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Two YouTube Clips Tell Us More About 'Beyond: Two Souls'–and So Does David Cage

By Carol Pinchefsky, Contributor

Quantic Dream has kept a tight lid on information about their upcoming PS3 game, Beyond: Two Souls. So far, we know that it’s about a young woman, Jodie (the phenomenal actress, Ellen Page), and an entity, Idan, that follows her wherever she goes. From what we’ve seen, it looked as if the game were a one-woman show. But Quantic Dream has revealed that Page has a co-star in Willem Dafoe. …read more
Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

Why David Cage Will Help Sony Sell PlayStation 4 Hardware And Create The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

By John Gaudiosi, Contributor

Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage has been at the forefront of bringing emotion to interactive entertainment. He’s spent his life, thus far, building new technology that allows him to bring memorable stories to life that put the player front and center. Unlike many games, Quantic Dream titles constantly challenge gamers to make important decisions, and these decisions take both an emotional toll on the player and spin the narrative into new directions. …read more
Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest