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Digging for the truth at controversial megalithic site

By hnn

It’s been raining at Gunung Padang, and the grass on the mountain’s precipitous eastern slope is slick with water and mud.

But geologist Danny Hilman, is undeterred. While others slip and fall around him, he trudges expertly down this hill tucked away among the volcanoes 120 kilometres south of Jakarta to show off two big holes he’s dug.

Since Dutch colonists discovered it in 1914, Gunung Padang has been known (though not widely) as the largest of a number of ancient megalithic sites in Indonesia….

Sydney Morning Herald

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Freeport: Operations Resume At Grasberg; 2Q, Full-Year 2013 Copper, Gold Output Hurt

By Kitco News, Contributor (Kitco News) – Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (NYSE: FCX) said Tuesday that the company is in the process of ramping up output at its giant Grasberg mine in Indonesia following a May accident, although it will take a while to hit full production again. …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

Freeport McMoran Overcomes Fatal Accident In Grasberg That Killed 28 To Deliver Profit Beat

By Agustino Fontevecchia, Forbes Staff

Facing declining gold and copper prices and a fatal incident at its Grasberg mine in Indonesia that resulted in 28 dead workers, Freeport McMoran managed to deliver a solid second quarter earnings print before the bell on Tuesday.  Profit dropped more than 32%, but the self-proclaimed world’s largest publicly traded copper producer managed a healthy beat in earnings per share, helping the stock take off in early trading. …read more

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Devastating long-distance impact of earthquakes

In 2006 the island of Java, Indonesia was struck by a devastating earthquake followed by the onset of a mud eruption to the east, flooding villages over several square kilometers and that continues to erupt today. Until now, researchers believed the earthquake was too far from the mud volcano to trigger the eruption. Geophysicists at the University of Bonn, Germany and ETH Zurich, Switzerland use computer-based simulations to show that such triggering is possible over long distances. The results have been published in “Nature Geoscience”. …read more

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Land-clearing Blazes in Indonesia

In Indonesia, land-clearing blazes dot the countryside. Fires for clearing land have been outlowed for all but the smallest landowners, but the “slash-and-burn” practice still persists despite cloaking Southeast Asia in toxic pollution for weeks. Better and more available satellite technology is helping identify culprits behind land-clearing blazes in Indonesia. …read more

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Indonesia: Churches Closed Under Islamic Law

By George Whitten


By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

ACEH, INDONESIA (Worthy News)– Within one year and without any legal pretext, 17 churches and chapels in the province of Aceh, Indonesia, have been closed under Islamic law.

During his election campaign, the Islamization of Aceh was promised by its new governor, Zaini Abdullah. Abdullah said he would not hesitate to apply Islamic law in the province, and shortly after his election, that promise has become reality for religious minorities struggling in the most populous Muslim nation in the world .

However, the central government is seeking to restore equity to Aceh.

“Indonesia exercises a spirit of pluralism and must continue to do so,” said Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi. “Tolerance must be guaranteed and the majority can not crush the minority violating their civil rights”.

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Source: Worthy News