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The Unexpected Secret To Being A Great Salesperson

By Erika Andersen, Contributor I have a confession to make: I love reading articles and books that show the stuff I already believed was true is true. I think it’s why Good to Great is, hands down, my favorite business book: I spent my entire first reading gleefully thinking to myself “Yes!  I knew that! SO right!”

From: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikaandersen/2013/04/12/the-unexpected-secret-to-being-a-great-salesperson/

International Rectifier's IRS2980 LEDrivIR™ IC Named Finalist of 2013 EE Times and EDN ACE Awards

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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International Rectifier’s IRS2980 LEDrivIR™ IC Named Finalist of 2013 EE Times and EDN ACE Awards

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– International Rectifier, IR® (NYS: IRF) , a world leader in power management technology, today announced its IRS2980 LEDrivIR™ IC was named a finalist in the Ultimate Products – Power category of UBM Tech’s EE Times and EDN Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards.

Rated at 600 V, the IRS2980 utilizes hysteretic average current mode control for precise current regulation. The LED buck driver features low-side MOSFET drive with high-voltage internal regulator and high-side current sensing. The converter is compatible with electronic PWM dimming allowing for 0%-100% current control.

“The IRS2980 LEDrivIR™ IC offers improved performance at a lower system cost than alternative solutions for non-isolated LED driver applications and we are pleased that the device has been named a finalist in these highly prestigious awards,” said Adam White, IR‘s Senior Vice President, Global Sales.

Available in an SO-8 package, the IRS2980 LEDrivIR™ IC utilizes IR‘s advanced high-voltage IC process which incorporates latest-generation high-voltage level-shifting and termination technology to deliver superior electrical over-stress protection and higher field reliability, in addition to other new features and enhancements.

The Ultimate Products of the Year Award – awarded to the most significant product introduced in the last 12 months in 11 categories – is determined by large-scale peer review. Finalists in each category are chosen by expert editors from both EE Times and EDN with accompanying editorial reviews.

The Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards ceremony will take place on April 23, 2013, as part of UBM Tech’s DESIGN West and ESC Silicon Valley Conference.

About UBM Tech

UBM Tech is a global media business that provides information, events, training, data services, and marketing solutions for the technology industry. Its media brands and information services inform and inspire decision makers across the entire technology marketengineers and design professionals, software and game developers, solutions providers and integrators, networking and communications executives, and business technology professionals. UBM Tech’s industry-leading media brands include EE Times, Interop, Black Hat, InformationWeek, Game Developer Conference, CRN, and DesignCon.

About International Rectifier

…read more
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5 Offensive and Defensive Funds to Strengthen Your Portfolio

By Dan Caplinger

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Richard Drew/AP

Investors are getting more excited about the stock market now that it has fully recovered from the financial crisis and started to set new record highs. But if you’re looking to invest now, you have to protect yourself from the possibility that the long bull market could reverse itself.

It’s always tough both financially and psychologically to recover from immediate losses on investments you just bought, so taking steps to avoid big losses is well worth the effort.

With that goal in mind, here are five exchange-traded funds that can strengthen your portfolio against the threat of a possible stockmarket decline while still giving you exposure to further gains if the bull market continues.

iShares MSCI USA Minimum Volatility (USMV)
This ETF seeks out stocks that tend to rise and fall more gently than the overall stock market. With a concentration on health-care stocks like Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY) and consumer-oriented stocks like cereal giant General Mills Inc. (GIS), the iShares ETF focuses on stocks with defensive characteristics that hold up well under any economic environment. That won’t keep the fund from losing money in a falling stock market, but it should help reduce the extent of your losses. And with low costs of just 0.15 percent annually, the ETF doesn’t charge a ton to give you that protection.

PowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility (SPLV)
Like the iShares ETF above, this fund focuses on low-volatility stocks in defensive industries. But the mix of investments in the PowerShares ETF is different, as it concentrates largely on utility stocks, which make up more than 30 percent of the fund’s portfolio right now. Utility giants Southern Co. (SO) and Consolidated Edison Inc. (ED) provide strong dividend income, and their ability to rely on regulated income from millions of utility customers gives them security even when the economy starts to falter. The fund’s costs of 0.25 percent per year are a bit higher than the iShares ETF but are still reasonable for ETFs generally.

PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite (PBP)
At first glance, this ETF looks a lot like a typical index-tracking fund, owning Apple Inc. (AAPL), ExxonMobil Corp. (XOM), and many of the other big companies in the S&P 500. But the twist this ETF uses is to write covered call options against that stock, boosting income at the expense of giving up some of the upside in its stock holdings. During bull markets, that strategy underperforms the overall market, but it produces more favorable results when stocks decline. With expenses of 0.75 percent, the strategy is a bit pricey, but it’s still an interesting way to protect against the full impact of a downturn.

iShares S&P Preferred (PFF)
Stocks come in two flavors: common and preferred. …read more
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White Male Disenfranchisement Debated At CPAC 2013

By capblack

Presenter K Carl Smith’s “Trump The Race Card” session at CPAC Friday had an audience member who posed the following question:

“Why can’t we be more like Booker T. Washington Republicans, and his famous statement: Let’s be unified like the hand but separate like the fingers?”

Mr. Smith responded by citing Frederick Douglass’ letter to his former slave-master, where he forgave him.

Undeterred, the questioner replied: “For giving him food and shelter all those years?”

I chuckle at this statement while recalling how Douglass fought his slave-master for two hours to win his freedom.

Later identified as Scott Terry of North Carolina, the 30 year old unveiled the elephant in the room at such conservative inclusion functions: White male disenfranchisement.

He’s also a member of the White Student Union at Towson University- not a big deal to me since I’m not an “Integration mad Negro” to quote Malcolm X.

White folks choosing to promote themselves the way American Blacks have (“Black Student Unions”, etc.) don’t disturb me in the least.

People are free to associate as broadly or narrowly as they choose.

Here’s the video of this historic CPAC discussion:

The issue is whether adding more American Blacks to the GOP is, in effect, discriminatory.

At first glance, it’s ironic “given Frederick Douglas Republicans’” stated purpose of disarming liberal racism cries.

K. Carl Smith’s work is as much about arming American Whites against progressive bigotry claims as it is bringing more Blacks into the GOP.

Very ironic such a question would arise.

I’m a Frederick Douglas Republican because it allows Americans who champion traditional values to do so free from the encumbrances of outdated racial roles.

Its impetus isn’t White guilt nor Black rage- it’s a colorblind consensus using one man’s story that speaks to all Americans.

This young man should note the solid backbone of the GOP in the former Dixie is White Southerners like himself.

He should further note the same holds true for Tea parties in this region.

White male disenfranchisement is a real concern, but hardly within the ranks of the Republican Party and Tea Party movements.

I do concede that desperate grabs for Latino and gay voters make a lot of folks wonder whether conservative White males will be replaced should such efforts succeed.

Casting his gaze toward the White House should have resulted in seeing where real disenfranchisers of white conservative males gather.

Progressives of all colors in this administration seem hellbent on dismantling the very heritage this young man holds dear.

His choice is clear: unite with Americans who may not resemble him to save a religious ethic, constitutional framework, and market that benefits all; or lose everything against a Left that is unified and unyielding!

Presenter K. Carl Smith and questioner Scott Terry privately spoke after the proverbial smoke cleared.

Terry even bought a copy of Smith’s seminal book “Frederick Douglas Republicans.”
From such bumpy starts are coalitions built.

I close with the words of Mrs. Lynne Roberts, Frederick Douglass Republicans’ director of educational outreach:

The Frederick Douglass Republican message of Americans voting our common values, not a party, is SO powerful that it it strikes fear into …read more
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Kulicke & Soffa Extends Power Series to Wedge Bond with PowerFusionPS

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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Kulicke & Soffa Extends Power Series to Wedge Bond with PowerFusion PS

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. (NAS: KLIC) (“K&S” or the “Company”) today announced another extension of its highly successful K&S Power SeriesTM equipment. The Company’s new high performance Orthodyne wedge bonder, PowerFusionPS, is driven by a new powerful direct-drive motion system and expanded pattern recognition capabilities which deliver industry leading productivity and performance.

The PowerFusionPS fits well into the Power Series of products, known for setting new standards for productivity, performance, advanced package capability, ease of use, configuration flexibility and reliability. PowerFusionPS boasts increased UPH that is enabled by the direct-drive servo system and faster pattern recognition find times. It also shows higher MTBA due to the improved pattern recognition. The advanced package capabilities of PowerFusionPS improves the processing of high-density power packages, due to an expanded bondable area, wider leadframe capability and superior indexing accuracy and teach mode.

PowerFusion PS is available in two different models with single or multiple head configurations. The TL Model is the perfect choice for bonding single-row to four-row matrix TO- power discrete packages. The enhanced HL model is intended for advanced power package designs. When bonding high density power devices, like SO-8 & PDFN, or stretching the wire limits on a matrix D-Pak, the superior indexing accuracy and clamping capabilities of the HL Model deliver consistent performance.Both Models provide industry leading productivity that lowers cost of ownership by improved uptimes and higher bond yields.

Matt Vorona, Kulicke & Soffa’s Vice President – Wedge Bond Business Unit, remarked, “Our state of the art PowerFusionPS series by K&S launches a product firmly in the tradition of Orthodyne wedge bonders, well known in the power semiconductor industry for leading edge innovation, productivity and performance.”

Customers can view the highly anticipated wedge bonder during the SEMICON China show from March 19-21, 2013 in the Kulicke & Soffa Booth #3401.

About Kulicke & Soffa

Kulicke & Soffa (NAS: KLIC) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of semiconductor and LED assembly equipment. As a pioneer in this industry, K&S has provided customers with market leading packaging solutions for decades. In recent years, K&S has expanded its product offerings through strategic acquisitions, adding wedge bonding and a broader range of expendable tools to its core ball bonding products. Combined with …read more
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The Oscar NEEDS to go to Daniel Day Lewis

OK, SO, I just saw the best actor Oscar nominees and I just had to get this off my chest: (and no, its NOT A TUMOR. lol Kindergarten Cop.)

How is anybody going to beat Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln? Seriously. How!? He played a REAL PERSON.

Who was Bradley Cooper supposed to be? Some fictional dude named Mike or whatever?

How can you tell how good of an actor somebody is, if the person he's playing isn't ACTUAL? Like, I know Daniel Day Lewis looked like Abraham Lincoln so I know he acted good…

Bradley Cooper looked like… himself i guess? And acted like… a fictional guy?

Know what I mean?

…read more
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