What’s On Your Mind • Interview Bill O’Reilly And Obama During Super Bowl Pre-Game

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By Frank Jenkins


Oreilly is a forceful man during his interviews on his show, but was required to be much more subdued during an interview with the President. He certainly was not his typical robust self knowing the interview would be over if he stepped over a boundary. What a terrible shame anyone should need to feel “careful” while interviewing the highest elected employee of our nation. When the “people” ask a question of it’s elected “employee”, the employee should submit, not create an environment of superiority. Only the “people” allow this attitude of their employees.

Corporations and small owned businesses elect and employee their CEO or leader of their business based upon popularity… do you think? Why do we elect our President and so many other we hire to an office without education, experience and knowledge to do the important jobs we need them to do? In our last election, many black Americans of African origin voted upon race ONLY without regard for qualification. Many others voted for a dream or utopia. Quite obviously, those that voted, based upon our current electoral conventions, re-elected Obama.

During the interview by Bill O’Reilly and Obama during Super Bowl Pre-Game, the President gave all efforts to justify his actions or inactions. Those that were successful, he credited himself with. Those that were not as successful, he gave credit to his subordinates and placed responsibility for any failures upon them… or some”thing” else. Obama always had an answer, but never did, during the interview, or anytime else, ever take responsibility for anything less than successes.

The words: “The Buck Stops Here” should be incorporated into the pledge an elected official must take when entering any office throughout our nation. Integrity and humility is not taught to or learned by all of us that run for office.

Who doesn’t want our nation to succeed? We all have our own ideas and thoughts of how that should be done. One way it won’t succeed is by following history and the things that we should have learned that don’t work. We shouldn’t repeat them.

Thank you President Obama and Bill O’Reilly for the time you spent for this interview.

Statistics: Posted by Frank Jenkins — Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:23 pm

Via: gov.summit.net

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