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Read This: Wired editor to live with EV bike for six months

By Seyth Miersma

2013 Zero DS ZF 11.4 electric motorcycle in yellow

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Wired Autopia honcho and Autoblog alum Damon Lavrinc is finished with the internal combustion engine. And four wheels. And a closed cabin in which to commute. For the next six months, Lavrinc will be staring Range Anxiety right in its cold, dead (battery) eyes, while splitting lanes and commuting through San Francisco on a long-term-test 2013 Zero DS ZF 11.4 electric motorcycle.

In reality, the latest creation from Zero is probably about as good as it gets in terms of EV bikes to live with (not that riders are spoiled for choice in that segment). The electric motor kicks out 54 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque, so power won’t be an issue in the hilly Bay Area, and max range of 126 miles from the 11.4 kWh battery pack is more than reasonable.

Lavrinc isn’t so over-the-moon for Zero that he doesn’t see potential drawbacks to the arrangement: “Big ones,” he mentions, “Death, for example.” Which should all make for a very compelling series of real-world reviews. We suggest clicking through to Autopia to read Damon’s own explanation for beginning this adventure, listening to Autoblog Podcast #338 where he reveals his plans as a guest on our show, and following along with updates as the months unfold. We will be.

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Would A Dramatic Increase In Superchargers Relieve Range Anxiety In Regards To The Tesla Model S?

By Quora, Contributor

Now having an 85 kWh Tesla Model S in the family and having used the superchargers, which are epically awesome and game-changing, I’d say Range Anxiety is 99% a fiction of the media, especially anywhere in California.  Combine a realistic 200 mile range at 70+ mph with climate on normal, and superchargers that in 5-20 minutes can top you up to get anywhere in the state you’d possibly go, plus Vegas — there is no range anxiety in California with an 85 kWh Tesla.  Just plan any trip > 150 miles on Google Maps so you know where you are going.  Anything < 150-175 miles, you don't even need to plan. Supercharging is utterly amazing and even fun. …read more
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