White House Admits Obama Budget Has Middle Class Tax Hike

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Barack Obama between flags SC White House Admits Obama Budget Has Middle Class Tax Hike

Last Friday, April 5, White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed at a press briefing that Barack Obama’s budget would raise taxes on middle class Americans. The confession arose from an exchange between Carney and Major Garrett of CBS News, in which Garrett noted that the implementation of chained CPI as the method of measuring the consumer price index would hurt middle-class Americans:

MAJOR GARRETT, CBS NEWS/NATIONAL JOURNAL: “A follow-up on Jim’s question — you do not and the White House does not dispute that if the chained CPI were put in — to be put into effect, it would raise taxes on middle-income Americans?”

JAY CARNEY: The chained CPI, which is a technical adjustment to how we measure the consumer price index –

GARRETT: But its practical effect would be –

CARNEY: Again –

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