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Why Do Most Of The Successful Startups Come Out Of The USA?

By Quora, Contributor

I meet with startups from around the world. There are several reasons that more big tech startups come from here than from any other place. Access to role models. One CEO, as we drove by Apple’s headquarters, told me how he watched Apple growing up from a startup, like I did (I lived a mile or two away and got a tour when it was smaller than Y Combinator back in 1977). He said “if Apple can do it, anyone can.” More on why role models are so important later. Access to funding. Apple needed funding to get started. So does every startup. Only a few can go it on their own with just friends and family money. But here even friends and family money is easier to get because of the role models. We all know that if we give you $10,000 (what GoPro started up with, by the way, less than two hundred yards from my house) that it could become a billion-dollar company someday. How many people around the world know that’s possible? Not many, in my experiences. Access to business infrastructure. Need a lawyer that understands how to help startups? They are here. Need an office with good startup help? Go see something like Plug-n-Play that houses 300 startups. Need a PR firm? They are here. Need a mentor who has built a company before? They are here. Need a launch vehicle, like a conference? They are here. Need a CFO who understands how to get a company ready for an IPO? They are here. Etc., etc. Yeah, they might also exist elsewhere, but not in high concentrations like in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, Los Angeles. Access to distribution. How will you get your new service into the hands of people? How about app stores? Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have them. Who else? No one with serious ones. How about search engines? How about partnership possibilities (want OpenTable to distribute your stuff, for instance?)? Those distribution and partnership opportunities are probably in San Francisco or New York. Rarely other places. Not to mention that most of the world’s tech press is located in San Francisco or New York. Access to monetization capabilities. You want ads? New York has them. Who else will deliver you the USA market, which is still the richest in the world (at least for a few years until China totally takes over). There are other markets that can monetize, but they are not as profitable and harder to kick off a worldwide brand with. Access to Talent. The modern company will probably need a big data expert. Someone who knows how to push around a big Hadoop cluster, for instance. Do you have one in your local community? Probably not, but they exist like flies in the San Francisco area. Google, and many Silicon Valley tech companies (HP, Cisco, Sun, Yahoo) started at Stanford University, which continues to pour out a lot of top-rate engineering and business talent. …read more

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Log ext

By bigbenn

I have a script that does log rotation, at 10000k, it will print out the logs as follows:

name.date.2.log(200mb) << current log being written to

at midnight it reverts back to : name.date.0.log(size)

I want it to be able to go past date.9.log into double digits like name.date.10.log


CURRENT_APSLOG=$($FIND $LOGDIR -type f -name "aps_20*.0_0.log" | sort -r | head -1)
CURRENT_APSLOGDATE=$(basename "$(echo $CURRENT_APSLOG | sed -e 's/.0_0.log$//')")
for l in $($FIND $LOGDIR -type f -name "aps_20*.*.log" -a ! -name "${CURRENT_APSLOGDATE}.*.log")
#echo "log: $log"
# for backward compat with HP find has no -mmin so use mmin.pl
mmin.pl $l +60
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
BASENM=$(basename "$l")
# move it to the archive directory
mv $l $NEWNM

I am sure that I just need to copy this snippet over and add a new variable to the current log since it will not match any others…but I am at a loss of exactly how this should be looked at. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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HP, NEC to develop next-generation x86 servers

Hewlett Packard and Japan’s NEC will expand their existing partnership to develop high-end x86-based servers for cloud and Web applications.

The companies said Thursday they will team up to accelerate research on HP’s next generation of blade-based server systems, which the U.S. company is gradually introducing alongside its traditional Itanium Unix-based servers. They said their focus will be on creating x86 hardware that can run with the same reliability as the Unix products, which can then be employed in mission-critical roles running today’s social networks, mobile applications and cloud-based services.

HP is trying to catch up to rivals such as Amazon Web Services in the growing market for cloud services, while also stay competitive in hardware amid a general shift away from Unix. The company announced a strategy to pursue a hybrid cloud approach last year, based on a solution it is calling HP Converged Cloud. Last month it announced a new operating system for cloud computing, HP Cloud OS, built on the open-source hosting software platform OpenStack, but said initially the new OS will only run on its own hardware.

The new partnership will aim to speed up the development of HP’s Project Odyssey, which it first announced in 2011. The project is an attempt to integrate x86 server blades running Windows or Linux with its Itanium-based server lineup based on Unix. NEC said the companies will specifically focus on a system that HP has been developing for years called “DragonHawk,” which is supposed to be able to incorporate both types of servers into a single cabinet but has been slow to materialize.

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Temporary Test hookup on hot tub

By kennn

I need a temporary hookup to see if a hottube is working. It is a 115 V with 1500 water heater and 1 HP pump which are designed not to work at the same time It has a 120 volt, 60hz, 20 amp and 1200 watt plug (ground on top and two perpendicular hot/neutral wires(with left prong 90 opposite of standard 100 volt plug). I think the plug is a NEMA 5-20 Plug and is not usable in any of my house recepticles. Can I disconnect the male plug from the hot tube and hook it up to a standard 110 volt plug and plug it into a standard house 110 receptacle on a 20 amp house circuit.

If not is there good way to do this without rewiring the house.


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Windows 8 Keeps Destroying Wireless Network

By Critical Mass

I had a desktop and notebook running Windows XP and had no problems. Just recently went out and bought a new HP notebook with Windows 8.

Connecting to my router was a breeze when I first turned it on. I was just entering information like you normally do with a fresh Windows setup, and the next thing I know, I was surfing the web.

The laptop is primarily used by my wife, which is why I’m sketchy on details. Yesterday she called me at work and said the Internet won’t work. She said that when she was booting she got a message about “Applying Windows Settings” and when it finally booted, she couldn’t surf the web.

When I look at the list of available networks, it shows up on the list, but all I can do is check the box to Connect. After a few seconds, it says “Can’t connect” but doesn’t say why. I can’t right-click on it to check properties and WEP keys. I can’t “forget” it and try to setup again. I even searched online and found a way to “forget” it through a Command Prompt, but that didn’t work.

This also happened two weeks ago, and I think there was an update involved there as well. While I don’t remember exactly what I did, I know I didn’t have this much difficulty. Whatever happened to “Network Setup Wizard”?? Why is an update messing with my settings, and why can’t I reconnect?

I’m telling you, I hate this thing so much I’m ready to wipe it clean and put Windows 7 on there.

Thanks for trying to restore my sanity!

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condenser motor problems

By greggome

I have an older lennox unit model # CB5185139. the fan motor is going bad and I need to replace it. The # on the motor is K55HXJRH 3601. I am having a very difficult time finding the proper replacement motor. the spec are: 208-230 volt amp1.1, 1/6 HP, 825 RPM, 1/2″ shaft dia., 5″ long shaft, clk wise rotation face up, closed face (no ventilation slots), approx 5 1/2″ motor diameter to fit in mount. Any help on how to find a match ASAP would be great.

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Need some Advise on a ranch water system

By Verdebill

Name:  Pump Control Box.jpg
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I have been trying to figure out the control system on a water distribution system on a 28 acre horse ranch here in Central Arizona. I think it has about a 400′ deep well with an 8″ casing and either 1 1/2 or two inch supply line from a submersible pump up out of the well which goes into an approximately 500 gallon tank set sideways about 6′ long and 4′ in diameter. I think the well system itself is on a 30 amp breaker which feeds some kind of control box. The controll box is shown below and sorry for the cell phone photos but it was what I had one me and figured it would be better then nothing.

Name:  Pump Control Box.jpg
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The system also has a Warrick controls box which connects to a set of sensors on top of the tank. One of the sensors is about 8″ long and the other is about 16″ long. I don’t understand how these sensors work and they do not seem to conduct electricty when I run a continuity test on them.Name:  Warrick Controls Box.jpg
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Next, there is a Gast 1/3 HP twin cylinder compressor which had been hooked to the tank which presumably kept the system pressurized. The compressor is shown in the photo below but the airline is not attached to the tank at this time.

Name:  Gast 100 Lb Pump.jpg
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Finally there is a pair of adjustible switches on top or the tank which turn the compressor on and off. There is not one switch but two lined up back to back. I think the switches are Square D and seem to have a large start pressure adjustmant nut and a smaller range adjustment nut seen on the right of the Warrick Controls Sensor Box in the photo below.

Name:  Control sensors and Compressor Switch.jpg
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Some time before I came on the scene the tank filled completely with water and when the owner walked into the Tank House, water was coming out of the air intake filters on the compressor. Someway or other the tank had become waterlogged and water was coming through the one way valve on the top of the tank and leaking back into the compressor. They have been having problems since – sometimes with the well not shutting off and hammering against the waterlogged tank and other times with the airpressure in the tank.

They invited the local well company out to fix it and $500 later they replaced the master switch, photo 1 and explained how to drain water out of the tank so there would be air pressure …read more

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Lenovo turns to software partnerships to expand server business

Lenovo is expanding software partnerships as it tries to break into a server market dominated by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Dell.

Its first such partnership expansion, announced Tuesday, is with VMware on virtualization products. Lenovo will bundle ThinkServer products with VMware’s vSphere with Operations Management.

The servers with VSOM are targeted at customers of small and medium-sized businesses who want higher performance and server utilization rates, said Sean Gilbert, senior alliances manager at Lenovo.

Lenovo has been pursuing the server market for a few years now with single- and dual-socket rack and tower offerings. However, Lenovo offers only basic hardware while competitors and market leaders like HP, Dell and IBM sell servers that combine homegrown hardware, networking, storage and software products.

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Review: FreeOCR extracts text ably

FreeOCR is a nice, simple front-end for HP’s public domain Tesseract OCR engine (now used by Google) and is roughly the installable equivalent of the unrelated Free-OCR website. It interfaces directly with scanners in addition to importing image files and extracts text into a box from which you can cut and paste. The program is extremely easy to use and works well if all you want is text. It even extracts text from PDFs, though it exports only to text.

FreeOCR’s interface is straightforward and easy to understand.

FreeOCR processes only one image at a time, but it does OCR multi-page PDFs. And, unlike the Free-OCR website, there’s no limit on file size. Also, FreeOCR can create Word and RTF documents from the text it extracts, but it’s just pasted text: There’s no attempt to reconstruct the document or place images.

Although it’s confusing, you can opt out of unwanted toolbars and a change of browser home page.

As far as it goes, FreeOCR is a neat little program, though it tries to install toolbars and reset your browser home page. You can install the program while cancelling and declining all offers, but though it’s unintuitive and the negative response buttons are grayed out.

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Ex-Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie joins Hewlett-Packard's board

Hewlett-Packard’s board of directors has received a major infusion of software know-how, with the addition of former Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie .

Ozzie is one of three new board members HP announced Monday, along with James Skinner, former McDonald’s CEO and current chairman of pharmacy chain Walgreens, and ex-Liberty Media Corporation CEO Robert Bennett.

HP’s board will grow from nine to 12 members as a result, and it plans “continue to search for additional world-class directors as well as a permanent non-executive chairman,” according to Monday’s announcement. Ralph Witworth will remain in place as interim chairman for now, HP said.

Ozzie will serve on the board’s technology and finance and investment committees, which suggests he’ll be focused not only on HP’s technical direction but also future acquisitions.

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How DisplayPort multi-streaming delivers new levels of multi-monitor madness

When a vendor sends us a demo system, it typically take great care to ensure that we experience the system exactly as the maker intends us to. So when VESA, the trade group responsible for the DisplayPort standard, said that it was sending PCWorld a multiple-monitor demo system similar to the one it exhibited at CES in January, I expected it to arrive bundled with a detailed guide and all the software needed to present DisplayPort in its best light.

Imagine my surprise when an MSI GX60 gaming laptop, two 24-inch Dell U2413 displays, and a 21.5-inch HP Elite L2201x showed up in the PCWorld Labs without so much as a user manual for any of the four devices. “Wow,” I thought. “They must be pretty confident that setting all this up will be self-evident.”

Robert Cardin
The Mini DisplayPort connector is located on the MSI GX60’s rear panel, between the VGA and HDMI ports.

As things turned out, setup was pretty much self-evident. The GX60 has HDMI and VGA video outputs, but obviously I was more interested in its Mini DisplayPort. Both of the Dell monitors have full complements of digital video inputs (HDMI, DVI, and full-size DisplayPort, along with ports labeled ‘DisplayPort In’ and ‘DisplayPort Out’), but the HP display has only a DisplayPort input.

I connected the full-size DisplayPort on the first Dell to the notebook, plugged a second cable to that monitor’s DisplayPort Out, and connected that to the other Dell’s DisplayPort In. Then I attached a third cable to the second Dell’s DisplayPort Out and plugged it into the HP display to complete the chain.

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Need Help with HP requirments on a 42" mower


I am building a tow behind mower for my Power King, Gravely tractor. It is a 42″ cut mower with swing blades like an IH Cub tractor and is belt driven. Mower will be used for grass and brush cutting. The spindle is a new old stock Woods spindle and requires blade tip speed of 13900 FPM. I am thinking 12-18 HP should work. I am trying to figure out how much HP will be needed to drive this mower before I buy an engine with out enough power to power the mower.


From: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/farming-agriculture/493409-need-help-hp-requirments-42-mower.html

Using motion

By droidus

I am using motion on my Raspberry Pi with an HP webcam. When I begin motion, and from another computer, type in the address of the server with the webcam, then the port (8000/8001), it just says that the page could not be found. When I type in just the IP address, i come to a page that says “It works!”, which I believe, to be the default Apache page.
Is there a service that motion needs to stream the video, to allow remote connections to view it? I had it working before, and it prompted me for a username/password.

From: http://www.unix.com/unix-dummies-questions-answers/221373-using-motion.html