What’s On Your Mind • Upset with government? Examine your own home first!

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By Gary Triplett

We are often so quick to condemn or critique others, especially those articles we see on TV or read in the news. Seldom do we correlate what we condemn of others to ourselves or what happens in our own homes or communities.

We work hard each day to earn a living. Earn a living; what does that mean? We use our-self, our knowledge, experiences, efforts, time and emotions in exchange for cash. Cash represents all of the above. A second entity, we call our government (local, state and federal), that we empower to do so, takes nearly 80% of that cash through taxes, fees and etc., directly or the most, indirectly.

Yet, in many homes today, the youth live within our homes, indefinitely playing video games, talking with girl or boy friends on our phones, use the car, eat the food and live freely. Some love this idea while others accept it as something of love and a necessity and feel no need but to support their child of 20 or 50 years. Some call it “unconditional love”. The child, having built no pride in accomplishments, future, experience, education, retirement or assets, what will our country be in 40 years when we die? Will our government step in as savior to pay rent, mortgages, taxes and provide food and etc. when there have been no basis developed?

Some couples separate with priorities misplaced, exchanging privacy, resources and efforts to their live-in adult children rather than to each other… in the name of love. Some couples separate from giving their time, resources and efforts to other family, friends or things in priority of their partner, buts that’s another topic.

Most of us have difficulty separating “unconditional love” from “true love”. Is a bluebird unloving when it pushes it’s fledglings from the nest, or is it loving to push it to it’s future? Would a bluebird be loving to it’s mate or to it’s child to not wish to discuss or deal with the issue of a child wishing to stay in the comfort and security of the nest? Should we hear the unhappy squawks from the child and back away to their wants without a knowledge or ability to confront them (in the name of unconditional love) or our own inability to deal? Is this love we continue to provide, or are we just going down the path of least resistance?

To enable children in our own homes or allow government to decide it for us to our neighbors, we are asking for no good end. Nothing good comes from enabling those that are viable and fully able, in our own homes or in society.

The next time you hear someone complain about society or something in the news, give a try to eliminate your pride and to correlate and consider your own life and home first. We have no right to complain about anything in society if we are unable to truly manage what goes on in our own homes!!!

Statistics: Posted by Gary Triplett — Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:27 pm

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