New Report: Forbes No. 1 Mainstream Media Source For Digital Marketers In Q2

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By Cheryl Conner, Contributor

Online marketing and social media company LeadTail has just issued its newest research report: Social Media Insights: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter, Q2 2013. In an exclusive agreement, CEO Carter Hostelley offered me a look at the data several days in advance of the report, which is available now. The study examined 515 North American digital marketers from April 1 through June 30, 2013. This is the first year LeadTail has conducted this survey. The company conducted a similar report on marketing executives in May. Of the insights the new report offers, here was the piece of data that immediately caught my eye – Forty-five percent of the material digital marketers share comes from mainstream media. The top mainstream media source, based on the number of unique marketers who shared each source is Forbes. That data aligns with Forbes’ Editor Lewis Dvorkin’s note that Forbes is the Business audience leader as measured by the MRI 2012 report in July 2012, and passed 45 million unique visitors in January 2013, as measured by Omniture. According to the digital marketers surveyed, their top 25 mainstream media choices are as follows: …read more

Source: FULL ARTICLE at Forbes Latest

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