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2013 Toyota Prius “Family” Commercial: They Say “Hum,” We Say “Humbug” [The Ad Section]

By Don Klein

2013 Toyota Prius Family Commercial

Award-winning ad man-cum-auto journalist Don Klein knows a good (or bad) car commercial when he sees one; the Ad Section is his space to tell you what he thinks of the latest spots. The ad’s rating is depicted via the shift pattern at the bottom, but everyone has an opinion when it comes to advertising, so hit Backfires below and tell us what you think, too.

Yes, life can be hard and there are mean people out there, but in Prius World, we make mean people go away! They’re not welcome here! And when problems come up or things make us sad, why, we just hum them away! Try it, it’s easy! All it takes is a cute little car—wait, make that a family of cute little cars—a cheery attitude, and a big old smile! But make sure to keep your lips close together so you can still hum! Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum!

Don’t you just love it here, in this perfect little world? Oh look, there’s the FedEx truck from the commercial they shot in the Enchanted Forest across town last year. You remember: the one with the cheery birds and dancing animals not entirely unlike the vibe we’re setting up in this commercial? That little truck is welcome here because it’s electric, and Toyota doesn’t make Prius delivery vans—yet!

So, hey, Brother FedEx Man, keep on truckin’—or, rather, hummin’! Even though you did kind of steal our jingle. Or did we steal yours? Oh, who cares? Happy songs that we can all clap along to are made for sharing, right? And speaking of commercials, that adorable little Geico piggy, Maxwell, he’s welcome here too, even though he’s not computer-generated like we are—or is he? It’s so hard to tell these days! But no matter, we just love the way he says “Wheee!” all the time! It’s such a happy sound, like humming! And it puts people in a good mood! Well, not all people. Not grumpy people or people who buy guzzle-icious pickup trucks or huge SUVs, or even those who choose conventionally powered cars. But people like us? Good Mood City.

2nd Gear Rating

And when we’re in a good mood, we’re willing to do things to help save the planet, like pay a premium for cars that use less gas because they have batteries in them that can be recharged! The perfect match, electric and gas. Mile after mile its tank could last! So hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, a Prius for everyone! Yes, we know that batteries are made in nasty old factories that pollute and they need smelly old power plants to make the electricity that recharges them, but when those thoughts come into our minds, we just hum! Because this is the car that loves to have fun! It’s got something for everyone!

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Car & Driver