Medical Illustrator

Medical illustrators specialize in the visual transformation, display, and communication of scientific information. Their graduate level training in biomedical science, art, design, visual technology, education, and communication enables them to understand and visualize scientific data and concepts to teach the general public and professionals in the fields of health care, research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and demonstrative evidence. Medical illustrations are used in medical textbooks, medical advertisements, professional journals, instructional animations, computer- assisted learning programs, scientific exhibits, lecture presentations, general magazines, and courtroom presentations. Depending on the intended use, medical illustrations can be highly realistic and anatomically precise, or they can be thematic, interpretive, abstract, or even wildly conceptual. Although medical illustration is commonly seen in print and electronic media, medical illustrators also work in three-dimensional medium, creating anatomical teaching models, models for simulated medical procedures, and prosthetic parts for patients.
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