Chilean sailors' warlike chant makes noise online

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Chile‘s presidency gave the navy 24 hours to punish those responsible for a sailors’ nationalist chant that got posted on Youtube and threatens to upset the country’s neighbors.

The recording shows Chilean sailors chanting “I will kill Argentines, I will gun down Bolivians, I will decapitate Peruvians.”

Government spokeswoman Cecilia Perez called the footage “shameful images” on Wednesday.

Navy chief Edmundo Gonzalez and Deputy Defense Minister Alfonso Vargas said those responsible would be punished.

He said Chile had been “a victim of similar situations in other countries and we didn’t like it.” He added that the chant doesn’t conform with Chile‘s peaceful neighborly relations.

Bolivia and Peru are currently disputing their borders with Chile, and Argentina came close to war with Chile in the 1970s over islands in Patagonia.

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Source: FULL ARTICLE at Fox World News

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