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Christian Parents Who Fled Germany To Home-School Kids To Appeal Asylum Case To Supreme Court « CBS DC

By Dave Robbins

Attorneys for Christian parents who fled Germany in order to home school their children but have been denied U.S. asylum said they are preparing to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case and were working with Congress to try to change asylum law. Read More: Christian Parents Who Fled Germany To Home-School Kids […]

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Secret (Wagon) Lover: Awesome Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake Spied Testing Near Nürburgring [Photo Gallery]

By Alexander Stoklosa

2015 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake (spy photo)

Why, yes, we intend to start off this post about spy photos of a hot new Jaguar XF Sportbrake variant with a reference to the 1985 Atlantic Starr single “Secret Lovers.” You see, we fancy Jaguar’s gorgeous, not-for-the-U.S. XF Sportbrake wagon to be our secret automobile lover—at least in our minds, and unbeknownst to our (human) significant others. As if our unspoken bond couldn’t get any stronger, along comes these photos of an ultra-hot XFR-S Sportbrake testing near the Nürburgring in Germany. How do we know it’s an XFR-S? Jaguar apparently didn’t see fit to remove the badge from this partially camouflaged example, that’s how.

For those not in the know, the R-S appended to the XF name implies this Sportbrake will get the same 550-hp, supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 that powers the limited-production 2014 Jaguar XFR-S sedan that will be sold here. These spy photos clearly show it will get the same body dress-up bits as the sedan, only with the ability to stuff more junk in its shapely trunk. Will this XFR-S Sportbrake be sold here? Not a chance, and again we’ll defer to Atlantic Starr to paraphrase our tenuous Jaguar wagon connection: Secret lovers, yeah, that’s what we are . . . we shouldn’t be together, but we can’t let go, no, no . . . ’cause we love each other so . . . ooh ooh!

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Devastating long-distance impact of earthquakes

In 2006 the island of Java, Indonesia was struck by a devastating earthquake followed by the onset of a mud eruption to the east, flooding villages over several square kilometers and that continues to erupt today. Until now, researchers believed the earthquake was too far from the mud volcano to trigger the eruption. Geophysicists at the University of Bonn, Germany and ETH Zurich, Switzerland use computer-based simulations to show that such triggering is possible over long distances. The results have been published in “Nature Geoscience”. …read more

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Report: BMW web sales plan opposed by German dealers

By Brandon Turkus

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Tesla isn’t the only manufacturer that is facing a backlash over its plans to sell cars directly to customers. BMW is under fire from its German dealerships over its desire to sell its cars via the internet.

BMW has plans to sell the new i3 through the World Wide Web, while a “Mobile Sales Force” will be making house calls. According to Automotive News Europe, Head of German Sales Roland Krueger told German weekly Wirtschaftswoche, “We can imagine that Internet sales could be expanded to all models.” This is the particular caveat that has traditional brick-and-mortar dealers so up in arms.

According to the head of BMW’s German dealerships Werner Entenmann, “We told BMW in no uncertain terms that we cannot accept direct sales channels.” Reuters reports that an anonymous dealer has gone so far as to pledge not to use the sales force in Germany. Krueger, for what it’s worth, told Wirtschaftswoche that the “backbone” of BMW sales will still be traditional dealerships.

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3 Lessons Food Companies Can Learn From Social Entrepreneurs

By Ashoka, Contributor

One panel discussion at Ashoka’s recent Globalizer Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, “Fighting the ‘Hidden Hunger,” brought together stakeholders from various sectors, including funding agencies, agri-businesses, think tanks, nutrition organizations, and social entrepreneurs who were interested in growing a global nutrient economy. Reflecting these diverse backgrounds, the panel included Prof. Dr. Konrad Biesalski, author of the book “The Hidden Hunger;” Bill Carter, Director of Ashoka’s Nutrients for All Initiative; Marc van Ameringen, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition; Sylvia Banda, Ashoka Fellow and Founder of Sylva Food Solutions, Zambia; as well as Andreas Blüthner, BASF’s Director, Food Fortification & Partnerships. …read more

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The Feds Exploit The 'Systemic Risk' Myth To Suffocate Insurers

By John Tamny, Forbes Staff

“She had suffered the loss of many millions of her strongest young men and had seen a great part of her homes, factories and business buildings destroyed. City after city had been reduced to a mere skeleton and people were living in caves, cellars, quonset huts and three or four families crowded into a dwelling intended for one….In spite of these handicaps, in a few short years Germany became the most prosperous country in Europe…” – Howard E. Kershner, Dividing the Wealth, p. 133 …read more

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Dutch fisherman catches Panzerfaust

By hnn

If you want to go fishing in Germany, you had better watch what you put on your hook. It’s a lesson that a Dutch tourist learned on Sunday when, instead of using bait, he decided to try using a magnet.

His fresh catch was probably more than he bargained for. The fisherman reeled in a World War II-era Panzerfaust anti-tank shell in a shallow stream in Seifhennersdorf in the eastern state of Saxony….

Der Spiegel

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Supremes being asked to rule on homeschool persecution

By Dave Robbins

The U.S. Supreme Court will be asked to protect a Germany homeschooling family from the persecution members would face if they are returned to their home country, according to officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association. Read More: Supremes being asked to rule on homeschool persecution.

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Ultimate Electric Machine? BMW i3 Starts at $42,275

By Nick Palermo

2014 BMW i3

Ahead of its simultaneous triple debut on three continents, BMW announced pricing for the first electric vehicle from its i sub-brand: the new i3 starts at $42,275 before any EV tax incentives. BMW expects an all-electric range of 80 to 100 miles for the lightweight, four-passenger hatchback, or 160 to 180 miles with an optional 2-cylinder gasoline engine.

Pricing tops other small EVs by a significant margin. The i3 is about $5000 more than its next-highest-priced competitor, the lease-only Honda Fit EV, and more than $12,000 pricier than the Nissan Leaf. But it’s also the only premium brand in that group; the much larger Tesla Model S starts at $71,070.

While the i3’s pricing demonstrates some confidence on BMW’s part for the U.S. market, the brand stumps observers by offering the i3 at a surprisingly low 29,370 euros before tax in Germany. That puts it on par with an uplevel Nissan Leaf. And it is an unusual pricing strategy, as BMW models are typically more expensive on their home turf than here in the U.S. It confirms what we’ve heard: Within BMW, there is considerable concern about the i3′s sales performance in Germany and Europe.

The i3 is unique in its design, with a three-plus-two-door arrangement that requires the front doors to be open before accessing the back seat through smaller, rear-hinged doors. Aluminum and carbon-fiber construction contribute to a svelte (for an EV) curb weight of 2630 pounds, according to BMW. A 170-hp electric motor is mounted just ahead of the rear axle and drives the rear wheels. The 22-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, resting under the passenger compartment, provides energy. An optional, range-extending 650-cc gasoline engine can be fitted adjacent to the electric motor and does not compromise cargo space.

Driving dynamics are unique, too, not only among BMWs but even among electric cars. In normal traffic, the i3 can be controlled with only the right pedal. Lifting off the pedal induces a coasting mode; back off farther and regenerative braking kicks in.

When it arrives in the second quarter of 2014, the i3 will give drivers that want a premium nameplate and zero tailpipe emissions a more affordable choice than the Tesla Model S. And with an extended-range gas option, the BMW also offers a premium-brand alternative to the Chevrolet Volt. While it may not convert performance-minded 3-series owners to EVs, the i3 could attract others that aspire to go electric—and can afford it—to choose BMW.

2014 BMW i3 photo gallery

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US to join EU in fighting Russian auto recycling fee as trade barrier

By Danny King

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If they’re not going to get you on the front end, they’ll get you on the back end. That’s what the European Union is accusing the Russian government of doing with automotive trade restrictions, and the US appears to agree, Reuters reports. The US is joining the EU in a World Trade Organization (WTO) claim that Russia is violating trade agreements by imposing an auto-recycling fees on cars imported into the country.

Russia doesn’t have such a fee for Russia-produced vehicles. Therefore, such a fee is no different than the import tax that the Russians were told to remove in order to become part of the WTO.

When it comes to the automotive industry, Russian trade agreements have become all the more relevant as more people buy cars in the country. By the end of the decade, Russian auto sales will increase to 4.4 million units annually, which would make it the world’s fifth-largest auto market, and will leapfrog Germany to become Europe’s largest, Automotive News reports, citing a report from Boston Consulting Group.

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Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG vs BMW M135i: Chris Harris On Cars Video

By Malcolm Hogan


The new hot hatchbacks to come out of Germany have boggled our minds here in the USA and we are still not sure if we will ever see them on our shores in the form that Chris Harris gets to drive them in the latest On Cars video below. Naturally, as history will show you, BMWs have been a bit more fun in the twisties but the Benz AMG cars have produce monstrous amounts of shear straight-line power. Hit up Chris Harris’ latest On Cars review video below comparing the new BMW M135i hatch against the new Benz AMG A45 hatch.

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SIM sleuth finds security flaw that may affect 750M phones

Yet another path to smartphone break-ins and fraud? Trouble-seeking cryptographer and security researcher Karsten Nohl, the managing director of Security Research Labs, based in Berlin, Germany, has revealed that some mobile SIM cards can be compromised as they carry encryption and software flaws. How massive is the potential damage? We are talking about a vulnerability that could affect 750 million phones. Nohl’s company has an ominous front page with a note showing handwriting, “Forever yours, Sim.” The elegant note was below a headline, “SIM cards are prone to remote hacking.” Nohl can back that up. He and his team tested close to 1,000 SIM cards for vulnerabilities, exploited by sending a hidden SMS. …read more

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Antonin Scalia: Holocaust Was Partially Brought About By Judicial Activism

By hnn

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s warnings on judicial activism appear to have gained a new chapter at the Utah Bar Association’s 2013 summer convention.

The Aspen Times reported Sunday that Scalia drew upon the Holocaust as an example of how judicial activism can lead to problems. According to the Utah Bar Association’s website, Scalia was slated to be the keynote speaker for the 2013 Summer Convention event, which was held from July 17-20 in Snowmass, Colo….

Scalia opened his talk with a reference to the Holocaust, which happened to occur in a society that was, at the time, “the most advanced country in the world.” One of the many mistakes that Germany made in the 1930s was that judges began to interpret the law in ways that reflected “the spirit of the age.” When judges accept this sort of moral authority, as Scalia claims they’re doing now in the U.S., they get themselves and society into trouble….

Huffington Post

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Germany is NSA's 'Most Prolific Partner': Report

By Ruth Brown

Barack Obama isn’t the only world leader suffering over leaked information about NSA surveillance—Germany’s Angela Merkel is also in the firing line. On Friday, she spent her annual news conference dealing with increasing concerns that the US has been spying on German citizens, the New York Times reports. “We… …read more

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The Continental: More G-Wagens, a New Škoda, and Happy Birthday to an Icon

By Jens Meiners

The Continental

Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental.

A nice success story for my favorite off-roader, the Mercedes-Benz G-class: The Swiss army has decided to replace the 4189 G-wagens currently in service with brand-new versions. The old vehicles have been in the fleet for two decades and are fitted with 2.3-liter gasoline engines, but the new Gs get a 184-horsepower, 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel and a five-speed slushbox.

The Swiss army models are part of the 461 vehicle line, which has been partially substituted by the more plush and advanced 463 series since 1990. However, the 461 remained in production for military and government use, and it was even offered to private customers as well. Today, the purposeful 461 is still offered in several global markets as the G300 CDI Professional. It’s not cheap; in Germany, it costs almost exactly two-thirds as much as the G500 (which is sold as the $113,905 G550 in the U.S.). Cost aside, it is the quintessential G-wagen—and, philosophically, the opposite of the recent embarrassment that is the G63 AMG 6×6.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback

New Škoda!

Another attractive Škoda signifies both the brand’s strength and the return of the hatchback in Europe. The Rapid, essentially a low-cost vehicle that is rebadged as the SEAT Toledo and the Volkswagen Santana, now comes as a five-door hatchback. Škoda’s boss told me about it over dinner last year: It is called the Spaceback and is 7.1 inches shorter than the sedan and more useful. From the rear view, the large glass area looks futuristic, but the side view, with a third window behind the rear door opening, recalls a station wagon.

It is interesting to compare the Rapid with the Volkswagen Golf Mk VII: The Spaceback’s length and height is almost identical to the VW’s specs, but it is slightly narrower. The Škoda’s platform is a mixture of components from the Volkswagen Polo and previous-generation Golf, and therefore it does not reach the latest Golf’s level of sophistication. A lot of the Golf’s (mostly optional) assistance systems are not available here, and the engine range is topped by a 122-horsepower, 1.4-liter four. For customers looking at a GTI or a fully optioned regular Golf, the Rapid Spaceback won’t be an option. But for those who merely seek reliable transportation, the Czech relative might work just as well. Especially since it is a very pleasant and convincing car from behind the wheel, as I found out last year when I drove the Rapid sedan at its launch in Bratislava.

Opel Vivaro

Opel’s Stylish Van

The Opel Vivaro is the offspring of a curious cooperation, being essentially a rebadged Renault Trafic that was styled under the tutelage of former Renault chief designer Patrick Le Quement. And it will soldier …read more

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Precious Vigilance

By Dave Merrick

Obama Feeds America SC Precious Vigilance

There is a powerful conspiracy now at work dismembering America. Piece by piece, much of the spontaneous patriotic solidarity we Americans once held in common has been supplanted with racial tension and socioeconomic class separation. Soon, the only leadership that will prevail over this mess will have to be martial law because a police state and brute force are the only glue strong enough to command the attention and respect of Obama’s new America. We’re divided against ourselves, and one doesn’t have to be much of an expert to discover that the vital pulse of what our founders put together is now missing.

Hitler’s 1923 Beer Hall Putsch happened when a similarly hamstrung Germany found itself with as many political factions as they had voters. And, just like then, today in a hamstrung America, a thousand voices are fighting for the podium and prominence. Just as Hitler then discovered, only those connected with the powers that are already established can reach and move the broadest spectrum of the people. This explains why so many of our politicians have effectively abandoned their backbones and behave as though they are walking on eggs. It’s because if you fall out of the game now, you won’t get another chance. Big Government’s day has come. The media finally has their man on the throne – and if you become too much of a problem with him, you will be out of the picture entirely. For the politico, this is fat city; and the trough is piled high with opportunities prepared by an expert Marxist-racist posing innocently as simply America’s first black president. And as usual, for the rest of Tammany Hall, you just have to know how to play the game in order to make use of this monster’s dark windfall.

Subterfuge and the demoralization of good people always lean heavily upon ignorance, selfishness, and sloth – and right now, all of the slimiest in our nation’s roster of professional leaders are fully aware of their constituency’s indolence and are milking that for all it can yield. The effects of that lethargy have been breathtakingly powerful. You’d have to be a clueless moron not to have noticed that even the most outrageously underhanded and lawless actions perpetrated by our current administration don’t even make headlines with big media anymore (apart from the pestering watchfulness and outcry of faithful grassroots news sites). And, when they do make the news, it’s really obvious that only a comparative handful in this nation actually give a damn. At this weird time in our history, someone could detonate an atomic bomb in the center of any of our major cities; and within 24 hours, most of the posts on Facebook would be back to the normal funny pictures, invitations to silly game sites, and photos of our grandbabies. Truly, the ‘conspiracy’ destroying us feeds on the deliberate, sleepy carelessness of its hapless victims – us. We just let it happen.

John Q. Public, fat with blessings, is asleep at the switch in …read more

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Report: More EU states may block Daimler cars as refrigerant battle heats up

By Damon Lowney

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The last time we checked in on the battle of refrigerants, France had enacted a registration ban on some Mercedes-Benz vehicles because their air-conditioning systems were loaded with R134a, which was found to be harmful to the environment by EU tests. Now, other EU states are considering banning the substance, according to Automotive News, as they push for a new refrigerant, R1234yf, to be used in new vehicles across the board.

EU testing has shown that the new chemical refrigerant, R1234yf, is safe to use in automobiles and less harmful to the environment than R134a. But after testing it independently, Daimler claimed that R1234yf could be the primary source of a vehicle fire in certain crash scenarios, if the pressurized refrigerant line broke and leaked onto the hot exhaust system. Germany, going against the EU ban, still allows vehicles with R134a to be sold within its borders.

In a meeting in Brussels with the EU’s Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles on Wednesday, representatives from the 28 member states discussed the issue and agreed that all vehicles sold within the EU must conform to the law. They stated vehicles that have already been sold with R134a must be withdrawn, just as France did by not allowing the registration of Mercedes-Benz A-class, B-class and SL cars built after June.

More talks between France and Germany will be organized to find a solution to the problem. But in the meantime, according to Automotive News, Daimler said that the vehicle ban in France alone could detract two percent from its global sales. Read the official EU press releases from the meeting in Brussels after the jump.

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