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Leadership Lessons From A Baby Food Disruptor

By Susan Adams, Forbes Staff

Neil Grimmer is changing the way babies and toddlers eat. A former sculpture student and conceptual artist who worked at product design firm IDEO and then at healthy snack maker Clif Bar & Co., he started his company, Plum Inc., in 2007. Grimmer’s inspiration: his daughter Paxton’s resistance to the organic baked squash he and his wife Tana used to pack into Paxton’s lunch box. To make the food more kid-friendly, Grimmer pureed it and designed a container now ubiquitous among health-conscious families: a spouted pouch made out of malleable plastic and thin aluminum that a baby as young as eight months old can hold in her hand and suck. …read more

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Innovation Guru With A Twist: His Company Never Existed

By George Anders, Contributor

If Amazon.com is to be believed, at least 58,000 professors, CEOs and other innovation experts are vying for our attention. Each guru has spent years creating a book about pioneers such as Apple, IDEO, Zappos and Starbucks. The result: mountains of earnest wisdom explaining the secrets of business breakthroughs. …read more

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Start-ups On A Ship: Creativity The Silicon Valley Way

By Jacqueline Vanacek, AdVoice How do high performing companies produce extraordinary results? Google offers free time to experiment. Steve Jobs connected ideas across industries. Samsung connects brainy scientists. IDEO encourages wild ideas. So what if we brought all of those factors together in one start-up venture — on a ship?
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