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The Racetrack Beat Writer: A Vanishing Breed

By Teresa Genaro, Contributor On Friday, June 7, the biggest news in the Belmont Park press box had nothing to do with the Belmont Stakes, taking place the next day. The buzz wasn’t about which horse might win, or what effect that day’s drenching rains might have on the track. The biggest news came when word spread that the New York Post had laid off its racing writer and two handicappers. …read more

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2013 Nissan Altima Commercial: Dancing with the Cars [The Ad Section]

By Don Klein

The Ad Section

The number one unwritten rule in advertising is Get Noticed, so score one for ad agency TBWAChiatDay for creating an automotive commercial that’s definitely different. But, unfortunately, that one is all it scored. This bizarre spot opens on a highly stylized couple in their driveway, facing the garage. They don’t need a car, because he’s the car. She climbs aboard his back like an awkward toddler and holds her arms in the nine-and-three steering position, but as soon as they start to back up, he bucks her off. Wait—is he a car or a horse? I’m already confused.

More befuddling is that, moments later, he’s a football player, assuming a defensive guard’s position to protect a kid on a skateboard from getting smooshed. For those of us who haven’t earned a black belt in charades, the announcer provides a clue: “Moving object detection.” The only detecting I detected was the guy looking over his shoulder, the same technology Karl Benz used on his 1886 Patent-Motorwagen. But if we’re pretending the guy is a car, I guess that means whatever the spot is selling has motion sensors, like dozens of other cars on the market.

Incident avoided, she’s now off his back as they move down a neighborhood road, side by side, in what looks to me like a tribute to Monty Python’s “The Ministry of Silly Walks.” They keep this up until getting to the freeway, where a motorcycle bears down on them. (Didn’t this guy get the tweet? There are crazy people on the 405! Stay away!) Since they’re all alone out there I would think they could easily hear a rapidly approaching, fully wound café racer, but maybe they have their invisible windows rolled up. No worries, though, as the biker passes safely because the still-unnamed car/horse/lineman/comedian has blind-spot detection. Phew. Moments later we learn the man-car also has lane-departure warning, as evidenced by its stealthy evasion of a huge semi. As the 18-wheeler barrels past them, the vehi-dude demonstrates an additional, if unnamed feature: automatic truck mooning. Haul this, you big bully!

Whatever it is that’s being advertised, the announcer says it has safety down to an art form, so I’m thinking maybe it’s a Volvo. But no, the waning seconds of the spot reveal that we’re being pitched the Nissan Altima. That’s right, folks—the same car that touted its tire-inflation warning system by showing a guy squirting cologne down his trousers has now taken the high road with this artsy allegorical ditty that’s sure to capture the desirable modern-dance enthusiast segment that all the mid-size sedans are battling for. I never saw it coming.

Award-winning ad man-cum-auto journalist Don Klein knows a good (or bad) car commercial when he sees one; the Ad Section is his space to tell you what he thinks …read more

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Love Yosemite? Leave it Alone

By Ruth Brown

The National Park Service is under pressure to help protect and restore the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. The catch: those who love it most will be able to use it less. The Park Service wants to remove horse, bicycle, and raft rental facilities, as well as swimming pools… …read more

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Does Caligula deserve his bad rep?

By hnn

Our modern idea of tyranny was born 2,000 years ago. It is with the reign of the Caligula – the third Roman emperor, assassinated in 41 AD, before he had reached the age of 30 – that all the components of mad autocracy come together for the first time.

In fact, the ancient Greek word “tyrannos” (from which our term comes) was originally a fairly neutral word for a sole ruler, good or bad.

Of course, there had been some very nasty monarchs and despots before Caligula. But, so far as we know, none of his predecessors had ever ticked all the boxes of a fully fledged tyrant, in the modern sense.

There was his (Imelda Marcos-style) passion for shoes, his megalomania, sadism and sexual perversion (including incest, it was said, with all three of his sisters), to a decidedly odd relationship with his pets. One of his bright ideas was supposed to have been to make his favourite horse a consul – the chief magistrate of Rome….

BBC News

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NM company's plans to open a horse slaughterhouse faces a series of setbacks

A New Mexico company’s hard-fought attempts to convert its cattle plant to a horse slaughterhouse was dealt a series of new blows Monday, with the state denying its wastewater permit and actor Robert Redford, former Gov. Bill Richardson and the state attorney general announcing plans to intervene in a lawsuit seeking to block a return to domestic horse slaughter. …read more

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Food News Round-Up: So a Horse Walks Into a McDonald's Drive-Thru…

By Michael Y. Park It’s a Boy! Prince William and Kate Middleton just welcomed the future king of England, a baby boy. Of course, it’s not uncommon for chefs, inspired by the momentous occasions in the lives of the royal family, to mark the day by creating new recipes–Escoffier supposedly invented cherries jubilee in honor of one of Queen Victoria’s anniversaries, and then you have mayo-heavy dishes like coronation chicken and jubilee chicken, for Queen Elizabeth II and George V. But how much would you be willing to bet that the first solid food li’l Prince ____ eats will be mushy peas? You Want Hay WIth That? A woman riding a horse in England attempts to order from McDonald’s using the drive-thru and is turned down, so she leads the horse inside, where it leaves a, um, Happy Meal prize. A Food Winter Is Coming: Are we facing a massive food crisis, thanks to climate change and bureaucratic intransigence? This NY Times columnist is convinced. Why Not ‘Spicy A-Meatball’? A food truck is banned from the Saratoga race course and a plaza in Albany because a state official found its name–Wandering Dago–offensive. The owners say they chose the name to honor their Italian heritage, citing the legend that the epithet came about because Italian immigrants were paid “as the day goes”: “That’s how we make our money, as they day goes. … And since we wander to different cities during the day, we thought the name was perfect.” Of course, the more generally accepted explanation for the term is that the term was originally “Diego,” and applied to Spanish sailors, and gradually morphed into an offensive way to refer to Italians of any profession. Which probably wouldn’t convince them to change the name, but just saying.

…read more

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Zara Phillips Puts Equestrian Career On Pause While Pregnant, Spokesman Says

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Is pregnant princess/equestrian Zara Phillips putting her horse riding career on hold? Say “neigh”!

Though Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter’s spokesman told the Telegraph earlier this month that “she will carry on competing for a while longer” despite her newly revealed pregnancy, Hello Magazine reports that Zara will be hopping off that horse.

This time, her spokesman insists Zara will be taking a break because the season is through: “The fact is that all of Zara’s horses have now qualified for the events she wishes to enter them for next year. She has done so well already this season, she does not actually need to compete any more.”

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Need some Advise on a ranch water system

By Verdebill

Name:  Pump Control Box.jpg
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I have been trying to figure out the control system on a water distribution system on a 28 acre horse ranch here in Central Arizona. I think it has about a 400′ deep well with an 8″ casing and either 1 1/2 or two inch supply line from a submersible pump up out of the well which goes into an approximately 500 gallon tank set sideways about 6′ long and 4′ in diameter. I think the well system itself is on a 30 amp breaker which feeds some kind of control box. The controll box is shown below and sorry for the cell phone photos but it was what I had one me and figured it would be better then nothing.

Name:  Pump Control Box.jpg
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The system also has a Warrick controls box which connects to a set of sensors on top of the tank. One of the sensors is about 8″ long and the other is about 16″ long. I don’t understand how these sensors work and they do not seem to conduct electricty when I run a continuity test on them.Name:  Warrick Controls Box.jpg
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Next, there is a Gast 1/3 HP twin cylinder compressor which had been hooked to the tank which presumably kept the system pressurized. The compressor is shown in the photo below but the airline is not attached to the tank at this time.

Name:  Gast 100 Lb Pump.jpg
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Finally there is a pair of adjustible switches on top or the tank which turn the compressor on and off. There is not one switch but two lined up back to back. I think the switches are Square D and seem to have a large start pressure adjustmant nut and a smaller range adjustment nut seen on the right of the Warrick Controls Sensor Box in the photo below.

Name:  Control sensors and Compressor Switch.jpg
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Some time before I came on the scene the tank filled completely with water and when the owner walked into the Tank House, water was coming out of the air intake filters on the compressor. Someway or other the tank had become waterlogged and water was coming through the one way valve on the top of the tank and leaking back into the compressor. They have been having problems since – sometimes with the well not shutting off and hammering against the waterlogged tank and other times with the airpressure in the tank.

They invited the local well company out to fix it and $500 later they replaced the master switch, photo 1 and explained how to drain water out of the tank so there would be air pressure …read more

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cherry tree/grass issue

By David Doran

The DIY site is so great, so many great people with lots of help. Two questions; live in Rochester, NY area, have cherry trees and this year many of the leaves have begun to change color…did have a good crop of cherries. Any idea why?
Second question, have a low spot in the back that often puddles during heavy snow melt/spring rain and disappears in a week…….this year we have allot of rain in June 3″ and it really puddled and believe some of it is due to the land in back of us due to the pitch of the property. As the puddle dried over the past couple weeks, the grass has taken on a brown look, similar to what it might look like in a very dry year. Don’t know why. What is in back of us is a horse pasture and will contain horse waste but I would not think that would cause grass to brown out. Any ideas?
Always a thank you for your interest.

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Czech ex-PM admits love affair with indicted aide

Former Czech prime minister Petr Necas on Saturday admitted a love affair with his top aide whose indictment of bribery and abuse of power led to the fall of his centre-right administration.

Necas stepped down in mid-June after his chief-of-staff Jana Nagyova had been charged along with seven other senior figures including military intelligence heads and former lawmakers.

“I have a relationship with Jana Nagyova. It’s a solid relationship and I definitely reckon with it for the future,” Necas said in an interview for the Pravo broadsheet daily while Nagyova remained in police custody.

“I also definitely support her,” added 48-year-old Necas, who led a wobbly centre-right coalition government between 2010 and last month.

Prosecutors believe Nagyova, also 48, had military spies tail Radka Necasova, the ex-prime minister’s wife of 25 years with whom Necas has four children and whom he is currently divorcing.

They also claim Nagyova offered lucrative posts to three rebel lawmakers from Necas’s own party in exchange for their resignation.

Prosecutors now also seek criminal charges for Necas in relation with the allegedly bribed rebel lawmakers, and they have asked parliament to strip him of his immunity.

Necas himself has played down the affair as mere political horse-trading.

As the prime minister of the central European EU member of 10.5 million people, Necas was replaced by Jiri Rusnok, a close ally of leftist President Milos Zeman, whose left-leaning technocrat government was sworn in on Wednesday.

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The Lone Ranger’s Last Request

The Lone Ranger was ambushed and captured
by a hostile Indian War Party.

The Indian Chief proclaimed,

“So, YOU are the great Lone Ranger“…

“In honour of the Buffalo Hunt,
YOU will be sacrificed in three days.”
“Before we kill you, I grant you three requests.”

“What is your FIRST request?

The Lone Ranger said,
“I’d like to speak to my horse.”

The Chief nodded and Silver was brought
before the Lone Ranger
who whispered in
Silver’s ear, and the horse galloped away.

Later that evening, Silver returned with
a beautiful blonde woman on his back.

As the Indian Chief watched,
the blonde
entered the Lone Ranger‘s tent
and spent the night.

The next morning the Indian Chief admitted
that he was impressed.

“You have a very fine and loyal horse,”

but we will still kill you in two days.”

“What is your SECOND request?”
The Lone Ranger again asked to speak
to his horse.

Silver came to him,
and he again whispered in the horse’s ear.

As before, Silver took off and disappeared
over the horizon.

Later that evening, to the Chief’s surprise,

Silver again returned,
this time with a voluptuous brunette,

even more attractive than the blonde.

She entered the Lone Ranger‘s tent
and spent the night.

The following morning the Indian Chief

“You are indeed a man of many talents,”

“But we will still kill you tomorrow.”

“What is your LAST request? “
The Lone Ranger responded,

“I’d like to speak to my horse – alone.”

The Chief was curious, but he agreed,

and Silver was brought to
the Lone Ranger‘s tent.

Once they were alone,
the Lone Ranger grabbed Silver
by both ears,
looked him square in the eye and said,

Listen Very Carefully! FOR…THE…LASTTIME


Croatia's referendum on golf project fails

A landmark referendum held in Croatia has failed to derail plans for the construction of a large golf complex that could change the face of the ancient walled tourist resort of Dubrovnik.

Officials said Monday the referendum failed because only 31 percent of Dubrovnik voters cast their ballots Sunday. The official requirement for the vote to be valid is at least a 50-percent turnout.

The result meant that the 1.1-billion-euro ($1.4 -billion) golf course designed by Australian golfing legend Greg Norman — which includes villas, hotels, tennis courts, a horse-riding club and restaurants — will be built on the rocky Srdj hill above the historic town.

“Golf will be played on Srdj after all,” said Maja Frenkel, the head of Razvoj Golf, the main Israeli investor group behind the project.

The referendum was only the third such vote in Croatia after it in 1991 voted to secede from Yugoslavia, and last year to join the European Union this summer. This was the first such referendum organized by a group of citizens, and not the government as before.

“Of course, we can’t be happy with the outcome,” said Igor Miosic, a referendum organizer.

The opponents of the project worry that the vast club will choke their scenic city of red-roofed stone houses and aquamarine sea, dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic, and would represent an environmental hazard without bringing financial gains for Dubrovnik residents.

Backers of the project say it would provide hundreds new jobs in Dubrovnik, would bring wealthier golf-playing tourists to the area and stretch the main tourist season, which currently last only two summer months.

Croatia split from Yugoslavia in the wars of the 1990s, and is currently going through a painful transition into a market economy. The privatization and the closure of once prosperous factories led to mass unemployment.

Its economy relies heavily on tourism, which brings some 7 billion euros ($9.1 billion) a year to the nation of 4.2 million, blessed with a spectacular Adriatic coast and stunning islands.

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Water flow stops after replacing gould pump

By JackSo

I had my pump (gould vertical) and foot valve replaced. It seems the pressure from the tap is not as strong as it was with the previous pump even though the new pump is 3/4 horse power and the original was 1/2 horse power. The day after the install I ran my underground irrigation system but soon after I ran them they began to lose pressure and then they stopped water output. Went inside the house and ran the tap, no water there either. I shut down my sprinklers and after a few minutes my water came back. The pump seemed to be working (it was humming along) when I popped the well cover off to check.
The well guy told me that there is a leather piece on the foot valve that needs to soak in the water for a while to create a tight seal between the outside pipe and inside pipe. He said it usually takes only a few hours, but I waited until the next day when I ran the sprinklers.
The bladder tank seemed okay for air pressure when he checked (it was at 28lbs), but he said it looked pretty bad from the outside (calcified and some rust). But no visible leaks, but he said the bottom might be a different story since he couldn’t tell as it was sitting in dirt.

The replacement pump and foot valve were both rebuilt with all new parts (according to the well guy). He said he will return to re-adjust the pressure now the leather sleeve has expanded from sitting in the water.

I have a feeling there is another problem though. How can the pump run itself out of water? I fear more issues here and would like some advice.


Source: DoItYourself.com

Tense Calif. town hunts man who killed girl, 8

After door-to-door sweeps proved fruitless, law officers urged residents of a small town in Northern California to lock their door and keep a close eye on streets and yards for a man who stabbed an 8-year-old girl to death in her house.

The attacker, only described as wearing a black shirt and blue pants, was the subject of a broad search Sunday by the sheriff’s departments of Calaveras and surrounding counties, the California Highway Patrol and the state Department of Justice.

Eight-year-old Leila Fowler was stabbed to death on Saturday at the home in Valley Springs, Coroner Kevin Raggio said. The town has about 2,500 people.

“This is way too close to home,” Julia Poland, who took her 13-year-old daughter to an afternoon news conference on the search, told the Modesto Bee. “This kind of thing does not happen here.”

Leila was found by her brother — reported by local media to be 12-years-old — after he encountered a male intruder in the home. When the intruder ran away, the boy found his sister stabbed. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital, officials said.

Authorities spent Saturday night and into Sunday conducting a door-to-door sweep of homes scattered across hilly terrain, checking storage sheds and horse stables, and even searching attics.

“It is a difficult area to search, it’s rural, remote,” sheriff’s Capt. Jim Macedo said.

Mass notifications alerted residents about the incident and the search for the suspect, officials said.

“I was working on my tractor and a CHP copter kept flying over my house,” area resident Roger Ballew, 35, told The Associated Press on Sunday.

A SWAT team showed up at his house Saturday night and told him to stay inside, Ballew said.

“It was nerve-wracking, I didn’t sleep well,” he said.

Investigators on Sunday were interviewing several people, but no suspects had been named by late afternoon. Investigators were checking out tips that had come in to the sheriff’s office, including leads and tips that came from outside the county, officials said.

“It’s just

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox US News

Croatians to vote on golf in historic referendum

In 1991, Croatians voted for independence and then last year to join the European Union.

Now, in only the third referendum ever in the country, the residents of the postcard-pretty Adriatic sea resort of Dubrovnik will vote on the construction of a massive golf complex on a hill above their ancient walled tourist city. The implications could be just as enduring.

Although the Sunday vote focuses on local issues, backers hail it as an unprecedented citizen referendum giving voters in post-communist Croatia a direct say in their democracy.

But the project’s investors warn it could have serious consequences on future foreign investment in the economically struggling Balkan country, which is to formally become EU‘s 28th member this summer.

Backers say the 1.1-billion-euro ($1.4 (€1.08) -billion) golf course designed by Australian golfing legend Greg Norman — which includes villas, hotels, tennis courts, a horse-riding club and restaurants — will be a tourist boon and the source of hundreds of jobs.

But others worry that the club will endanger their scenic city of red-roofed stone houses and aquamarine sea, dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic. Foreign investors have already paid some 100,000 euros ($130,000) to buy the largely barren rocky land from private owners, but opponents say the construction would choke the old town, would represent an environmental hazard and would not bring financial gains for Dubrovnik residents.

“First and foremost, this is not a golf project at all,” said Enes Cerimagic, a member of the group campaigning against the project, whose makeshift pro-referendum stand stood out on the city’s main street of white stone 17th-century palaces and churches.

“Golf here serves just as excuse for a big real estate development,” he said, that at 300 hectares (740 acres) dwarfs the area of the old walled town, would overburden the city’s infrastructure and penalize taxpayers.

The private investors say the project would provide 1,000 new jobs in Dubrovnik, would bring wealthier golf-playing tourists to the area and stretch the main tourist season, which currently last only two summer months.

Maja Frenkel, the head of Razvoj Golf, the main Israeli investor group behind the project, insisted that the referendum and the opposition to the project is sending the wrong signal to other foreigners planning to invest in Croatia, which will enter the EU

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox World News