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H&M Finally, Officially Launches Ecommerce in the United States

By Justin Fenner

Late Wednesday night, H&M made an announcement that’s been a long time coming: customers in the US can now shop online – which means shopping the brand’s upcoming Isabel Marant collaboration is going to be that much easier. The much anticipated collection will officially be the first of H&M’s collaborations to be sold online in the US.

“It’s finally here!” the Swedish retailer wrote in a Facebook post. “Our US online store is officially open in all 50 states. Great fashion is now just a click away!” Around the same time, the brand’s US Twitter account asked its followers, “Who’s ready to shop online?”

H&M said just a few weeks ago that it would be launching ecommerce Stateside in August, but that announcement came after a years-long cycle of repeated promises and delays. After its much-lauded collaboration with Lanvin, H&M said it would launch ecommerce at the end of 2011. Then, in 2012, the brand said in a financial statement that it would have to push the launch back to Summer 2013.

There were rumors that the ecommerce would launch this June, but those turned out to be false.

But none of that matters now: The “Choose Region” page that greets the site’s users now features a little shopping bag next to the link for the US site. The United States joins Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden (of course), and the United Kingdom on the list of countries that can shop H&M’s website.

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Take Your Blood Pressure Pills Or Increase Your Risk Of Stroke

By Larry Husten A large new observational study demonstrates that people who don’t take their antihypertensive medications are much more likely to have a stroke. The new study, published in the European Heart Journal, used nationwide prescription, hospital and mortality records from 73,527 hypertensive patients in Finland. …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Health

Putin explores Baltic Sea shipwreck

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday dived to the bottom of the Baltic Sea aboard a submersible to explore the wreck of a ship that sank in 1869.

State television pictures showed Putin climbing aboard the Sea Explorer 5 underwater research vessel for the half-hour dive to the wreck of a frigate that sank in the Gulf of Finland.

“It is lying on its right side,” Putin said in televised reports afterwards, saying the vessel was well-preserved.

“Indeed, it’s in perfect state, the name of the ship can be clearly read.

“It’s not scary, it’s very interesting,” he added, referring to the experience.

Television broadcast green-tinted footage showing the Russian strongman carefully inspecting the shipwreck from inside the submersible.

He said he was not at the controls himself, noting he was not skilled enough. “You have to have lots of experience to operate this machine,” he was quoted as saying.

The Oleg was discovered by Russian divers in 2003 and is now being studied by scientists.

It lies at a depth of 60 metres (200 feet) between the islands of Gogland and Sommers.

The 60-year-old sports-mad president, who returned to the Kremlin for a third term last year, prides himself on keeping in peak physical condition and has raised eyebrows with a series of media-friendly stunts in recent years.

A self-professed thrill-seeker, Putin in 2009 dived to the bottom of Lake Baikal in Siberia aboard a mini-submarine.

In 2011, he announced that he had discovered two ancient urns while scuba diving in the Black Sea in 2011, but last year the Kremlin admitted the stunt was staged.

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Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox World News

Putin rides to bottom of sea

Vladimir Putin’s latest media event was modest by the stunt-happy Russian leader’s standards — a half-hour trip to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland to see a shipwreck.

He didn’t even find any treasure.

Putin on Monday rode a small submersible craft 60 meters (200 feet) down to see the remains of the naval frigate Oleg, which sank in 1869, Russian news reports said.

The remains, being examined by marine archaeologists, lie off the island of Gogland 180 kilometers (110 miles) west of St. Petersburg.

Putin’s penchant for adventurous stunts included a trip to the bottom of Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, and a scuba dive in which he brought up pottery shards that his spokesman later admitted had been planted.

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Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox World News

Ammonium salts could provide viable way of removing carbon dioxide from atmosphere via carbon mineralization

Removing excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere may be essential to curb severe climate change. Possible, but expensive, methods include burying the gas underground between rock layers or ‘scrubbing’ the CO2 in power station cooling towers before it is released. James Highfield at A*STAR’s Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, together with co-workers at the National Junior College of Singapore and Åbo Akademi University in Finland, has now described a cheaper and more permanent solution that would prevent the CO2 escaping back into the atmosphere. …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Phys.org

Iron Man 3 Surpasses The Avengers at International Box Office

Iron Man 3 opened in 42 territories around the world over the weekend – that’s about 79% of the international market, so not small by any stretch. And the latest outing for Tony Stark has so far taken a staggering $195.3 million. That’s more than the $185.1 million taken by The Avengers grossed over its opening weekend.

It’s worth noting, however, that in some territories Iron Man 3 had a slight advantage over The Avengers, opening on a Thursday, not a Friday like The Avengers. But saying that, the film has yet to open in Russia, China or Germany – so it’s still a pretty impressive feat.

It had the highest grossing weekend ever in Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. And was the biggest opening ever for a Marvel movie in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Romania, New Zealand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia.

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Source: FULL ARTICLE at IGN Movies

Scientists reach the ultimate goal: Controlling chirality in carbon nanotubes

An ultimate goal in the field of carbon nanotube research is to synthesise single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) with controlled chiralities. Twenty years after the discovery of SWNTs, scientists from Aalto University in Finland, A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS in Russia and the Center for Electron Nanoscopy of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have managed to control chirality in carbon nanotubes during their chemical vapor deposition synthesis

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Phys.org

Recent study confirms the productivity leap of the Fixteri whole-tree bundler

First thinnings have been neglected to great extent in Finland and Sweden due to high harvesting costs. The whole-tree bundler was developed in Finland by Fixteri Oy in order to rationalize the integrated harvesting of small-diameter energy wood and pulpwood and to reduce transportation costs through load compaction. In the work study of Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) and Skogforsk (Sweden), the performance level of the new Fixteri whole-tree bundler was over two times higher compared to previous model.

From: http://phys.org/news285840463.html

Boeing in Line for $300 Million Contract to Support NATO

By Rich Smith, The Motley Fool

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The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified [link opens in PDF] Congress Wednesday of a planned “foreign military sale” of logistics support, equipment, parts, and training to an international consortium of NATO allies. According to DSCA, the value of the contract, if it is permitted to proceed, could reach $300 million. Boeing would perform it.

DSCA coordinates military sales contracts between the U.S. and its allies and must get Congress’ OK on such sales before they can proceed.

The consortium in question was not detailed in DSCA‘s notification to Congress, but was said to include allies in NATO and also Sweden and Finland. This consortium is seeking support under the NATO Airlift Management Program, which maintains and operates NATO-owned C-17s in support of NATO missions.

DSCA advises that providing this support “will contribute to the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by improving the military capabilities of NATO and furthering weapon system standardization and interoperability with U.S. forces.”


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Finland to Putin: Sorry We Put You on Criminal Blacklist

By John Johnson It’s not your usual diplomatic nicety: Finland had to apologize to Vladimir Putin today after a Finnish TV station reported that the Russian president had turned up on the nation’s secret criminal blacklist. Government officials say they’re trying to figure out how Putin’s name got there, though the TV station…

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Putin on Finland's criminal blacklist by 'mistake'

Vladimir Putin, banned in Finland?

Finnish police say the Russian president’s name was mistakenly placed on a secret criminal register that could have gotten him arrested at the border.

Finnish TV station MTV3 reported Wednesday that Putin was placed there for his contact with the Russian motorcycle gang Night Wolves, though he wasn’t suspected of a crime in Finland.

But National Police Board spokesman Robin Lardot told the AP the listing was a mistake and that Putin’s name was removed from the list. He says police were investigating how it got there. He declined further comment.

The content of the register is known only to a few top officials. Putin’s inclusion would be a major source of embarrassment in bilateral relations.

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Breakthrough in chemical crystallography

A research team led by Professor Makoto Fujita of the University of Tokyo, Japan, and complemented by Academy Professor Kari Rissanen of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, has made a fundamental breakthrough in single-crystal X-ray analysis, the most powerful method for molecular structure determination. The team’s breakthrough was reported in Nature on March 28, 2013. …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Phys.org

Agnico-Eagle Loses Sparkle As Gold Prices Fall

By Zacks.com, Contributor

As long as the price of gold continues to drift lower, it seems earnings expectations for miners of the yellow metal are following its decline. And in the high-risk metal mining industry, costs can quickly escalate too. This week, Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM) dropped to a Zacks #5 Rank as analyst 2013 EPS estimates have fallen from $2.44 to $2.04 in the past 60 days. And downward revisions have taken the full-year 2014 down to $2.36 from $2.80. Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited is a Toronto-based gold producer with operations in Canada, Finland and Mexico. The company’s LaRonde mine in Quebec is one of Canada‘s largest operating gold mines by gold reserves and has provided the company s foundation for domestic and international expansion. The company missed expectations in fourth-quarter 2012 with both revenues and adjusted earnings falling short of the Zacks Consensus Estimate. But this was a welcome return to profitability from a year ago. On a reported basis, AEM turned to a profit of $82.8 million or $0.48 per share in the quarter compared with a loss of $601.4 million or $3.53 per share a year ago. The bottom line in the year-ago quarter was hit by $907.7 million of impairment charge at their Meadowbank mine in northern Canada. Special Offer: Stock picks from Forbes Dividend Investor are up 15.9% since July. Average yield on buys is 5.9%. Click here now to try Forbes Dividend Investor free for 30 days. For full-year 2012, AEM posted a profit of $310.9 million $1.81 per share versus a loss of $568.9 million or $3.36 per share in 2011. The hefty impairment loss coupled with production suspension at the Goldex mine crimped the bottom line in 2011. Adjusted earnings of $1.87 per share fell behind the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $2.12. While Agnico-Eagle maintains a solid exploration budget and is reinvesting in its assets to expand output, any potential delay associated with the development projects may jeopardize its future production. And here’s the view of future profits according to the analysts: One of Agnico-Eagle’s main issues has been the persistently high operating costs at its Meadowbank mine in the Canadian Arctic. Ore dilution resulted in lower than expected grades to the mill, and the cost of transportation, logistics, labor and maintenance continued to be much higher than expected. According to the company, Meadowbank previously had a property, plant and mine development book value of about $1.7 billion. Owing to persistently high operating costs, the latest optimized mine plan for Meadowbank resulted in shorter mine life and the company had to reduce the carrying value of the operation. Agnico expects cash costs to increase across a number of mines in 2013. Shut-Down = Write-Down Agnico-Eagle suspended operations at the Goldex mine in October 2011 due to suspected rock subsidence in the hanging wall above the GEZ orebody. Considering the safety of its employees, and the integrity of surface infrastructure, the company decided to stop production at the mine. Due to the uncertainty regarding any future production at Goldex, …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

Tonsillectomy Helps Adults Too

Adults who undergo a tonsillectomy have fewer symptoms of pharyngitis, visit their doctors with throat problems less often, and miss work less, researchers from the University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital, both in Finland, reported in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). The researchers wrote that tonsillectomy may help some adults with recurrent or chronic pharyngitis… …read more
Source: FULL ARTICLE at Medical News Today