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Final Hunt Is On for 60 Believed Nazis

By Matt Cantor

There are believed to be about 60 surviving former Nazis fit to stand trial—and the Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to track them all down. The US-based organization has distributed some 2,000 posters across Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne calling for tips, the BBC reports. The posters read: “Operation Last… …read more

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SIM card vulnerabilities easy to fix, researcher says

A pair of severe security problems in millions of SIM cards should be easy for operators to fix, according to the German security researcher who found the issues.

Karsten Nohl of Security Research Labs in Berlin previewed research earlier this week that millions of SIM cards are likely still using an outdated, 1970s-era form of encryption to authenticate over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Nohl found it was possible to trick some kinds of SIM cards into divulging an encrypted 56-bit DES (Data Encryption Standard) key, which can be decrypted using a regular computer. He discovered that by sending a bogus OTA update to a phone, some SIMs returned an error code containing the weak key.

A device could then be sent spyware which accesses critical phone data through the card’s Java Virtual Machine, a software framework present on almost every SIM sold worldwide.

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SIM sleuth finds security flaw that may affect 750M phones

Yet another path to smartphone break-ins and fraud? Trouble-seeking cryptographer and security researcher Karsten Nohl, the managing director of Security Research Labs, based in Berlin, Germany, has revealed that some mobile SIM cards can be compromised as they carry encryption and software flaws. How massive is the potential damage? We are talking about a vulnerability that could affect 750 million phones. Nohl’s company has an ominous front page with a note showing handwriting, “Forever yours, Sim.” The elegant note was below a headline, “SIM cards are prone to remote hacking.” Nohl can back that up. He and his team tested close to 1,000 SIM cards for vulnerabilities, exploited by sending a hidden SMS. …read more

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CSOFT Goes For A Soft Touch In Scaling Outside China

By Rebecca Fannin, Contributor

One of the more interesting aspects of my role covering innovation trends in emerging markets is the opportunity to see companies close-up as they scale. Such was my recent experience attending a summit held by CSOFT International in Beijing and Sanya, the Hawaii of China. CSOFT was celebrating its 10th anniversary with a two-day program of experts speaking about globalization trends in the so-called localization business in which it operates. One clear takeaway? I am sure that CSOFT would never have become a profitable player in this market without the visionary leadership of its very determined president and CEO, Shunee Yee (pictured with me). Sounding a bit like Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Shunee says “the sky’s the limit” on her startup’s potential, which she envisions becoming a $1 billion business.  The company’s nifty-looking headquarters at Beijing’s sleek, new World Finance Centre is a symbol of her ambitions. The summit I attended was designed to bring together employees and celebrate ten years — and many more. It did not disappoint with lots of good cheer and information exchange plus such treats as a dinner overlooking the Forbidden City and a luau on the beach to wrap things up. CSOFT, which she founded in 2003, has revenues topping $30 million and an average annual growth rate of 30 percent over the past ten years. Having reached that tier without raising any outside finance and entirely through organic growth, Shunee is now pushing CSOFT to expand its presence and profile overseas. After plans to open an office in Shenzhen this September, the next move is likely to be branches in Silicon Valley and Berlin, building out its remote operations in many markets. The outsourcing company’s business is naturally international, and three-quarters of its clients are based in the U.S., including Pfizer, Intel and Dell.  What CSOFT does essentially is translate or localize training manuals, how-to guides and promotion materials in various languages for companies doing business across borders.  It may not sound all that exciting but it’s essential. Along with her husband, Carl Yao, who is an executive VP in charge of the company’s technology, they are working together to keep CSOFT up to date technologically too. Carl showed me a mobile app he’s been working on that brings in elements of both Twitter and Wikipedia so that users can instantly translate terms and share them with the community. CSOFT got on the fast track when the multilingual localization firm that Shunee was working for in the early 1990s was acquired by outsourcing company Lionbridge. She was sent to open an outpost office in Beijing. When that rep office did not get off the ground, she promptly folded the team she had assembled into what became CSOFT in Beijing. Articulate, poised and personable, Shunee’s background follows the typical returnee path of the first generation of China’s tech entrepreneurs. Growing up in an intellectual household as the daughter of a dean at Nanjing University, she was under a lot of pressure to achieve. After graduation from Nanjing Normal University, she taught for eight months, then decided to quit to go to the U.S. There, she earned a Master’s degree from the Rhode Island College. It was in the U.S. that she also met her husband, who was working on his PhD in computer science, and later joined her in Beijing.  Now they and an employee group of …read more

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Report: Formula E calendar set at ten races, top F1 teams being courted

By Brandon Turkus

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Formula E, the open-wheel EV racing series has finalized the calendar for its inaugural season. Set to kick of in 2014, the races looks like to have been distributed quite evenly across the globe.

Two American races (LA and Miami) along with a pair of South American races in Rio and Buenos Aires round out the contests in the New World. London, Berlin and Rome make up the European leg of the championship, while Beijing, Bangkok and Putrajaya cover Asia.

This news follows a report from Autoweek that Formula E is courting some of the top Formula One teams. According to AW, series organizer Alejandro Agag is already in talks with McLaren, and is of the opinion that one day the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull will take part in the emissions free series.

Despite the current lack of big names, the parts of the Formula E cars look promising. Batteries from Williams are mated to electric motors from McLaren, while Dallara provides the chassis. Like F1, there’s only one tire supplier, although we’re happy to announce it’s Michelin rather than Pirelli. Series test driver Lucas di Grassi showed us just what the FE cars can do with an in-car video a few months ago.

As for drivers, we don’t see Sebastien Vettel leaving his gas-powered racer soon. Formula E could see an influx of retired F1 drivers and GP2 veterans, although Agag told Autoweek “I can’t say any names yet.” The series will kickoff in 2014, in the Italian capital of Rome.

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Russia wants to exchange spies jailed in Germany

Moscow wants to exchange a married couple of Russian spies jailed this month in Germany for at least one convict jailed in Russia on charges of spying for the West, a report said Monday.

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper said that the Russian secret services wanted to bring the pair — known only by their code names Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag — back home to Russia after decades as “sleepers” in Germany.

In a Cold War-style exchange, Moscow would simultaneously hand over to the West at least one spy convicted of passing secrets to Berlin or its allies, the paper said.

“The process of consultations (with Germany) on a possible exchange was started only recently, after their conviction” on July 2, a Russian security source told the paper.

“We will get our guys out of there,” the source added.

Another source told the paper that Moscow had waited until after the trial was over to seek the exchange, in case the legal process shed further light on how their cover had been blown.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied to the paper that any exchange had been discussed at talks in June between President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The man known as Andreas Anschlag was jailed for six and a half years and Heidrun Anschlag for five and a half years by the higher regional court in the southwestern city of Stuttgart.

The pair were planted in the former West Germany from 1988 by the Soviet Union’s KGB secret service and later worked for its successor the SVR, the court heard.

Kommersant said that the jailed couple’s lawyer Horst-Dieter Petschke confirmed that the swap was expected and told the paper that the exchange could “happen at any moment”.

It said that possible candidates to be freed in Russia in such an exchange included Andrei Dumenkov, who was jailed in 2006 for 12 years for seeking to hand Germany data on Russian missile designs.

Another name citied is Valery Mikhailov, a former colonel in the Russian security service who was jailed in 2012 for 18 years for spying for the United States.

Such spy exchanges, familiar from the Cold War era and John le Carre novels, already have a precedent in post-Soviet Russian history.

In 2010, Russia and the United States agreed a sensational spy swap of 10 Russian “sleeper” agents caught in the United States for four men convicted in Russia of spying for the West.

The 10 Russian spies — including the glamourous female agent Anna Chapman — were brought back to Moscow and subsequently personally welcomed by Putin.

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Stieglitz sympathetic for beaten, bloodied Kiyota

Super-middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz admitted he had some sympathy for Yuzo Kiyota after the Japanese challenger boxed on for two rounds despite blood pouring down his face from a cut eye.

Stieglitz picked up the 45th win of his career from 48 professional bouts as he defended his WBO belt with a technical points win over Kiyota on Saturday.

A cut over Kiyota’s left eye in the eighth round eventually saw the fight stopped after 15 seconds of the 10th and Stieglitz was awarded the fight unanimously 99-90, 100-89, 99-90 by the three judges.

The referee ruled the decisive cut came from a clash of heads, rather than a punch, which meant the fight was decided on points rather than Stieglitz being awarded a technical knock-out.

This was the 29-year-old Kiyota’s first professional bout outside of Japan and he was taken to hospital straight after the fight to have the deep cut over his left eye stitched up.

Kiyota was docked a point in the fifth round after repeated warnings for dropping his head and was later warned for using his elbow.

Stieglitz was in control from the third round onward and admitted he was concerned for Kiyota as the blood flowed down the challenger’s face.

“He couldn’t really see much anymore and I had a bit of sympathy,” said the 32-year-old as Kiyota skipped the post-fight press conference to go to hospital.

“It was almost unfair to box against someone in that situation.

“He had some interesting, unusual movements and at the start of the fight, he was very dangerous.”

Kiyota, who raised a few eyebrows by turning up to the pre-fight press conference wearing a surgical mask, is left with a record of four defeats, 21 knockouts in 23 victories.

Stieglitz’s coach revealed why the blood had stirred some sympathy in the champion.

“He gets really sickened by the sight of blood. There was a lot of it and that was pretty uncomfortable for him,” explained Stieglitz’s coach Dirk Dzemski.

Stieglitz has already turned his attention to another bout against compatriot Arthur Abraham, who he beat in March to regain the WBO title he lost to Berlin-based Abraham in August 2012, his only defeat in the last four years.

“I would like to box against him again, but there have been no phone calls and I don’t know if he wants to box against me,” said Stieglitz.

Abraham faces Namibia’s Willbeforce Shihepo in Schwerin, north-east of Berlin, on August 24 and any future bout between Abraham and Stieglitz would be the third fight between the pair.

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Estonia And The Department Of Meaningless Statistics

By Mark Adomanis, Contributor

Estonia is beloved of the international business press because it is, in many ways, the perfect laboratory for conservative economic policy. The country eschews deficits, embraces hard money, loves technology, detests bureaucracy, and is generally about as free-market as any country is capable of being. This is why the country receives such laudatory coverage from places like The Economist: IT TAKES just five minutes to register a firm in Estonia, says Mihkel Tikk, the head of the country’s online portal, a one-stop-shop for e-government services. Entrepreneurs wishing to start a firm log in with their national electronic identity-card and a few clicks later the confirmation arrives by e-mail. That service and many other equally convenient electronic offerings are a big reason why Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is now mentioned in the same breath as Berlin, London and even Silicon Valley. According to one estimate, Estonia holds the world record in start-ups per person—a sizeable feat considering that the country has only 1.3m people. Sounds like a pretty amazing place! You never need to go to the Department of Licenses and Inspections*, you can do almost all of your government paperwork online, opening a business takes less time than filling up with gas, and everyone and their cousin has a start up. Not bad for a former part of the Soviet Union! …read more

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Suspicious letter sent to German president

German authorities say they have destroyed a letter addressed to the country’s president that was suspected of containing explosives.

A spokesman for President Joachim Gauck‘s office said the letter was found during routine checks on mail late Friday morning. Experts then decided to carry out a controlled detonation of the letter in the park outside the president’s Bellevue palace in downtown Berlin.

It was not immediately clear whether the letter actually contained any explosives. Germany‘s Federal Criminal Police Office, which was responsible for the operation, declined immediate comment.

The spokesman said there was no danger to Gauck, Germany‘s largely ceremonial head of state, who was not on the premises at the time. He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with department rules.

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London Marathon will go forward as planned despite Boston bombing

Determined to show solidarity with Boston, the London Marathon will go forward as planned Sunday with a race that will be watched by about 1 million spectators and take runners past some of the city’s most revered landmarks.

The British capital has long been a target for terrorists, and concerns have only intensified after Monday’s harrowing scenes at the Boston Marathon. Two bombs killed three people and injured more than 170.

After high-level talks with police and authorities, organizers on Tuesday confirmed that the London Marathon will proceed while acknowledging that a race of more than 26 miles that traverses a city cannot be entirely without risk.

“One of the great things about these marathons is that they are free and available to the public — that’s why we have hundreds of thousands of people come out and watch them,” Nick Bitel, chief executive of the London Marathon, told The Associated Press by phone. “I can’t see how that is going to change.

“It’s part of the whole ethos of what a mass-participation marathon is about. What one has to do is make appropriate and reasonable security measures in light of the threats and that’s what we’ll be doing on Sunday.”

Prince Harry, the patron of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, will attend the race and make the presentations to the winners from the field of 36,550 runners.

“We won’t be cowered by this sort of behavior,” said British Sports Minister Hugh Robertson, who hailed the country’s security forces as “the best anywhere in the world.”

“The best way for us to react is to push ahead with the marathon on Sunday, to get people on the streets and to celebrate it as we always do in London. These are balance of judgments but we are absolutely confident here that we can keep the event safe and secure. I think this is one of those incidents where the best way to show solidarity with Boston is to continue and send a very clear message to those responsible.”

Mo Farah, Britain’s double Olympic long-distance champion, will be running a half-marathon while the three medalists from the men’s marathon at the London Games are also among the entries.

There have been no high-profile withdrawals so far, and Bitel told the AP that the agents of the top competitors have been contacted, reassured and “kept comfortable with what is happening.”

“There’s rather intense activity going on to ensure the race is safe and is carried off with the usual aplomb,” said Ed Warner, chairman of UK Athletics. “The decision at the moment is to go ahead with the race and I’m sure it is the right decision. They will cope very well with the increased demands placed on them.”

London is one of six cities in the world marathon series along with Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, Chicago and New York.

Belgrade, Serbia, is among other cities staging marathons this weekend. Organizer Dejan Nikolic is confident the race will be a “beautiful running festival.”

“We will do our best so that this year the security level is even

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Today in History for 16th April 2013

Historical Events

1509 – French army under Louis XII enters Alps
1866 – Nitroglycerine at Wells Fargo and Co office explodes
1940 – 1st televised baseball game, WGN-TV, (White Sox vs Cubs exhibition)
1945 – Red Army begins Battle of Berlin
1972 – 1st Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Jane Blalock
1989 – Costa Rica beats US 1-0, in 3rd round of 1990 world soccer cup

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Famous Birthdays

1904 – Clifford Case, (Sen-R-NJ)
1909 – Herman Uyttersprot, Flemish literature historian
1927 – Pope Benedict XVI [Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger], Marktl, Bavaria, Germany
1958 – Philip Bainbridge, British cricketeer
1965 – Gerardo, rocker
1978 – Matthew Lloyd, Australian rules footballer

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Famous Deaths

69 – Otho, Roman Emperor (b. 32)
1788 – Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, French naturalist (b. 1707)
1904 – Samuel Smiles, Scottish writer and reformer (b. 1812)
1955 – Abdullah Seif el-Islam, brother of Yemenite king Ahmed, beheaded
1995 – Iqbal Masih, Pakistani child slave labourer, activist (b. 1982)
2005 – Marla Ruzicka, American humanitarian worker and peace activist (b. 1976)

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Molecular rings mystery solved after 20 years

Although the double benzene molecule tried to reveal its structure in experiments in 1993, chemists at the time were unable to find an explanation for the spectral peaks they saw. Now, 20 years later, Nijmegen theoretical chemist Prof. Ad van der Avoird has come up with a theory that exactly describes the position of two benzene rings in relation to one another and their possible motion. Together with colleague Prof. Gerard Meijer and an experimental group in Berlin, he will publish the model in a ‘Very Important Paper’ in Angewandte Chemie International Edition on April 15.

From: http://phys.org/news285322770.html

36 Syrians being flown to Germany for medical help

The German Foreign Ministry says three dozen seriously wounded Syrians are being brought to Germany for treatment in military hospitals.

The ministry said the 36 injured patients have received only provisional care in Jordan and are being flown in on Germany military transports Monday. They’ll be treated at hospitals in Berlin, Hamburg, Ulm and Westerstede.

The ministry says top Syrian opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib had requested the medical care from Germany in a personal appeal to Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke would not say whether the patients were opposition fighters or civilians, saying only that they had been selected in consultation with the Syrian opposition and experts in Jordan, and chosen based upon medical criteria.

Further transports of injured Syrians are expected in the future.

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Sleep Apnea Patients More Likely To Fail Simulated Driving Test, Study Says

By The Huffington Post News Editors

Here’s another reason to make sure your snoring isn’t sleep apnea.

According to a new study, people with sleep apnea — a condition where a person stops breathing for periods of time throughout the night, leading to disrupted sleep — were more likely to fail a driving simulator test and also reported falling asleep while driving more than people without the sleep condition.

The study, conducted by researchers from the the University Hospital in Leeds and presented at the Sleep And Breathing Conference in Berlin, included two parts. The first part tested the driving ability of 133 people with untreated sleep apnoea, as well as 89 people without the condition. Each participant underwent a 90-kilometer (approximately 56-mile) driving simulation, where they were tested for things like time it takes ti compete the course, time spent driving in the middle lane, and unprovoked car crashes.

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Anti-euro party a wildcard in German elections

It’s a spectacle that Germans are getting tired of: southern European protesters burning their flags and waving placards comparing Chancellor Angela Merkel to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, all in reaction to Berlin‘s insistence on reforms and austerity in return for bailout funds.

And it’s enough to make people like Berlin businessman Horst Freiberg, who never felt much love for the euro currency, pine more than ever for the return of the German mark.

“I’d immediately vote for a party that wants to abolish the euro,” said Freiberg, who has run a small business selling ink stamps in central Berlin for more than 40 years. “How can you have one currency with banana republics like Cyprus and Greece? And they always accuse us of being Nazis. It’s sick.”

Such sentiments are still the exception in Germany, where a sense of obligation to help fellow Europeans in distress is rooted in shame for the crimes of the Third Reich. But a new political party hopes to capitalize on simmering fears that the euro crisis could deepen and drag down Europe‘s biggest economy. It aims to garner enough votes from people like Freiberg in September elections to reach the 5 percent minimum needed for seats in Parliament.

Called Alternative for Germany, the main goal of the party founded by academics and economists is the “orderly dissolution” of the euro, said Frauke Petry, a business owner and party spokeswoman. The stance puts the party in sharp opposition to Merkel’s insistence that there can be no Europe without the preservation of the single currency, repeatedly saying “if the euro fails, Europe will fail.” While still a fledgling movement, the new party could hurt Merkel by sapping support from her main coalition partner — which she has relied on for a stable government.

“For us the euro is at the heart of many problems,” Petry told The Associated Press. “The way decisions are being made in Europe right now shows that many democratic mechanisms don’t work anymore,” she said. Alternative for Germany wants to introduce Swiss-style national referendums so voters can have a say on important matters — including economic rescue packages.

For all the talk about what they don’t like, however, the party has been short on what they do like and its leaders were slammed in an editorial this week in the top-selling Bild newspaper as “political amateurs.”

The conservative tabloid has never shied away from accusing southern Europeans of

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Cameron in Germany for talks on European reform

Britain’s prime minister has arrived for a two-day visit in Germany where he will meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss European reform.

David Cameron has offered a referendum on whether to leave the European Union if his party wins the next election. Despite his plans to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU, which are viewed with skepticism in Berlin, Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert praised the two leaders’ strong relationship, “which matches the close friendship and partnership with Great Britain.”

Cameron, accompanied by his wife and children, is expected to discuss “all aspects” of European reform, along with the upcoming Group of Eight summit in Ireland and the conflict in Syria, according to Downing Street.

The Camerons will stay Friday and Saturday at government guest house Merseberg near Berlin.

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/world/~3/4vAC4hOF-ho/

Mideast feminists reject Europe topless protests

Bewilderment, scorn, resentment. Women’s rights activists across the Middle East are reacting with everything but joy to topless demonstrations in Europe by a Ukrainian feminist group held in solidarity with a Tunisian woman who posted topless photos of herself protesting religious oppression.

They fear the bare breasts may hurt their cause more than help it, after FEMEN activists protested in front of mosques and Tunisian diplomatic missions last week to support 19-year-old Amina Tyler, who caused a scandal in her country with her Facebook postings.

Tyler herself, a high school student, said that while she was encouraged by the solidarity, the burning of the black flag bearing the Muslim profession of faith in front of the Paris mosque was a step too far, even if the banner has been championed by ultraconservatives and jihadists.

“I am against that,” she told French TV Canal+ on Saturday. “They didn’t insult a certain kind of Muslim, the extremists, but all Muslims.”

Tyler, who has described herself as a FEMEN member, said she now fears for her life in Tunisia after ultraconservative Muslim clerics recommended she be stoned to death for posting the photos. She said she wants to move abroad. Tunisia is one of the most liberal countries in the region, but her protest has shocked even mainstream society in her homeland, still conservative about nudity.

A healthy debate about women’s rights rages in Tunisia. But most women in the country feel that Tyler was out of line, even as they express concerns about the rolling back of progressive legislation on women and the rise of the conservative Salafi movement in Tunisia since the overthrow of the secular dictatorship in 2011.

When Tyler’s photos were followed with the FEMEN solidarity protests, largely by European women, in Milan, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere, Tunisian women also felt as if foreigners were judging Islam.

“All organizations and all ideological currents are unanimous that this phenomenon is foreign to our society,” said Imen Triqui of the Tunisian Association of Liberty and Equality, while supporting Tyler’s freedom of expression.

Tyler isn’t the first Arab woman to post nude protest photos and stir up scandal.

In November 2011, a young Egyptian woman, Aliaa ElMahdy, posted pictures of herself wearing only stockings on her blog to denounce a society of “violence, racism, sexism, …read more

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‘Elysium,’ Matt Damon’s New Movie, Makes Enemies Of The 1 Percent

By The Huffington Post News Editors

LOS ANGELES — The year is 2154, and Earth belongs to the poor. The wealthiest citizens live on “Elysium,” an idyllic, disease-free utopia they built in space.

On Monday, a few hundred film fans in Los Angeles, Berlin and Sao Paolo got an early look at the future home of the 1 percent as imagined by “District 9” writer-director Neill Blomkamp.

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