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Video: See how Motor Trend performs instrumented testing on a Viper

By Brandon Turkus

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MotorTrend has a rigorous set of instrumented testing procedures, and they are given a closer look in the buff book’s latest YouTube video, as it tackles the 2013 SRT Viper.

Using a stylish, white and silver SRT Viper, host Jessi Lang takes us through the battery of tests that each new car receives. That includes the more mundane acceleration runs, with some interesting tips from Scott Mortara on what it takes to charm the 640-horsepower snake.

Vehicle dynamics are also put under a microscope with MT’s figure-eight testing. Motor Trend‘s Testing Director Kim Reynolds shows off the suite of testing instruments used on the Viper before heading out to conduct the test.

Check out the full video below.

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Official: Ram 1500 wins Consumer Reports fullsize truck test

By Damon Lowney

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Vehicles that perform well in road tests by some of the most popular automotive publications, such as Car and Driver, Motor Trend and Automobile, don’t always score well in in Consumer Reports’ more regimented, practical test procedures, so the Ram 1500’s climb to the top of CR‘s scoreboard is a boon for the well-received pickup truck, which CR also put on its “recommended” list.

To start off with, the freshened 2013 Ram 1500 has a lighter, stiffer chassis than before, and the four-wheel-drive Crew Cab that CR bought and tested performed flawlessly and achieved class-leading fuel economy (15 miles per gallon) with the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 – the most popular engine choice for the 1500 – and the new eight-speed automatic transmission. The unique-in-its-class rear coil spring setup endowed the truck with “one of the best rides of any pickup,” CR reports. That helped it earn its class-leading road-test score of 78, well ahead of the nearest competition still in production, the Toyota Tundra (69) and the Ford F-150 (68). It’s worth noting, however, that the Chevrolet Avalanche outscores the 1500 by two points (80), but production of that vehicle ends after the current 2013 model year.

About the only things the publication could find wrong with the truck were a heavy tailgate and a high step up into the cabin. Get ready for the next round later this summer when CR is finished testing the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, which is doing well so far in the publication’s tests.

To see what we think of the 1500, head over to our First Drive review of the Ram 1500 SLT with the Pentastar 3.6-liter V6, and feel free to take a look at the Consumer Reports press release below.

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Ram 1500 wins Consumer Reports fullsize truck test originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 16 Jul 2013 06:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Can Toyota's New Tundra Challenge the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado?

By Adam Levine-Weinberg, The Motley Fool

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Back in February, Toyota Motor unveiled the third generation of its Tundra full-size pickup, which will make its debut in September for the 2014 model year. Let’s take a look at how it might stack up against similar offerings from the big names in Detroit.

While Toyota has become a force to be reckoned with in the U.S. car market over the past few decades, it’s had much more trouble breaking into the full-size pickup segment. Ford has been the segment leader for a long time with its F-150 pickup, and General Motors is a strong second with its Chevy Silverado. (If you include the Silverado’s twin, the GMC Sierra, GM‘s total market share in the segment is similar to Ford’s.) Chrysler Group lags well behind Ford and GM in terms of market share, but its Ram pickups still have the No. 3 market share spot locked up.

The new Tundra makes some modest performance improvements over the previous version, but the interior redesign is far more impressive. However, truck owners are known for being very loyal to their favorite brands, so Toyota faces an uphill battle to grow its market share. Nevertheless, I believe Toyota may offer significant discounts to drive higher volume. In today’s price-conscious world, this strategy could be successful and drive a significant market-share increase for Toyota, at the expense of the Detroit Three.

Tundra’s long road
The full-size pickup segment offers very high margins compared with the auto industry as a whole, which explains why Japanese automakers have tried to break into this business. Toyota opened a new manufacturing plant in San Antonio to produce the second-generation Tundra back in 2007 and hoped to sell 200,000 per year. It was favorably reviewed, won the Motor Trend “Truck of the Year” award, and nearly met its sales goal in 2007. However, the collapse of the housing market shortly thereafter drastically reduced sales; last year, Toyota sold barely 100,000 Tundras. By contrast, Ford sold more than 645,000 F-Series trucks in 2012.

Clearly, the loyalty of longtime Ford, Chevy/GMC, and Dodge/Ram truck owners puts a limit on the Tundra’s market share. Still, Toyota did gain substantial market share back in 2007 when the last-generation Tundra hit the market. Furthermore, while Toyota hasn’t provided a specific sales goal, executives have said they expect the Tundra’s sales growth to outpace overall segment growth this year, even though the new Tundra won’t hit the market until the fall.

Going for luxury
The main area where Toyota has made significant improvements over the previous generation is in the luxury pickup segment. Toyota is offering many more upscale options on the 2014 Tundra, including two different premium grades — the Platinum and 1794 edition. The fastest-growing segment of the pickup market has been for luxury trucks retailing for $40,000 or more, but Toyota hasn’t previously offered that level of luxury. With the new high-end Tundra models, Toyota is using high-quality leather and

From: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/04/14/can-toyotas-new-tundra-challenge-the-ford-f-150-an/

Video: SRT's Ralph Gilles addresses the infamous <i>Motor Trend</i> Viper vs. ZR1 test

By Jeremy Korzeniewski

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In one of the most interesting roundtable discussions we’ve seen in quite some time, the boys from Motor Trend, along with pro racing driver Randy Pobst, sat down with SRT head honcho Ralph Gilles to discuss the 2014 Viper. And the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, naturally. As you may remember, Motor Trend has filmed two videos pitting the latest Viper from SRT against the standard-bearing ZR1, with the Viper losing the first battle but barely eking out a victory with the upgraded TA model in the second.

A few interesting tidbits sneak out regarding the Viper, such as the fact that an ACR model isn’t ready “yet,” as well as the story of how the TA model came into existence after the first test by Motor Trend. Apparently, that test also resulted in a slight softening of the regular Viper’s suspension for production. Interestingly, Gilles doesn’t seem ready to admit defeat even in that first testing session, saying that the Viper used by MT was a pre-production model and that it had been out of alignment – that said, he does offer up an apology of sorts for “throwing gas on the fire” on social networks after the video hit the web.

Moving away from the Viper toward the end of the discussion, Gilles touches on the new Camaro Z28 and mentions that “the Challenger is under the knife as we speak… and we’re going to come with an answer to [the Z28] and an answer for our friends at Ford.” That sounds mighty intriguing… though Gilles also admits that a Cuda isn’t coming “anytime soon,” but that it is “a couple years out” on a different platform than the Challenger. Fortunately, it sounds like the next-generation of the Challenger SRT will make an appearance in New York in 2014.

There are plenty more interesting tidbits in the video, so we suggest you take about 20 minutes of at the end of your day to watch it yourself. Scroll down below to watch it, along with the two MT videos comparing the Viper and ZR1 at Laguna Seca.

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SRT’s Ralph Gilles addresses the infamous Motor Trend Viper vs. ZR1 test originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 04 Apr 2013 19:58:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Video: Tesla Model S pitted against… Citroën DS-19?

By Zach Bowman

Citroen DS vs Tesla - Motor Trend Head 2 Head series screencap with Jonny Lieberman

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Motor Trend has taken it upon itself to pit the lauded 2013 Tesla Model S against the venerable 1956 Citroën DS-19 in the magazine’s latest Head 2 Head video. In what realm do these two machines cross tracks? Host Jonny Lieberman makes a strong case for the fact that both cars represent the pinnacle of automotive innovation from their respective eras, but we’re guessing he was really just looking for an excuse to spend a few days whirring around in a DS. Lieberman is an unabashed fan of all things Citroën, and the DS understandably sits at the top of that list.

Still, he would appear to give both cars a fair shake, lauding the Model S for its many innovations over its automotive peers while criticizing the DS for its lackluster powerplant. In the end, the victor of this particular Head 2 Head is no surprise. You can check it out in the video below for yourself.

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Tesla Model S pitted against… Citroën DS-19? originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:45:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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2013 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque AWD Prestige Review & Test Drive

By Harvey Schwartz

2013 Range Rover Evoque Beauty Right LA Done Small

First launched in 2012 as a two door coupe and winner of numerous awards including Motor Trend magazine’s ‘2012 SUV of the Year’.   New for the 2013 model year, amongst new technological innovations, is a five door, entry-level ‘Pure Premium’ five-door Evoque with an aluminum alloy roof and an interior trimmed in leather and Dinamica, in place of the standard panoramic laminated glass roof  inside other Evoque models, joining the lineup.

Once I turned over the engine and  took off on my way I’ve gotten positive remarks from other vehicle drivers and people in parking lots asking me “What is it?”, “Who makes it?”, and “It is incredible looking!”.  I agree as this new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is one-of-a-kind.  It certainly doesn’t look anything like the other boxy Range Rovers.  No, the Evoque went from concept directly to the showroom and streets turning heads wherever it goes.  When approaching the trunk with the key fob the puddle lamps light up under the sideview mirrors and you’ll see the original sketch of the truck on the pavement.  I tested the new five-door Prestige model and enjoyed every minute behind the wheel driving this uniquely styled, high-performing, comfortable, luxurious and safe all-terrain sport utility vehicle.

2013 Range Rover Evoque Beauty Side LA Done Small

The uniquely styled Evoque features a dynamic profile with its rising beltline, a muscular shoulder running the length of the trunk and a distinctive taper to the roofline.  This pinches the narrow windows with an upturned line.  The sculpted corners reduce the truck’s visual front and rear overhangs.  The front fascia features a unique aluminum grille and two lower air intakes for the engine and intercooler cooling.  Just below is an aluminum chin slid plate that protrudes out helping manage air flowing under the truck and protection the engine from outside extrusion when off-road.  Powerful adaptive HID headlights and LED foglamps light up the night for enhanced safety.  From the side is a profile like no other sport utility vehicle.  The stance is low, the A-pillars are steeply raked, and a full-perimeter brushed aluminum strip rises under the windows.  The chrome strip under the doors gives it a luxurious look while the lower side extensions contribute to a lower center of gravity.  The sculpted aluminum side vents also adds to the look of motion even when parked.  The flared fenders of my Evoque Prestige model came stuffed with large 245/45R20 inch Continental Cross-Contact tires wrapped with unique five-prong spoke 20X8 inch aluminum alloy wheels.  Out back the rear window gets pinched but rearward visibility remains excellent.  On top of the window is a spoiler to enhance downforce, unique wraparound LED lamp clusters with a brushed aluminum strip tying each side together and a convenient standard power liftgate.  Down below is a black contrasted bumper with reflectors, a wide aluminum diffuser and three inch round polished stainless steel exhaust tips at the sides. The looks from the front, side and …read more
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SRT Viper TA (Time Attack) Is Ralph Gilles’ Answer to the ZR1: Video

By Darryl


With every new automotive product comes the fine-tuned scrutiny of publications when they put them to the test. Case in point, Motor Trend recently put the new SRT Viper through its paces and pitted it against the current Corvette ZR1. They took it to the infamous Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway where the ZR1 came away with the over-all win at helm of the ever-so-consistent driver Randy Pobst.

The results, despite Randy Pobst hinting at his “…hard time with cars that don’t handle well,” ended up in a preverbal up-setter on the SRT side with SRT CEO Ralph Gilles in an upset state of mind. As an answer by Gilles and his team, SRT shot back in the end with an updated Viper dubbed the Viper TA, TA standing for Time Attack. The SRT Viper TA looks to be a track-focused version standard with the Carbon Fiber Aero Package (adds a functional two-way front splitter and rear wing adding 300 pounds of downforce at 150mph, re-worked suspension (different spring rates), the Track Package taken a step further (lighter brakes about twice as thick, lighter matte wheels, Pirelli P Zero Corsa performance tires) and it even gets emblem stickers to save weight. Over-all, the Viper TA is said to be about 11 pounds lighter than the base SRT Viper.

To conclude, the Viper TA put the smack-down on the track as Randy Pobst took the wheel setting a production car record around the Laguna Seca Raceway, beating the Corvette ZR1’s time by just .08 seconds.

Hit up the Motor Trend video below for the full recap and test run of the SRT Viper TA, which there will be only 33 fine examples produced and sold in 2013 at a price of about $116,000.

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Official: Viper TA track-special unveiled to avenge loss to ZR1 [w/video]

By Jeremy Korzeniewski

SRT Viper TA

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Ready for round two? Friend of Autoblog and Motor Trend personality Jonny Lieberman has helped SRT whip the covers off the new Viper TA (which stands for Time Attack, apparently) by putting professional racecar driver Randy Pobst behind the wheel and pointing him at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca with cameras in tow.

What those cameras captured includes plenty of footage of a Crusher Orange SRT Viper TA running amok at The Corkscrew and generally bludgeoning the race track into submission. Updates to the Viper package for TA duty include bigger brakes from Brembo, a Carbon Fiber Aero Package that includes a massive rear wing and a Track Package that boasts better wheels and Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.

Weight savings are found via a new carbon fiber X-brace underhood along with badges that have been replaced with stickers (seriously). Perhaps most importantly, the TA comes equipped with the two-mode remote reservoir shocks seen on the more expensive GTS. While the GTS offers Street and Track modes, the TA goes a step further with Smooth and Rough settings – no Street mode here.

The result? According to Motor Trend, the TA is the fastest Viper it’s ever tested, reaching 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds and a quarter-mile ET of 11.3 seconds at 129.3 mph. But is the TA good enough to beat the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, the car that beat the Viper the last time MT put them together at Laguna Seca? Scroll down below to find out, and join us in waiting for round three, when Chevy releases the next generation of its Corvette for the track.

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Viper TA track-special unveiled to avenge loss to ZR1 [w/video] originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 18 Mar 2013 19:58:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Lincoln Navigator to Live On, Will Add Turbocharged V-6 Engine, According to Reports

By Justin Berkowitz

Lincoln’s antediluvian Navigator does, apparently, still exist—and the name will live on, according to Lincoln’s global boss Matt VanDyke. (Don’t miss the irony in “antediluvian” literally meaning “so old it’s from before the Biblical flood” and the Navigator being called, uh, the Navigator.) Motor Trend originally reported that VanDyke said the Navigator would stick around even with Lincoln trying to reboot its image and lineup, and that it would add Ford’s twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 engine.

That Lincoln wants to keep the Navigator is somewhat unexpected. Yes, profit margins on it are thick, but it sells in miserably small numbers, its 8400 sales last year is less than half of the Cadillac Escalade’s volume. If what VanDyke describes as the “next-generation” Navigator is another F-150–based body-on-frame truck, there’s no reason not to install the EcoBoost V-6. Livery shoppers don’t care what’s under the hood, while the F-15o has shown that even macho truck buyers are fine with a boosted V-6.

The better question, though, is whether the next-generation Navigator is a massaged version of the current truck or—far more sensibly—a rebadged, upgraded Ford Explorer. Buyers may be scarce for Noah’s Ark–sized SUVs, but there’s still plenty of consumer interest in three-row luxury crossovers. Infiniti demonstrated this thinking perfectly: The Nissan-Pathfinder-based JX crossover  launched in March of last year and romped all over the truck-based (and pricier) QX56. Should Lincoln follow suit with the next Navigator, expect naturally aspirated and turbocharged EcoBoost V-6s.

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My Top 2 Stocks: Tesla Motors and Target

By Tamara Rutter, The Motley Fool

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Today, electric-car maker Tesla Motors and discount retailer Target are my two largest individual stock holdings. My positions in these stocks have grown over the years not because of stock splits, but rather because I’ve continued to put money behind them during dips in the stock prices. Until recently, Apple was my largest holding by a long shot. However, we’ll get to that later. First, here’s a bit of history on when I made my initial investments in Tesla and Target, how they’ve performed since then, and how long I plan to hold them into the future.

Taking the plunge
Tesla Motors won my attention after the company’s CEO Elon Musk came to speak at Fool headquarters in 2011. I had no prior knowledge of the business before meeting Musk, and honestly no intention of investing in an auto manufacturer — a start-up EV maker, nonetheless. What changed my mind? I believed Musk was a disruptive innovator, and that Tesla would shake up the auto industry like never before.

When I finally decided to buy shares of Tesla, it was one of the most shorted stocks on the Nasdaq. However, Musk’s company has passed many milestones since that time. In fact, it delivered its Model S sedan ahead of schedule, and later took home the academy award of autos when it’s zero-emissions vehicle won Motor Trend‘s 2013 Car of the Year. Despite these achievements, the market‘s lack of confidence in Tesla isn’t without merit.

This is because the Silicon Valley-based company is trying to find its way in an industry where economies of scale favor global giants such as Ford, Toyota, and General Motors. Then again, Tesla’s CEO has an impressive track record of beating the odds. Musk was a co-founder of payments processor PayPal, which eBay later purchased for a cool $1.5 billion. Meanwhile, his other company, SpaceX, made history last year after launching the first commercial spacecraft to reach the International Space Station.

As long as Musk is driving Tesla, I am happy to be along for the ride. Musk vowed to create not only the best electric vehicle ever built, but also the best performance sedan in the marketplace — so far, he’s done just that. But that’s not all. With the help of ex-Apple executive George Blankenship, Tesla is hoping to change the way people shop for cars.

The company is opening mall stores to showcase its all-electric cars in high foot traffic areas around the world. This is disruptive in an industry in which traditional automakers rely on franchised dealerships for distribution. While the stock will likely remain volatile in the near term, I’m betting on Tesla’s future revenue potential as the driving force behind widespread EV adoption. Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight, which is why I plan to be a Tesla shareholder for many more years to come.

Now let’s look at my second-largest holding: Target.

On the …read more
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Report: Next Lincoln Navigator to drop V8 in favor of V6, but Ford Expedition might get both

By Chris Paukert

2013 Lincoln Navigator - front three-quarter view, silver

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A great many buyers fled from full-size body-on-frame SUVs to car-based crossovers in large measure to save fuel. But that doesn’t mean there’s still not a buying audience for more traditional truck-based utility vehicles, and those consumers doubtlessly wouldn’t mind saving some dollars at the pump, too. According to Motor Trend, those shoppers might be in luck.

That’s because the magazine has confirmed that Ford isn’t walking away from the full-size SUV segment, and it’s poised to do something about its offerings’ economy ratings, too. According to MT, global Lincoln director Matt VanDyke has hinted that the next Navigator may drop two cylinders and go with a V6 model – the current model gets just 14 miles per gallon in the city and 20 on the highway from its 5.4-liter V8. The obvious fitment would be Ford’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6, an engine that has spread like kudzu throughout the rest of the Blue Oval‘s large vehicle lineup.

Downsized turbocharged engines like Ford’s EcoBoost franchise have come under fire as of late for not delivering their EPA fuel economy ratings, but their benefits extend beyond consumption – the 3.5L offers superior power and a better torque curve than the naturally aspirated V8. MT also suggests that Ford’s 3.7-liter V6 could form the base engine for the next Navi – it has similar horsepower but a lot less torque than the current 5.4L. That may be less of a problem with the next generation tipped to go on a diet, which could level the playing field somewhat.

Interestingly, Ford will reportedly keep a V8 option in the Navigator’s Blue-Oval-badged sibling, the Expedition. That may be a strategy partially borne out of cost, and partially out of concern that the Expedition’s more traditional buying audience still maintains a strong affinity for simple and robust V8 engines. That said, MT says the Expedition could also get the 3.7L and the EcoBoost 3.5 V6s

Next Lincoln Navigator to drop V8 in favor of V6, but Ford Expedition might get both originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 12 Mar 2013 11:28:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Report: Will Fiat cap performance of 2014 SRT Viper ACR out of fear for Ferrari?

By Jonathon Ramsey

2014 SRT Viper - front three-quarter view in the wet

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Motor Trend has got word that an SRT Viper ACR – the acronym for American Club Racing – is headed for a reveal in 2014. However, at the same time as SRT is working to maximize the model’s performance, the report says there’s an internally imposed performance ceiling on at least one aspect of the super coupe that will keep it from being all the Viper it could be.

Having watched other super sports cars go super fast on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires – MT cites the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 as the prime example – SRT is looking to Pirelli for a set of rubber that improves on the Viper’s P-Zero Corsas. Where the Viper ACR will be restrained is its power-to-weight ratio; rumor is that bosses at parent company Fiat have decreed that the Viper cannot outdo the 5.2-pounds-per-horsepower of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. It’s also rumored that Ferrari doesn’t want the Viper to have more power than the 731 horsepower of the F12, even though SRT has said it would be “relatively easy” to increase output from the current 640 hp.

The last Viper ACR didn’t get more oomph under the hood, so there should be plenty of ways to navigate Ferrari sensitivities. However, the last Viper club racer did offer a Hardcore Package that dropped weight by 40 pounds. If the specific power-to-weight number really is a bright line for the coupe’s development, it will be interesting to see if such a package is offered again and how SRT manages it.

Will Fiat cap performance of 2014 SRT Viper ACR out of fear for Ferrari? originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 13:28:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Report: Next Corvette ZR1 to get 700 horsepower?

By Zach Bowman

2014 Chevrolet Corvette

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Word has it General Motors may offer as much as 700 horsepower in the C7 Corvette ZR1. Motor Trend reports the next Corvette Z06 will continue to rely on its naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V8 engine for thrust, but the lump will deliver substantially more power. How much more? MT says the engine could deliver up to 600 ponies. That’s a jump of 95 horsepower over the current Z06, though no figures have been finalized as of yet. Right now, GM is reportedly waiting to see what sort of grunt it can glean from the next ZR1.

The automaker has already made it clear it will resurrect the LT5 name for the new supercharged V8, and if GM is already pulling 600 from the Z06, the big dog ZR1 would theoretically offer 700 horsepower. Either way, the range-topping Corvette will be suitably insulated from its less potent siblings. Stay tuned. We aren’t likely to see the Z06 for at least a year, with the ZR1 trailing along at some point there after.

Next Corvette ZR1 to get 700 horsepower? originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 19 Feb 2013 18:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Report: New Details of Upcoming C7 Corvette Z06 & ZR1 Emerge

By Darryl


The all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has managed to re-captivate enthusiasts all around the world, even those who were never really fans of the iconic American sports car in the first place. Being that the Stingray has reignited the love for the Corvette; the forward momentum will not stop any time soon as Chevrolet appears to make plans for launching Z06 and ZR1 versions of the new C7 Corvette.

A report out of Motor Trend states that the C7 Z06 will get an updated version of the 7.0-liter V8 engine with as much as 600 horsepower. Then, things start to really get interesting in the report as it speculates that the next ZR1 could see as much as 700 horsepower from both supercharging and twin-turbocharging the engine.

Rumors have already circulated that General Motors is testing an engine with sequential forced-induction for powering the next ZR1 as well as the Cadillac CTS-V. Usually horsepower figures for the Z06 and ZR1 are respectively separated by over just over 100 horsepower. Naturally the next CTS-V will get a slightly de-tuned version of the forthcoming C7 Corvette ZR1′s engine as it does for the current model year.

As it looks, in technical retrospect, these numbers are rumored by Motor Trend should not be too far off from reality. If things start to go south below 700 horsepower with the range-topping C7 Corvette ZR1, expect the Z06 to get under 600 horsepower while the Cadillac CTS-V falls in line using the same horsepower gap numbers that we currently see.

Either way, the new C7 Corvette Z06 and ZR1 will be better performers incorporating a better variation of everything you see in the new Stingray with a hard-core edge on performance. We won’t see these American iterations of supercar bliss action in the new Vette launched out of showrooms until at least a year from now but for now, let’s keep our fingers crossed for that 700 horsepower mark.

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Report: Maserati Ghibli overtakes Levante, headed for Shanghai?

By Seyth Miersma

Maserati Ghibli prototype cold-weather testing

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While earlier reports indicated that the next Maserati product out of the gate would be the Levante SUV, Motor Trend is now reporting that the Audi A7-shaped Ghibli has cut in line. Word is that we may see the new Ghibli as early as the Shanghai Motor Show in April.

Citing unnamed sources, MT predicts that the minds at Maserati now see a more pressing need to fight off the likes of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5 Series than to go after luxury utes. However, if our spy shots of Ghibli prototypes are anything to go on, it’s also likely that the sub-Quattroporte Maser won’t be a traditional sedan. The car above’s long nose, low roof and brief, sloping rear deck all bring to mind Audi’s lovely A7, Meaning the Ghibli may fall into the always murky four-door-coupe/luxury hatchback genre.

Bi-turbocharged iterations of both a V6 and a V8 should make up the early powertrain choices for the Maserati, meaning the top-spec Ghibli should have loads of shove to match its promised good looks.

Maserati Ghibli overtakes Levante, headed for Shanghai? originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Report: Chevrolet Malibu gets across-the-board price cuts, hopes to dig out of slump

By Jeffrey N. Ross

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To say that things aren’t going well for the newly redesigned 2013 Chevrolet Malibu is a pretty sizable understatement. Reports have been swirling about the Malibu getting an emergency design refresh, less than a year after its introduction, as well as having its production at the Fairfax Assembly Plant halted twice already this year for excessive inventory. Now, Motor Trend is reporting that the midsize sedan will be receiving price drops across the board ranging from $300 on a number of models up to $770 on the 1LT trim; offsetting some of MSRP drop, though, the destination charge has increased from $760 to $810.

Without destination, the entry-level Malibu LS now starts at $21,995, which is still about $300 more than a Honda Accord and about $300 less than the segment’s top-selling Toyota Camry. This new pricing also drops the price of the Eco, 2LT and 3LT trims by $300. The LTZ trim has dropped by $415, meaning that the Malibu’s top dog now starts at just under $30,000, excluding destination.

Here are the new starting prices for all eight of the Malibu trim levels compared to the previous prices for the 2013 model year (including destination):

  • 1LS – $22,805 (previous price: $23,150)
  • 1LT – $23,995 (previous price: $24,765)
  • 2LT – $25,700 (previous price: $26,000)
  • 3LT – $27,410 (previous price: $27,710)
  • Eco 1SA – $25,795 (previous price: $26,095)
  • Eco 2SA – $27,405 (previous price: $27,705)
  • 1LTZ – $28,715 (previous price: $28,590)
  • 2LTZ – $30,510 (previous price: $30,925)

Chevrolet Malibu gets across-the-board price cuts, hopes to dig out of slump originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:33:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Tesla Model S vs Chevy Volt drag race ends exactly how you think it will

By Jon LeSage

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tesla model s chevy volt drag race

It may have a sliver of Chevrolet muscle car heritage, but the plug-in hybrid Volt didn’t stand a chance of beating the Tesla Model S in a recent quarter-mile race.

As you can see in the video below, shown recently on That Racing Channel, the Model S took the lead in the race right away, hitting the finish line in 12.562 seconds at 108.34 miles per hour. The Volt took a leisurely 17.201 seconds and only reached 80.36 mph. “Hey, that one on the left was so quiet!” a member of the audience remarks about the Model S right after the race finishes. Yes, that’s part of its all-electric beauty.

About a week earlier, the same Model S set a quarter-mile speed record for a production vehicle, hitting a time of 12.371 seconds at 110.84 mph. Motor Trend has done better than 80.36 mph with a Volt – netting 16.8 seconds at 81.5 mph – but in a race against the much more powerful and much costlier Tesla, it’s just an unfair fight. Check out the video below.

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2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Set for New York Reveal [2013 New York Auto Show]

By John Lamm

There was a time when automakers didn’t want the public to know what they were to be debuting at auto shows—we might argue that time continues to be now, but we digress. Manufacturers strived to savor the plaudits that come along with a well-received reveal that was a tremendously kept secret until the moment prior to lifting the sheet. And yet, with all the subtly of a sledgehammer, Mercedes-Benz has made sure everyone has gotten a good look at its upcoming CLA-class four-door sedan. We saw it in a Super Bowl ad. Mercedes posted its own spy photos of it on its Facebook page. And now, as Motor Trend first reported, the Stuttgart-based brand has announced that the CLA45 AMG will debut at the New York auto show this March.

Perhaps staying mum isn’t really all that important when you’re standing atop Benz’s empire, noting that the CLA won’t have any direct competition until Audi can get its A3 sedan into production. In fact, Mercedes is so eager to get people talking about its new compact four-door coupe that it’s offering to fly contest winners to New York to witness the car’s unveiling and throw $500 and hotel accommodations at them, too.

Or, perhaps, staying mum really isn’t all that important when you consider that the CLA45 AMG will look largely the same as the CLA250 the brand debuted at the Detroit show in January. It’s especially unimportant when the folks at Mercedes and AMG already have told anyone who would listen about the car’s 2.0-liter turbo four making in the realm of 350 horsepower and producing 295 lb-ft of torque, or its seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, or its all-wheel-drive system. So while the CLA45 AMG won’t be much of a surprise when the sheet comes off its curvaceous flanks next month, we’ll continue to clamor for it—largely because of its Affalterbach upbringing—as if it were something we’d never seen before.

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Tesla Model S production reaches 400 cars a week capacity

By Danny King

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Tesla Model S assembly

Civil War Admiral David Farragut has famously been credited with saying, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” when he was presented with a challenging path ahead during the Battle of Mobile Bay. Specifically, the path was full of torpedoes. The Admiral has some “move forward!” ideological company in one Elon Musk.

While the torpedoes are only figurative at Tesla’s Fremont plant, Musk has pushed Tesla Motors to double its weekly output of the Model S all-electric luxury sedan over the last three months and is now approaching full capacity of 400 vehicles a week – 20,000 a year – Automotive News says.

With more cars out on the road, Tesla’s over-the-air software update system is proving its worth. This system allows for important software changes – which allow the driver to turn on a “creep” mode, for example – to take place without drivers spending time in a Tesla service center. In November, Motor Trend named the Model S its 2012 Car of the Year.

In the third quarter of 2012, Tesla lost $110.8 million on $50.1 million in revenue. With production humming along, Tesla should finally be able to realize its first quarterly profit this year, Musk told Automotive News. Of course, Musk didn’t say which quarter.

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