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Why Jackie Robinson still matters

By hnn

LOS ANGELES — There’s a scene in “42” in which Jackie Robinson, the first black player in modern Major League Baseball, endures intolerably cruel racial slurs from the Philadelphia Phillies’ manager.

It’s early in the 1947 season. Each time the Brooklyn Dodgers’ first baseman comes up to bat, manager Ben Chapman emerges from the dugout, stands on the field and taunts him with increasingly personal and vitriolic attacks. It’s a visible struggle, but No. 42 maintains his composure before a crowd of thousands.

As a viewer, it’s uncomfortable to watch — although as writer-director Brian Helgeland points out, “if anything, the language we have in that scene was cleaned up from what it was.”…


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Pee Your Way to a High Score

Hands-free gaming is now available in the bathroom. And yes, gentlemen, it’s exactly what you might be picturing.

ESPN has details of new video games being installed at the men’s room urinals at Coca-Cola Park, the home stadium of the Philadelphia Phillies triple-A minor league affiliate in Allentown, Pa.

According to ESPN, “

consists of a video display mounted above each urinal. When a fan approaches, the video console will sense his presence and switch into gaming mode. The guy aims left or right to control the play on the screen.”

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