Because Marketing Synergy: Usher Builds His Own SLS AMG Engine, Drives A45 AMG

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By Alexander Stoklosa

Usher Mercedes-AMG

Pop musician and soon-to-be judge on The Voice Ursher Usher recently visited Mercedes-AMG’s headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany. He was there to stand near/help assemble the engine bound for his personal SLS AMG and to drive the new A45 AMG hatchback. This tidbit on its own isn’t newsworthy, but the cozy relationship between Usher and Mercedes-Benz could be a sign that the two plan to build some kind of marketing cooperation. The singer appeared in Benz’s slick Super Bowl commercial for the CLA-class this year, and presented the A45 AMG Edition 1 alongside Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche. It’s also a sign that people with more money and fame than you can go to Germany to build their supercar’s engine and be among the first non-Benz employees to drive hot new AMGs.

So what of Usher’s affinity for cars wearing the three-pointed star outside of commercials? According to Mercedes, one of the first things the pop star and international sensation did upon becoming a pop star and international sensation was to buy his mom a Benz. Currently, Usher is making do with a CLS63 AMG until his new gullwinged beauty is complete. Interestingly, Mercedes also claims Usher “enjoys” driving around in a Sprinter van when he has his family in tow. An SLS and a Sprinter? Usher clearly has been listening to us.

There’s no word on whether the Mercedes guys screamed his name when the singer walked into Affalterbach HQ. But we understand that when he was asked how much time he could commit to the engine build, Usher reportedly answered “if you want it done right, I hope you’re ready to go all night.” Mercedes says the singer approached his A45 AMG test drive with similar enthusiasm, noting that he said he “gotta keep it real now, because on a one-to-ten she’s a certified 20.”

Usher Mercedes-AMG

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