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H&M Finally, Officially Launches Ecommerce in the United States

By Justin Fenner

Late Wednesday night, H&M made an announcement that’s been a long time coming: customers in the US can now shop online – which means shopping the brand’s upcoming Isabel Marant collaboration is going to be that much easier. The much anticipated collection will officially be the first of H&M’s collaborations to be sold online in the US.

“It’s finally here!” the Swedish retailer wrote in a Facebook post. “Our US online store is officially open in all 50 states. Great fashion is now just a click away!” Around the same time, the brand’s US Twitter account asked its followers, “Who’s ready to shop online?”

H&M said just a few weeks ago that it would be launching ecommerce Stateside in August, but that announcement came after a years-long cycle of repeated promises and delays. After its much-lauded collaboration with Lanvin, H&M said it would launch ecommerce at the end of 2011. Then, in 2012, the brand said in a financial statement that it would have to push the launch back to Summer 2013.

There were rumors that the ecommerce would launch this June, but those turned out to be false.

But none of that matters now: The “Choose Region” page that greets the site’s users now features a little shopping bag next to the link for the US site. The United States joins Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden (of course), and the United Kingdom on the list of countries that can shop H&M’s website.

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Source: FULL ARTICLE at fashionologie

Everything We Know About Soccer Is Wrong

By Zach Slaton, Contributor

It has been nearly two months since The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong was published in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, meaning that soccer quants in North America have had to pay for international shipping if they wanted to get their hands on the book.  The need for such expensive shipping ends on July 30th, 2013 when the book is published in both the United States and Canada.  While the authors of the book, Chris Anderson and David Sally, have been very pleased with the book’s reception in Europe they are looking forward to what they hope is a slightly different reaction in North America.  David Sally explained, “I think we are really glad with the reaction in the UK and The Netherlands where the book launched a few weeks ago.  I think we’re hoping the reaction is going to be even stronger in the US because there is more of an appetite for statistics in sports.  It’s a more natural audience.  I think there is also the coolness and hipness factor to soccer.  A lot of people are trying to understand the game more deeply, and we hope the books serves as a way to get even deeper into the game.” Chris Anderson believes North Americans’ appetite for numbers combined with soccer being a less popular sport than it is in Europe makes the book perfect learning material about a game that is rising in popularity. “[Dave and I] are Americans, and we love American soccer.  We’d love to see the game grow in the US, so in whatever small way the book can tell them something about soccer they didn’t know but they wanted to know and will help them understand and make sense of what’s going on on the field when they’re watching or their kids are playing.  If we can contribute to helping grow soccer in the US in whatever small way I’d personally be really excited about that.” The way Anderson and Sally approach learning about the game is by asking repeated, intelligent questions, answering them with the best available data, and then asking the next logical question that comes from the answer to the previous question.  In laymen’s terms, they end up pealing back the layers of the soccer onion.  The duo divides their examination of the game into three parts: Before the Match, which examines the larger patterns within the game that seem largely immutable: luck accounts for 50% of the outcome of a match, frequency of scorelines are relatively consistent between top leagues, and the rarity of goal scoring makes the game somewhat unpredictable and the value of goal scorers dependent upon when they score their goals versus the scoreline of the match. On the Pitch, which explains how the game is a balance of strategies.  Preventing a goal is more important to earning points than scoring one, the game is about managing turnovers, and the game can be controlled by both tiki taka as well …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

Statement by the President and Mrs. Obama Congratulating Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

By The White House

Michelle and I are so pleased to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child. We wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings. The child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations. Given the special relationship between us, the American people are pleased to join with the people of the United Kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince.

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Source: FULL ARTICLE at The White House Press Office

Royal Baby Welcomed By Obama, First Family

By The Huffington Post News Editors

President Barack Obama issued a statement Monday on Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton giving birth to a baby boy, her first child with Prince William.

Obama’s statement read:

Michelle and I are so pleased to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child. We wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings. The child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations. Given the special relationship between us, the American people are pleased to join with the people of the United Kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince

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More on Barack Obama

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Royal Baby Gets Religious Celebrations At Westminster Abbey And Anglican Churches, With Christening To Follow

By The Huffington Post News Editors

As people around the world watch news of the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby boy, the priests and parishioners of Westminster Abbey, the Anglican church where the royal couple was married, are taking celebrations to another level.

Church bells will ring consecutively for three hours and fifteen minutes to observe the new arrival, for whom the 600 worshippers said prayers on Monday evening while the Middleton was still in labor. A ten-person team — with substitutes in case of sickness or fatigue — will helm the bells for a full peal in a method of ringing called the Cambridge Surprise Royal. In city squares around the United Kingdom, churches are also ringing their bells.

“This is a time when the example of a royal baby focuses the attention on the importance of every baby and child,” said the Rev. John Hall, the dean of the abbey who officiated at the couple’s wedding. “It’s a time of looking forward, of great hope. The truth is that every birth is a sign of new hope and new life, but the birth of this baby brings joy throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and many other places, including the United States.”

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Kenyan mentor cheering Froome on to victory

As Britain’s Chris Froome pedals towards Tour de France victory, far away in his birthplace of Kenya he is being cheered on by the cyclist who first trained him.

Outside his simple tin-roof house on a dirt road, David Kinjah, 43, Froome’s mentor when he first took up the sport, says he will be one of the loudest shouting support.

“We are greatly honoured knowing that Froome, who is now at the top of the world, was one of us,” said Kinjah, his dreadlocks swept back beneath his cycle helmet.

Froome, 28 and born in Kenya, names Kinjah as his “inspiration”.

“Training together in the rural highlands north of Nairobi is what ignited the passion for cycling which Froome has today,” the cyclist’s website reads.

Froome’s mother asked Kinjah to mentor his riding when he was 11.

“She needed somebody to tap his prodigious energy, and somebody had told her that I could handle him,” said Kinjah.

“The first time Chris came here with his BMX bike he was very shy…but he was also a very determined young boy.”

The tough Kenyan pushed young Froome as he developed his cycling strength pedalling on back roads in the hills and coffee farms around the capital Nairobi, one of the highest altitude capitals in the world.

“Kinjah helped me see you didn’t need the best bike or perfect conditions,” Froome told Britain’s Guardian newspaper in January.

“You can just get on a bike and go – no matter where you are.”

Froome has notched up a string of stunning performances on this year’s Tour, from his mountaintop wins at Ax-Trois-Domaines and on Mont Ventoux to his victory in Wednesday’s individual time-trial in Chorges.

Kinjah still trains young athletes, with his 20-strong Safari Simbaz team — in Swahili, the “travelling lions” — aiming to use cycling to help bring “young athletes out of poverty”.

The Simbaz, who modestly list Froome as their “most successful export”, continue their work to develop Kenyan cyclists, or as they put it, to “cut the rough diamond of these future champions.”

Kinjah and Froome cycled together for Kenya during the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

“His success will serve as an inspiration to these youngsters,” added Kinjah, who also raises funds for young Kenyan cyclists through bike tours for tourists.

“It is very encouraging for the work we are doing with the underprivileged youth in the villages. They will get motivated to cycle.”

Should Froome win, Simbaz plan to hold a Nairobi lap of honour, cycling the streets in celebration, before roasting a goat a night for young cyclists to feast on.

Froome later moved to South Africa as a teenager. He qualified for British nationality because his father and grandparents were born there, and he began to ride for Britain in 2008.

Despite never having been to the United Kingdom until he competed in the Tour of Britain in 2007, speaking earlier this week he made it clear that he was “extremely proud” to represent Britain.

But for his Kenyan friends shouting support from afar — watching on a small television in a cramped room — Froome …read more

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Microsoft deal offers free Xbox LIVE Gold sub for Office 365, with numerous caveats

It sounds great: Microsoft now offers a free year’s subscription to its Xbox LIVE Gold service if you pick up an Office 365 subscription or Office 365 University.

But dig into the terms and conditions attached to the promotion, and you’ll find out quickly that it doesn’t apply to everybody. In fact, if you purchased either subscription within the United States, you’re out of luck.

What this does imply, however, is that Microsoft hopes to beef up its international penetration of Office 365 by piggybacking it onto the more popular Xbox game console. The deal is available in Canada and Mexico, plus many European countries like France, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Two of the so-called BRIC countries are also included: Brazil, and Russia.


But you’re also out of luck if you purchased any of the following, which are not eligible for the deal:

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Countries seek to bring home Guantanamo detainees

President Barack Obama’s renewed push to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for terrorism suspects has given a glimmer of hope to foreign governments that he will fulfill that promise and triggered diplomatic maneuvering from U.S. allies eager to bring home long-held detainees.

Kuwait has hired lobbyists to help bring its two remaining prisoners home. British Prime Minister David Cameron personally pressed Obama at the Group of 8 summit last month to release the United Kingdom’s final detainee. And the fate of Afghans being held at the U.S. military prison in Cuba has been at the forefront of peace talks between the U.S., Taliban and Afghanistan.

The indefinite captivity has created tension with some important U.S. allies, particularly in the Arab world, the native home of many of the 166 remaining detainees. Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen are among those countries that have pressed the U.S. to turn over their nationals.

The Obama administration is in the midst of determining which detainees present the lowest risk for terrorist activity if released — considering both their personal histories and security in the countries to which they will be returned.

More than 100 of the detainees have participated in a hunger strike to protest their indefinite confinement, with several dozen having been force fed through a nasal tube to keep them from starving, although the military reported Friday that most have resumed eating.

David Cynamon, an American lawyer based in the Middle East who is working with Kuwait on getting their detainees back, said in recent months they are finally having meaningful negotiations after years of “radio silence.”

“You would think with a close ally like Kuwait they would at least get a hearing, but they kept getting the brush off,” Cynamon said.

Cynamon said that’s even though the Kuwaiti government built a rehabilitation center for former Guantanamo detainees at the request of Bush administration officials, after another former detainee carried out a suicide bombing that killed at least seven people in Iraq. The center, a section of the Kuwaiti central prison designed for medical and psychological treatment and religious counseling to ensure the detainees will peacefully reintegrate into society, has not been used.

Kuwait hired The Potomac Square Group, a Washington lobbying firm, to help spur talks for the transfer of Faiz al-Kandari and Fawzi al-Odah.

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Offshore Tax-Dodging Law To Be Delayed By 6 Months: Treasury

By The Huffington Post News Editors

* Delay will give foreign banks more time to comply -Treasury
* FATCA law has drawn complaints from many foreign banks
* Agreements reached with UK, Switzerland, Germany other countries (Adds details of postponement, background)
By Patrick Temple-West
July 12 (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury Department said on Friday it will postpone enforcement of a new law that cracks down on offshore tax avoidance by Americans by six months until July 1, 2014, giving foreign banks more time to determine how to comply.
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, requires foreign banks and other institutions to supply information to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service about Americans’ offshore accounts worth more than $50,000.
The law, approved by Congress in 2010, stipulates that foreign financial institutions that fail to comply can effectively by frozen out of U.S. capital markets.
Since the law was passed, foreign banks and other businesses have complained about the costs of FATCA and its scope, saying in some cases that it conflicts with home-country banking laws that shield account holder information.
To help banks in countries with legal issues, Treasury and the IRS have been working on agreements that will let the home-country governments of foreign banks act as information-disclosing intermediaries to deal with the IRS.
“We are providing an additional six months to complete agreements with countries and jurisdictions across the globe,” said Robert Stack, Treasury deputy assistant secretary for international tax affairs, in a statement.
The United States has finalized intergovernmental agreements for FATCA compliance with Germany, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Dozens more of these pacts are in negotiation.
A new registration website for banks to sign up with the IRS and ensure they are complying with FATCA is now set to open on Aug. 19, Treasury said in its statement. The portal …read more

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Bremont Codebreaker: A Watch Made With World War II Enigma Parts

By Elizabeth Doerr, Contributor

In the watch industry, we often hear tell of war stories as related through the history of pilot’s watches. But what about a watch that tells yet another kind of war story? Equally impressive and important, but perhaps a little more uplifting and a doubtless a monument to the ingenuity of the human mind at the same time. The brand-new Bremont Codebreaker is just that: rooted in the machine created to break the Enigma, aptly called the Bombe. War World II buffs will know that the huts located within the attractive Bletchley Park estate played an important role in British (and Allied) history as it pertains to the War. The site of the United Kingdom’s main decryption unit, ciphers and codes generated by the German Enigma and Lorenz machines were cracked here. Watch this trailer from 2001’s Enigma for a quick recap of the incredible story.  In fact, after the war General Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The intelligence…from [Bletchley Park] has been of priceless value. It has saved thousands of British and American lives and, in no small way, contributed to the speed with which the enemy was routed and eventually forced to surrender…a very decisive contribution to the Allied war effort.” …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

Coast Guard searching for British man who went overboard in remote area of the Pacific

The U.S. Coast Guard in Hawaii says it has rescued a British citizen and is searching for another who fell overboard in a remote area of the Pacific.

Coast Guard spokesman Eric Chandler said Sunday the 35-year-old man was conscious and wearing a life jacket when he went overboard, but has not been found more than 15 hours later.

Chandler says marine rescue officials in the United Kingdom reported at 11:30 p.m. Saturday that one man had fallen overboard from the 38-foot vessel nearly 2,000 miles west of Oahu, and the one remaining was an inexperienced sailor.

A helicopter lowered a hoist to rescue the man, and a Coast Guard plane and Navy warship are searching for the other.

The men’s names and their voyage’s purpose were not immediately clear.

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox US News

Fitch Downgrades UK, Citing 90% Debt Threshold Used In Discredited Austerity Research

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Here’s an example of why credit-rating agencies might have a bit of a credibility problem.

On one of the most dramatic news days in recent history, Fitch Ratings took the opportunity on Friday to cut its credit rating for the United Kingdom’s sovereign debt to AA+ from AAA. This had zero real-world impact and little news value, but there was one interesting thing about it: The agency based the downgrade on the U.K.’s inability to get its debt down to 90 percent of gross domestic product.

If that number sounds familiar, that’s the threshold made famous by an economic research paper often used to justify government austerity, research that just this week was revealed to be full of errors.

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More on Mark Gongloff on Money

From: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/19/fitch-downgrades-uk_n_3116984.html

A new family of aniontransporters to fight against cancer

The journal Accounts of Chemical Research has published the article “Anion Transporters and Biological Systems”, by Professor Ricardo Pérez Tomás, from the Department of Pathology and Experimental Therapy of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona, Roberto Quesada, from the Department of Chemistry of the Sciences Faculty at the University of Burgos, and Philip A. Gale, from the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom.

From: http://phys.org/news285581194.html

ExactTarget Launches Singapore Office to Serve Digital Marketers Across Asia Pacific

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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ExactTarget Launches Singapore Office to Serve Digital Marketers Across Asia Pacific

Office Extends ExactTarget’s Regional Strength with Operations in Singapore and Australia

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Global cross-channel digital marketing leader ExactTarget  (NYS: ET) launched its Singapore office today, expanding the company’s international strength across Asia Pacific.

The office extends ExactTarget’s ability to bring its suite of email, mobile, social media, Web, data management and marketing automation applications to marketers throughout the region, building on the company’s regional presence in australia.

“Working closely with our team and clients throughout the region, it is clear that there is tremendous opportunity in Singapore and across Asia Pacific to transform business through digital marketing,” said Scott Dorsey, chairman and chief executive officer of ExactTarget. “By continuing to bring our expertise and passion for digital marketing to new markets, we are providing the leadership and technology businesses need to achieve new levels of success by connecting with their customers across email, mobile, social media and the Web.”

In a Sept. 2012 report, the Broadband Commission for Digital Development noted, “Singaporeans have shown a strong appetite for smartphones, according to surveys which rank Singapore one of the world’s highest in terms of smartphone penetration.” The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore estimated mobile phone penetration was more than 150 percent in 2012.

“Smartphones are fueling an unprecedented level of hyper-connectivity, making it seamless for consumers to move between email, SMS, apps, social media and the web from a single device,” said Scott McCorkle, ExactTarget’s president of technology and strategy. “ExactTarget’s suite of products provides the solution marketers need to optimize these interactions with data-driven, permission-based digital marketing that builds customer loyalty and drives sales.”

ExactTarget currently powers digital marketing programs for more than 6,000 clients worldwide and many of Asia Pacific‘s leading brands, including Haymarket, Fairfax Media and David Jones.

The announcement of ExactTarget’s new Singapore office follows the company’s 2012 launch of international operations in France, Germany and Sweden. ExactTarget’s global operations now include offices in australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore and Sweden. ExactTarget’s U.S. operations include offices in Atlanta, Indianapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle.

For more information about ExactTarget Singapore, visit www.ExactTarget.com.sg.

About ExactTarget

From: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/04/18/exacttarget-launches-singapore-office-to-serve-dig/

The United Kingdom Is Very Unequal: Because Of London

By Tim Worstall, Contributor It’s a standard trope of British politics that the country is very unequal. Which is indeed true, compared to most other countries the UK is unequal: the Gini is higher than in almost all other advanced industrial countries for example. From memory only Italy and the US  are more unequal. From a certain political viewpoint (one well to the left of my own but then so are most political viewpoints well to the left of my own) this is a problem, a problem that demands a solution. They’re rather more vociferous about it than that to be honest. A crying shame, a stain upon the nation, is the usual start to the rhetoric and it just escalates from there.

From: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/04/15/the-united-kingdom-is-very-unequal-because-of-london/

Earth-Shaking News About Natural Gas Fracking

By Taylor Muckerman and Joel South, The Motley Fool

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Increased seismic activity in North America and Europe near corridors of hydraulic fracturing has had some worried about the dangers that fracking could be causing. Arkansas even went as far as shutting down fracking in a portion of the state during 2011, after tremors were felt. However, a recent study out of the United Kingdom hopes to dispel some of those worries. 

The following video provides an overview of the study’s findings and touches on the opinions of a 20-year ExxonMobil veteran-turned-Tufts-professor on the issue. His view is that the benefits of fracking far outweigh the risks, especially when considering the consequences of higher natural gas prices that could result in a pullback of natural gas production.

Fracking can also have affects on the price of oil, potentially helping keep it below future expectations. However, if you’re on the lookout for some currently intriguing energy plays for a higher priced oil environment, check out The Motley Fool’s “3 Stocks for $100 Oil.” For free access to this special report, simply click here now.

The article Earth-Shaking News About Natural Gas Fracking originally appeared on Fool.com.

Joel South, Taylor Muckerman, and The Motley Fool have no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days. We Fools don’t all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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All Eyes Should Be on This Stock

By Matt Thalman, The Motley Fool

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In the following video, Fool contributor Matt Thalman discusses one stock that all shareholders of any casino company should be watching.

A small company that previously had very few links to the world of legalized gambling is making big waves across the pond with two online gambling websites in the United Kingdom. Casino shareholders should watch to see how much profit will be generated from this business and what, if any, legal issues arise.

Click on the video to find out which company Matt believes you should be following very closely over the next few quarters.

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Zynga‘s post-IPO performance has been dreadful, and investors are beginning to wonder if it’s “game over” for this newly public company. Being so closely tied to the world’s largest social network can be a blessing and a curse. You can learn everything you need to know about Zynga and whether it’s a buy or a sell in our new premium research report. Don’t even think about picking up shares before you read what our top analysts have to say about Zynga. Click here to access your copy.

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From: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/04/13/all-eyes-should-be-on-this-stock/