dual monitors possible (2)?

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By sgull

In reference to my previously started thread http://www.doityourself.com/forum/co…-possible.html which maybe tended to drift away from addressing my issue somewhat, I’d just like to ask again about the possibility and/or method by which I might be able to hook up my TV and desktop pc via VGA video cable and have my TV screen display the identical video display of my desktop monitor but without having a dual-output (or “dual-head”) video card in my desktop pc. Without a dual-head video card, is my only other option to get an adapter such as this?: Matrox DUALHEAD2GO D2G A2A If | eBay
And if I did obtain such an adapter, is it likely to significantly degrade the video output quality of the connected monitors? Any comments appreciated. thanks.

Source: DoItYourself.com

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