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Official: ACLU releases license plate scanning docs, says you are being tracked

By Damon Lowney

License plate scanner on police car trunk

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The proliferation of automated license plate readers in police departments around the country has increased dramatically over the years, leading the American Civil Liberties Union to commission a report to find out what they are being used for, the policies governing their use and how they should be used to benefit the American public. The report, which has just been released, is called You Are Being Tracked. The report’s findings, according to the ACLU, show that plate readers are not being used in a lawful manner that benefits US citizens.

Automated plate readers are placed on roads, highways, overpasses, police cars, etc., and snap photos of all vehicles and license plates that pass by them. Software reads the numbers, adds a time and location stamp to them and then stores them in a database – often for an indefinite amount of time, even if the drivers are innocent of any crime. The ACLU claims that storing plate data indefinitely, or for an unnecessarily long period of time, is an invasion of privacy because many facets of citizens’ personal lives can be found out if their location is being tracked at all times.

In a 2011 survey, the ACLU found that almost three-quarters of police departments in the US were using plate readers and 85 percent of them were planning to increase their use of the readers over the next five years.

One city that has no plate-read storage policy, Milpitas, CA, the ACLU points out, has a population of 67,000, yet it had 4.7 million stored plate reads as of August 2, 2012. Jersey City, NJ, has a policy to store read data for 5 years, but with a population of 250,000, it still has about 10 million plate reads stored. The Minnesota State Patrol is striking a better balance with the technology, the ACLU states, with a patrol area covering 5.3 million people but a plate-read storage policy of 48 hours. The MSP stores less than 20,000 reads because of its policy, which the ACLU says limits the chance that innocent drivers can be tracked over time. The Ohio State Patrol’s policy is even stricter than the MSP’s, the ACLU reports, as its policy states that all non-hit records can’t be stored and must be deleted immediately.

Fueling the debate, the ACLU report found that, “In Maryland, for every million plates read, only 47 (0.005 percent) were potentially associated with a stolen car or a person wanted for a serious crime.” What do you think about this technology? Check out the ACLU’s press release below, then have your say in Comments.

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Navidea's Presentation of Top-Line Interim Analysis of Lymphoseek® Head and Neck Phase 3 Trial Selec

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Navidea’s Presentation of Top-Line Interim Analysis of Lymphoseek ® Head and Neck Phase 3 Trial Selected for Investigator Award

– Data presented at the 2 nd International Symposium on Thoracic and Upper Aerodigestive Malignancies –

DUBLIN, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT: NAVB), a biopharmaceutical company focused on precision diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, today announced that a presentation of results from its Phase 3 clinical trial of Lymphoseek® (technetium 99m tilmanocept) Injection in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma received the 1st Investigator Award at the 2nd InternationaI Symposium on Thoracic and Upper Aerodigestive Malignancies. The symposium was held April 4-6, 2013 in Athens, Greece. The presentation of recently announced top-line interim results for the Phase 3 Lymphoseek study and a summary of results from three of the study’s highest-accruing clinical trial sites were made by Dr. Michael Blue, MD, Senior Medical Director of Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, one of the authors.

Poster Title:

The CD206-Targeted, Molecular Sentinel Node Mapping Agent Tc99m-Tilmanocept Accurately Stages Head/Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas (HNSCC): Prospective Interim Analysis Results From a Phase-3 Multi-Institutional Study.


Frank Civantos, MD, FACS, University of Miami; Stephen Y. Lai, MD PhD, FACS, The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; Amit Agrawal, MD, FACS, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; Douglas B. Chepeha, MD, MSP, University of Michigan; Kevin T. Brumund, MD, FACS, UCSD Medical Center; and Frederick O. Cope, PhD, Michael Blue, Wendy Metz, PhD, Bonnie C. Abbruzzese, MS, CCRA, Navidea.

The results presented by Dr. Blue et al included a summary of the pre-planned statistical interim analysis of the primary endpoint on the entire study, as recently announced by Navidea. The primary endpoint for the NEO3-06 trial was based on the number of subjects with pathology-positive lymph nodes (that is, lymph nodes found to harbor cancer) following a multiple level lymph node dissection and required a minimum of 38 subjects whose lymph nodes contained pathology-confirmed disease. Thirty-nine subjects were determined to have pathology-positive lymph nodes and were included in the interim analysis. Results from these 39 subjects demonstrated that Lymphoseek accurately identified 38, for an overall False Negative Rate (FNR) of 2.56%.

In addition, the authors reviewed a preliminary evaluation of the NEO3-06 trial data from three of the highest-accruing clinical sites. A total of 50 subjects were evaluated from these sites; 21 had pathology-positive lymph nodes. Results indicated that Lymphoseek identified these pathology-positive lymph nodes in 21 out of 21 subjects for an FNR of 0%. The total

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SED International Holdings Appoints Derrek Hallock SVP and GM U.S. Commercial Division

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SED International Holdings Appoints Derrek Hallock SVP and GM U.S. Commercial Division

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SED International Holdings, Inc. (NYSE MKT: SED), announced today that the Company has appointed Derrek P. Hallock as SVP and GM of the U.S. Commercial Division. The Commercial Division has responsibility to grow SED‘s business among the VAR, MSP and OEM communities. Mr. Hallock will be based in the company’s Atlanta area headquarters and will manage both the client sales and vendor management functions of the Commercial Division.

Last week SED announced that it is focusing its business on three areas: IT storage systems, small business IT solutions and merchandized e-commerce fulfillment. A major focus among these areas is the small business solutions market served by IT VAR‘s and MSP‘s. “Derrek is the ideal candidate to grow SED‘s penetration of the Small Business market in the U.S.,” said Bob O’Malley, President and CEO. “His experiences in supply chain management, VAR sales and Distributor Marketing Services are a perfect fit to our new focused strategy.”

Most recently Mr. Hallock was Tech Data’s Vice President of TDAgency, with direct responsibility for managing a $60 million full service marketing and advertising agency. TDAgency creates channel enabled marketing programs that bridge the demand connection between IT manufacturers and channel client objectives. Prior to TDAgency, Mr. Hallock had responsibility for Tech Data’s SMB VAR Sales managing operations in the U.S., Canada and Costa Rica. He has also held management positions at CompuCom Systems, Dixie Aerospace and American Airlines.

“I am delighted to be joining the SED International team and returning to a leadership role in the Small Business IT marketplace,” said Derrek Hallock. “Small Businesses across the U.S. have the same appetite for technology as large enterprises. With the right support from SED and our channel partners, they have the ability to implement leading IT solutions much faster. SED‘s strategy to leverage cloud services, storage applications and demand for mobile solutions will enable our clients to achieve profitable growth and further penetrate the SMB marketplace.”


Founded in 1980, SED International Holdings, Inc. is a multinational, preferred distributor of leading computer technology, consumer electronics, small appliances, housewares, and personal care products. The company also offers custom-tailored supply chain management services ideally suited to meet the priorities and distribution requirements of the e-commerce, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer markets. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia with business operations in California; Florida; Georgia; New Jersey; Texas; Bogota, Colombia and Buenos …read more

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Mailx issues

By Yuvaraj737

I’ve my below script compile.yk. This compiles programs in batch and any failed to compile modules will be mailed to my attention.

cd /inv1/io13000/mbmport/mbmerr
X=`ls *.c?? |wc -l`
if [ $X -ge 1 ]
echo “Review library path: /inv1/io13000/mbmport/mbmerr/ “|tee $ERRFL
echo ” “|tee -a $ERRFL
cd /inv1/io13000/mbmport/mbmerr
echo “The following modules did not compile”|tee -a $ERRFL
echo “————————————-“|tee -a $ERRFL
ls -1 *.c??|awk -F”.” ‘{print $1}’|uniq|tee -a $ERRFL
cd /inv1/io13000/srcport
uuencode $ERRFL $ERRFL|/usr/bin/mailx -i -s “Compile Errorsa.b@sun.com -c “c.d@sun.com” <$ERRFL
exit -9
echo “There are no errors to report!!! “|tee $ERRFL
echo “————————————-“|tee -a $ERRFL
uuencode $ERRFL $ERRFL|/usr/bin/mailx -s “No Compile Errorsa.b@sun.com -c “c.d@sun.com” <$ERRFL

When the mailx program runs, I see the below warning message(shown Red) displayed. What is the reason and how to stop? Can anybody advice?

*.c??: No such file or directory
There are no errors to report!!!
WARNING: RunAsUser for MSP ignored, check group ids (egid=120, want=25)

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AVG Technologies Kicks Off Security Services Webinar Series for MSPs on Channelnomics

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AVG Technologies Kicks Off Security Services Webinar Series for MSPs on Channelnomics

AMSTERDAM & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AVG Technologies (NYS: AVG) , the provider of Internet and mobile security to 146 million active users, has inaugurated a five-part webinar series for managed service providers (MSPs) on the Channelnomics website. The series covers the evolution of security as a service, and how managed service providers can capitalize on the migration to scalable cloud services to increase value to their customers and returns to their business.

The first webinar in the series, “Economics of Security and Managed Services,” was conducted on March 12, and moderated by Channelnomics editor-at-large Lawrence M. Walsh, a well-known and respected channel analyst and advocate. Those who missed the first installment in the series will find it posted on Channelnomics during the next week.

“Solution providers are hungry for actionable intelligence and guidance as they continue to transform their businesses for the services era. Participants on this and future webinars will gain real insights into how they can leverage the power of cloud computing in delivering essential security services,” Walsh said.

“The content provides something every small MSP team needs to know in order to grow and prosper,” added AVG channel partner John Rutkowski of Bolder Designs, who was a featured participant in the first webinar.

“Many managed service providers struggle with issues of talent, scalable infrastructure and cash flow. Success requires an understanding of these and the mechanics of the managed services business model. That’s what we’ve set out to achieve with the Channelnomics webinar series,” said Luke Walling, VP of Sales and Operations for AVG Technologies.

“That’s also why we designed AVG® CloudCare™, our cloud-based IT administration platform, to help channel partners to quickly and easily transition to an MSP model with a free-of-charge solution enabling them to roll out “pay-as-you-go” services that make it easier for them to manage and protect their small business customers.”

AVG CloudCare offers free remote management tools, one-click service user activation plus easy policy deployment and automatic removal of older versions of AV software help to save time and reduce the need for onsite visits – allowing partners to serve even the smallest customer more profitably. Additional benefits include sales alerts and one-click reporting to help demonstrate partners’ added value.

The AVG CloudCare platform with AVG Remote IT, AVG AntiVirus and AVG Content Filtering is available immediately via AVG reseller and managed service …read more
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iTunes Store vs. iPhone App Store: Should Your Business be a Multisided Platform?

By HBS Working Knowledge at Forbes, Contributor In deciding how to market their wares, many businesses face the choice of operating as a pure reseller or as a multisided platform — or  a little of both.  Startup thredUP started out as an MSP but switched to a reseller model a few years later. eBay was an MSP trailblazer.   Apple uses a reseller model for its iTunes store, but manages its iPhone App Store as an MSP.  Amazon.com incorporates both models, too.  What model makes sense for your company?  Harvard Business School professor Andrei Hagiu explains the potential and pitfalls of the MSP model in this article by Julia Hanna, which first appeared on the HBS Working Knowledge website. 
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