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Japan, South Korea continue to lead in fiber Internet

The number of fiber Internet subscriptions rose 12.7 percent in the countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Paris-based group said Thursday.

Just under 49 million fiber Internet connections existed across the 34 countries, according to the data. That represented about 15 percent of all fixed Internet lines, but in several nations the percentage of fiber connections is much higher.

Japan and South Korea lead the pack with fiber penetration of over 60 percent. Sweden, Estonia and Slovakia rounded out the top five with penetration in the 30 percent range. The other nations with above average fiber penetration were Norway, Iceland, Slovenia, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Portugal. Hungary was ranked just slightly below the average.

Penetration rates in the remaining countries, which included the U.S., U.K., France and Germany, were all under 10 percent.

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Report: Mercedes considering Mexico for CLA production

By Brandon Turkus

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Would you buy a Mercedes-Benz if it were made in Mexico? That’s what the German outfit is wondering, as it considers localizing production of the its new budget model at a factory operated by Nissan, of which the automaker is a joint-venture partner.

According to a report from Automotive News, moving production of American-spec CLAs from Hungary to Mexico would protect Mercedes from currency fluctuations. “Mexico is the best location for the United States,” Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche told AN. The CLA is also expected to become the brand’s volume model in the US market, which makes North American production a logical move.

In the event that Mercedes approves the plan, Nissan would expand the capabilities at its Aguascalientes, Mexico plant, allowing production to begin in 2018.

Mercedes considering Mexico for CLA production originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 16 Jul 2013 16:29:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Dogs imitate novel human actions and store them in memory

Dogs can learn, retain and replay actions taught by humans after a short delay. According to a new study by Claudia Fugazza and Adám Miklósi, from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, this deferred imitation provides the first evidence of dogs’ cognitive ability to both encode and recall actions. The research is published in Springer’s journal Animal Cognition. …read more

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Hungary aims to close IMF office, repay loan early

Hungary is considering paying back early a bailout loan from the International Monetary Fund and also wants to close the organization’s office in Budapest.

National Bank of Hungary President Gyorgy Matolcsy said Monday in a letter addressed to IMF chief Christine Lagarde that while they “appreciate the valuable support” the Washington-based group gave the country, the stand-by credit program “is almost complete.” As such, it was no longer necessary for the IMF to keep an office in Hungary.

In 2008, during a Socialist-led government, Hungary received a rescue credit line of 20 billion euros ($25 billion at the time) from the IMF and other creditors. But Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government chose not to renew the deal in 2010 to avoid closer IMF scrutiny of its economic policies.

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Today in History for 15th July 2013

Historical Events

1808 – French marshal Joachim Murat becomes king of Naples
1971 – Pres Nixon announces he would visit People’s Rep of China
1980 – Johnny Bench hits his 314th HR as a catcher breaks Yogi Berra’s record
1982 – Columbia flies to Kennedy Space Center via Dyess AFB, Texas
1994 – Gyula Horn sworn in as premier of Hungary
1994 – Sonia O’Sullivan runs 3K (8:21.64)

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Famous Birthdays

1631 – Jens Juel, Danish diplomat (d. 1700)
1929 – Larry Lamb, newspaper editor
1959 – Shep Pettibone, American record producer
1971 – Dean Panaro, Knoxville Tenn, diver (Olympics-96)
1977 – Ray Toro, American musician (My Chemical Romance)
1981 – Alecia Ingram, Knoxville Tenn, gymnast (alt-Olympics-96)

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Famous Deaths

1274 – John F Bonaventura, Ital/French theologist/dominican/saint, dies
1784 – Johan B Straub, South German sculptor, dies
1933 – Irving Babbitt, US writer (Democracy and Leadership), dies at 67
1957 – Marie C of Zeggelen, author (Dessajongen), dies at 87
1959 – Vance Palmer, Australian author (b. 1885)
1959 – Peter A Egge, Norwegian writer (The Dream), dies

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EU teachers need more IT training, report says

The latest European Union survey of ICT in schools has found that 20 percent of secondary students have never or almost never used a computer in school.

Speaking at the presentation of the survey on Friday, the E.U.’s Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said there was a very real need for more IT skills training for teachers. “ICT skills and training must be available to all students and teachers, not just a lucky few,” she said.

Teacher training in ICTs is rarely compulsory, so most teachers are forced to use their spare time to improve ICT skills.

The survey, which takes place every five years, found that although computer numbers have doubled since 2006 — largely thanks to laptops, tablets and netbooks, which are replacing desktop computers in many schools — there are still vast differences between Scandinavian and Nordic countries (the best equipment) and countries such as Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia.

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Rogers Corporation Updates Guidance for the First Quarter

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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Rogers Corporation Updates Guidance for the First Quarter

ROGERS, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Rogers Corporation (NYS: ROG) (“Rogers” or the “Company”) today announced revised guidance for its fiscal first quarter ended March 31, 2013. Rogers now projects first quarter net sales from continuing operations of approximately $126 million compared to the February 19, 2013 guidance of $129 to $133 million. The GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations for the first quarter 2013 are expected to be approximately $0.39 per share. These per share estimates include anticipated net special adjustments of approximately $0.05 per diluted share during the quarter. Excluding these charges, non-GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations are expected to be $0.44 compared to the previous non-GAAP guidance of $0.57 to $0.61 per diluted share. The first quarter results were primarily impacted by lower demand and lower production absorption in the quarter, as well as start-up costs associated with the installation of the new molded urethane foam manufacturing line.

The special adjustments are comprised of:

  • $0.7 million of pre-tax charges related to severance costs associated with workforce reductions during the quarter. This charge impacts Selling General & Administrative expenses (SG&A).
  • $0.5 million of pre-tax charges primarily associated with moving the final inspection operation for Curamik Electronics Solutions from its site in Eschenbach, Germany to Hungary. This move had been previously announced, and the costs are expensed as they are incurred. This charge also impacts SG&A.

The Company is currently working through its quarterly closing process to finalize results, which it expects to report at the end of April 2013. A table reconciling the GAAP and non-GAAP earnings amounts disclosed in this press release is included below.

Bruce D. Hoechner, President and CEO commented, “This year’s first quarter sales were up about $5.8 million or 4.8% over the first quarter of 2012, but fell slightly below the low end of our guidance for the quarter by about $3 million or 2.4%. As reported by industry sources, the quarterly reduction in global demand for tablet devices and reduced military spending impacted our first quarter results more than anticipated. However, High Performance Foams had record first quarter sales up 5.0% and our Printed Circuit Materials operating segment started the year strong with sales up 10.6%, both relative to the first quarter of 2012. We see positive signs in the markets we serve and expect market conditions to improve

From: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/04/18/rogers-corporation-updates-guidance-for-the-first-/

EU blasts Hungary over non-compliance with EU law

Hungary has failed to reinstate judges and prosecutors it forced into early retirement in breach of EU law, the European Union‘s justice chief said Wednesday, as she faced increasing pressure to punish Budapest for constitutional changes many condemn as undemocratic.

Hungary has undone some previous legislation on forced retirement but has yet to give judicial officials their jobs back, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said.

Since the Hungarian legislation was deemed incompatible with EU law last November, Budapest has been asked to implement “the judgment of the court swiftly and in full,” she said.

Hungary‘s government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban has courted criticism from the EU over attempts to increase his executive control, ranging from limiting the central bank’s independence to curbing media freedom. Last week, the EU told Hungary it has serious concerns about constitutional changes pushed through last month and that have widely been seen as undermining EU principles on the rule of law.

Hungary is trampling over our common values and denying them to its citizens,” said Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the liberal ALDE group in Europe’s Parliament said.

He insisted Reding should take a much tougher stand than relying on the legal analysis it is currently conducting.

“How can we … sincerely continue believing in a government that, disregarding all our warnings, keeps introducing new amendments incompatible with EU laws and our European values?,” Verhofstadt said.

However, Reding insisted action could come within the next month if Hungary was found to flout EU law again. After an initial review, the EU Commission already wrote a strong letter to Orban last Friday, insisting they address the legal criticism as soon as possible.

Constitutional changes passed last month include bans on political campaign ads on private television and radio, the possibility of fining or jailing homeless people for living on the street and a narrow definition of family — which were earlier found to be unconstitutional by Hungary‘s highest court.

From: http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/world/~3/laKoCaJOntY/

Loyal To The Left, Jim Wallis Supports Gay Marriage

By David Fiorazo

Jim Wallis SC Loyal To The Left, Jim Wallis Supports Gay Marriage

In June of 2010, Reverend Jim Wallis was asked if he believed abor­tion and homosexuality were sins. Christian radio station GM Mike Le May got the answer loud and clear: Wallis shouted at him, called him a “right-wing Kool-Aid drinking Glen Beck follower,” and hung up the phone. I documented the divisive controversy that led to this exchange in my book, ERADICATE, in a chapter on social justice and the Bible.

On Monday, Wallis – being faithful to the Democratic Party platform – openly admitted to supporting same-sex marriage. Not surprisingly, a spokesperson for Wallis’ Sojourners magazine could not say whether or not Wallis believes homosexuality is a sin.

Appointed by President Obama to his White House faith council, some say Wallis is a progressive evangelical because his primary support is from leftists.

In 2011, it was revealed by investigative journalists that Wallis’ Sojourners magazine received hundreds of thousands of dollars from radical socialist George Soros. Why would an anti-American financier like Soros give large grants to Sojourn­ers?

Jim Wallis first denied the Soros connection, saying, “No, we don’t receive money from George Soros… Our money comes from Christians who support us and who read Sojourners.”

Soros is a corrupt billionaire from Hungary aiming to destroy America’s Christian ideals and freedoms that made us a great nation. His hatred for America fuels the financing (over $52 million) of left-wing media outlets and groups, including those promoting abor­tion, atheism, homosexual activism, socialism, and government expansion. It’s no wonder Jim Wallis tried to hide the truth.

George Soros is working to destroy America’s system of capitalism; this connection between Wallis and Soros should not be ignored.

On their website, Sojourners quotes people like Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and new age leader Marianne Williamson and empha­sizes social justice, environmental activism, diversity, and amnesty for illegal immigra­nts.

Wallis seems to look at the Bible in light of the world around him rather than looking at the world in light of God’s Word. From his White House platform, Wallis attacks Republicans while calling himself a “nonpartisan evangelical minister” and is very popular among liberals who routinely vilify Christians for their involvement in political issues.

According to Wallis:

As more Christians become influenced by liberation theology, finding themselves increasingly rejecting the values of institu­tions of capitalism, they will also be drawn to the Marxist analy­sis and praxis that is so central to the social justice movement.

Early in his career, Wallis founded an anti-capitalist magazine called the Post-American, which identified wealth redistribution and government-managed economies as the keys to achieving social justice. He changed the name to Sojourners in the early 1970s. During his college years at Michigan State, Wallis joined the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a radical organization that aspired to overthrow America’s institutions. Wallis remains opposed to the free market system in America.

Over the years, Jim Wallis has been pro-Vietcong and actually celebrated America’s defeat in Vietnam, stating:

I don’t know how else to express the quiet emotion that rushed through me

From: http://www.westernjournalism.com/loyal-to-the-left-jim-wallis-supports-gay-marriage/

Researchers log rise in anti-Semitic incidents

An annual Israeli report has logged a 30 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, linking the surge to Europe‘s economic troubles and a deadly attack on Jewish schoolchildren last year in France.

Tel Aviv University said Sunday that 686 attacks were recorded in 34 countries, ranging from physical violence to vandalism of synagogues and cemeteries, compared to 526 in 2011. The sharp increase followed a two-year decline.

It linked the March 2012 shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, where an extremist Muslim gunman killed four, to a series of copycat attacks, particularly in France, where physical assaults on Jews almost doubled.

In Greece, Hungary and Ukraine, economic difficulties favored the rise of extreme right-wing parties whose anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli rhetoric has apparently helped ignite attacks, it said.

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Today in History for 6th April 2013

Historical Events

1652 – Cape Colony, the 1st European settlement in South Africa, established by Dutch East India Company under John of Riebeeck
1727 – Denmark signs Covenant of Hannover
1883 – Start of Sherlock Holmes “Adventure of Speckled Band” (BG)
1906 – 1st animated cartoon copyrighted
1955 – Yemen: failed coup by Abdullah Seif el-Islam
1994 – Liberal Supreme Court Justice Blackmun (Roe v Wade) resigns

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Famous Birthdays

1483 – Raphael Sanzio, Italian painter/master builder (Madonna Sistina)
1651 – André Dacier, French classical scholar (d. 1722)
1812 – Alexander Herzen, Russian writer (d. 1870)
1927 – David Ingram, Vice-Chancellor (University of Kent at Canterbury)
1969 – Brian Williams, NBA center/forward (Detroit Pistons, LA Clippers)
1978 – Tim Hasselbeck, American football player

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Famous Deaths

1490 – Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary, dies
1825 – Vladimir Borovikovsky, Russian painter (b. 1757)
1978 – Nicolas Nabokov, composer (Holy Devil), dies at 74
1997 – Jack Kent Cooke, NFL owner (Wash Redskins), dies at 84
2003 – David Bloom, American reporter (b. 1963)
2010 – Wilma Mankiller, Native-American activist, chief of the Cherokee Nation (b. 1945)

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US helped Czech Republic remove nuclear material

With help from the U.S., the Czech Republic has eliminated its stockpile of highly enriched uranium, becoming the 10th country to remove all such material since President Barack Obama began pushing to rid the world of nuclear weapons, the White House said Friday.

The announcement came on the fourth anniversary of a speech Obama delivered in the Czech capital of Prague shortly after taking office in 2009. He declared nuclear terrorism the world’s greatest threat and called on other countries to secure their stockpiles of nuclear material.

The United States and its international partners helped remove 68 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, about 150 pounds, from the Czech Republic, said National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden. The material, enough for two nuclear weapons, was sent by secure transport to Russia to be converted into low-enriched uranium for use in nuclear power reactors, she said.

Unlike highly enriched uranium, low-enriched uranium cannot be used to make a nuclear weapon.

More than 3,000 pounds of highly enriched uranium and plutonium, enough for dozens of nuclear weapons, have been removed since Obama‘s speech in Prague on April 5, 2009, according to the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, an agency of the Department of Energy.

“Today we can say without a doubt that the world is safer from nuclear terrorism than it was four years ago,” said Neile Miller, the agency’s acting administrator.

The hardest part of building an atomic bomb, according to arms control experts, is acquiring the weapons-grade uranium or plutonium needed for the bomb’s explosive core. Locking up or eliminating this material is crucial to preventing nuclear-armed terror.

The U.S. is also working with Uzbekistan, Hungary and Vietnam to remove weapons-grade material from those countries by the end of the year.

In his speech four years ago, Obama called nuclear weapons “the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War.”

“Some argue that the spread of these weapons cannot be checked, that we are destined to live in a world where more nations and more people possess the ultimate tools of destruction,” he said. “This fatalism is a deadly adversary. For if we believe that the spread of nuclear weapons is inevitable, then we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable.”

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Hungarian central bank moves to boost economy

In an effort to turn around its shrinking economy, Hungary‘s central bank said Thursday it would introduce measures to increase lending to businesses and reduce companies’ exposure to loans in foreign currencies.

The new President of the National Bank of Hungary, Gyorgy Matolcsy, said the program called the “Funding for Growth Scheme” was based on similar efforts introduced last year by the Bank of England.

Hungary needs a turn toward growth,” Matolcsy said in his first news conference since his appointment a month ago.

Matolcsy said commercial banks would get up to 250 billion forints ($1.1 billion) in interest-free loans from the central bank which they could offer to small and medium-sized businesses at a maximum interest rate of 2 percent.

An identical amount would be available for companies to convert their loans denominated in foreign currencies to Hungarian forints. The forint’s weakness has meant companies with debts in foreign currencies have had to greatly increase their payments.

“Hungarian micro and small- and medium-sized companies get loans, if at all, at interest rates three or four times higher than foreign companies operating in Hungary,” Matolcsy said. “We do not consider this acceptable.”

The central bank also plans to use 3 billion euros ($3.82 billion) of its foreign currency reserves to help local banks cut their own short-term foreign currency debts, Matolcsy said.

The Hungarian government has made it a priority to get rid of foreign-currency loans, which companies and households took before the global financial crisis to take advantage of lower interest rates in other countries. Rising payments on the loans have left companies and households with less cash to spend, leading to falling domestic demand and causing the economy to contract by 1.7 percent last year.

In 2011, people with mortgages and other loans in foreign currencies were allowed to cancel their debts at exchange rates far below then-current market values, with banks forced to absorb the losses.

Hungary, which is a member of the 27-country European Union, expects its economy to growth by around 0.5 percent this year and Matolcsy downplayed expectations about how much the central bank’s new program — to be applied for three months starting in June — would help.

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Nypro Shareholders Approve Plan to Merge with Jabil

By Business Wirevia The Motley Fool

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Nypro Shareholders Approve Plan to Merge with Jabil

CLINTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) participants and shareholders of Nypro Inc. have voted overwhelmingly to approve the transaction with Jabil Circuit, Inc. (NYS: JBL) . The vote was announced at a special meeting of shareholders this morning at Nypro headquarters in Clinton.

Nypro’s President & CEO Ted Lapres made the announcement, noting, “more than 98 percent of the outstanding voting shares of Nypro were cast in favor of the merger.” Courtney Ryan, Jabil’s Senior Vice President, Global Business Units, who will assume a leadership role in the combined Nypro-Jabil operations, said, “This is an exciting day for Jabil and we are thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive response from Nypro’s employee shareholders.”

The transaction will be finalized once all remaining closing conditions, primarily the receipt of applicable anti-trust approvals, have been completed. Antitrust approvals have been received in the United States, Russia and Germany and are pending in China, Mexico and Hungary. Approvals are currently anticipated to be received during Jabil’s fourth fiscal quarter.

About Jabil

With facilities in 30 countries, Jabil is an electronic product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, manufacturing and aftermarket product management services to global electronics and technology companies. Jabil is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and employs 165,000 globally.

About Nypro

Nypro is a global leader in plastics manufacturing with 12,000 employees in 10 countries, serving the healthcare, packaging and consumer electronics markets.

FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENT: This news release contains forward-looking statements, including those regarding Mr. Ryan’s assumption of a leadership role in the combined Nypro-Jabil operations; the finalization of the merger; and the expectation that all government approvals will be obtained during Jabil’s fourth fiscal quarter.The statements in this news release are based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions involving risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: the transaction failing to close for any reason, including a failure to obtain the remaining regulatory antitrust clearances; a delay in closing; financing for the transaction not occurring as anticipated; changes in our strategy regarding the combined Nypro-Jabil operations, particularly the leadership of such operations; the post-acquisition performance of Nypro; Nypro having potential unanticipated liabilities; other factors that we may not have currently identified or quantified; and other risks, relevant factors and …read more
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How Austerity Is Failing in Eastern Europe In One Chart

By Mark Adomanis, Contributor

When formerly communist countries joined the European Union in 2004 and 2007 there was a general sense of euphoria. After being artificially cut off  from Europe by the dead hand of state socialism, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, and (my ancestral homeland of) Lithuania had regained their rightful place in the world and taken a very large step away from their troubled history of Russian and Soviet domination. …read more
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After 70 years, sword given to soldier during WWII goes to Hungarian Embassy

By hnn

…On Friday, Young and several of his relatives gathered at David and Patricia Young’s residence, set to fulfill Guiffre’s request by giving the sword to Hungarian officials in a ceremony at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington. An event after the ceremony honored the 165th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight in 1848-49.

Andras Szorenyi, political and public affairs officer with the Embassy of Hungary, said in an email the saber is a ceremonial sword that dates back to the 19th century, and is therefore an important part of Hungarian history.

“The experts need to do further research to link it to a specific event or period of time but we appreciate the symbolic value of receiving it from Mr. Young,” Szorenyi wrote. “It is a good example of the excellent people-to-people relations between our countries. … We will do our best to find the most fitting venue for the sword to be displayed and contribute to telling Hungarian history.”…


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Regional soccer league mulled in the Balkans

They turned soccer stadiums into battlegrounds and then fought real wars.

Now, nearly 20 years after the wars ended, the Balkan nations are mulling the formation of a joint soccer league, hoping to give a new life to the once-thriving competition.

European soccer’s governing body is considering a league that would comprise the former Yugoslav states — Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia — plus maybe Bulgaria and Hungary.

The idea, which has triggered controversy in the region, is to try to improve the quality of club soccer in the Balkans, which has deteriorated since the bloody breakup of the former Yugoslavia in 1991.

The main concern is security in the stadiums with ethnic tensions still ripe, with the Union of European Football Associations accusing Serbian and Croatian hooligans of being among the most notorious in Europe for violence and racial outbursts.

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WWII POW from New York gets medals decades later

An upstate New York man who spent 10 months as a prisoner of war during World War II has finally received medals he earned for his service nearly 70 years ago.

The Press and Sun-Bulletin of Binghamton reports that 89-year-old James Wood of Binghamton was presented with six medals Wednesday during a ceremony with Broome County officials, who say he’s one of the last surviving POWs in the county.

Wood aboard a B-24 Liberator bomber that was shot down over Hungary in July 1944. After being taken prisoner by the Germans, he spent most of the remaining months of the war on forced marches with other POWs as his captors tried to evade Allied forces.

Among the six decorations he received are the World War II Victory Medal, Air Medal and POW Medal.

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WWII POW from upstate NY gets medals decades later

An upstate New York man who spent 10 months as a prisoner of war during World War II has finally received medals he earned for his service nearly 70 years ago.

The Press and Sun-Bulletin of Binghamton reports (http://press.sn/WM7Yxb ) that 89-year-old James Wood of Binghamton was presented with six medals Wednesday during a ceremony with Broome County officials, who say he’s one of the last surviving POWs in the county.

Wood aboard a B-24 Liberator bomber that was shot down over Hungary in July 1944. After being taken prisoner by the Germans, he spent most of the remaining months of the war on forced marches with other POWs as his captors tried to evade Allied forces.

Among the six decorations he received are the World War II Victory Medal, Air Medal and POW Medal.


Information from: Press & Sun-Bulletin, http://www.pressconnects.com

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