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New data help astronomers explore the hidden Milky Way

(Phys.org) —Today, astronomers with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III, or SDSS-III – including University of Virginia astronomers – released a new online public data set featuring 60,000 stars that are helping to tell the story of how our Milky Way galaxy formed, the subject of scientific speculation and debate for hundreds of years. …read more

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Meet Britain's Youngest Lawyer Ever

By Ruth Brown

This is not the kind of bar most teenagers are interested in getting access to: Gabrielle Turnquest, an 18-year-old from Florida, has become the youngest person ever to be called to the bar in England and Wales. Turnquest got her undergraduate degree at Liberty University in Virginia at age 16,… …read more

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Read This: Lack of 35mm film, replacement parts putting hurt on America's drive-ins [w/poll]

By Damon Lowney

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Drive-in movie theaters turn 80 years old this summer, and, soon, they might die of old age. There are only 360 drive-in theaters left in the US – down from 4,000 at their peak in 1958 – and the 35-millimeter film projectors that they use to screen movies are quickly losing support from studios, which have switched to digital methods of capturing pictures.

Remember the four-foot poles with speakers built in? You’d pull your car up to it, park, and open your windows to listen to the movie. Well, there’s only one company left that makes parts for those speakers, and they don’t support surround sound. And the cost to upgrade the projectors to digital systems is prohibitively expensive. James Kopp, manager at the Family Drive-In Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia, says he was quoted nearly $140,000 to make the switch to digital, The Washington Post reports.

Pennsauken, New Jersey, was the first US city to build a drive-in, yet there are no more of them in the state. As gloomy as it looks, there are drive-ins trying to make the switch to digital projection systems, and there are ones that already have. But as drive-ins fall further from our minds, the question is, do people care?

Read The Washington Post article, and tell us what you think in the poll below.

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SAPVoice: Rethinking the way we learn

By Jonathan Becher, AdVoice

Last summer I read Daniel Willingham’s fascinating book ‘Why Don’t Students Like School?’ and immediately put it on my list to blog about. Willingham, a psychologist at the University of Virginia, applies the principles of cognitive psychology to the world of education. Essentially, his goal is explain to teachers how their students’ brains work. …read more

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Video: Toyota Prius owners targeted by tire-slashing VA vandal

By Brandon Turkus

News report on Prius tire slasher in Arlington, VA - video screencap

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Toyota Prius owners aren’t bad folks. With a few exceptions, they’re just normal people that appreciate the comfortable, high-mileage hybrid. Someone in Arlington, Virginia doesn’t see it that way, though, as 14 examples (and one Smart) had at least one tire slashed last Sunday night.

The serial tire-slasher didn’t any items from the vehicles, but he or she has left owners with substantial bills and sour dispositions. According to a report from ABC affiliate WJLA, some citizens are considering the matter a hate crime.

Despite the targeting of Toyota hybrids and the acquisition of one fingerprint, police have been unable to make any arrests, as the slasher has targeted vehicles across the county. Take a look at the local news report from WJLA below.

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Ken Cuccinelli Blasted by 'The View' Co-Hosts for Pushing Law Outlawing Oral, Anal Sex in Virginia

Co-hosts of popular ABC talk show “The View” blasted gubernatorial candidate and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on Monday for seeking to reinstate Virginia’s Crimes Against Nature Law, which they claim will make oral and anal sex between consenting adults a felony. …read more

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Times Reporter Ordered to Testify in Leaks Case

By John Johnson

A reporter for the New York Times has been ordered by an appeals court in Virginia to testify against the man accused of slipping him classified CIA secrets, reports USA Today . James Risen has previously promised to appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary and to… …read more

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PA Attorney General Refuses To Defend Marriage Law

By Breaking News

Marriage SC1 PA Attorney General Refuses to Defend Marriage Law

Editor’s note: Last week, the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit to overturn Pennsylvania’s marriage law. In response, in a stunning move, Pennsylvania’s attorney general refused to defend the law. The Center for Vision & Values contacted Pennsylvania Family Institute President Michael Geer for a battlefront view.

V&V: You had a busy week last week on the legal front. What happened?

Geer: The week began with a phone call from a major national newspaper reporter, from whom I learned that the ACLU was about to file a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Pennsylvania’s marriage law, and redefine this ageless institution. The week ended with Pennsylvania’s attorney general announcing that she would refuse to fulfill the obligation of her office and defend our state law in court. In between were numerous national, state, and local media interviews, followed by time spent at the capitol organizing a response and crafting legal and cultural strategies to protect and strengthen marriage.

V&V: You’ve been running PFI in Harrisburg for more than 20 years now. Are you surprised by the AG’s refusal to defend Pennsylvania’s marriage law? Do you recall anything similar happening?

Geer: There really is no precedent that matches the blatantly political move by Attorney General [Kathleen] Kane. Even the lead counsel in the ACLU’s lawsuit against our marriage law called her decision “an earthquake moment.” In a television interview during last year’s primary campaign for attorney general, then-candidate Kane stated, “The attorney general does not have the right to pick and choose which laws he or she enforces.” She said doing so injects politics into the job and, “That’s a dangerous proposition.” Even so, I was not surprised at Kane’s action – she is following precedents set by AG’s and other top elected officials in California, Illinois, and elsewhere, and by those in the U.S. Department of Justice on this issue. It really is a dangerous proposition, one that’s very damaging to our political system and the rule of law. I hoped for better from Kathleen Kane, but was not surprised when she did not deliver on her promise

V&V: Is this issue pertinent to people in other states around the nation?

Geer: It is in many ways – most notably because ultimately the ACLU is seeking to not only overturn marriage laws in Pennsylvania, but to impose a redefinition of marriage on the entire country. Such a Roe v.Wade-type sweeping decision would certainly not end the debate on the issue, but would usher in significant restrictions on religious liberty and free speech, not to mention the impact on marriage itself and the well-being of children.

V&V: Is the ACLU filing similar suits in other states. If so, why? Do you detect a political agenda beyond the legal implications of these cases?

Geer: Yes and yes. In addition to the lawsuit in Pennsylvania, the ACLU announced that it was also planning to file constitutional challenges in Virginia and North Carolina. Quite clearly, they are hoping to bring one or all of these cases to the U.S. Supreme Court to have “same-sex …read more

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Sexual Battery Charge Dropped For Jeffrey Krusinski, Leader Of Military Sexual Assault Response Unit

By The Huffington Post News Editors

ARLINGTON, Va. — Virginia prosecutors have dropped a sexual battery charge against an Air Force officer who led the military branch’s sexual assault response unit.

A trial had been scheduled Thursday for 41-year-old Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski. Before the trial began, Commonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos said the sexual battery charge will be dropped and substituted with a generic assault charge.

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NoSQL joins SQL in FoundationDB purchase of Akiban

Database software vendor FoundationDB has acquired Akiban, another purveyor of database software, in a move to develop a hybrid data-store application capable of storing both SQL and non-SQL data.

“Being all things to all people is a tough place to be, but I think there is a way to thread that needle and offer a real interesting service,” said David Rosenthal, a co-founder of FoundationDB. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Vienna, Virginia-based FoundationDB developed a data storage engine that can store information in both non-SQL and SQL data structures.

FoundationDB offers all the capabilities of a standard relational database management system (RDMS)—including fault tolerance and full ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliance—while still offering the easy multi-server scalability of a NoSQL data store.

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Rand Paul Questions Liz Cheney Over Wyoming Residency

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) weighed in on Liz Cheney’s Senate candidacy on Tuesday, questioning her decision to run in Wyoming despite living in Virginia until recently.

“When I heard Liz Cheney was running for Senate, I wondered if she was running in her home state of Virginia,” Paul said, according to Politico.

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, announced Tuesday that she would challenge incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) in next year’s Republican primary for the Wyoming Senate seat. Paul had previously signaled his support for Enzi.

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