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NX-4 Service Light

By DaveDave

Hi All
Ive just reconfigured my NX-4 and i have a pesky service light that i just can’t seem to clear. It means that i have to enter user codes twice, once to disarm and another to clear the service alarm (im guessing)

When i ‘*2’ i Zone 1 light comes on. I then go into Zone 1, then Zone 6 is lit. Which = ‘Expander Box Tamper’ according to my manual.

But i just cant seem to track down the cause of the service alarm.

I should add that my PIR sensor on Zone 4 appears to be not working correctly. It works but only when i wave my hand about 50cm away.

Can any one give me a clue where to start?

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WIND and motion sensor security lighting ??

By YaddaYadda

I wanted to install a security light with a motion sensor, outside, near our bedroom slider. There are trees and shrubs close by. My past limited experience is that wind blowing branches/limbs will keep the lights on and off all night. Don’t want this.

I have read about dual technology sensors, IR and microwave together, that will supposedly activate only when a human or critter walks by. Heath/Zenith told me that their sensors are PIR only and that blowing branches, etc. will not set the light off. (I dunno).

Can someone give me the real skinny, please. I think I will have to buy a quality light/sensor to get the result we seek. Thanks.

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eNom Offers Premium .ORG Domains Exclusively in Auction

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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eNom Offers Premium .ORG Domains Exclusively in Auction

Names such as B.org, ZP.org and 1.org Available Beginning April 7

KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– eNom, the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale registrar, today announced the dates of its participation in the Public Interest Registry’s (PIR) Project 94. This historic auction will offer one and two-character .ORG domain names never before released for registration beginning April 7 and continuing through April 19. eNom has partnered with the premier aftermarket domain name service, NameJet, to host the auction of 39 premium .ORG domain names exclusively in partnership with PIR. Registration is open and validation by the Registry is required in advance of the auctions in order to participate.

“The .ORG brand is one of credibility and community, and as a longtime partner of PIR, we’re thrilled to offer these premium .ORG names in this landmark auction,” said Taryn Naidu, executive vice president for eNom. “Access to these new domains allows more organizations to elevate their brands by making themselves more visible online and credible to consumers who know they can trust the .ORG brand.”

NameJet, in partnership with eNom, will host 39 individual auctions over the 12-day period. Registration at Namejet and validation by the Registry is required and must be completed in advance of April 7 in order to join the auctions. The auctions are available to registrants who reflect the core attributes of the .ORG domain and reinforce the trust and value of the .ORG brand. Premium .ORG domain names such as 7.org, yo.org and g.org will be made available for purchase for the first time. A complete list of available one and two-character domains is available at http://www.namejet.com/Pages/Auctions/org.aspx.

More information on these auctions and qualifications can be found at http://www.namejet.com/pages/auctions/org-terms.aspx.

About eNom

eNom is the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale domain name registrar. A part of the Demand Media (NYS: DMD) family of companies, eNom makes it easy for individuals and organizations to buy and sell Internet domains and related services. For more information about eNom, please visit www.enom.com.

About NameJet

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