ‘torture’; but they justify this policy of bombing suspects with no judicial review or trial.

The drone controversy has been brewing for months now. Judge Andrew Napolitano recently emphasized that the government’s legal memos on Obama’s policy to kill people overseas includes American citizens. Memos were released after a year of stonewalling federal judges who were seeking legal justification on drone use. What is this administration’s legal basis for claiming the right to kill without due process, thus suspending guaranteed constitutional protections?

The undated and unsigned 16-page document leaked to NBC refers to itself as a Department of Justice white paper. Its logic is flawed, its premises are bereft of any appreciation for the values of the Declaration of Independence and the supremacy of the Constitution, and its rationale could be used to justify any breaking of any law by any “informed, high-level official of the U.S. government.”

Under the Constitution, the president can only order killing using the military when the United States has been attacked, or when an attack is imminent. Obama and his advisers have used the word “surgical” to defend the use of drones as humane and necessary; but the fact is that out of the 2,300 drone-caused deaths, approximately 14 percent have been innocent civilians.

Such gravitas caused PBS’s Bill Moyers to question those who gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, implying it has become tarnished. Moyers now feels the …read more
Source: FULL ARTICLE at Western Journalism

Egypt opposition leader wants national dialogue

Egypt‘s liberal opposition leader has called for a broad national dialogue with the Islamist government, all political factions and the powerful military after the latest eruption of political violence left 60 dead over the past week.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei made the appeal on Wednesday, a day after the military warned the country could collapse under the weight of this turmoil.

President Mohammed Morsi, who was making a brief visit to Germany on Wednesday despite the crisis at home, has declared a state of emergency and night curfew in three restive provinces along the Suez Canal. But residents have defied the curfew since it took effect.

Morsi authorized governors of the three provinces to either cancel or limit curfew hours in an attempt to assuage public anger.

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox World News

Angry protests leave 7 dead on Egypt anniversary

Violence erupted across Egypt on Friday as tens of thousands took to the streets to deliver an angry backlash against President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, demanding regime change on the second anniversary of the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak. At least seven people were killed.

Two years to the day after protesters first rose up against the autocratic ex-president, the new phase of Egypt‘s upheaval was on display: the struggle between ruling Islamists and their opponents, played out against the backdrop of a worsening economy.

Rallies turned to clashes in multiple cities around Egypt, with police firing tear gas and protesters throwing stones. At least six people, including a 14-year-old boy, were killed in Suez, where protesters set ablaze a building that once housed the city’s local government. Another person died in clashes in Ismailia, another Suez Canal city east of Cairo.

At least 480 people were injured nationwide, the Health Ministry said, including five with gunshot wounds in Suez, raising the possibility of a higher death toll.

Early on Saturday, army troops backed by armored vehicles deployed in the area outside the building housing the local government in Suez. The Third Field Army from which the troops were drawn announced that the deployed force was there to protect state institutions and that it was not taking sides.

Friday’s rallies brought out at least 500,000 Morsi opponents, a small proportion of Egypt‘s 85 million people, but large enough to show that antipathy toward the president and his Islamist allies is strong in a country fatigued by two years of political turmoil, surging crime and an economy in free fall. Protests — and clashes — took place in at least 12 of Egypt‘s 27 provinces, including several Islamist strongholds.

“I will never leave until Morsi leaves,” declared protester Sara Mohammed as she was treated for tear gas inhalation outside the presidential palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis district. “What can possibly happen to us? Will we die? That’s fine, because then I will be with God as a martyr. Many have died before us and even if we don’t see change, future generations will.”

The opposition’s immediate goal was a show of strength to force Morsi to amend the country’s new constitution, ratified in a national referendum last month despite objections that it failed to guarantee individual freedoms.

More broadly, the protests display the extent of public anger toward the Muslim Brotherhood, which opponents accuse of acting unilaterally rather than creating a broad-based democracy.

During his six months in office, Morsi, Egypt‘s first freely elected and civilian president, has faced the worst crises since Mubarak’s ouster — divisions that have left the nation scarred and in disarray. A wave of demonstrations erupted in November and December following a series of presidential decrees that temporarily gave Morsi near absolute powers, placing him above any oversight, including by the judiciary.

The Brotherhood and its Islamist allies, including the ultraconservative Salafis, have justified their hold by pointing to a string of election victories over the past year. The opposition contends they have gone far beyond what they say is a narrow mandate — Morsi won the presidency with less than 52 percent of the vote. Brotherhood officials depict the opposition as undemocratic, using the streets to try to overturn an elected leadership.

The extent of the estrangement was evident late Thursday when, in a televised speech, Morsi denounced what he called a “counter-revolution” led by remnants of Mubarak’s regime.

Early Saturday, Morsi called on Egyptians to express their views “peacefully and freely,” without violence. Writing on his Twitter account, he offered his condolences to the families of those killed and pledged to bring the culprits to justice.

His tweets appeared to be an attempt to project an image of himself as president of all Egyptians, in the face of repeated opposition claims that he has been biased in favor of the Brotherhood, from which he hails and to which he remains loyal.

Unlike in 2012, when both sides made a show of marking Jan. 25, the Brotherhood stayed off the streets on Friday’s anniversary. The group said it was honoring the occasion with acts of public service, such as treating the sick and planting trees.

On the horizon are key elections to choose a new lower house of parliament. The opposition is hoping to leverage public anger into a substantial bloc in the legislature, but must still weld together an effective campaign in the face of the Islamists’ strength at the ballot box. Last winter, the Brotherhood and Salafis won around 75 percent of the lower house’s seats, though the body was later disbanded by court order.

Pending the election of a new lower house, Morsi gave legislative powers to parliament’s Islamist-dominated upper house, a normally toothless chamber elected by only about 7 percent of Egypt‘s 50 million voters in balloting last year.

Friday’s protests re-created the tone of the 18-day uprising against Mubarak, including the same chants, this time directed against Morsi: “Erhal! Erhal!” — “Leave! Leave!” — and “The people want to topple the regime.”

Clashes erupted outside the presidential palace in Cairo when youths tried to push through a police barricade. In other cities, protesters tried to break into Brotherhood offices as well as government and security buildings.

Clashes between protesters and police outside the state TV building in central Cairo continued into the small hours of Saturday. Some of the protesters held sit-ins in major squares and streets, insisting they would not disperse until Morsi leaves office.

Standing near Tahrir Square, retiree Ahmed Afifi said he joined the protests because he was struggling to feed his five children on less than $200 a month.

“I am retired and took another job just to make ends meet,” Afifi said, his eyes filling with tears. “I am close to begging. Under Mubarak, life was hard, but at least we had security. … The first people hit by high prices are the poor people right here.”

Tens of thousands massed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where the 2011 uprising began, and outside Morsi’s palace, where banners proclaimed “No to the corrupt Muslim Brotherhood government” and “Two years since the revolution, where is social justice?” Others demonstrated outside the state TV and radio building overlooking the Nile.

In the Nile Delta towns of Menouf and Shibeen el-Koum, protesters blocked railway lines, disrupting train services to and from Cairo. In Ismailia on the Suez Canal, protesters stormed the building housing the provincial government, looting some of its contents. There were also clashes outside Morsi’s home in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiyah.

The demands of the loosely knit opposition were varied. Some on the extremist fringe want Morsi to step down and the constitution rescinded. Others are calling for the document to be amended and early presidential elections held.

“There must be a constitution for all Egyptians, a constitution that every one of us sees himself in,” Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei said in a televised message posted on his party’s website.

Democracy campaigner and best-selling novelist Alaa al-Aswany marched with ElBaradei to Tahrir. “It is impossible to impose a constitution on Egyptians … and the revolution today will bring this constitution down,” he said.

Morsi’s opponents complain that he has kept government appointments almost entirely within the Brotherhood, installing its members to everything from governorships and chiefs of state TV and newspapers, down to preachers in state-run mosques.

Many were also angered by the constitution and the way Islamists pushed it through in an all-night session and then brought it to a swift referendum in which only a third of voters participated. The result is a document that could bring a much stricter implementation of Shariah, or Islamic law, than modern Egypt has ever seen.

Looming over the struggle between the Islamists and opposition is an economy in tatters since Mubarak’s ouster. The vital tourism sector has slumped, investment has shriveled, foreign currency reserves have tumbled, prices are on the rise and the local currency has been sliding.

More pain is likely in coming months if the government implements unpopular new austerity measures to secure a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund.


Associated Press reporters Aya Batrawy and Mariam Rizk contributed to this report.

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox World News

UFO Sighting Live during President Obama inaugural TV Speech 2013 News Caught On Tape this week, Jan 2013.

By ScottCWaring

Date of sighting: January 22, 2013
Location of sighting: Washington, D.C., USA

During President Obama‘s 2013 Inaugural speech yesterday…an alien ship appeared near the top of the Washington Monument. The bluish-green craft was caught when Fox News was panning in and out at the end of a broadcast.

Why would aliens be interested in Obama‘s speech and the inauguration? Wow, there are so many reasons, but the main one is that they get an opportunity to see many celebrities of America all in one place at one time. The celebrities influence the American people in many ways…shaping the personalities and politics the USA has today. Stars such as Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley and the Mexican rock group Mana, the first couple danced as Jennifer Hudson sang the classic song, “Let’s Stay Together,” by Al Green. Also James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce were there. Not to mention Joe Biden, congressmen and senators all watched as Obama was sworn in.

This is not the first time UFOs appeared around President Obama but actually the 4th time. The first time was November 1, 2008 at Pueblo, Colorado when he was on the campaign stage being recorded by MSNBC when a grey disk flew past. The second time was January 20, 2009 at Washington, DC (in front of the Washington Monument) when Obama was giving his first inaugural speech, recorded by CNN when a grey disk shot past the Washington Monument at incredible speeds but even the CNN news reporters noticed it and mentioned it. The third sighting was Dec 9, 2009 in Norway when Obama was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, a giant blue spiral appeared and was so massive that millions of people saw it that night from several countries.

So clearly President Obama has at least one species of aliens that support his ideas and goals for America and the world. We sit and wonder…is the interest aliens have with Obama just because they want to see history in the making, or are they alien paparazzi that spread the news across the universe. Perhaps the answer is more sinister and closer to home…he may be one of them. SCW

Source: FULL ARTICLE at UFO Sightings Daily